How to fix a drill in a perforator. The work of the perforator

Cartridges for peorators what they are and how to repair them

It is difficult to imagine the processing of concrete without such a power tool as a peorator. You can not only drill concrete, but it also copes with drilling holes in metal, plastic, wood and other structures. To do this, you need to insert the appropriate nozzles into the tool lock. It is about how the cartridge is arranged for the pedorator, what types of them are and what they vary, described in detail in the article.

About what a peorator is is known even to children. In order for this tool to do the necessary useful work, in the design of the executive body, that is, the cartridge, it is necessary to install the nozzle. The power tool, unlike a drill, is capable of not only performing rotational, but also reciprocating manipulations (drums). Shock movements are needed to resolve questions with such strong types of materials as concrete and reinforced concrete.

The infantry cartridge serves to fix the nozzle, and make the necessary manipulations with an instrument. If a zangia clamping devices are used on droplets, then the peorators use exclusively mechanisms that have a special design. It is thanks to this specific design that the peorators are much more efficient to cope with the processing of concrete bases. Outwardly, the cartridges on the drill and the penarator are practically identical. The tsang mechanism on the clamping devices of the drill consists of three sponges, which, under the influence of the forces of rotation, are pressed evenly to each other, thereby clamping the reliably cylindrical design of the nozzles. How amurators are arranged, we will find out later.

Material and types of Sovers and Burov

The main material for the production of drilling nozzles is steel of different types:

drill, perforator, work

To work with the most durable surfaces. Metals, solid stone. The drill tip is additionally equipped with attacks with diamond crumbs. By type of design, the brown is divided into:

Her color will also tell a lot about the drilling nozzle:

  • Black. The drill was previously processed overheated by steam. Contrary to the well.Known statement that the black drills are stronger than everyone else, this is not so. Here the color does not affect the strength.
  • Brown. Such a drill pre.Released to remove internal stresses.
  • Golden, bright golden. The tip of the drilling equipment of such colors has nitride titanium coating. It adds strength to the drill, but the cost also.

The nozzles used

The list of works performed by the peorater is great:

To perform these tasks, various nozzles are used, made of durable materials.

Какой пеоратор победит? Электроинструмент, пеоратор макита, Bosch, Stanley, AEG, Hitachi, Dewalt

For drilling holes in concrete or brick, there are drilling stamps with high.Strength steel with winning tips. For their fixation in the cartridge there are several varieties of shanks:

  • SDS Plus. This variety is the most common. It is used for drills with a diameter of 4-26 mm.
  • SDS Max. The tailings of this type have a longer groove. They are used in heavy tools of high power. The diameter of these drills is over 26 mm. The length of such drills. From 25 cm to 1.2 m.
  • SDS Quick. This is a rare variety of shanks. They are used in “Bosch” peorators. How to insert a drill with a similar shank into a regular tool? To do this, you need to change the cartridge.

On the tail of the tail, all the nozzles are identical. The working part differs depending on the function:

  • Boers are used to drill holes. The difference in the tips will depend on the hardness of the material, which is supposed to be drilled.
  • Crowns are used to cut a large diameter. For example, under an outlet or for a factory in a water pipe room.

On the oral transition to fix the drill

It is known that this is a highly specialized tool, which is designed to perform shockwork. To do this, the corresponding nozzle is attached to the tool cartridge, which has a special shape of the tail.

If you need to use the impact tool under consideration, but at the same time there is no drill in the configuration, then only an adapter for a pedorator for a drill will save, in which any types of cylindrical nozzles can be installed.

Details about the device of this device are described in the material.

Device for fixing the drill in the penetrator

There is no better tool for drilling concrete and reinforced concrete than a peorator. The tool differs from the drill not only visually, but also in the design of the mechanisms of the cartridge. If cartridges with a cangy mechanism are used in the DRALE design, then special devices of the SDS structures are used on the peorators.

The installation of working nozzles is carried out at the expense of a special latch, which is presented in the form of slots for centering and balls for fixing. This is done so that the nozzles in the cartridge of shock devices have a backlash.

This backlash is needed so that the drill and other varieties of nozzles make reciprocating movements when drilling concrete materials.

