How to fix a bat in an electric screwdriver. The use of screwdriver

How to insert and pull the drill into a peorator, electric screwdriver and drill

Bit is an oblong metal hexagon with two sides. One is designed to screw the meters, the second side is inserted into an electric screwdriver. Each has a characteristic form corresponding to a certain type of fastener.

Conditionally, all available types of bit are divided into 3 categories:

  • Basic. They have a cross.Shaped working part. These tips are well adopted with the heads of fasteners.
  • Combined. Such nozzles on both sides have a working element. Everyone can have a different shape and size. To perform work, the unnecessary part must be put and fixed in the cartridge, and work with the other half.
  • Special (highly specialized). These nozzles have to be used infrequently. They are designed to perform certain tasks. Sold one thing.

Bits can be marked. Marking is necessary in order to accurately and quickly choose the right copy.

The letter combination means the shape of the working part, the type of fastener with which you can work depends on it. The numbers indicate the thickness of the rod.

There are two varieties of extension cords for bit:

  • Spring. In them, the tail is fixed hard.
  • Magnetic. In these extension cords, the inserted nozzle is held due to the force of the magnetic field.

Bits recommend buying a set. So cheaper

Electric screwdriver: how to use it correctly?

Electric screwdriver does the same as a screwdriver, but hundreds of times faster. Therefore, if you need to spin one or two screws, use a screwdriver. But if you need to assemble a slafonier or, for example, warm the balcony with drywall, then you can not do without an electric shuruba. It looks like an electric drill, but drill not by drill, but by bats. Bit. This is a special nozzle for screw, screw or self.Tapping screw. For each self.Tapping screw (screw, screw) its own bit is intended. It can be of different sizes.

The electric screwdriver looks like an electric drill, only instead of a drill he has a bat.

How to pull a bat from an electric screwdriver. Novaso

Device and assignment of power tools

Scuriper is used to twist and unscrew various fasteners. You can cut the thread and drill. It greatly facilitates and accelerates the work. Screwdrivers are used in everyday life, construction, assembly of furniture, in car repair shops, wherever you need to work with a lot of fasteners.

  • Cartridge.
  • Twist.
  • Speed ​​shifter.
  • Engine in the screw of screwdriver.
  • Reducer imprisoned in the tool.
  • Reversion switch.
  • Power button.
  • The handle is rubberized to eliminate the slippage.
  • Battery.
  • Network cord.

Screwdrivers feed from batteries or from the network.

Types of bits for screwdriver: like a chosen

To choose the right nozzles, you need to study their varieties. First determine the type of tail shape and diameter. It happens from 1/4 to 1 inches.

    Shlitz. Differ in the width and thickness of the slot;

  • Tri wing or three.Sided;
  • Double PIN. They look like slotted, but with a recess in the middle;
  • Torq set. Like three.Sided, but with four rays;
  • End. Usually performed with a magnet;
  • For drywall. Have a stubborn limiter;
  • With a spring latch.

Combined bits have two types of shank or one shape, but of different sizes. For example, a slotted shank and asterisk.

Determine the length of the bit that you need for work. It ranges from 10 to 200 mm.

Depending on the shape of the tail of the nozzle, they have a certain marking:

  • SL (SLOT). Slotted;
  • PH (Philips). Cross.Shaped universal;
  • Pz (Pozidrive). Cross.Shaped with additional thin ribs;
  • T (Torx Hole). Stars;
  • H (hex). Hexagonal.

An important characteristic is a brand of steel from which a bat is made. The nozzle may have a snake coating. The strength of the equipment depends on this. The main types of steel and coatings that should be preferred:

  • CR-V-chrome-vanadium steel. The most common, with increased hardness;
  • CR-MB-chrome-molibden steel. It is less common. Very durable material;
  • Ni. Nickel coating. Increases corrosion resistance;
  • WC-carbide volframe coating. Increases strength;
  • Tin-nitrite titanic yellow coating. Increases strength.

The nozzles differ depending on the purpose:

  • Twisting and unscrewing;
  • Drilling;
  • Swiping;

Given all the considered parameters, you can easily choose the necessary bits.

How to work with nozzles

Different cartridges are installed in electrical screwdrivers. Consider how to change the nozzle in all types.

  • Fasted cartridge. There is a single.Button and two.Lump. It is installed most often. To unclench the fists and extract the old bat, rotate the front clutch counterclockwise. Insert a new bat and tighten the coupling back;
  • Hexagonal cartridge with a magnet. The nozzle is simply inserted and pulled out;
  • Clicking clamp. Found in pneumatic electrical screwdrivers. The nozzle is inserted and snap. To extract, you need to pull the bat, holding the clamping head.

