How to get one -axle tractor hopper. Preparatory stage before starting a single tractor

Basic rules and features of the launch of a walk.Behind tractor

The same.Based tractor is a rather complicated and expensive technique consisting of various mechanisms that begin work when starting the engine. At the time of starting the engine, the units of the unit are subjected to a significant load, so certain rules for starting the engine engine should be followed. It depends on this how long the Unoic tractor will last.

Before launching a walk.Behind tractor and starting work, a number of procedures should be performed:

  • Check the oil level in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor (in general, it is advisable to always do this before starting work). Some models are equipped with built.In sensors and, with a lack of lubrication, the technique simply will not start. However, most motor cultivators do not have such sensors, and in this case they may fail.
  • Check the presence of fuel. The unit should be refuel only with high.Quality fuel, which is suitable for this model. For example, two.Haired engines must be refueled with a special mixture, the proportions of which are indicated in the engine operation manual. If a diesel power unit is installed on a single tractor, then when refueling it is necessary to take into account the time of the year. The use of summer.Type fuel at negative temperatures can lead to failure of both the engine and the entire fuel system as a whole. The implementation of these recommendations will increase the service life, and increase the efficiency of the use of technology.
  • Check the reliability of the mounts, the smoothness of the stroke of the cables of gas levers and clutch. Switching should be such that you feel during operation.

The supply of any equipment always includes instructions (management) for operation. It indicates the main recommendations for the maintenance and use of equipment. Therefore, before the start of operation, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and only then proceed with the use of equipment for the purpose.

How to start a single tractor correctly?

How to start a single tractor at the first launch and not harm the technique? First of all, never ignore reading instructions for. Manufacturers always explain the necessary information in them.

In general, 3 basic rules should adhere to the safe launch of a walk.Behind tractor:

  • Check the reliability of fastening and smoothness of the levers of the fuel system. The course of the cables and levers of gas and clutch should be smooth so that you feel when managing. You should also pay attention to the adjustment of the steering wheel.
  • Check the oil level (in principle, this should be done before each launch). Some models have built.In sensors and with a small amount of lubricant will not be automatically. Other models in this case will be affected.
  • Check the presence of fuel. Refuel the unit only with high.Quality fuel. This will extend the service life of important components of the mechanism and increase the productivity of the work. Pay attention to the type of engine-models with a 2-stroke engine require refueling with a special fuel mixture, the proportions of which are registered in the instructions.

Gasoline and diesel engines have some features that should be taken into account when starting. Gasoline units,

You should start this algorithm:

  • Unscrew the fuel supply tap;
  • The suction should be installed in the “launch” mode (choke);
  • Without including ignition, handle the cup starter several times;
  • Turn on the ignition, start the unit and translate the ledge lever to the “work” position (Run).

We start correctly

Launch rules for gasoline and diesel models are different. At the factory of the first you need to immediately switch the handle of the suction. Need to put up in the “Launch” position. Only then can you open a gasoline faucet and pull the starter a couple of times. With the correct performance of all operations, the unoic tractor must start. If it is equipped with an electric starter, then it is enough to turn it on and start the engine.

Diesel types of machines require a different approach. First of all, the air from the fuel hoses should be. To fulfill this task, the tap opens, after which the connection is unscrewed to feed the DT to the nozzle itself. It is necessary to wait for diesel fuel to flow. Then the taps open, the gas handle is transferred to the middle position. It is necessary to squeeze the lever 3-4 times and shake the decompressor (holding your finger). Then it must be returned to the initial position. After performing these manipulations, press and pull the starter once. When fulfilling all these stages, the unoic tractor must start.

Motobobok valves adjustment: how to conduct it yourself

The same.Based tractor has long been known as a means for plowing earth. For the normal operation of the device, you need to adjust the valves of the walk.Behind tractor, which should be done at least once a year. This unit greatly simplifies human work. With different hinged tools, he can perform almost all agricultural work. It is also used as a vehicle for transporting goods. And he can deliver himself to his own move.

One.Axle tractor and its device

Maintenance is a mandatory element of care. It includes the adjustment of some important nodes responsible for the characteristics of the unit. These include valves and carburetor. Their serviceability is fully influenced. With their malfunction, the transmission and the entire chassis of the car along with the controls will work incorrectly. To maintain the unit in normal condition, it is necessary to well imagine its structure. So, the motor block includes:

Each individual one.Based tractor has its own configuration. The engine on them uses a two.Stroke or four.Stroke. For nutrition, they can be diesel or gasoline. Currently, aggregates with four.Stroke engines are most often produced. They have higher technical characteristics. Diesel engines are usually installed on large.Sized machines. The remaining walk.Behind tracts are equipped with gasoline engines.