Often there is a need not only to drill concrete, but also to drill holes in a tree, metal and other materials. For such purposes, you can use the peorator, but exclusively in drilling mode.

In addition, you need to insert a nozzle. A metal drill or wood into a tool cartridge. It is irrational to buy such drills for the penetrator, especially if the drill of the desired diameter is under the drill. To combine a tool with a conventional drill drill, you will need to buy an adapter.

This device is also called an adapter for a penetrator, which is popular.

! Having a special adapter, you can drill holes in strong materials with conventional drill drills for a drill. This will save on buying drills, which, unlike concrete drills on a drill, are a little more expensive.

If the drill with a special design of the shank can be installed in the cangy cartridge of the drill, then in the penorator to fix a cylindrical drill without a special device (connector), it is impossible.

However, using drills and other types of nozzles in a drill cartridge or electrical screwdriver is not recommended, since the zangia mechanism does not allow to specify the nozzle.

As a result, it turns out that when working with a drill with a drill from the pea, the load on the tool increases due to the low indicator of the straightness of the nozzle stroke.

So, knowing why you need to insert a drill with cylindrical shanks in a powerful power tool, we will figure out what the device is under such nozzles.

How a regular drill is inserted into the cartridge

There was a need to make a hole in a metal or tree, and the drill is in a non.Working state, then there is a way out. Take a tool, drill and adapter.

Of course, many will think that it is easier to buy an appropriate SDS metal drill for a pedorator, but it was not there.

Even if it is possible to find such a drill of the corresponding diameter, then it will cost at least 1.5 times more than the usual for the drill.

drill, perforator, work

!Manufacturers produce drill SDS Plus, which are designed to drill metal and wooden structures. However, due to the special design of the shank, the cost of such devices differs from the price of drills with ordinary cylindrical tailings.

As a result, it turns out that it is much more profitable to buy an adapter for a pedorator for a drill, and use the nozzle of the corresponding diameter than to buy a drill with a special shape of the shank. What is an adapter or adapter for a drill to a peorator, many do not even know, so consider the design of the device.

Structurally, the adapter consists of two parts:

  • The shank is the part that is inserted into the cartridge of the unit. The tail of the tail has a similar design, like drilling and other nozzles of the SDS Plus type
  • The threaded part is. A zangi cartridge from a drill and an electric screwdriver is screwed on it. At the end of such an adapter there is a bolt under the screwdriver to fix the devices. When choosing adapters, you need to take into account the size of the thread on which the cartridge from the drill and the electric screwdriver is screwed

The carving on the tips of the adapter is not right, but the left, that is, in order to fix the cartridge to the adapter, you will need to rotate it to the left side. The cartridge from the drill is installed on the adapter for the pedorator, and after that it remains only to insert the appropriate drill into it and use it on the peorator.

!If you plan to install a jail drill in the design of a cang cartridge, and work in a penarator, it is not recommended to do this for a long time. Shock actions performed by the mechanism of the unit are quite strong, so the cangy key and fast.Sounding cartridges can quickly fail.

Adapters are made of instrumental steel, so they withstand heavy loads While for such an amount you can buy only one nozzle.

An adapter for a pedorator is a universal device that significantly expands the capabilities of the tool.

Over, in the canovic cartridge from the drill, which is fixed in the cartridge of the power tool through the adapter, you can fix not only drill, but also crowns, mixers for kneading mixtures, as well as polishing and other types of working nozzles.

Why is it better to drill the metal with a with a pedorator

Not only the drilling of concrete, but also the drilling of metal or wood, it is better to perform a powerful power tool that is the pen. This tool copes with any complex tasks, which is associated with the use of more powerful electric motors. Power indicators are from 700 watts and above, while driving electric motor power engineers with a capacity of 300 watts are used.

Installation of a working tool on a peorator

As mentioned above, the peorator must be checked for the operation before installing the drill. To perform such an audit, the operating mode of the pedorator is installed for drilling without a fight. If, after pressing the starting button of the device, you will hear and feel that its engine is working exactly and without shocks, it means that the peorator can be used for its intended purpose, first inserting a drill or a bourgeois into it.

