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How to place tools in the workshop on the wall: how to hang out wrenches with your own hands. Organizers and boards for storing products in the garage

A modern person often suffers from a lack of free space, especially when he lives in a regular city apartment. Women try to put in small pantries and cabinets kitchen utensils, supplies, workpieces, clothes, etc. Men have a question of how to place and hang tools in a workshop or garage, organizing storage on the wall with your own hands, if there is little space and it is not possible to come up with a system.

The organization of space is a difficult and extremely important topic, because it allows you to equip a comfortable life so that you do not need to look for any objects for several hours in a row. Of particular importance is the question when it comes to a room where each nail, screwdriver, pliers must have their own storage. This will greatly simplify work with them, and at the same time will save time.

Ideas for vertical placement

Когда горизонтальных плоскостей начинает катастрофически не хватать, а раскладывать все по коробкам и ящикам непродуктивно, ведь потом приходится долго искать необходимое, остается перенести частично или все инструменты на вертикальные поверхности. Let’s figure out how to correctly equip storage, greatly facilitating life and work.


Many people think that it is worth starting with a practical component. They proceed to modifying the strict racks and the production of shelves, but this is not the most important thing. The main work is carried out in the head, because it is necessary to correctly distribute the tools, group it so that everything is at once in sight.

It is worth figuring out what is available by laying it out in different “heaps”. This means that the worships place everything in one place, the supra.Fili and sandals in the other, and the pliers of different sizes are adjacent to nearby. This is the basis of order, without which it will not work to achieve a good result.

The second is an extremely important question. the convenience of application. Working for a workbench, processing wood, metal, and even just about to repair the child’s bicycle, it will not hurt that everything is at hand. The most popular devices, spare parts, components and consumables should be constantly within direct reach. “extended his hand, took”.

Holder of the screwdrivers

Thinking about placing the tool in the garage, how to fix it on the wall, it makes sense to consider the photos that are full on the Internet. There are many different options on how to make a kind of organizer for storing such a device. The easiest way is to purchase a standard store plastic coffee.

Therefore, experienced advises making a shelf or bar in which either holes or slots are cut off, as it seems convenient for you. Cuts are productive, since you do not have to raise the handle high to pull out the device. It is in these recesses that the screwdrivers are inserted, after which the entire structure is fixed on the board using self.tapping screws. The screwdrivers immediately find themselves in sight, you can easily see what size and configuration they are.


Creating a similar system is easiest according to a similar principle, which is the previous option, and even somewhat easier. The thing is that it usually does not differ either by the diameter of the pens, or their variety, only the parameters of the main working parts. Therefore, all incisions make almost the same.

Before starting to cut, it is worth thoroughly measured the width of the handle, otherwise they can interfere. They must be placed freely so as not to prevent other subjects when using and returning. Do not forget to leave enough thickness so that they do not rest against the wall, otherwise it will also create discomfort. it will be difficult to remove them and return them back.


When working with him, it is important to immediately see the marking (size, etc.) that manufacturers place directly on the work surface. In addition, they differ in width and length, so it is advisable to cut their own groove for each separately.

In the most practical options, people cut out the main deepening, adjust everything as they should, and then close it with an organic glass plate so that everything is clearly visible. It is easy to screw it, using the most ordinary self.tapping screws, manual or electric drill.

Rubban, landmines

They are somewhat more difficult to hang them than all described above, since they have a very bulky shape, occupy a little more space. Do not be upset, you can come up with everything and even do it with your own hands. It will be optimal for each of them, but they are very different, cut the bar with the hole for the blade.

In the upper and lower plane, attach (glue or fasten) fixers that will hold the structure in a static position. Everything is sure to do clearly in size, otherwise the rubanus simply will not enter the holder, or will freely slip out of it, which is unacceptable.


An important question is how to hang tools on the wall, place and hang the keys in the garage in order to unload the space even more, and do your job much more comfortable. It all depends on the design of the devices themselves, since they are different. Когда «рожки» у них с обеих сторон, прорезают пазы, как в варианте с отвертками или долото.

If on the one hand they have a ringed ring, like a gaykowert, then the task is even simpler. It is enough to attach the inserts from the dowels at a slight angle to the horizon so that the keys do not slip. There are quite a lot of such devices, so it makes sense to produce a multi.tiered design to save the area for another.

Big square

Devices are made of metal, usually it is stainless steel, but there are plastic, and even wooden options. To fix them will not be for a master with minimal knowledge and experience no difficult. To do this, you need only two details cut from a wooden bar with the shape of a letter l.

It is necessary to attach one bracket to support the inner corner of the upper line, and the second. external. He will fit tightly to the vertical surface and occupy much less space than if he lay somewhere on the workbench.

