How to grease an electric screwdriver with your own hands. Disassembling and repairing the gearbox

Selling tools. the gear of an electric screwdriver

What’s the best way to lubricate the old Soviet drill? the main thing is that before you lubricate all parts of the gearbox, you need to remove the old grease and wash all parts.(except for bearings).and then you can lubricate, as others have said, with lithol or graphite grease. it more or less reduces the wear of all parts. And it is more affordable for most people.and be sure to lubricate the part of the drill bit or drill bit that is inserted into the chuck or barrel.This prevents the cartridge base or firing pin from breaking in the drill.

There is no better grease than Lithol-24 for soviet equipment, you just need to put it in gearbox and lubricate bearings and pinions in soviet and not only soviet equipment.

Naturally, before greasing, it is necessary to clean and dry all parts well (no need to wash with solvent, fuel oil, gasoline!), just clean and wipe it dry.

Put and apply fresh Lithol-24 in gearbox and gears and assemble. that’s all!

Grease Lithol-24 will withstand both high speeds and increased temperature and increased loads and friction, it is laid in the gearbox in a sufficiently large volume, as they say masters. too much will come out!, That’s why its work is designed for a long period, and the replacement is actually only in case of repair.

In Soviet times, people and equipment were not spoiled with refinement. they ate whatever they were given.

So you can treat your veteran drill with what’s left of the Soviet times. even simple solidol.

From modern lubricants for gear mechanisms can use C.V. joint gear grease (motorists know what it is), lithol. Has proven itself in the gears of Bosch greases.

If you are lucky and come across this

Do not miss the point when servicing your drill: remove old grease as thoroughly as possible, because there are probably metal particles from the gears and other dirt that got into the tool.

There are many kinds of drills, and for different purposes (percussion, hammerless, mixer drills, and so on).т.e) and by type of power supply, these are manual, electric and pneumatic.

Also, drills are different in power, the number of revolutions that it is able to “give out”.

Producers are different, many manufacturers produce their own greases and recommend using only them.

In any case, in order to lubricate the drill (its gearbox) you need to get to it (gearbox).

grease, electric, screwdriver, your, hands

Here too there are a lot of options, it is possible your drill should “split” into two parts (I about the case, unscrew the screws fixing the housing).

There is no need to dismantle it into its component parts.

We removed old grease (although this is not always done), thoroughly cleaned from the old grease (rags is convenient), put a new one, in general, everything, there are no complications.

My “ancient” Soviet drill “Albina” always lubricated with Lithol-24-e, no thought to switch to something more “advanced”, the grease is fully satisfied.

How to unlock the jammed chuck of an electric screwdriver

Any user of an electric screwdriver has met with the problem of a chuck jamming. It is constantly exposed to vibrations, dynamic and shock waves. Metal chips, small mechanical particles, dust get into the electric screwdriver, and this causes the mechanism to malfunction after a certain period of time. In this article we will talk about how to open a jammed screwdriver chuck.

The chuck is the fixture where the drill bit is fixed. Usually, standard drills are equipped with its cam type.

Cases where the screwdriver’s fixture jams:

  • The cams do not move and the clamped drill bit or bit cannot be removed. During this, the jaws are not evenly compressed, making it difficult to get the drill to clamp.
  • When using an overdimensioned drill bit, the jaws are unclamped to their maximum and cannot be brought together with great force.

In rare cases jamming of the jaws occurs when they are moving freely when unclamped or pressed, in most cases caused by debris, shavings, scale and other particles trapped under the shaped part of one of the jaws.

Professionals advise first of all to pour universal grease like WD-40 inside the chuck, where the surface of the cams is also included. This is recommended for all causes of jamming. After ten to fifteen minutes to knock on it and the cams with a moderate force with an ordinary hammer through the gasket or a rubber.

This vibration will loosen his grip and free the tool. If necessary, after applying the multi-purpose grease, the chuck can be warmed up a little with a hair dryer. In addition to WD-40 lubricant, machine oil can also be used.

Anyway, it takes time for the fluid to penetrate deep enough inside, where its point of contact with the drill bit is located. This method is suitable for owners of both standard fasteners and fasteners.

in case the bit jams, the problem is quickly resolved after greasing by using two adjustable wrenches.

