How to increase the speed of your power tiller. Additional accessories

Stroker for power tiller with his own hands and care of it

The power tillers have been considered high-class and reliable helpers for the farmer for many years. A lot of functionality is added by the attached equipment, which allows you to turn a classic single-axle tractor into something more versatile and useful.

Today’s article is about a very curious device walkometer, which will contribute to a reduction in speed. Such a feature will be important if the machine’s working speed will be somewhat less than the rate of transport speed. By installing a walker on a single axle tractor you can noticeably increase the torque and improve towing capacity.

How to increase the cross-country ability of a power tiller video

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A single axle tractor is an indispensable thing for farmers. Increasing the power of a power tiller helps to increase productivity and speed up farming operations. You can improve the technique as your own hands, or buy the necessary accessories.

Increasing the cross-country ability and upgrading your power tiller

So, how to improve a power tiller with the help of weights. These can be purchased or manufactured and installed by yourself. Install the weights on the frame and wheels. Wheel weights are made of a full profile and steel rims. The body is weighted with special detachable frames and angle bars. Weights with different weights and configurations can be attached to the frame.

Since you sometimes need to put a lot of weight on your power tiller, you can use reinforced concrete products.

Such weights are good enough to load a single-axle tractor. These simple attachments greatly expand the range of application.

It is possible to increase the power of the walking tractor and turn it into a snowmobile by using its crawler tracks. You only need to install an additional axle with wheels and buy wide rubber tracks. On the inside of the tracks are attached limiters, so that they do not slip from the wheels. This snowmobile will be useful in the economy and in winter when it is difficult to drive a car on huge drifts and in spring, when the ground is still too wet, and the terrain for other equipment is not passable.

To complete a homemade snowmobile you can use a sledge to transport property or food for animals, going fishing or hunting.

Increasing the power of the power tiller will maximize the unit’s performance

After that you need to attach a weight to the clutch. Now all that’s left is to paint and let the paint dry. Do the same in order to make a weighting material for the other wheel. As a result, the single-axle tractor becomes 50 kg heavier.

The axle of a power tiller can accommodate a hex bolt, so it is easy to attach the weights to the axle. To mount the weights, a hole is drilled in the axle for the cotter pin. The weights are now ready for mounting on the wheel. The splint will not fall out if it is secured with a steel wire.

Structurally, light, medium and heavy power tillers are practically the same. They are made up of the power unit, chassis and controls. The operator reminds of an ancient ploughman, holding the handles of the machine with both hands. It is not protected from sunlight, rain, snow or heat from the engine. You do not need to spend extra money to create additional comfort.

  • tape measure;
  • construction level;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • Electric drill;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • steel or aluminum angle 30 x 30 mm;
  • paintbrush;
  • acrylic paint;
  • tarpaulin or cellular polycarbonate;
  • flexible plastic.

External revision of the power block is carried out in this sequence:

  • Drawing. It is necessary to accurately calculate all the dimensions of the frame, to provide options for its attachment to the frame and handles.
  • Marking, cutting blanks for awning, hood, fenders and cowl.
  • Welding the frame out of the angle. Drilling of fastening holes, cleaning of metal from rust, oil and dirt. Painting the fabricated structure.
  • Trying on a frame. Marking and making holes in it. Secure the frame with bolts and nuts, check that all connections are secure.
  • Installing plastic shrouds and awnings on the frames.

There is an option of mounting the dashboard on the handlebar. So the machine will look solid and presentable. The operator additionally gets the possibility to control the condition of the power plant, know the speed of the machine and the distance traveled. When modifying the single-axle tractor from the outside, one has to make sure that the air can freely flow to the engine, cooling it properly.

The power and performance of an engine depends on its stability. It is very expensive and unpromising to modernize the standard motor. But, there are several ways to make an engine more efficient.

  • Put a quality spark plug. Clean it regularly from fouling and periodically check the clearance. Replace the spark plug at the first sign of reduced power.
  • Use the best gaskets on all connections. This keeps the right pressure in the block, prevents loss of power and smoke formation during operation.
  • Fill the engine with the best oil up to the top mark. Remember that when you tilt the unit, there is an outflow of oil from the rubbing parts.
  • Check the quality of fuel before filling the tank. It is advisable to let it stand for some time to allow the water to sink to the bottom of the container. The tank itself should be cleaned and wiped dry every 2-3 days.
  • Install an extra radiator. For this purpose, steel plates are welded to the body of the engine, which will effectively remove the excess heat.

The radical solution is to replace the power unit with a more powerful and advanced one. Today you can buy Japanese, Chinese and European engines, which have high performance and reliability. It is possible that it will be necessary to alter the frame for the new power plant.

Increase transport speed MB-2

Give me an idea how to increase transport speed on the MB-2 at least 20-25km.h think to increase diameter of driving pulley or put wheels from a car. The question is whether the gearbox can withstand ?

If you’re riding around empty. Do you really need to do that? Do you drive for 30 km??

increase, speed, your, power, tiller

Driving at 20 on a power tiller. it’s a cosmic sensation. And you have to have good brakes. If there’s no differential, it easily drifts oncoming and there’s a danger of overturning.

