How to fill a Huter alternator with oil

Choice of engine oil for a gasoline generator

SCAT has its own service center and knows all the diseases of generators. The reason for most failures is the wrong choice of engine oil. Therefore, before using the equipment, let’s understand what oil is needed for the normal operation of a gasoline generator.

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How to choose fuel and oil for your generator?

The efficiency of the generator and its service life depends largely on the quality of fuel and lubricants used. It is necessary to consider their chemical properties and seasonality.

Choice of fuel for gasoline generator

The gasoline generator will last a long time if you use fresh (stored for not more than 30 days) unleaded fuel. Gasoline that does not contain ethyl fluid has a high octane number, obtained by complex technological process. 4-stroke engines with overhead valves (OHV technology) require gasoline with an octane rating over 85 (AI-92, AI-95, AI-98). For two-stroke engines (with side valve location). above 77 (A-80, AI-92, AI-95, AI-98).

Бензиновый генератор. Замена масла в генераторе huter.

Choice of fuel for diesel generator

The main characteristic of diesel fuel is the cetane number, which depends on the seasonality of the fuel. In summer fuel, which is used in high temperature conditions, this value does not exceed 45. In winter time at temperatures up to.35°C fuel with cetane rating higher than 45. There is also arctic fuel for use in harsh temperature conditions (up to.50°С).

Choice of fuel for gas generator

Gas generator can run on main or liquefied gas. To check the quality and properties of the main gas itself is impossible, you must contact the gas supplying organization. According to the standards, the gas must be purified from gasoline, petroleum and mechanical impurities. The formula for quality natural gas is as follows: methane (more than 90%)ethane (up to 4%)propane (less than 1%).

The quality of LPG in cylinders can be checked with the supplier. If fuel is produced in compliance with all standards, proportion of propane in it will be more than 65%, butane. less than 35%.

Engine oil for a generator

This oil is necessary for the engine to maintain proper performance. Regardless of how it is used (added to fuel or a separate tank), it is necessary to pay attention to its marking (API) and viscosity (SAE).

May have the following form: CB, CA, CD, CC, CD-11, SJ, SH, SG, SL, etc. C. diesel engines, S. gasoline engines. The second letter defines the type of additives used to improve the fuel. The highest quality are marked with the letters J and L. Some of the oils are marked CD/SG. They are suitable for all types of engines.

Model Overview

The Russian market of gasoline electric power plants can boast a huge variety of modifications available on it. The most popular at the moment are the following units: Huter DY3000L, Huter DY5000L, Huter DY8000LX and Huter DY6500LX.

Gasoline generator Huter DY6500LX belongs to the category of small-sized electric units, designed for household use. It is equipped with a 5 kW engine with a fuel consumption of 1.8 l/h. Gas tank capacity of 22 liters allows for continuous operation of the generator for up to 9 hours. The generator can be started manually or automatically. In the structure of a gasoline generator, there are such important components as a unit for voltage regulation and a complex of short circuit protection.

Claimed external noise rating of 71 dB. Machine weight up to 84 kilograms.

Huter DY5000L is a mobile gasoline generator for outdoor use. It is equipped with a 4-stroke engine and has an output of 4 kW. Its fuel consumption is 1.5 l/h. The gas tank capacity of 22 liters is enough for several hours of nonstop work. The unit is equipped with a forced air cooling system. External noise parameters are in the range of 70-72 dB. The gasoline generator is equipped with the overload protection system and the hour meter that will prompt when to perform maintenance. The equipment weight is 77 kilograms.

The Huter DY3000L gasoline generator is a typical representative of electrical equipment designed for home use. Its power is equal to 2.5 kW at the fuel consumption rate of 1.3 l/h. This model has a capacity of 12 liters. This is enough for 10 hours of stable operation of the main consumers of electricity in the house. Compared with other modifications of Huter, this gasoline generator has a fairly low noise level, it is 67 dB. The generator is easy and fast to transport, and its low weight of 43 kilograms makes it easy.

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It can be used as an emergency power source in the countryside or in a small country house. The unit can also be used for camping trips or nature trips.

Gasoline generator Huter DY8000LX is a representative of the average segment of power plants, operating on liquid fuel. This unit has a capacity of 6.5 kW. Its fuel consumption is 2 liters per hour. Fuel tank holds 25 liters. The gasoline generator can operate for about 8 hours on one tank. During operation the unit makes quite a lot of noise, the noise level can be higher than 80 dB. The gasoline alternator has a mass of 96 kilograms, so it is equipped with wheels and handles for moving.

How to change the oil in the generator. Step-by-step instructions

Be sure to fill up with oil before starting for the first time. Check the oil level before each startup. If necessary, change the oil in the alternator.

Want to save on repairs? Keep an eye on the oil level!

Lack of oil causes engine parts to overheat from friction and the alternator breaks. This failure is NOT covered under warranty.

Change the oil for the first time as soon as the SCAT generator has been in operation for a total of 20 hours. Then change the oil every 50 hours of operation (mineral oils) or 100 hours (synthetic oils).