Use one to squeeze the base of the cartridge and the other to gently rotate its upper part. To avoid damage to the surface and the assembly itself, it is recommended that you use soft, thick gaskets like leather.

In addition, in order to loosen the chuck, it is necessary for it to cool down. In some cases, this action alone is enough for the cams to release the drill bit, and it can be extracted.

The last method is total immersion of the drill in machine or vegetable oil for one hour. If you don’t have one, you can use gasoline. If you combine the above methods, you can get it out much faster.

If the problem can not be solved independently, it is worth resorting to the help of competent professionals workshops, which in a short time will fix the problem.

And what methods to cure a jammed chuck from an electric screwdriver do you know?

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The purpose of all parts and assemblies of the tool. what are they called

If the electric screwdriver broke, then before you repair it, you need to figure out exactly what part is out of order. To find out the fault yourself, you need to understand the purpose of each component and its design parameters.

    The start button. that is where the tool begins to work. This mechanism has two options. it switches on the power circuit, i.e. it supplies voltage to the electric motor, and also regulates the number of revolutions of the motor. The harder the button is pushed, the faster the chuck will rotate. As the speed regulator an electronic PWM generator is used, which is installed on the board. When the button is pressed, the contact moves across the circuit board. The contact is a field-effect transistor that acts as a speed regulator

This is interesting! If you meet the batteries, which have a one-piece design of the housing, it means that they are not designed for self-repair.

If the electric screwdriver breaks, it is not difficult to repair it at home, if only to find the fault. A common problem with this type of screwdriver failure is a dead battery, which can be a bit tricky to change. Consider the mechanical and electrical failure, as well as features of their elimination by their own forces.

DeWALT Grease (DW 870889-02)

I bought it by chance. 150 tube yellow and white, 100 grams. The grease is greenish in color, the smell is similar. Probably something gasoline-based.

Said it is good for high-speed places (grass trimmer, angle grinder gear. ) It’s like this ?

We have it at 130, I think it’s the same. It says on the package, it’s for a lot of things, especially for peorator. (True, what part of it can be used, I can’t find it on the tube. I think I remember there is a mention of using it for bearing lubrication. Color me something did not like her, IMHO more like grease for drills, if not full “palyka. Perhaps the esteemed DW will clarify the issue.

I addressed your question to our service center and received the following answer

So if you don’t mind, could you please post a photo of this tube.

It is not a bad thing to start a topic like this with a photo. ¶¶ I’m sitting here guessing ¶¶.

The tube is not rich green, but faded transparent. It’s the right color!

At least not chocolates. My astrological prediction on the two available parameters. the grease is not burnt.

DIY. Drive Ring Repair On Craftsman Snowblower

Today I visited the shop, which may have seen such grease in the fall, see the logo on the side of the shop. Post As lay, and lies in the window, the price dropped slightly, 123 rubles. The tube in the shop window, so covered with hands that inscriptions are not readable, the seller says many people look at, what do you take, he does not remember, like the price, the companyA what do you want? Greases are lying and other companies, from 230 p. for 30 grams. tube. I ask him for another clean tube, I read, to refresh my memory. At the very top, on a black background in large yellow letters: DeWALT, below, as the headline: MULTIPURPOSE LUBRICANT. Article 870889-02, (the word article itself is not, just numbers). Next: designed to lubricate all types of electric hammers cartridges as well as bearings and gears. The tube is white plastic, with a yellow and white sticker that has all the information on it.The color of the grease (inside the tube is not sealed with foil, it was allowed to squeeze a little) is a little darker than lithol, a little thinner. Barcode. 40020703 (that’s all, there are no more numbers). At the very bottom of the label there is a text (in English only): DeWALT, Idstein-Germany. e 100g.

The causes of failure of different brands of screwdrivers

Screwdrivers usually break for common reasons, regardless of brand or price. The most frequent causes are related to improper user activity. Among them:

  • Errors in operation. The equipment is used only for its intended purpose. If you start drilling concrete with a low-power device, it will only work for two or three days.
  • Excess of allowable operation time. The screwdrivers are designed for home and professional use. The first should not work more than a couple of hours a day, the second is allowed to operate longer.
  • Failure to follow storage rules. Do not keep them in damp or cold areas. Moisture can oxidize mechanical and electrical parts, and cold can damage batteries. Besides humidity, devices are afraid of direct sunlight. Screwdrivers that overheat are likely to burn out during operation.
  • Incorrect charging of batteries. Do not leave them discharged for long periods of time or exceed their charging time. At least four to eight times a month, start up the tool and let it run for a while.