The torque from the engine is transmitted to the wheels of the machine using a transmission. It includes:

The chassis of the unit consists of wheels. They are pneumatic and metal. Wheels are installed on the frame along with the rest of the block.

On the handles and near them are the details of the control system. This is a clutch lever, various levers and buttons for changing the direction of movement, to switch speeds. The engine stop button is located here.

The power system consists of a fuel tank, carburetor, fuel supply tubes. The main detail is the carburetor. It serves as a mixer. This mixer mixes gasoline with air and supplies this mixture to the engine cylinders. In turn, the carburetor consists of smaller details:

Different models of motoblocks have their own carburetors, which are regulated in various ways.

Adjustment of valves

To adjust the valves on the walkways, you need to prepare tools:

Some types of engines may require other additional tools. Adjusting valves. This means installing optimal clashes of motor block engines. In the instructions for the unit, the size of the gap is indicated. Engine device on each model of the unit is different. But in general, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • The engine cover is removed;
  • The valve cover is removed;
  • Adjustment is carried out;
  • The valve box lid is installed;
  • The casing is installed.
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The valve is easy to detect under the valve lid. Check the size of the gap with the probe. Most often, the gap of inlet valves is 0.15 mm, graduation. 0.2 mm. With the right gap, the probe is freely placed under the valve. If so, then everything is fine. For adjustment, you need to loosen the nuts and insert the probe again. Adjust the gap, wrap the nut. Check the gaps again. With normal results, install the valve box and casing cover.

3 axle 40 ton 25cbm Tipper semi trailer Tipping tractor trailer

axle, tractor, hopper, stage, starting, single

Before adjustment, it is recommended to allow the engine to work, then cool it. The valves are adjusted a little differently on the brand of the agro brand.

  • Warm up and then cool the engine a little;
  • Remove an oil bath from an air filter;
  • Remove the casing of the flywheel;
  • The “0” mark on the flywheel combine with the label on the cylinder;
  • The valve box lid is removed;
  • Gaps are checked;
  • Gaps are regulated;
  • All nuts are twisted;
  • Set in their places a cover and a casing.

Approximately the same scheme is adjusted on the Patriot and agros motor blocks. For the unit, the cascade must be done in this way:

  • Remove the casing;
  • Remove the valve lid;
  • Crank the flywheel until the inlet valve is clenched;
  • Measure and adjust the valves;
  • Put a cover with a casing in place.

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In the same way, you can use when adjusting the valves on the units of the Urals and the centaur.

The same.Based tractor is a real assistant for land owners.

He is able to carry out all the main work in the garden and in the garden. With the help of a plow and a cultivator, it will plow and process the site. After hanging another equipment on it, the unit will mow grass, transport goods.

The gasoline or diesel engine has sufficient power for such operations. For proper operation, you need to configure all the nodes and mechanisms of this device. How to properly adjust the valves on the engine, we examined. The rest is indicated in the instructions for use.

Causes and elimination of faults

There are some reasons affecting the work of the walk.Behind tractor. Below are the main of them and methods for eliminating problems.

The engine power has fallen.

This often happens that a working motor, which had not previously delivered any problems, loses power and does not work at full force. To do this, check the following options:

  • There was a blockage of a gasoline pump.
  • Carter cuff has lost performance.
  • The occurrence of a carbon felted on a cylinder or muffler.
  • Air filter became unusable.
  • Lack of compression. To eliminate this problem, you need to change piston rings, cylinder, piston.

The engine does not respond to launch

  • The same.Based tractor stands under the slope.
  • Check the fuel supply.
  • Check the quality of the air filter.
  • Clamping of the output in the gas tank lid.
  • Check the candles and connection of wires.

The engine works unstable and stalls

  • The motor warmed up little.
  • The life of the candles is exhausted.
  • Lack of contact or poor fit of wires to the candle.
  • Magneto’s refusal.

Reducer breakdown occurs for some reasons, among which the most basic are lubrication insufficiency or the occurrence of a belt defect, in the case of an installed belt gearbox. It also happens that due to the excessive load of the teeth of the gear, they are deformed.

Clutch and transmission. Most often, repair of the transmission of the walk.Behind engineer hopper is to adjust the clutch. In cases where the clutch “leads”, that is, with a lever squeezed to the end, the device tries to move forward, then the adjusting screw should be unscrewed. If the clutch is slipping (with a released lever, the same.Based tractor remains in place or gives out a small number of revolutions), then the adjustment screw must be tightened to the end. After the completion of the adjustment, the screw should be true to maintain its position. However, often adjustment does not help and you have to disassemble the clutch for repairs.