Shelf for squares

A good specialist has not one such device in the farm, but a few different sizes. Therefore, fastening often has to be thought out taking into account their main features. For small ones, it is realistic to mount one wooden shelf with ledges placed on it, where the canvases are inserted.

It is advisable to cut through the protrusions and grooves on both sides, so it will be much easier to shoot and return back again. At the same time, they will be much better to retain from spontaneous loss.

Roulette and other meters

For devices, there are enough downs screwed up at a small angle, on which they are hung behind special laces. Slopes easily break off, but may not be provided for at all. Will have to get confused with the creation of another horizontal surface.

The shelf is recommended to do one, but immediately for all available measuring devices. From all sides on the board it is necessary to attach a kind of side, so that nothing falls out of them with the slightest awkward movement. The easiest way to twist all this into the screws, or you can glue it using an “epoxy” or any other composition that is suitable for wood (silicate glue, PVA). To press during drying, it will also need a small.sized clamps, otherwise it will not work to achieve a tight fit.

Guides with hooks

Another way to place the tool in the garage on the wall independently involves the installation of a P-shaped guide. In this case, the sides are bent, and hooks are installed in them. On the resulting mobile hangers you can place backpacks, tools, wires and many other things. In this case, the width between them can always be adjusted by pushing or moving hooks.

It is convenient to store the accumulated gardening inventory in a box tied from plywood, divided into sections. The product should be painted to improve an aesthetic look, and fill the nails on the sides, on which you can suspend tape rolls, tassels and other little things.

Containers for garbage and linen as storage containers

If the garage is equipped with shelves, you can put plastic containers on them. linen or garbage. So it will be possible to arrange much more small tools. It is advisable to equip each container with a sticker with a description of the contents, in order to quickly get to the desired object at the right time.

To save space, the equipment of the garage with shelves and tools can be organized on the ceiling using a suspended structure. In containers at a height, it is convenient to store objects that are used quite rarely.

Bolshade grinder brackets

Makita 9069. This is probably a continuation of my hand, because it did not work as other tools as much as this amazing corner grinder. I will confidently attribute her to the gentleman’s set. Accordingly, this “gentlemanly accessory” should always be at hand. A pair of 6 mm rods solved the problem of storing corner grinders. In this case, it was treated with simple “rods” and no welding. The support falls on the engine housing and the gearbox body.

Many hang corner grinder on the rail for protecting the disk. I’m not sure it’s a good way out. The load falls on the casing, or the disk (if the protection is removed). And with this location the tool is not securely fixed. In my case, the corner grinder accidentally hurt. so that it flew off the mounts, it is impossible. And the load falls on the entire body.

Shelf for a small corner grinder

Makita 9558. The second use tool for me and also rightfully occupies a place in the gentlemanly set. The brackets for the battleship were made in a matter of minutes, but for the gunboat I had to sweat. It is important to easily remove the corner grinder from the wall with one hand. The case is made of plywood 10 mm thick, assembled on the carpentry glue Titebond. The shelf is glued from two plywood sheets for greater thickness to insert a pair of metal brackets for the casing and a grimaced wire. From below the shelf, the dull hole is drilled into which the handle from the corner grinding of the grinding is screwed (I rarely use it that it lives constantly plunged into the regiment).

Procedure preservation tips

After completing the installation of racks and panels, hanging all tools and devices, it’s time to think about maintaining for a long time this perfect order.

Indeed, a week later, a month or more I want to enjoy the systematized and accurate environment. In order to adhere to this order and not confuse your devices in places, we recommend that you take advantage.

After the most compact hanging, you need to glue stickers with the image of the device at the location of their location

The second way to streamline the storage system is the designation of numbers. It is necessary to mark with the same number the tool itself and the place where it should hang.

And in order to work comfortably in the garage at any time of the year, you should take care of the organization of ventilation and heating.

Conclusions and useful videos

Making a rack for storing tools with your own hands:

drill, garage, cases

Transform the garage into a comfortable and thoughtful place of work, while preserving the presentable look, is not difficult. Use our recommendations for the rational arrangement of the room, show imagination and build your dreams with your own hands.

You have original ideas for arranging storage places in the garage that we have not examined in this publication? Share your options with our readers. the feedback form is located below. You can also take part in the discussion, ask our experts questions, add photos of the walls of your garage with equipped tools for storing tools.

Safety precautions

Be sure to ground the workbench. The fact is that electromechanics are mainly engines, and when working, when current is supplied to the windings, an alternating magnetic field is introduced in the cores of coils and contours. This applies to all engines that are not working on direct current. there is a voltage of up to several tens of volts between the case and the Earth. For their abduction and ground the workbag itself and all these devices. Grounding is possible both through the reinforcement of the building and through a separate metal sheet with a reinforcing rod, buried in the ground next to the garage where the master works.