To fix the drill with a cylindrical shank in the ashorator, use an adapter with a fist type cartridge

Before inserting the drill into the peorator, it is necessary to treat the shank of the working tool with a special lubricant that will protect it from corrosion. The process of installing a drill in a peorator itself looks as follows.

  • The ashor of the back is installed on the floor or other hard surface.
  • The mobile part of the clamping device is pulled back.
  • The tool is inserted into the peorator until it stops. In this case, a drill or a drill that must be inserted into a peorator must be kept vertically. If you neglect this requirement, you may face the fact that the tool will fly out or even break, and this can also lead to the failure of the penetrator itself.

Press the click, then pull the drill, if it is not taken out. Everything is fine

Given the fact that clamping cartridges on modern peorators differ quite a simple principle of action, questions about how to get a drill out of the penetrator, as a rule, does not arise.

Having removed the tool used from the peorator to replace it with another, it is advisable to immediately clean its shank from lubrication and construction dust. In this case, the shank of the drill that you are going to insert should also be cleaned and pre.Lubricated. The instrument replaced in this way will not harm the clamping mechanism of the penetrator and last much longer.

The lubricant extends the service life of both the drill itself and the pedorator

Using a peorator, you can not only get a drilled structural element, but also process with a special chisel. Can also be installed as a working body of such a mixer device.

Homemade masters often also have questions about how to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver or how to change the cartridge on the penetrator. Solving the first issue is quite simple, since cartridges of the same design are used in the design of the electric screwdriver as on drifts and peorators. But to the question of how to correctly replace the cartridge on the ashorator, one should approach the knowledge of the case: to perform such a procedure without certain knowledge and skills, it is not easy.

If the nozzle is stuck

Like any tool, the peorator of even the highest quality can jam. When performing work, this becomes a problem that has several options and reasons.

Firstly, when the drill stuck in a removable cartridge, and secondly, if the nozzle jammed in the penetrator itself.

Когда проблема в самом зажиме инструмента или съемной головке, то достаточно просто залить немного жидкости типа WD-40 в патрон и немного подождать. The composition will relax the grip of the clamping device and the drill can be easily obtained.

There are times when there are no special mixtures and car shops at hand. The output may be ordinary kerosene. It is also poured, and, having waited for 10 minutes, try to free the nozzle. At the same time, light tapping on the clip and small staggering of the drill are acceptable. After completing the procedure, the clamp must be thoroughly cleaned and greased.

The cause of the malfunction happens in the poor quality of the drill itself. If a cheaper and soft alloy of metal was used in the manufacture, then the nozzle can damage the peorator during operation.

Correct this problem can be in several ways. The first thing you need to try is to squeeze the drill in a vise and, holding the tool in your hands, shake the nozzle and pull it over yourself. If the deformation is not very serious, then the nozzle will be able to pull out.

The second option provides for double fixation with a vice. A pencil on one side, and the drill on the other. Then take a small hammer and beat along the borax towards the exit from the clamp. During such an operation, you can use WD-40.

When not a single method helps, you can try to remove the details of the cartridge and turn the drill in the opposite direction about 90 degrees. However, this technique can completely ruin the details of the clamping device.

But if this option does not work, it is better not to try to disassemble the device. It is better to give such a peorator to the workshop to competent specialists.

It should be noted that in order to minimize such breakdowns, it is better to choose high.Quality nozzles of leading brands. As a rule, such investments pay off the long time of the tool.

The nozzle can get stuck not only in the mechanism of the unit, but also in the wall during operation. In this case, a drill or a drill can be tried to release by turning on the return move (reverse) on the device.

If such a method does not work, then the nozzle is released from the clamp, insert another, and, drilling the wall around the stuck tip, remove it. If the drill broke during operation, then its residues are removed from the clamp, and a piece stuck in the wall is drilled or simply trimmed with a grinder at the same level with the working surface.

Detailed instructions for consolidating the drill in the oorator in the video below.