By following the recommendations for care and use, the owner of the equipment will ensure a long life, regardless of whether it was manufactured in China or in Europe.

If your electric screwdriver breaks down, you can diagnose the problem and repair it yourself. Most broken parts are not repairable or difficult to repair, so they will need to be replaced with serviceable parts. When you buy spares, you have to make sure that the new parts match the old ones. If it is not, you won’t be able to reassemble it in the best case, but in the worst case it will be completely ruined.

Lubrication of electric screwdrivers

Could you tell me please what kind of gear lubricant to use for Bosch screwdrivers?!

Usually you run out of either motor or battery by that point. Or all at once

SZY. IMHO, you can use any lithium-based grease. It is better to use imported.

I have a DeWALT 981 with a screwdriver manual that says you don’t have to grease it, it’s lubricated for life. I think Bosch has something like that too.

Serg wrote: In the manual for the DeWALT 981 screwdriver, it says that nothing needs to be lubricated, the grease is present for the entire life of the tool.

Serg wrote : I think Bosch has something similar.

But Atlas Copco in the service manual grease change is regulated: 10 grams of some LDS-18.

Kvost wrote: But Atlas Copco in the service manual grease replacement is regulated: 10 grams of LDS-18.

What does the DeWALT service manual say I haven’t read? You can change the motor when it’s worn out, that’s probably when they lubricate the gearbox, too

Serg wrote : I have not read DeWALT service manual. You can change the engine when it’s worn out, they probably lubricate the gearbox at that point too

But the service manual doesn’t say a word about it.

Kvost wrote : But there is nothing in the manual.

what for??It’s the default procedure to do it in the service.

qazxcvb wrote : Please tell me what kind of gear lubricant should be used for Bosch screwdrivers!

Bosch grease for screwdrivers! You can use SLIPKOTE MP-2 MARINE GREASE. It is available in Ukraine.

Pitbul wrote: This is the default procedure in the service shop.

Of course. You have to remove the old grease and this must be done (again, nicely) not with a cloth but with a special washer. nephrase, for example.

2Serg nefras is not a special washer, it’s a petroleum solvent. And there’s a lot of them. The grease is better removed by kerosene.

some LDS-18 is replaced by SLIPKOTE MP-2 MARINE GREASE.

Serg wrote : Of course. You have to remove the old grease and you have to do it (again, nicely) not with a rag but with a special washer. nephrase, for example.

I used to do it by taking all the gears apart and flushing each pinion with kerosene or diesel !

Serg wrote : but with a special washer. nephrase, for example.

Please clarify, is the washer called nefras, or you should fill the washer, otherwise the tub of an ultrasonic washer?

Haskay wrote: LDS-18 is a substitute for SLIPKOTE MP-2 MARINE GREASE

for the record. you will never decipher LDS-18 unless you are in the lubrication business

Haskay wrote : you will never decipher the LDS-18 unless you sit in the lubrication business

We have you for that, thank you very much!

Haskay wrote: If you’re not in the lubrication business

Kvost wrote: Thank you very much

n-p-n wrote : what case do you have to sit on?

Huskay wrote : nefras is not a special washer,

Alex_dr wrote : Please clarify, the washer is called nefras

You can’t read, gentlemen? It is written with a special washer (with = hyphenate) nephrase. If you don’t know about these machines, that doesn’t mean you should expose your ignorance by trying to cover it with wit. The machine looks like a dishwasher (quite large), but it does not wash with water, and nefras. a synonym for white spirit.

Serg wrote: You can’t read, gentlemen? It says a special washer (with = hyphen) nephrase.

Between the lines, no. What you wrote can only be understood unambiguously.

How to Fix a KitchenAid Stand Mixer That Is Leaking Oil

Serg wrote : but with a special washer. nephrase, for example.

