How to insert a self -tapping screw into an electric screwdriver. Magnetization and hardening bit

Is it possible to drill an electric screwdriver

Not always an electric screwdriver. A multifunctional tool. Often he performs certain tasks. But sometimes you have to deal not only with wood and simple fasteners. There are bricks, concrete and metal in the work. In this article we will talk about whether it is possible to drill an electric screwdriver with a concrete or brick wall.

Place Model
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Varieties for its intended purpose

The option of application is determined by the shape of the working part of the nozzle. According to this principle, they are classified for the following types:

  • For bolts and nuts;
  • With anti.Vandal slot;
  • With a design type “fork”;
  • Spring and magnetic;
  • For drywall;
  • For professional use.
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The first option allows you to tighten or unscrew the bolts with nuts. Differ in a non.Standard shape of the working part, which, unlike other samples, is not convex, but has a hole. The pluses of such bit include a wide dimensional ruler.

The anti.Vandal slot option is also called the “snake eye”, since the shape of their tip is adapted to the fork key. Models with the design “fork” are a variety of the previous type of bit. Outwardly similar to the flat version of the head, but have a slot in the middle. They are made of high.Quality steel, therefore, durability, strength are attributed to the advantages.

Spring fixator provides a reliable fastening of the nozzle in the adapter. And magnetic tips. Good clutch with the notch of fasteners, exclude the slide of the head. Such options guarantee a comfortable screwing of screws, screws in hard.To.Reach places, on the ceiling coating. The presence of a flexible spring allows you to tighten the fasteners at an angle exceeding 90 degrees.

Nozzles for drywall are characterized by the presence of a limiter, which eliminates the damage to the material when installing installation. Experts recommend avoiding strong pressure when screwing screws, since drywall sheets are very fragile.

New tools | Power tools & hand tools.- Strong Magnetic Screwdriver Bits. DIY

Professional bits are characterized by reliability, high strength and long period of use. Made of high.Quality metal, covered with a special protective coating. They are chosen to tighten a large number of fasteners. If you fix such a bat more than 400 screws, then its replacement will not be required.

There is a torsion bat for shock electric screwdriver in a set of professional samples. In appearance, it is distinguished by a narrow area between the shank and the slot. There is also a flexible insert in the form of a spring operating on twisting. This feature allows you to screw self.Spinning fasteners into solid material (for example, drown a self.Tapping screw with a hat in metal).

Experts recommend purchasing different equipment options with a set, as their piece purchase will cost more.

How to insert a bat in an electric screwdriver correctly?

Before you start using the Bosch (Bosch), Deko, Makita (Makita), whirlwind, bison, girl, AEG, a nozzle is used to use an electric screwdriver. In size, it should approach the fastener hat. To install the nozzle in an electric screwdriver with a fast.Packed cartridge, it must be put between the open fists, turn the sleeve clockwise.

In order to fix the nozzle in a tool with a key cartridge. It is inserted into the nest and rotated clockwise until full. To make sure that everything is done correctly, the electric screwdriver is included in the beginning in idle. Check the accuracy of the installation of the direction of rotation, it must coincide with the tightening of the screw.

When removing the bit, the tool is switched to reverse

Some tips on using tools for drilling

The quality and safety of the procedure when using an electrical screwdriver ensures compliance with the following rules:

  • Before work on the unit, a drill mode is set;
  • You can replace the equipment only after a complete stop of the engine in the unit;
  • In order for the drill to deepen into the material, you need to press the tool;
  • Large holes are obtained by using elements of different diameters, in order from smaller to larger;
  • To prevent the blower of equipment in the active operation of an electric screwdriver helps to perform work at low speeds;
  • In order to avoid shock during drilling walls, it is recommended to verify the absence of wiring in this place;
  • Turn off the unit from the network when moving to another working location;
  • Put on special clothes and protective glasses;
  • Remove all decorations from hand so that they do not catch on the mobile parts of the tool;
  • Do not touch, do not try to stop the rotating elements yourself.