Today, the peorator is one of the most popular tools, so it is difficult to underestimate its benefit. The tool is used by both experienced professionals and ordinary lovers. In many situations, without this device, it would have been tight. In this article, we consider how to insert a drill into a peorator, so as not to damage it. Working ability to use the tool correctly, help to bring your work to perfection. To insert the drill into the tool, you will need a peorator, drill, clamping cartridge and grease.

What is a peorator

Before installing the drill in the penetrator, first of all, it is worthwhile to understand today it is difficult to finish repairs or construction without resorting to the help of a peorator. When drilling is needed, this tool is simply indispensable. The peoporator is involved during work with concrete and brick, it is also often used for metal or wood as a conventional drill.

Many functions make this instrument universal. Rotation with a blow, a blow without rotation, rotation without blows, drilling in concrete, the function of a jackhammer, drilling in wood and metal, and many others. You need to know that there are many types of peorator. The principle of using the tool is the same, but if you need to drill a wide and deep hole, it is better to use a larger and more powerful device.

Equipment of the penetrator

To work with this tool, you need various equipment. Drills, concrete drill for a peorator, chisel, shoulder blades and crowns. Drills and crowns are involved in drilling holes, drills are intended for concrete and stone, chisel is used for fucking work, and the shoulder blades are necessary to knock down plaster or old tiles. All nozzles on the peorator have the shape of a shank, thanks to which fast and reliable fixation in the cartridge is carried out.

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Special angular nozzles, dust dust, mixers for stirring building solutions or paints, chisels and various types of nozzles (sharpening drills, water pump, nozzle for cutting metal in sheets) can also be used. Before starting any work with the pedorator, make sure that it is correctly equipped and suitable for future work. Too small a tool may not cope with a large load.

Means of protection

When working with the peorater, be sure to remember the means of protection. Such means are glasses, bears and gloves. You should also work in special clothes, excluding everything that can accidentally wrap up on a drill or drill. When working with the device, you should not put pressure on it, it may end badly.

How to insert a drill

The shock drill itself is also the mechanism of rendering release. Reliable fastening of the drill in it is provided with fixation using special balls, which, when closed, fit tightly into the grooves on the day of the drill.

In order to fix the necessary nozzle, whether it be a drill or crown, you need:

  • Lower the lower part of the cartridge down (in the direction of the peorator)
  • Holding it in this position, stick a suitable nozzle;
  • Release the cartridge.

And to stick the drill into the poorator using an adapter, first fix the removable pipe, which has mounting at the base with the grooves for the tool. Then the drill is installed specifically. To remove the drill or drill, it is necessary to fulfill all the above deeds again.

Here I would like to note that at least some manipulations with the installation and removal of the drill or other nozzles are preceded by checking the working condition of the peorator mechanism. To do this, the device must be connected to the network and, setting the desired mode of operation, put the launch button. If the device does not give out extraordinary sounds and at the same time does not feel third.Party smells of flaming or drunk plastic, then the tool is ready to use.

Selection of drill for the pen

Now drill is made of carbon steel, high.Speed steel and alloy steel. If you have to work with hard materials for you, the drill can be equipped with a heavy hard soldering. Drill. Chopping, central, with straight flutes and spiral (for the deepest drilling).

You can also purchase a drill created for wood, metal, stone, concrete, glass, ceramics, diamond or universal version. Before fixing the drill in the ashorator, it is necessary to be due to the type of whether you want the work to be done correctly. The color of the drill shows the occurrence of the final result.

If the drill stained in dark color means that it was treated with overheated steam, but this does not affect the quality, despite the common worldview, that dark drills are stronger. If the drill has a brown or slightly golden column, most likely, relief voltage. Drills treated with titanium nitril have a catchy gold color, such options are expensive and long.Term.

Usually, excellent companies indicate its properties such as a brand of steel and material with which you need to work on drilling boxes. If the drill is very warming during work, it means that it is vibrant or imprisoned incorrectly.

Types of pedorator drills

It should be noted right away that the drill is equipment for a drill, and a drill is used in the peorators. The difference is explained by the fact that the peorator, even if he makes holes, but performs this with simultaneous beat, that is, a drilling is obtained.

A drill, similar to an ordinary spiral drill, is used to arrange a round-shaped holes, usually under a dowel or dowel-gvo. In construction stores, it is often defined as a drill under a peorator.