Magnetization and hardening of nozzles

A large number of nozzles are produced in China from soft material. Therefore, they quickly lose their shape. The new bit is enough for a short time. To extend the life, the nozzle must be tempered. You will need: machine oil, gas burner or gas stove, a small container for oil from any tin can, a piece of steel wire.

  • Wrap the wire on the bit so that it does not fall out.
  • Pour oil into the container. Bather the gas in the burner and heat the bit red. Most importantly, do not overpower.
  • Lower the red nozzle into the oil for 5-6 seconds. Get 2-3 seconds. Do this several times.
electric, screwdriver

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The hardened bat will last longer than the usual.

For ease of work, especially in hard.To.Reach places, nozzles are magnetized. This can be done in several ways.

Method 1

You will need to purchase a special device for magnetization and demagnetization of the screwdrivers. Insert the bit there. The square window is magnetized, and the stepped. On the contrary.

Device for magnetization and demagnetization

Method 2

  • Take the isolated wire and wrap the coil in three rows on a plastic tube.
  • Insert the bat inside.
  • The ends of the wire attach the battery terminals. If not, then take the battery. To enhance the effect of three or two nutrient elements, combine in series.
  • Hold the bit inside the coil for a minute. Check the result.

Method 4

  • Buy in the radio store neodymium magnets.
  • Divide them into two parts and put them in one row so that the formed groups push off from each other. Put a plastic cap from the handle between them. To keep the repulsive magnets, fix them with plasticine.
  • Insert the batter end between the magnets. Leave the structure for 10 hours.

As a result, the nozzle will magnetize the fasteners better than the new.

How to use screwdrivers: useful operating tips

After purchasing a screwdriver, follow simple recommendations regarding use. And then the tool will work for a long time and efficiently:

  • Before connecting and extracting the battery, turn off the screwdriver;
  • Do not bring the tool to overheating, take breaks;
  • Correctly adjust the coupling of torque adjustment;
  • After applying high speeds, install the minimum and upset the engine idle for a few minutes so that it cools down;
  • Check the cable of the network screwdriver, and the battery cord of the charger with the battery. If the tool or charger periodically loses the network, then the wire must be replaced;
  • Do not use screwdriver in the rain and snow. In a humid environment, you can only work under a canopy.

Tool varieties: characteristic features

Electric screwdriver can be classified for the following varieties:

The principle of operation in tools is similar to each other, but still there are differences in functionality.

Read Battery Electric screwdriver work from the network

Drill-electrical screwdriver is able to not only tighten the screw, but also drill a hole. Gaikovert specializes on bolts and nuts. The third representative is a battery, designed exclusively for twisting/unscrewing the mounting elements with a cross.Shaped hat. The latter type is characterized by low power, unlike the above.

How to use screwdriver correctly

There is a scale on the screwdriver, with which you can adjust the direct power of rotation. By turning the regulator, you choose the mode that you need depending on the work that you intend to do. The same regulator can select the drilling mode. Just do not try to drill the screwdrified firm, concrete and stone surfaces so as not to disable it. For drilling solid surfaces, there are specially designed tools for this. Do not switch the regulator during the work of the screwdriver. This can lead to a malfunction of the tool. Knowing how to use the screwdriver, you can extend its service life.

Using a special switch, you can choose three operating modes. Twisting mode, unscrewing mode and a screwdriver blocking mode of screwdriver. The third mode is needed for security. It is very convenient to switch all these modes if you hold a screwdriver by the handle located above the battery. The handle is usually covered with rubberized material and therefore is very safe when working. She guarantees that the screwdriver will not slip out of your hand at the most inopportune moment. For greater confidence, you can fasten a special strap with a screw to the hand.

Safety precautions

Before using a screwdriver, be sure to read about safety precautions in the memo attached to the tool. Often this tool is used in production. As a rule, the instruction “How to use an electric screwdriver” must be in acts on labor protection. In order to prevent accidents, working with a screwdriver, you need to follow all safety rules. Do not trust the instrument to people who do not know how to use a screwdriver, and cannot observe safety precautions. For example, children, elderly, sick people and people are in a state of intoxication.

Use this tool, having previously put on overalls and glasses. Remember that any tool, whatever it is, is source of danger.

How to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver “Interskol”, “Makita” and other brands

In electrical screwdrivers or droplets, a mobile mechanism is a cartridge. Accordingly, he has a feature to wear out faster and become unusable, there is a need to replace it.

There are different methods of its extraction depending on the brand of the tool and the method of its fastening. Knowing this and having a certain set of tools at the disposal, you can correctly and easily replace the cartridge.

The reason for the replacement

As a rule, the replacement of the cartridge in the screwdriver is made due to the fact that it either completely out of order (scattered), t. E. Когда кулачки в нём уже абсолютно не выполняют свою функцию и полноценно зажимать сверло уже становится невозможным, либо если он начинает люфтить.