A few tips for using a drilling tool

Safely drilled only by an electric screwdriver in which the manufacturer provides for this mode. Long and high.Quality work is provided to the tool subject to simple and useful tips. Electric screwdriver is turned off before you connect or pull out the battery.

You can not overheat the electric motor, you need to take breaks. After the tool works at high speeds, the minimum values ​​are set, to cool, the motor should be upgraded for several minutes.

The condition of the cable is regularly checked at the electrical device, and in the battery model. A charging cord. Faulty must be replaced immediately. It is forbidden to work with an electric screwdriver in rainy weather. Periodically, you should disassemble and clean the internal parts and nodes. Remove dirt, dust and soil. If there are doubts about the stable operation of the tool, diagnostics should be carried out. In order not to change the anchor of the electric motor, check the wear of the brushes.

insert, self, tapping, screw, electric

After completing the work, it is wiped with a clean rag. It is forbidden to store an electric screwdriver and a battery under the sun or in a room where high humidity prevails. For storage, you need to choose a dry room with a plus temperature. So that the device does not become dusty, and the dust does not get inside, it is kept in the case.

Types of fastening

In screwdrivers or drills, the tool to hold the tool for mounting the tool can be fixed in two ways. On the thread or cone.

To fix the first way on the shaft of the tool and the internal cavity of this product, the thread is performed. Either a metric or inch thread can be used to install it. Which thread is used to install this equipment can be found by looking at the marking, which, as a rule, is knocked out on the device case. For example, if the inscription reads 1-15M13 × 1.3, this means that this product has an internal M13 thread, and numbers 1-15 mean the limit size of the tool that can fix the equipment.

If an inch thread is used to fix this technological equipment, but the UNF abbreviation is applied on the case. That is why before replacing it, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the applied marking and the size in this device.

The second method of installing it on the tool is to use a cone cone cone. The end of the tool shaft is made in the form of a cone. The return part is formed in the body of technological equipment. It is fixed on the shaft. It is marked like this. B10, B12, B16, B18. It is this method of fixation that is most often used for screwdrivers.

Drilling mode

If you decide to use the screwdriver as a drill in order to drill holes in a tree or plastic, then in order for the hole to be of high quality, you need to put under objects that are drilled, an even piece of wood. So you can avoid cracks and chips when drilling.

Drilling holes in the metal involves compliance with some rules. The place of the future opening must be tap. This will help to avoid sliding the drill on the surface of the metal. Having selected drilling mode in the screwdriver, do not forget that when drilling metal, they often break down at the output of the metal. To avoid this, try not to press the screwdriver very much in the process of drilling. If the drill is stuck, then it will help to twist it to switch the screwdriver to the twisting mode. If you drill a small part, then in order to hold it, use a vice.

Types of malfunction

Typical cases in which the Metabo electrical screwdriver wedges the cartridge. Dewalt, etc.:

  • When trying to use a drill of maximum permissible size, the fists are diluted to the maximum, after which it is not possible to reduce them with the application of standard efforts;
  • It is not possible to extract a drill or bat clain in a cartridge. The fists are not divorced. Often they are clamped unevenly, which worsens the fixation of the drill.

Less often jamming of the sponges occurs during their free stroke during compression or unclenching. Usually particles of garbage, scale, chips, etc.P., falling under the figure of one of the cams.


Tool care rules

Electric screwdriver needs minimal care. In order for the tool to work properly, you need to adhere to the recommendations specified by the manufacturer, do not use it for tasks that are not indicated in the technical passport, do not overload it too often. Periodically the inside of the cartridge and rotating parts must be lubricated with machine oil.

The tool should be stored in a dry place, away from sources of heat, damp and sunlight. After each use, the case is wiped with a clean dry rag to remove construction dust from it. If drops of the construction mortar have fallen on an electric screwdriver, you can clean it with a well.Squeezed soap rag.

If we comply with the operating rules, do not use the tool for tasks exceeding its capabilities, you can significantly simplify the repair and construction work. So that the electric screwdriver does not work for a long time and fail at the wrong time, it is necessary to take care of it in a timely manner, monitor the condition of the parts and recharge before use.

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