How to grind a wooden floor with a grinder. Preparation of the premises for work with your own hands

How to Sand Like a Pro. My Favorite Sanding Tip

Features of polishing a wooden floor

There are several varieties of grinding machines:

Plant.Grinding machines are used to process the floorboard laid by the floating method.

To process the floor of large thickness, a drum type of grinding machines with a weight of about 80 kg is used.

With the help of such devices, a floorboard is processed, and they are not suitable for working with parquet.

There is a screw on this machine with which the degree of load on the engine is regulated.

The work of the drum should be controlled in order to prevent overload and spontaneous disabling of the machine.

If the voltage supplied to the device is not large enough, then the machine will not be able to operate at full power. In this case, weaken the pressure on the engine, as well as disconnect all electrical appliances from the network. If this does not give a result, then you may have to look for an alternative power source.

Grinding in hard.To.Reach places is done using an angular type of typewriter called a “boot”.

Professional grinding

Choosing the services of professional masters, you can not worry about the quality of the grinding. Specialists of the company “Master Frights” use special grinding machines in the work, which allows you to perform work with almost no dust and at a high quality level. Depending on the state of the floor, we select the tool and sandpaper.

We carefully perform each stage of grinding of both the new and the old sex. After the work of our masters, your flooring will be polished to perfect smoothness. To communicate with us, go to the “Contacts” page, where our coordinates are published.

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Tools for grinding

When working with a wooden surface of the cycle, it quickly becomes unusable. In order to save the tool, it should be periodically undermined. For this purpose, a sharpened bar is taken about 15 cm, previously moistened with water. The cycles should start sharpening, holding at an angle of 45 degrees. It is advisable to purchase a diamond block, it will last a long time. After completion of work, it should always be washed and thoroughly dried.

Cycles and grinding of the base

To refresh the entire surface of the parquet, it is necessary to use a special cycle machine, which can be rented. In this case, the chips are removed with a thickness reaching up to 3 mm, strictly along the wood fibers.

You can reduce the effect on the parquet using a grinding tool that processes the surface in a more sparing way. When performing the restoration of the parquet with their own hands, the masters use more and more grinding machines also because when working with them, you do not need to strictly observe the direction of processing. A layer of protective varnish or oil is necessarily applied to the updated parquet.

How to polish a corner grinder

The respirator filter will be clogged very quickly, so you need to prepare several pieces for operational replacement at once. Only after careful preparatory work can you start grinding.

Grind the tree

Wood is a unique material. It is manually polished well, but with a corner grinder you can achieve very good results. Some snobs argue that the corner grinder cannot be grinded at all, but this is from ignorance and inability.

The main secret is the grinder is used at minimum speeds. If the corner grinder has a speed switch, then there will be no problems. At large speeds, sandpaper will be very quickly and very tightly clogged with wood. In this mode, it will not be enough for five minutes of work. Optimal speed of not more than 6,000 speeds.

Another secret is not to grind the whole area of ​​the circle. If you grind the entire surface, then circular traces will remain on the wood. So that there are no traces of sandpaper at all or they would be minimal, it is necessary to grind only the upper sector of the circle. Machine movements should be along the wood fibers.

This method can get excellent results when grinding the lining. The board becomes smooth and does not save the traces of the tool. No need to get carried away and change the sandpaper on the circle in time.

Similarly grinds the log house. Here it is desirable that the support plate is thin along the edge. With such a plate it will be easier to polish the narrow places of the adjustment of the logs. Otherwise, this work will have to be brought a chisel.

We work on concrete

If it was not possible to purchase a branded protective casing with a pipe for a vacuum cleaner, then it can be done with your own hands. To do this, take the used bucket of putty or glue with a diameter of a little more than a circle of corner grind. Cut the bottom part at the height of a slightly larger collected grinding part.

Cut the hole in the bottom for installation on the gearbox and a hole for plastic plumbing angular discharge. Now we connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the pipe and work calmly.

The grinding circle must be designed for stone processing. Concrete and concrete surfaces are preferable to grind the entire surface of the circle. This will save processing time, and align the surface plane well.

How To Sand and Finish Wood Floors

Grinding the concrete floor must constantly control the plane with the help of the construction line, because due to the different density of concrete, you can make recesses. To process the docking seams between concrete filling, it will be sufficient to achieve one combination by level.

It is good to polish the concrete floors and surfaces of the Matrix diamond grinding cup. If the corner grinder is 150 mm, then a cup of 125 mm.

Grinding metal surfaces

Metal is polished according to different requirements. Most often, the metal is polished for painting or for further polishing. The main tool is recognized as a supporting cup with interchangeable sandpaper. The selection of sandpaper depends on the degree of processing and on the state of the metal.