Serg wrote : If you do not know about these machines, it does not mean that you should expose your ignorance, trying to cover it with wit. The machine looks like a dishwasher (quite large), only it does not wash with water, and nefras. a synonym for white spirit.

So much I don’t know that I have one at work. P.S. You as a moderator should be more specific.

  • I wasn’t looking for you, you are flubbing, I commented. About the “Chatterbox”. a very good suggestion.
  • “Not participating.”. When necessary, I express my point of view, comment on something or give an answer. Write to all the questions about greases. use our greases. I also believe that this is not the best option. Since we do not work much with retail, and you too are not doing so well, as I understand it makes little sense to say that use only our product. And the members of this forum are obviously not going to the service center to repair the tool. And we supply our greases to the SC’s around the country.

I’m not complaining, I am asking questions and I am a man of culture and answer them.

GeorgeSPb wrote : Since we don’t deal much with retail

And we weren’t aiming for tool retail. We go to auto dealers for grease, not power tool stores. And what kind of greases from Huskey automotive range you can use in your tool, I always tell you.

GeorgeSPb wrote : Things are not going so well for you either, as I understand

I benefit from you thinking that And I say to the owners of the tools, look at the photo of the retail display with the greases, there is a blue grease, which can be put in the gearboxes of a lot of power tools. And the packaging is convenient. 113 grams.

GeorgeSPb wrote: But we supply our lubricants to the local shops.

You know, so do we Even in St. Petersburg, to your side! And of course it is not domestic but imported power tools.

The device and the principle of operation

The gearbox is a complex mechanical transmission unit through which the motor-power unit axis transmits the torque to the chuck.

Two or three gear stages are installed in the gearbox.

The design of the “domestic” dual-mode electric screwdriver assembly includes:

  • A plastic housing, a small drum that attaches to a chuck. The body itself is fixed in place and the chuck shaft is inserted into the clamp on one of the gear plates;
  • 2 or 3 gear plates (driver). a round plate made of metal, on one side of each of them there are 3 lugs for small gears. On the other side of one of these is a clip for the chuck shaft, and the other (or 2 others) has another t.н. A “planetary” gear, which rotates three small gears;
  • 6 or 9 small gears (three of each: they can be the same or different thickness). these are the so-called “satellite” gears, which are installed and rotate freely on the protrusions of the transfer plates. They interact with the sun gear, which is located between them and the ring gear, which is located on the inner surface of the case, with their teeth;
  • the ring gear is a metal ring with teeth on the inside and small projections on one of the outer rings. On these projections and ball bearings it is placed on the inner surface of the housing.

The parts are lubricated, assembled in series and placed inside the ring gear, which lies inside the housing drum (it has a seal with recesses for the ball bearings and pinion lugs). After this, the surface of the open satellites is closed with a metal washer, in the center of which is a hole into which the motor shaft with another gear attached to it enters.

During operation of the electric screwdriver, the gear wheel on the motor shaft turns the upper satellites, and they, rotating around their axis and, through the ring gear, respectively, transmit the motion to the next driver. Depending on the number of plates and small gears. the rotation speed will proportionally decrease.

As can be seen from the structure of the reducer unit. they are subdivided depending on the number of transmission plates into:

Reference. On the presence of stages depends on such an indicator as the number of speed modes of the device, and this, in turn, will affect its cost.

Another indicator by which gears are subdivided is the material from which its parts are made.

Satellite gears are used in the production:

  • plastic. Such designs are relatively lighter, but their reliability is lower than their metal counterpart;
  • metal. They are durable, and with proper care and lubrication will run “like clockwork.

Important. The disadvantages of metal parts are an extension of their advantages. they are heavier than plastic and cost more. That said, if an electric screwdriver is used without violation of operating rules 2-3 times a year, the craftsman most likely will not feel any difference from what material the gear parts are made of.

grease, electric, screwdriver, your, hands

Causes of Electric Screwdriver Failure

When checking malfunctions it is important to understand and see the very first signs of trouble in the appliance.

What’s the Grease in a Drill Gear

Gearbox grease helps to prolong the tool’s working life and makes it more efficient.

To ensure that the effect of the lubricant has the expected results, when choosing it should take into account not only the properties of the lubricant, but also the technical characteristics of the device, which it will be used.