If your generator works in dust and dirt, you need to change the oil more often.

Type of oil depending on engine type

Gasoline generator sets can be equipped with two or four stroke engines. The peculiarity of the two-stroke motor is that it does not have a separate sump in which to pour oil. The engine of this type consumes a mixture of gasoline and oil prepared in certain proportions beforehand. This type of generator requires an oil that quickly and completely dissolves in gasoline. It also needs to burn completely without leaving traces on the engine valves. Specially for two-stroke engines a series of oils of T2 standard is produced.

But even in this case you need to be careful. This series of oils for two-stroke engines also includes the TC-W3 type of fuel and lubricants. But they cannot be used in generator engines. This is a series of oils for motorboat and jet-ski engines that are in constant contact with water.

Gasoline generators with four-stroke engines have a wide variety of engine oils. This somewhat complicates the choice of fuel and lubricants if the technical documentation for the alternator is lost. Oil for four-stroke engines is evaluated according to two main criteria:

Viscosity tells us the air temperature at which the use of this variety of oil will be most effective and useful for the engine. Lubricants for winter and summer operations are available. By choosing the right oil type you provide better lubrication for each engine part, thus extending engine life. Depending on the outside temperature, an oil of these viscosity grades must be used:

  • at temperatures from 4°C and over: 10W30, 10W40, 15W30, 15W40, 20W30, 20W40, SAE 30.
  • At temperatures from.20 C to 4 C: 0W40, 0W50, 5W30, 5W40, 5W50, 10W30, 10W40.

In summer the best choice may be 10W30 oil, in the off-season it is better to give preference to the samples 0W40, 0W50 (but preferably those with the API marking SJ or SL). Such designation indicates that these fuels and lubricants belong to the category of high-tech, with their properties and characteristics perfectly matching the requirements of gasoline four-stroke engines.

Salespeople have long since come up with a lot of stories about the need for special oil for gasoline generators. than once I heard a story that machine oil is no good, it has water cooling, and air cooling in gasoline generators.п. It’s all nonsense, the boiling point of oils starts from 300 degrees and not a single generator works at such temperatures. You can safely pour good car oils.

Engine oil is an important component of any engine. Regardless of its design, this product in it just vital, because it performs two key functions, lubrication and cooling. It prevents the occurrence of excessive friction between the metal parts, the formation of metal chips. The result is that the moving parts don’t jam and work properly. The grease is also involved in the cooling of pistons. with its help the heat generated by their movement is dissipated. But they are not all the same, each of them is only suitable for a particular task, more precisely the engine and operating conditions, so it matters what kind of oil to pour in. in different conditions will behave differently.

The question of oil selection is explained in the video below, we recommend watching

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To know exactly what oil is the best to use for a gasoline generator, you need to understand what is. In its pristine form it is crude oil. It has good lubricating properties and is viscous enough to adhere to the parts to be lubricated. These properties were discovered at the end of the century before last and patented in the U.S. The world’s first brand was called “Valvoline. But the product with ordinary oil, although it performs its function, but is not clean enough for modern equipment. sulfur and paraffin create dirt and cinders, which negatively affects the performance of the engine. Therefore, the alternative has become a synthetic oil applicable for gasoline generator, which is produced by distilling oil and breaking it down to the main components, of which the base substance is made.

Various additives are added to it, thanks to which its performance characteristics are increased.

Another opinion on the choice of oil

What recommendations are given by the manufacturers of equipment?

Before you buy a suitable generator, it is worth carefully studying the characteristics of the equipment and clarify what oil may be required. It is advisable to pay particular attention to the type of engine installed, and what type of fuel is used. gasoline or diesel. The choice of lubricant directly depends on this characteristic.

The oil is intended to protect the engine from negative effects of the environment. Lubrication reduces wear and tear on the parts in the motor and thus maintains the performance of the alternator for a long time.

The important point is that generators with a 4-stroke motor run on pure gasoline. Oil is poured into a special container. The flow rate of such devices can be up to 1-2 liters per hour

Review of the generator gasoline Huter DY3000L

I’ve been meaning to buy a gasoline generator for my summer cottage for a long time. Is the completion of construction of the house, and there are frequent power outages. And since we plan to live there permanently, you need to have on hand a backup power source for the boiler, septic tank, refrigerator, etc. п.

But finally I was pushed to buy a generator by a recent incident. Poured screed underfloor heating. Pour screed floor heating must either all at once the entire floor, or in zones (in my case, the rooms). That is, a room per day. Poured on my own using a concrete mixer. Half the job was done when the power went out. There was a variant to mix the solution manually, which was not very happy. But it worked, and after an hour and a half the power was restored, and the work was done. And I ordered a gasoline generator the next day on OnlineTrade. Just this model was a discount for club members.

The generator model was not chosen by accident. Selection Criteria:

So, it was chosen and purchased gasoline generator Huter DY3000L.