During grinding, it is necessary to work only part of the disk. There should not be unprocessed areas on the surface.

Processed surfaces of ordinary steel, it is advisable to cover with a primer. The moisture contained in the air can very quickly cover the metal, and cause the appearance of rust.

Choosing a grinding machine for wood. Tips

This article is intended for everyone who is engaged in wood processing and wants to facilitate the process of grinding it. For this, a grinding machine for wood is perfect, which model to choose?

On the market there are several types of tools for finishing wood: tape grinding machines, eccentric, orbital machines. So, which grinding machine to choose, which type of device is better for specific purposes?

Before finding the answer to this question, you should figure out how different models differ and compare their functions with our needs.

How to choose a grinding machine for wood. Tips

Grinding wood is a time.Consuming process that can be greatly facilitated using suitable tools. For processing wood, tape, oscillation or eccentric, as well as deltoid.Shaped grinding machines are best suited.

The correct choice of the device depends on the type of work performed and on the features of the blanks: shape, size, grinding of angles and hard.To.Reach areas, type of coating, etc. D.

For individual works, different tools are better suited, namely:

  • It is better to choose a tape grinder for grinding large and flat surfaces;
  • Eccentric grinding grinding allows you to conveniently process convex and concave small wooden surfaces;
  • The oscillation model has a similar application, with the possibility of processing angles due to rectangular soles;
  • A deltoid grinding machine is ideal for processing surfaces with complex shapes inaccessible to most grinding machines, while a small area of ​​its sole is usually recommended for small wooden surfaces.

Description and purpose of the model

If the surface with which we are dealing is large and relatively flat, then it is better to choose a tape grinding machine. It is designed to process massive wood, lacquered boards and veneered panels.

grind, wooden, floor, grinder, work, your

Ribbon grinder are characterized by the highest efficiency, they are most often used in workshops and rarely for homework.

Due to the high performance, the ribbon-grinding machines can process large areas in a short period of time with excellent results. The processed surface is smooth and homogeneous. In addition, since tape grinding machines are mainly used for linear movement, they are ideal when grinding along wood fibers.

The disadvantage of tape grinding machines is the design of the base, which does not allow you to get to hard.To.Reach angles. The edge of the tape is not at the same time the edge of the sole, so the surfaces, for example, near the wall, are not available for this device. In this case, you will need a deltoid model.

Which tape grinding machine to choose?

To choose the right tape grinding machine, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The speed of the working part is the higher speed, the faster and more precisely the surface is polished. Depending on the model, the speed can vary from 200 to 420 rpm.
  • Tape size. This parameter affects the speed and accuracy of grinding. But be careful! The larger the size, the faster the grinding occurs, but at the same time its accuracy decreases.
  • Power. The higher the power, the better the tool processes a hard and more complex surface, such as, for example, hard of hard wood (oak). Thanks to high power, the tool can work longer without overheating.

If we need a tape grinding machine for wood, how to choose power correctly? Ribbon grinding machines with an engine power up to 1000 watts are mainly designed for easy operation, and with an engine power of more than 1,400 watts will work perfectly with a short.Term but heavy load.

Review of models

Below are the models of grinding machines recommended by specialists. For each model, distinctive characteristics are highlighted.

grind, wooden, floor, grinder, work, your

One.Graphite 59G394 grinding machine. A small diameter of the front roller (16 mm) and an additional handle with an adjustable angle of inclination allow you to easily grind in hard.To.Reach places.

2.Makita 9920 machine is a powerful and professional tape grinding machine with electronic speed control for optimal performance. Due to the automatic side adjustment of the tape, you can polish the surface to the edge.

The purpose of the tool

The eccentric grinding machine is the most universal tool designed to grind convex and concave small wooden surfaces and many other materials.

This model is used in the following cases:

-Suitable for grinding metal surfaces;

-It is also useful for polishing due to the possibility of installing a polishing disk;

-can be used to clean old paintwork.

Eccentric or orbital grinding grounds for wood processing and updating: chests of drawers, tables. Eccentric grinding machines have a plate that rotates, and also ranges. Thanks to this, such devices work faster than oscillation grinders. However, this tool also has disadvantages, eccentric grinding machines are characterized by a round shape of the sole, which does not allow the processing of angles.

The diameter of the working part is usually 125 or 150 mm. Of course, the larger the working surface, the higher the performance. However, the working surface of eccentric grinders is less than that of the oscillation. This has its pros and cons: the advantage of a smaller sole is that it is easier to work with it in hard.To.Reach places, minuses are less performance on large surfaces.