Fix the stationary (non.interpretable) workbench on the floor and walls. this will not allow the whole structure to suddenly fall when the work requires swinging efforts.

There were cases when the workbench installed on the uneven floor and overloaded with instruments and blanks, hanging more than one hundred kilograms during operation, crushed a person or led to injuries of his hands and even amputation of the extremities. The fallen design simply broke the bones to working people who did not have time to recover in time.

The cross-section of the wires should be sufficient to withstand power, for example, 5-10 kilowatts. The main consumers are a peorator, a corner grinder, a welding machine and a saw machine.

A Better DIY Drill Charging Station | Shop Organization


It is possible to equip a vehicle table only after its full assembly and installation:

  • Install the distribution shield. Contactive machines are required-mainly for 16 amperes on a working current. A welding inverter apparatus may require a 25-ampere automatic fuse.
  • Some masters install an additional electric meter. for auxiliary control of electricity consumption with a workbench and preventing the overspending of electricity.
  • Install several sockets. If some work requires a special mode, a “smart” outlet is used, which will not turn on the electricity until the room is cooled (or does not heat up) to the desired temperature.
  • For power tools, equip shelves with small sides that do not allow, for example, a screwdriver and a drill shift from vibration to the edge and fall.
  • For a welding post, you need an LED spotlight, a clear.up.out welding place. When the master puts on the usual darkened helmet, due to the absorption of the glass-filter up to 98% of the light and ultraviolet radiations coming from welding, a clear consideration of the junction to be welded is required-before starting electric shoes. This will make it possible to cook metals even in the evening, when it was already dark. The rest of the work requires a table lamp.

Additional ideas and options depend on the list of types and varieties of work.

A detailed review of the creation of a workbench for a garage or a workshop with your own hands is presented in the next video.

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The arrangement of space

That small space that is in the garage with a car standing in it must be used in full, using not only the floor and walls, but also the ceiling. Especially if the room is used not only as a parking.


Any garage home.made require an equipped place for manufacturing, so first you need to install a desktop. a workbench. This element of the “furniture” of any utility room that is never superfluous.

Slide Out Pegboard Cabinet For Space Saving Tool Storage! DIY Workshop/Garage Storage

The minimum depth of the workshop of the workbench is 60 cm, and the length can be any depending on the size of the garage and the needs of its owner. If the room has a sufficient width, it is better to place the workbench along the side wall, and in a narrow and long garage. along the rear, or make it corner.

It is better to think for a workbench design on your own and right on the spot in order to take into account all the available nuances. It can be just a working surface. stationary, folding or folding. Or a full.fledged desktop with shelves, boxes, racks.

A thick sheet of plywood can be laid on the upper plane of the frame and, if necessary, clad it with sheet iron.

Tool storage systems

The most necessary home.made in the garage are various racks and holders that help organize convenient storage of tools and working materials. You can start with a workbench equipment.

Under it on the right side, it is good to make shelves for storing the desired trifles, and for convenience, install plywood boxes or durable plastic containers with thick walls in them. They can perfectly replace cans of motor oil or other automobile liquids with a handle located in the upper part. They need to cut one wide side wall and put on the shelves with a pen outside.

It is better to immediately calculate the width of the shelves so that it contains the right number of home-made boxes of the Pol-Master

Useful homemade garage can also be made from scraps of plastic pipes of different diameters. For example, if you drill a row of through holes with a thick drill in a small section of a small section and fix it on the wall on the clips, in such a home.made holder you can store screwdrivers.

For the equipment of the workbench, thick.walled sewer pipes are more suitable. In their short segments, the grooves are cut out and fixed under the countertop as holders for an electric and battery tools. jigsaws, screwdrivers, drills.

To store a hand tool, it is best to use the wall plane above the workplace. Simple homemade homemans in a private garage can replace store pea panels with hooks and holders:

drill, garage, cases

One of the main problems of the home master is the neat storage of nails, screws, drills, washers and other little things. You can adapt transparent plastic containers or jars with a twisting lid for them. So that they do not take space on the shelves, the lids are screwed to their lower plane.

Storage of spare tires

Any car owner, when seasonal replacing the wheels, is faced with the problem of their storage. There are many different shelves and brackets for this purpose, but with a very inhumane price tag. Such adaptations for the garage have a simple design, which is easy to repeat and do it with your own hands.

What exactly to do depends on whether you change the entire wheel with disks or only tires. The wheels are undesirable to put on the rib, they are stored lying or suspended. And vice versa. tires without disks should stand on special shelves.

In order not to take a place on the floor with a stack of rubber laid on each other, it is better to hang tires with disks on the wall.

note! For safety purposes, pins make such a length that their ends do not protrude beyond the tires.