Dismantling of the clutch occurs in the following sequence:

  • Drain the spent oil from the body. After disconnect the engine and flange from the transmission;
  • Using a wire hook, separate the spring with a pressure disk, then remove it;
  • Remove the clutch fungus and all discs;
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the lock washer;
  • Fix the drum position so that it does not scroll, and unscrew the nut from the drum. An important factor is that the thread in this device is left. Consider this when disassembling;
  • Disconnect the drum.
axle, tractor, hopper, stage, starting, single

The assembly should be carried out in the reverse order.

Important! Before opening the field season, check the performance of the mechanisms and grease all the parts and nodes. If an extraneous noise occurs during work, you should immediately turn off the uno.Based tractor.

Gasoline models of motoblocks hopper

Khoper 900 MQ

Equipped with a 4-stroke 4-stroke single-cylinder engine Lifan. It starts with a kik starter. Has 3 speeds (2 forward, 1 reverse) and develops the operating speed up to 7 km/h. High strength, the quality of the binding nodes and the casing of the walk.Behind tractor allow you to quickly and productively work on different types of soil.


Hooper 1000

Similar to the previous model, but more advanced. The steering mechanism is more thoughtful, maneuverability is improved due to wide wheels with a powerful tread. Also has more transmissions. Motor-gasoline, 4-stroke, Lifan firms.


Khoper 1050 s

Another multifunctional model with a gasoline 4-stroke air-cooled engine. With a set of the necessary attachment equipment will become an indispensable assistant on your site.


Khoper 1100

The most powerful model working on gasoline is in the manufacturer line. It has 3 modifications. 9B, 9BS, 9B MQ, which are distinguished by some design features and configuration. All 3 modifications support actually all the well.Known attachments.

Equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine. Starter. Manual or electric (depending on the model). Have 3 gears. 2 forward, 1 ago. Powerful, economical, with a small level of vibration and noise.


Khoper 1100 9b

The most popular model from the Hope 1100 series with a gasoline engine. Starter can be manual or electric. Has 3 programs, supports most types of attachments.

axle, tractor, hopper, stage, starting, single


Unoic tractor Hooper 1000U 7B

The same.Based Khopper 1000U 7B tractor is equipped with a four.Stroke gasoline engine and allows you to process small areas up to 1 hectare of varying degrees of complexity.

The mechanical gearbox has 3 front speeds and 1 rear for effective processing of even the most inaccessible places.

Convenient steering will make it easy to maneuver. The presence of a rotary mechanism on the steering wheel also greatly facilitates the implementation of turns.

Large wheels Hope 1000, with a deep embossed tread, contribute to an increase in patency even in an off.Road conditions. Wide wings give additional protection of the power unit and operator from dirt flying from under the wheels.


A complete set of cutters and instructions for the use and maintenance of the unit are delivered in the kit. Due to the possibility of adjusting the depth of the cultivation of the soil, the functionality of the walk.Behind tractor increases significantly.


A 4-stroke gasoline engine Lifan 168F-2 with a capacity of 7 liters is installed on the 1000U 7B model.C, allowing to treat even dense soil well. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

Starting engine without starter

Quite often the first to fail. And this can happen at the most inopportune moment. In order not to waste time and money for the full replacement of the part, you can start the engine without it.

To launch a walk.Behind tractor without a starter, just perform the following steps:

  • Remove a broken part;
  • Find a strong rope about a meter long (can be removed from a broken starter);
  • At the place where the starter was, you will find a round metal part. On one of its walls there is a special hole. Pass the rope into it and fix it with a knot;
  • Wrap the cable around the part several times so that its balance is about 40 cm.

So you can replace the starter. In order to start the engine, you need to sharply pull the rope, fully stretching it. The cable should not remain in detail, so at every start, this procedure will have to be repeated. In no case do not wind the rope on the hand or other items. This can lead to serious injuries.

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, 52 years old, Murmansk: “I bought a hoper in 2012, the equipment works properly, without complaints. I can note the high build quality and good maneuverability. This is a reliable one.Axle tractor, I recommend “.

Yuri, 37 years old, Astrakhan: “I purchased a model 1100 9DS for agricultural work. For 2 years of operation he repaired only 1 time, there were problems with the pulley. This is a fairly powerful unit that costs its money “.

Victor, 47 years old, Moscow: “I have been using the host for 3 years. This is a compact, small.Sized technique, so I recommend that you buy weighting agents right away. At the beginning there were problems with the clutch, but did the repair in time, now everything works without failures. “.

Taras, 39 years old, Volgograd: “Hopper bought for operation in a summer cottage. The equipment copes with all agricultural tasks. I have been using it for 3 years, until I repaired “.

Anatoly, 41 years old, Taganrog: “I bought an unit for processing virgin lands, but Hopper turned out to be easy to perform such work, so I had to additionally purchase weighting agents. I can note the engine that starts well, works properly “.

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