Tools for grinding

Qualitatively polished the wooden floor manually and even with the help of one device it will not work. This work will require several types of grinding devices specially designed to grind wood.

Equipment used for grinding:

  • Ribbon type machine.
  • Eccentric machine.
  • Vibration device.
  • Corner grinding machine.
  • Anger type machine.
  • Cycle for processing hard.To.Reach areas.

This does not mean that for grinding you need to use the entire listed list of tools. Below are the characteristics of each machine, which will help to choose the optimal equipment for grinding flooring. The choice of devices largely depends on what material the floor is made of, as well as on its condition.

Ribbon grinder

The principle of operation of this device is to process the surface using grinding Lena, which is in constant movement due to the rotation of two shafts. Over, the machine itself moves on the floor, and the master only needs to move it back in a timely manner. The device is usually used for preliminary floor cycles. Most models are equipped with a bag for collecting dust, which significantly reduces the contamination of the room and simplifies the work.

But it is required to constantly control the filling of the vacuum cleaner, if it is overflowing, the device will begin to warm up and its performance will decrease. It must be taken into account that cars of this type effectively polish only a perfectly flat surface, if the floor has bumps, then the ruined part of the board will remain unprocessed.

Eccentric machine

The device has a round sole where abrasive nozzles are attached. The machine copes well not only with a flat, but also with a curved surface. Therefore, if the floor has bumps, this device will not miss a single ruined site. In another way, the car is called orbital, t.To. When working, it rotates in a certain orbit. Due to the simultaneous performance of rotational and return movements, the device provides very accurate and smooth grinding. The machine is able to polish the wooden floor to shine.

Vibration machine

Units of this type provide high quality grinding, due to which they are used for secondary finishing processing. Due to the low weight, they are used not only for flooring from boards, but also for grinding expensive parquet. There are two types of vibration devices:

  • A machine for grinding large surfaces with a rectangular flat base;
  • Devices with a sole in the form of an iron for grinding hard.To.Reach areas.

Corner grinding machine

If there were no professional grinding devices at hand, then you can polish the wooden floor with a corner grinder. Due to the availability of a large number of various nozzles on the corner grinder, this device copes well with the black cycling of the floor, easily removes the old paint, and also polishes the surface well.

For work, it is best to use petal nozzles. The abrasive must be selected in accordance with the type of processing. For rough stripping, sandpaper 30-40 is suitable, for grinding-80-120. However, when working with a corner grinder, a lot of dust is formed, t.To. Unlike grinding machines, it does not have a vacuum cleaner. To polish the floor with this tool, it is necessary to provide yourself with protective means: masks and glasses.

Drum car

Belongs to the class of professional equipment. Suitable for primary processing, can perform a cycle and gross grinding of the floor. With its help, you can remove the old coating, make a black cycle, level the base. The drum apparatus has a large weight, so they can be treated with a plank floor, and the parquet should be grinded with caution so as not to damage the expensive coating. The drum machine has a high price, so it is rarely used for grinding at home.

Than and how to grind

If you need wood processing, you need to choose the optimal tool. At the same time, it is worth considering the following features:

grind, wooden, floor, grinder, work, your
  • A variety of products. It can be supporting structures from a beam, windows and doors, furniture details, decorative elements. Each of the products has the best option that allows you to achieve maximum quality with a minimum of time and effort.
  • The quality of grinding. This is a fairly important factor. In some cases, it is enough to smooth out large roughnesses, in others. Bring the surface to perfection. Therefore, before starting work, it is important to prepare brushes and discs that have different granularity.
  • Scope of work. You can handle small structures manually, for large ones. An electric tool is required.

The following devices are used to grind the tree:

Protective coating

If you succeed in polishing the floors, then there will definitely be no problem with applying varnish. The wooden floor is covered with varnish in several layers. The required minimum is three layers, but sometimes their number can reach 5-7. Depending on the tree breed used, a preliminary primer of the surface may be required. For these purposes, nitro.Cellulose varnish is well suited.

The varnish is applied with a wide brush or roller, the thickness of the layer should not be too large. To give the coating uniformity, after drying each layer, it is advisable to moster the surface with a small sandpaper sheet. The exception is only the finish layer.

The following types of varnishes are used to cover the downted boards or parquet: water.Soluble, polyurethane, acrylic, oil, alkyd, two.Component epoxy. What type of varnish to choose for a particular room is solved individually.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to polish and varnish the wooden floor with your own hands. And do not rush to get rid of the old plank flooring, with the proper approach, it can last for many years. And if the boards are very deformed, you can use a more “heavy” technique. A cycle machine, but this is already the topic of a separate article.

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