For “empty” tires, special brackets are made, resembling the frame of the shelves. The ideal material for their manufacture is a profile pipe of a small section or a metal corner. Connect them with welding or on bolts. Bolt connection allows you to make a folding shelf.

The length of the shelf is chosen in accordance with the number of wheels, with a small margin for the convenience of laying. And the depth is made less than their diameter, otherwise they simply fall down. It is very important to find for this home.made home and garage such a place where sunlight does not fall, from the long exposure of which the rubber deteriorates.

Useful devices

Without lugging at too complex home.made machines and garage devices, any owner can do several very useful things from improvised materials with his own hands.

drill, garage, cases

Carrying with an unconscious ceiling

When repairing a car or other work, it is often necessary to bright lighting aimed at the right place. It cannot provide stationary ceiling and wall lamps, you need a carrying with a cartridge and a lamp, which is easy to break when moving or awkward movement. You can protect it with the help of a light, unbelieving ceiling from a plastic canister or bottle with translucent matte walls.

The neck is cut off from it at such a level that the cartridge crawls into the hole. A window is cut in the side wall through which a light bulb is inserted into a cartridge, and it is directed to the place in need of lighting. At the same time, the side walls of the ceiling scatter the light, and it does not hit the eye.

How to do it with your own hands?

Of course, the easiest way to expand the possibilities of an existing tool will be the purchase of a finished design. However, many are interested in the possibility of manufacturing drilling racks of handmade. Analyzing the reviews, we can conclude that this is a relatively simple process. However, its implementation will require certain knowledge, as well as appropriate practical skills, materials and tools.

Given the features of structures that allow a regular drill to be turned into a drilling machine, you can even make them from a photo enrollment, the device of which initially includes part of the necessary key elements. There are several options for performing a home.made rack. The list of necessary materials, equipment and tools will depend on the choice in favor of a wooden or metal device.

The bed can be made from the plate (metal or wooden), the dimensions of which are determined by the power of the equipment and the dimensions of the blanks. Another determining factor is the functionality of the future design. If for a drilling machine it will be enough to make a bed with dimensions in the redistribution of 600×600 mm, then in the case of a multifunctional unit, these indicators must be increased.

Directly the stand itself and supports can be made of metal pipes, including profile and wooden bars. It should be remembered that the stand that performs the role of the guide should be as flat as possible. Do not forget about strength.

The next important component is the mechanism for moving the drill and other equipment along the guide. The basis of this node will be a pen and springs, and the mechanism itself can be made in several variations.

  • Return and mounted directly next to the handle, which is placed between the two plates installed on the rack. When the handle moves down, the spring and the carriage itself are returned to its original position.
  • In the form of two springs installed in special grooves of the carriage at an angle of 90 degrees, to which the pin and side plates are fixed. When pressing the lever, the springs are compressed, and the drill moves down. As soon as the effect on the handle stops, the entire node will return to its original position.

It is necessary to list the obvious advantages of home.made devices:

  • The manufacture of such designs with your own hands is cheaper than the purchase of ready.made ones;
  • the absence of any restrictions allows you to use any practical materials and spare parts from failed or outdated equipment;
  • Drawings of devices and detailed instructions, including appropriate video materials, are in large numbers in the public domain;
  • Everyone, if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, can create a stand according to their drawings and taking into account all needs.

Speaking of the most significant disadvantages of manufacturing structures for drilling with your own hands, you should pay attention to the fact that:

  • At certain stages, access to a lathe, welding machine and other professional equipment may be required;
  • Due to errors, even insignificant ones, backlash appear, negatively reflected in the quality of drilling and other works;
  • Most often, models created by artisances have limited functionality.

However, with a competent approach and the quality manufacture of all elements, even a rotary model can be assembled on your own. Often, homemade do not give way (and are superior in some indicators) to factory models. It all depends on the correct choice of materials and the quality of the assembly.


Any compact machine must be correctly assembled and installed, reliably attached to the table, workbench or separate cabinet. Otherwise. the quality of the work performed on it and its service life significantly decrease. Purchased models are mounted in strict accordance with the drawing documentation and the attached instructions.

In situations with homemade constructions, general rules and recommendations should be followed. The correct installation will be the key to long.term work and the maximum accuracy of the implementation of all provided for by the functionality of the rack and work. The assembly of a mini-station is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • installation of bed;
  • installation of guide and subpes;
  • installation of the running mechanism;
  • The fastening of the very drilling tool itself (drill, electric screwdriver, peorator).

An important point is to check the presence of backlash and the quality of the connections at all stages of the assembly and installation of the structure. In addition, it is required to pay special attention to the reliability of the fastening of the drill. It should be remembered that the drill or milling cutter should be located strictly vertically. Otherwise, the drilling quality decreases and the risk of tool breakdown increases.

About how to make a home.made rack for a drill with your own hands, watch in the next video.

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