If he is backlash, the result of this will also be a poor clamping of drills, and they will constantly fly out during work.

Types and their features

There are three main types:

The equipment in different types is fixed in different ways, and in terms of reliability of fixation of equipment, they also differ. In order to decide on the choice and buy the right type, we must consider in what conditions the operation of the device will occur.

Of all three types, according to the degree of reliability of fixation of the equipment, you can put in the first place a conical cartridge, the second. Key and the last. Quickly ascended. Quickly jokes, in turn, are divided into two more subspecies:

Quick.Asleep types, in addition to the minus, which consists in unreliable fixation of the equipment, have one significant advantage. This is the speed of change of drills. It is easily and quickly unwinds and twists, and this does not require any additional devices, everything is done with the hands.

The key is slightly inferior in the speed of the change of equipment with quickly prime, but in terms of reliability they significantly surpass them.

Cartridges, fixing equipment in which are made using a special key, are quite widespread and are the most popular.

They are usually chosen when it is supposed to use a drill as a jack of a hammer, where it will constantly beat on the drill and the shock load will be large.

The disadvantage of key types is that a special surface on it and on the key, having the form of small grooves and located in a circle of the cartridge, thanks to which the key grip, can be washed out over time, and the key will slip when tightening or weakening of the fists.

The last type is cone. By the degree of reliability of fixation of equipment, he is a leader, but in order to remove the drill or bit, an additional wedding element is needed. Conical types are also called universal, t. To. You can plant a special adapter with chopped thread and already wind up another cartridge, for example, a key.

How to remove a tool cartridge

If during the operation of the tool there is a need to repair the cartridge or it is necessary to replace it, then before proceeding with the disassembly, you need to familiarize yourself with several ways to attach it to the shaft, or rather, with three. Mounting methods:

The first type of fastening is quite common in electrical screwdrivers and has high reliability indicators. Here the principle of its connection with the shaft of the tool is in the cone imprisoned for certain parameters, which is located on the shaft.

In turn, the depression in the form of a cone with appropriate recesses is located on the cartridge. When it is planted on a screwdriver, there is a strong fixation of the first with the latter, which provides reliable and uninterrupted fixation and allows you to jam it on the shaft.

The second type of attachment to the shaft is slightly different. It is based on applying thread to the shaft. To disassemble or install the cartridge, just unscrew it. On tools with this type of connection with the shaft, the cartridge can jam when it must be unscrewed to repair or replace it.

The third type of attachment to the shaft is not independent, but acts as an addition to the reliability of fixation.

It enhances the strength of the second type of connection to the tool shaft by twisting screw. In order to remove or twist it, it is necessary to unclench the fists to the maximum and gain access to the screw.

On a screw hat, as a rule, there is a notch for a figure screwdriver.

electric, screwdriver

Such a screw has left thread. It is designed to prevent its unscrewing during operation.

How to change a cartridge in a screwdriver

The cartridge on the instrument of the Interskol brand is attached to the shaft of the threaded method and the counterbolt, which must be pre.Twisted, as weaken as the key with the key to get access to it.

electric, screwdriver

At the screwdriver “Makita” the cartridge is also removed in the following order:

Unscrew the screw clockwise, weakening to the maximum before that fists. After extracting the screw, you need to find a hexagon for eight and insert it into the shaft, holding your fists after that. Then you need to put a screwdriver in the reverse mode and, holding a hexagon with one hand, press the screwdriver button with the second hand.

Note: the cartridge will turn and get out easily if it was not used too often and a short period of time, then it will not have time to drag out hard. If they used it for a long time, you will have to make little efforts in order to unscrew it.

After you twisted the old cartridge, the new one is quite simple. It is necessary to switch the screwdriver to the usual mode, when the rotation occurs counterclockwise, put it on the shaft and tighten it with short rotations. Then tighten the counterbolt.

Bosch screwders have established themselves in the market as very high quality, since all the details of the tool are persistent for wear and, importantly, reliably fixed with each other. When dismantling the cartridge, the last of the listed properties can significantly complicate and stretch the process of unwinding the fixing bolt, due to the fact that it is reliably sealed with sealant.

Care and storage

Work with a screwdriver, observing safety precautions and rules described in the instructions. Correctly select the equipment. And then the tool will last you for a long time.

HOW TO FIX CORDLESS SCREWDRIVER | Motor Not working | DIY | Disassemble

Natalia. In copywriting for the first time. Evaluate the article:

Drill device, types of work performed because to make holes to the working body. Drill. You need to create a rotational movement, in.

There is a wide variety of kitchen combines that differ in functionality and power over time, the technique in the kitchen is becoming more and more.