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Egorich wrote: Give me an idea how to increase transport speed on MB-2 at least to 20-25km.I am thinking to increase diameter of driving pulley or put wheels from a car. The question is whether the gearbox can take it ?

increase, speed, your, power, tiller

The gearbox will be fine, but steerability will considerably decrease, have you seen how it twists a wheel on pits and puts a single-axle tractor almost across the road, I saw a guy hit so he was driving not loaded. I have herringbone wheels 10 cm higher than the original, it is quite enough. Rebuild with a 17 mm open-end wrench in ½ hour and you’re good to go.

Improving the undercarriage

The first thing the users of a power tiller think about is how to make a dolly with a seat. Using the technique in normal mode with the levers involves a lot of physical effort. But the use of a trailer reduces the stability of the vehicle. Fix this by widening the wheelbase. It is done with the help of extensions that are attached to the axle shaft with pins or bolts. Having solved the stability problem, the operator encounters another problem: the machine is not steerable. A differential for the power tiller helps give the machine good maneuverability. This device is made by analogy with units of passenger cars. Homemade unblockers for the power tiller are made with common household tools. angle grinder, welding and sharpening machine.

The low weight of the tiller headstock causes the wheels to have less traction. Slipping is a frequent occurrence when lifting virgin soil, working on wet ground, or driving in snow. To prevent slippage, weighting plates are fitted on each tractor unit.

These devices fall into categories such as:

  • Wheels. These are disks attached to the wheels or hubs. The discs are made of monolithic metal, concrete or hollow, filled with sand. Wheel weights of 30 to 70 kg are available.
  • External. Made of any heavy material (steel, lead, concrete). Fixed to the body with hooks or bolts. Some craftsmen weld an angle frame to the body. Sandbags, bricks, scrap metal, and other heavy objects are placed in it.
increase, speed, your, power, tiller

You can improve the passability of the power tiller by installing cleats. The easiest way to make a scratcher is to make a rim from a strip of metal and weld the blades on it. The rim diameter should be larger than the rims and smaller than the tires. The rim is put on when the tires are flat. After the detuner is installed, the wheel is inflated.

You can improve the transmission by installing a homemade variator on the engine. Belt and disc system will allow smooth changes in the speed of the machine, without jerking and vibration.

Reducing chain reducer in parts

The drive and reduction gearbox are the main node elements of a motoblock. Gearbox is needed to change the speed characteristics of the output shaft, which, in turn, is needed to increase the torque.

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A reduction gear for a power tiller can be:

This unit may have 1, 5 or more steps.

How to make a reverse gear on a power tiller

Let’s see how to make the reverse speed on the power tiller. The presence of reverser depends on the model and size of the mini machinery. You can work the ground with a power tiller, a light power tiller and a heavy machine. It depends on the application and tasks to be accomplished. Usually with models weighing up to 30 kg, there is no need for reverse speed, plus it complicates the design of the machine. On a heavy machine, without this function, it will be more difficult to do the job.

Without a gearbox, agricultural machinery will not move. It comes in two versions:

The task of the angular gearbox is to ensure that the transmission collides with the engine, which affects the power of the gearbox. Gears are the transmission between the motor and the wheels. Reduction gears are used to reduce the speed to increase the power.

The reverse has a clutch between the gears. They are located on the main shaft. The main task of this system is to provide reverse running of machinery. To make this mechanism independently, the first thing to do is to prepare the body, for which many use a two-inch fitting angle.

You can use the shaft of the generator from a Ural motorcycle. Gears will fit from a Druzhba chainsaw. It is enough just to drill a hole of proper diameter in the shaft. On the opposite side, mount another pinion shaft with bearings. And already on the output to put the pulley to ensure rotation.

You can buy a ready-made gearbox, but when buying, preference should be given to more expensive mechanisms, because. к. they are more reliable and last longer.

Among the failures of gearboxes, users highlight the rapid wear of gears and the fact that the gear is flying out.

If the speed of the cultivator is increased, then wear and tear will occur much faster. When working on the ground, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible. To increase or decrease the speed, you can try the throttle grip. If the work is hard, the engine will stall if the throttle is reduced.

The first speed is used when plowing land, when more machine power is required. Accelerated operation reduces the depth of cultivation.

Gearbox construction

One of the most important and most discussed among agriculture enthusiasts element of this mechanical device is the reducer (converter). This part plays a role equal to that of an engine in the machine’s operation.

Importantly, by being responsible for transmitting torque to the drive shaft, the reducer directly affects the durability of the power tiller. It is also responsible for the speed and the movement of the machine.

The main elements of the motor-block gearbox device are:

In this video you will learn how to make a reducer: The principle of the robot is as follows: since the main task of the reducer is the ability to change the speed of rotation at the time of the transfer of force between the devices. It is responsible for transmitting torque from the drive shaft to the driven shafts, which are located at an angle of 90 degrees. This is possible by means of gears, the teeth of which are made in a specific shape.

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