Generator comes in a cardboard box, which shows unit itself, brand and model, brief specifications. For portability on the ends of the box have slots, in which the plastic handles are inserted (in the photo are on the box). One handle fell out in the store, the other has already at the cottage.

Under the lid of the box is a plywood insert, under it in a plastic bag generator, passport, accessories (four rubberized feet with nuts, a spark plug wrench with a screwdriver, a plug for the socket).

A brief technical characteristics of the gasoline generator model DY3000L:

Left side view (air filter, hand starter, air valve, fuel hose tap).

Right side view (exhaust system). muffler).

Top view (fuel tank: filler neck and gauge).

There is a warning and hints leaflet on top of the tank.

There is a coarse strainer in the filler neck.

In the tank itself, there is probably some kind of float with a tongue indicating the fuel level (about 5-6 liters in the tank right now).

Briefly about the controls. Ignition switch has two positions: “operation” and “stop.

The power to the outlet comes on when the “AAC PROTECT” toggle switch is in the “on.”.

Oil is filled into the crankcase through the lever and dipstick.

Filled oil. I chose 5W-30, based on the table in the passport, because I had it with me in the car.

Filled the gasoline AI-95, because the 92-th I did not have, and our gas stations octane number of 95-th just about the same as gasoline AI-92.

Before starting put the air damper in the “start” position, opened the fuel cock, the “ignition” switch in the “work” position. Pulling the starter. From the third time it was started, apparently, while gasoline reached the engine.

It ran for a while, warmed up. Then set the air damper to “operation” position. Then plugged the consumer, in my case a LED light, to the socket. does not light, the voltmeter does not show anything. Turn the “AAC PROTECT” toggle switch to the “on” position.”. The light comes on and the voltmeter comes to life.

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It’s been on for an hour. Then I shut it off: put the ignition switch in stop position and shut off the fuel tap.

The manufacturer recommends that the first 10 hours load the alternator no more than 50% of its rated capacity. After the running-in period it is necessary to change the oil. Well, and then you can fully use. Maintenance every 100 hours: change oil, filter, spark plugs. details about the composition of the service is written in the passport.

A few words on the work. Moderately loud. my ears don’t bother me, I can talk close to it without raising my voice too much. Reasonably heavy. not hard to carry for one person, you can screw the furniture wheels for easy movement. One outlet is not critical, you can use an extension cord or a T-bar.

By the way, the 12 V output, as shown in the photo on the product page in the store, my generator is not.

In general, the first impressions are positive.

For convenience, I’m going to have a notebook to keep track of hours worked, so that I can perform maintenance on time.

Well, as expected, after buying a generator power has not been turned off once.

What and how much engine oil should be poured into the engine of a Huter gasoline generator?

Fill up the engine oil gradually until the oil level matches the beginning of the threads on the filler neck. Too little engine oil will cause the low oil level sensor to trip, and too much engine oil will leak from the seals, turn up the fouling, clog the air filter, and cork the spark plug.

It is recommended to use 10W-30, 10W-40 oil in all climates.

What is the difference between rated and peak loads?

When using equipment containing an electric motor, note that the starting current of electric motors is at least 3 times the nominal current. Peak load is only normal for a generator if it lasts a few seconds. When using high-powered compressors or circular saws, a generator with a greater capacity should be purchased.

How to store a Huter gasoline generator if you do not intend to use it for a long period of time?

You must turn on the machine for at least 20 minutes at least once every 14 days. If you need to store it for a long time, you should proceed in accordance with the section entitled Preservation and storage of gasoline generators.

What is the gas work kit?

Gasoline Generator Kit. a set of parts by installing which on Huter 5000L(LX) or 6500L(LX) generators you can connect a gas cylinder to your generator.

I do not understand how to ground the generator and why this is necessary?

When using a gasoline generator, it must be earthed. This requires a reliable electrical contact between the alternator and a metal post driven into the ground to a depth of at least 0.5 meters. This will protect you from electric shock. It is strictly prohibited to use any pipes (plumbing, heating) to ground the generator.

The equipment connected to my Huter gasoline generator makes it unstable. What’s up??

Compressors, drills, circular saws and other equipment with electric motors have starting currents that are three or more times higher than the rated current. For example, an electric motor with a capacity of 1 mA or more.5 kW consumes more than 4.5 kW power. This must be considered when selecting the gasoline generator power.

My new alternator won’t start what should I do?

Check that the motor is filled with an adequate amount of engine oil. Huter gasoline generators are equipped with a low oil level sensor, which prevents engine damage if there is not enough engine oil in the crankcase. The sensor may stick if the gasoline generator has not been operated for an extended period of time. Locate the YELLOW wire coming out of the motor (see “What’s wrong? Figure.) Trace the wire back to the connector. Disconnect the connector, start the motor. Plug the connector back in, after 15 minutes of running the engine.

I broke the lever of the air damper actuator what should I do?

Use duct tape (scotch tape) and tape the intake holes on the air filter housing with it, leaving enough loose tape to tear the tape off sharply. Start the engine and immediately tear off the tape, freeing the inlets on the filter.

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