Not so long ago, exclusively metal pipes were used for an apartment water supply. Which were connected by welding and threaded.

How to use an electric screwdriver

The use of mechanized power tools in the farm greatly facilitates the life of home craftsmen and allows you to efficiently and in the minimum period to do many work.

However, the key to long.Term functioning of electrical equipment, as well as the safety of the user, largely depends on the correct operation of mechanized equipment, which is desirable to know how to use its main types.

Well, today we would like to reveal the features of the use of a common construction tool. An electric screwdriver.

How to use an electric screwdriver? It would seem that it could be easier. Installed a replaced tool in a clamping cartridge and forward, however, even when performing such tasks, certain requirements and recommendations should be followed.

Tasks for electric screwdriver

Modern screwdrivers belong to a universal construction tool and, thanks to constructive features, are able to solve a wide range of both production and domestic problems.

Assembly of furniture and other structural elements, drilling various materials and even grinding surfaces (using specialized equipment) can be performed using such a simple device.

An additional bonus of electrical screwdriver is its autonomy, due to which many technological operations can be performed even at non.Electrified facilities. Nevertheless, the most important function of an electric screwdriver, judging by its name, is to screw up/unscrew the screws, self.Tapping screws, all kinds of meters.

Preparation for work with electric screwdriver

Depending on the manufacturer and the price characteristics, modern screwdrivers can be equipped with various sets of special equipment. Therefore, before choosing an electric screwdriver, it is advisable to think over the range of alleged tasks and the frequency of equipment use. Whereas to solve household problems is enough a standard set:

Charging an electric screwdriver

Modern screwdrivers can be supplied with batteries made on nickel-cadmium or lithium-ionic basis. In view of what, before charging the battery, it is advisable to determine the technical characteristics of the existing battery.

This circumstance is due to the fact that nickel-cadmium batteries have a “memory effect” and for full work should be discharged almost to zero.

If you ignore the specified requirement and recharging such a battery is randomly, the battery capacity will constantly decrease, and therefore the time of operation of the tool without recharging.

Considering the features of recharging batteries for electric screwdrivers, it should be noted that the charger should be located in the working position on an even base (the operation of the charger “on the side” is fraught with poor contact with the battery) and connect to a working electric network. While the battery is recharged by the device in automatic mode, and the end of the process is indicated using LED indicators.

An excellent option of configuration is the presence of two batteries, which allows when the electric screwdriver on one (infected battery) allows, simultaneously recharge the second.

Equipment installation

After charging, the battery should be installed in the seat. Why is it inserted into the handle of an electric screwdriver (before snap). Then you can test the tool at idle.

Next, the required equipment (bat, drill, corolla) is installed in the cartridge of the electrical screwdriver, for which the cartridge initially rotates counterclockwise (for breeding sponge), and after installing the required tool. The mechanism is delayed by rotating the cartridge in the opposite direction. For the convenience of changing the cartridge tool, it has a rubberized base and, if there is experience, it can be clamped mechanically, when the cartridge case is held manually, and the equipment is fixed by starting an electric screwdriver to the work until it stops.

How to use an electric screwdriver correctly

The technology of using electrical screwdriver does not cause special difficulties and in most cases it is reduced to observing basic recommendations.

And the first thing you should pay attention to is the adjustment of the torque (usually exhibited on the rear washer of the cartridge within 6 to 22).

In fact, the specified adjustment makes it possible to limit the rotation of the cartridge when the specified moment is reached (the ratchet is triggered) and is determined by the experimental way, for example, as the screw is completely screwed up.

The second most important advice is the correct installation of switches. That is, when performing a drill, do not switch the tool into an electric screwdriver mode and vice versa. It should also be borne in mind that any switching modes of operation on the go (during operation) is strictly prohibited, as they can cause a tool for the tool.

If we talk about the features of the operation of Shurik, it is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Carry out work with strict adherence to safety rules (protective glasses, gloves, etc.P.);
  • In the case of prolonged use (for example, when drilling), make periodic breaks in work in order to let the tool cool down;
  • In order to prevent getting into electric compliance (when working on enclosing structures), to determine the places of laying of hidden wiring in advance.

From all of the above, we can conclude that using an electric screwdriver is easy and possible for each person.

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Adjustment on a drill-electrical screwdriver

On drums-shuruvrets, it is made in the form of a rotator on which the numbers are indicated. With its rotation, cracking is heard, so the people were nicknamed this thing with a rattle. What gives us the correct use of it?

There are numbers on the ratchet that, rotating the rattle, can be stopped near a special pointer. The larger the figure will be, the higher the torque, which the drill-electrical screwdriver will be able to apply to self-tapping screw or screw. If this moment is reached when twisting, then the rattle will begin to fade, and the self.Cut through the screw will stop twisting further.

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