Choosing what to lubricate the peorator, it is necessary to mean the fact that different parts of such equipment need different types of lubricants.

There is an opinion that, in fact, the presence of grease on the moving elements of the pen is able to postpone its replacement for several years. Although this outlook is fundamentally flawed, and if you set out to change it, it’s enough to familiarize yourself with the principle by which lubricants work.

Lubricant, including those used for the peorator, is a viscous substance, whose use is necessary to reduce the friction coefficient between the moving relative to the design elements of the mechanical device.

Thus, the grease only reduces friction, but does not get rid of it completely, because the lubricant is evenly saturated with the wear products of rubbing parts. iron dust.

For the reason that not only changes the viscosity of the lubricating composition, but it also becomes a prerequisite for a more intense wear of equipment.

It should be noted at once that exactly the viscosity is the most important parameter, which should be taken into account when choosing a lubricant of a certain type.

The grease becomes contaminated over time and loses its characteristics

How to choose the right lubricant for a particular model of torque? Do not forget to follow the machine manufacturer’s advice, which must include both the type of lubricant required and the lubricant change intervals.

It is especially important to be guided by such advice before the warranty on the torque generator has not expired.

Otherwise for which the design of the breakdown of the device you can not use the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

Probably the owners of peoratorov after the expiration of the warranty period are not used for lubrication proprietary compositions, and their cheaper counterparts. lithol or otherwise put solidol. This is, such lubricants can not cause damage to structural elements of the periorator, but using them, you should mean that they should be changed much more often.

Gearbox is a more complex unit of the device, so it requires special attention.

Perform lubrication of the reducer is not as difficult, but self-assembly before disassembling the node causes severe difficulties.

If the torch is still under warranty, then with a question on the lubrication of its gearbox is ideal to apply to a specialized workshop that provides after-sales service of such equipment.

A detailed schematic diagram of your geared motor will help you understand the mechanism and assemble the tool correctly

On the contrary to the peorator, the owner of which you are not covered by the warranty or cassette warranty on your equipment has expired, and an authorized service center is located rather far away, there is an option without the aid of others to lubricate the gearbox, observing the highest precision and vigilance. For this purpose you will need:

  • A set of locksmith tools with which you will assemble and disassemble the reducer of the torque converter;
  • Unstained rags;
  • The compound to perform lubrication.

Makita P-08361 “Genuine” Gear Lubricant. To be filled at initial tool assembly and recommended for maintenance

It is better if as a lubricant will act proprietary means, specially created for the equipment of a certain brand. You would be better off with Makita torch grease or Bosch torch grease. If you do not have firm grease, and buy it does not work, use and cheap Russian lubricants.

It is important that you have the instruction manual for the gearbox that you are going to lubricate. If you are the owner of a Makita or Bosch submachine gun, this will fit the annotation on the technique specifically of these brands.

Our client remains to clean old grease from the gearbox parts

Closely examining the annotation on the peorator, proceed to the procedure of lubrication of its gearbox.

  • Clean off all dust before disassembling.
  • Performing disassembly of the gearbox, it is better to remember how the elements of its construction are placed here. At the same time be aware that disassembly and lubrication of the gearbox immediately after use is not recommended. This is explained by the fact that the still hot parts of the gearbox when exposed to a cool lubricant certainly lose their physical properties.
  • If there is anything to do our customer components of the gearbox removed from its body, they should be thoroughly cleaned with gasoline or spindle oil and wiped dry.
  • The inside of the gearbox housing should also be washed and wiped (if possible) and allowed to completely dry.
  • When you disassemble the reducer of course examine that on some elements of its design there is no grease. It only means that such parts do not need to be lubricated and there is no need to apply grease.
  • As written earlier, it is better to use a proprietary grease for the gearbox drill as it is called peoratora, which has several advantages. Specifically speaking, proprietary lubricants retain their initial properties for much longer, so there is an option to use them much less often. Even today, proprietary lubricant composition has such a fundamental quality, as water resistance, so it perfectly protects the iron parts of the gearbox from the effects of water and, consequently, from corrosion. As a good candidate for proprietary lubricants for the gear reducer as it is called a drill is used oil Metabo, the price of which is completely affordable.
  • After lubricating all parts the reducer should be carefully assembled, following the reverse sequence.
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