Самая частая поломка в Bosch GBH 2-28, как починить пеоратор? Как отремонтировать пеоратор Бош

The chisel is designed to remove plaster, tile coating, tiles or any other coating that has served its time. It is convenient for them to perform dismantling, simply tinging the material to be removed.

It is convenient to use a piko when stroke, punching holes in concrete or other solid surfaces. The tool has a noticeably larger diameter than that of the drill, and is characterized by increased “chipping”. Such a tip is used if it is necessary to make a larger hole, which can be achieved using a drill.

drill, perforator, work

The channel drill is indispensable when it is required to do the strokes for wiring or installing interior items: guides for drywall structures, fastening sliding or false.

The crown is used to arrange holes for placing switches and outlets. Modern purests for peorators are available in any size, among other things and to install these electrical devices.

For the processing of solid materials, drill are equipped with super.Strength attacking.

Even particularly durable metal drills for peorators are ineffective when processing thick material. Their area of ​​use is limited to thin.Leafy metal.

By the appearance of the working tip of the Boers, the following types are classified:

  • Screws designed for the device of deep holes. Thanks to the spiral structure and a significant torque, crumbs and dust are removed, the load on the peorator is reduced, the period of work is reduced.
  • Bur with a small slope of the workers’ gutters. It is used for work requiring the application of small efforts, for example, for the installation of many shallow holes in relatively soft materials.
  • A drill with a significant slope of the grooves, characterized by a high speed of drilling. The load on the peorator from such drills is higher than when using screw. Designed to make deep holes.
  • Boers with one or more spiral furrows or gutters of a special shape. Such a tip ensures high stability of the drill, the balance of its rotation, a decrease in the vibration load on the peorator.

The shape of the back of the drill clamped in the cartridge is no less important.

  • SDSPLUS. Used for low and medium.Power peorators. Deepening into the cartridge. 4 mm, the size of the “tail”. 10 mm.
  • SDS. A special guide system. The drill is held in the cartridge with clamps. The diameter of the tail. 10 mm.
  • SDSMAX. Format used in a powerful professional tool. The diameter of the shank is not 10, but 18 mm, the recess into the cartridge is 9 mm.
  • SDSTOP. It is used mainly in BOSH peorators. The size of the “tail”. 14 mm.
  • SDSQUICK. It is also the development of Bosch and is used in the tool only of this brand.

For cartridges of a certain type, drillingires should be used only the same type. Otherwise, the “tail” is not fixed, it wags under load, which can cause an injury.

How to choose the right adapter for a pedulator under the drill

When choosing an adapter, no difficulties do not arise at all, since manufacturers produce exclusively such models that have SDS Plus tailings for a pen. Tailings of this type have a diameter of 10 mm, as well as nozzles. It is not necessary to buy a cartridge from a drill, since it can be removed from the power tool. Over, you can use cartridges not only from drills, but also screwdrivers.

It should be borne in mind that it is much more reliable to use key.Type clamps, since they firmly fix the nozzle, unlike fast.And.Packed. It is impossible to make a transition from SDS Plus to SDS Max, and there is no need. After all, the most popular are peorators with cartridges like SDS Plus. When buying, take into account the diameter of the hole on the cane cartridge. They are different, so first it is necessary to clarify the diameter of the hole, and then order the corresponding adapter for the peorator under the drill.

It is interesting! Such a name SDS Devices received from a German developer. Full decryption has the following view: “STECK-Dreh-Sitzt“”. Translated from German means. Insert, crank and plant.

In addition, there are also bits adapters that allow you to install appropriate nozzles in the peorators cartridge for unscrewing or screwing fasteners. If there is an adapter for switching to a zangia mechanism, then such a device is not necessary to buy. What is the device is shown in detail on the video.

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the considered device in the material, we can draw an appropriate conclusion about the rationality of their use. In the household, where there is a peorator and a drill, an adapter will play an important role, therefore it is recommended to buy it even before it is needed. And be sure to take into account the size of the thread on which the cartridge is screwed, since they have different sizes, and buying at random “should fit” always reduces to the need to replace the device.

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