How to install a Bosch built-in microwave

To install a recessed microwave in your kitchen yourself, the following steps must be followed:

  • Unpack the product and check it for damage.
  • You should make sure that there is a point nearby for its connection. If you do not find a suitable location, then you need to connect the socket yourself. The height of the socket connection must be safe.
  • If your microwave comes with fasteners, then install them.
  • Make a hole in the kitchen set to be able to pull the cord.
  • Put the case in the cabinet.
  • Plug the cord into the mains.
  • Check the microwave oven performance.

That was the whole instruction on how to install and connect a built-in microwave oven with your own hands. As you can see, almost anyone can perform this process. Below we have provided a video instruction, which will help to perform the connection of the built-in microwave.

We hope that now you know exactly how to connect a microwave oven without calling a master. Thanks to this you will save your money.

Built-in microwave ovens are installed in special niches, cabinets, peninsulas in the kitchen. This allows you to save space and not clutter the interior with unnecessary wires and appliances that stand out from the overall style. Let’s understand the pros and cons of integrated microwave ovens, their features, placement options, as well as rank popular models.

Rating of microwave ovens for built-in

Popular models of recessed microwave ovens:

Name and picture Features Price
Bosch BFL554MW0 Budget model with electronic control. 38x59x37 cm. dimensions, 25 l. volume, 31,5 cm. pan. Maximum power 900 W. The specialty of this model is seven installed programs that help not only to heat up and defrost the food, but also to prepare original dishes. Oven interior is covered with stainless steel layer that reliably protects from damages and overheating. Color. white 21 650
Tesler MEB-2070X One of the smallest microwave ovens with dimensions of 32x46x34 cm and a capacity of 20 liters. Warms up food on 5 power modes with maximum 800 W. Grill, automatic defrosting and 8 cooking programs, including browning. Silver color for the body and enamel coating on the inside. The design of the door frame is made in high-tech style 9990
Gorenje BM6240SY2B Microwave with a hinged door and childproofing system. Dimensions. 59.5x39x39 cm with the capacity of 23 l and the diameter of the tray 27 cm. Power 900 W. Model with quartz grill (grill included), defrost, automatic cooking. The inside of the oven is enamelled. Black body with a minimalist timer design and touch-sensitive buttons gives the microwave oven a modern, stylish look 26 370
Weissgauff HMT 203, 404315 Small oven with dimensions of 39x59x29 cm and a capacity of 20 liters. Reduced depth allows the model to fit into standard overhead cabinets without any problem. The maximum power is 700 W with 5 different power settings and continuously adjustable during cooking. Optional integrated defrosting function depending on the type and weight of the food. Eco-friendly bio-enamel coating and a childproofing system make it one of the safest models, and the stylish beige housing with invisible buttons allows it to fit into classic kitchens 12490
Bosch BFL 520 MS0 A model specially designed for installation into the upper cabinet with the depth of 30 cm. Dimensions. 38.2×59.4×31.7 cm, capacity 20 l, tray 25,5 cm. Convenient control with two rotary switches. Three power modes. 90, 180, 360, 600, 800 W with defrosting and autocooking. Stainless steel interior, black cabinet 21990

Popularity rating among Russian users includes mostly small budget models. Lovers of broad functionality should pay attention to microwave ovens from Samsung, Hansa, Siemens, Kuppersberg, Ariston.

The way of installation of microwave ovens depends on their type and on the place of installation. Today there are several options for mounting a built-in microwave oven. Familiarize yourself with them to determine the position of the appliance.

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The traditional and perhaps the most aesthetic way of installation is to build the microwave oven directly into the kitchen set.

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You can order a cabinet for the microwave along with the kitchen furniture. Or find a suitable size cabinet in an existing set.

In this way you can place the oven, for example, under the countertop, above the stove, in the upper cabinet or any other place. The built-in model can also be placed in a niche of plasterboard. This type of embedding is more labor-intensive, the preparation for it should begin even at the time of repair.

The most modern, compact type of installation. placing in a drawer. The body of the appliance is built right into the drawer of the kitchen furniture. To use the microwave, you just need to pull it out of the front. That saves as much kitchen space as possible, and also camouflages the appliance perfectly.

As for freestanding microwave ovens, there are more installation options. The easiest way to put them on a countertop or other flat surface.

But such placement often takes up a lot of space, which in the kitchen sometimes is not enough. How to install the microwave, where to put to save working space? And most importantly. can a regular microwave oven be built into the kitchen furniture? We will talk about this below.

In principle, it is possible to integrate a conventional microwave oven, but important points should be taken into account.

The important thing is to have good air circulation so that the microwave oven does not overheat while in use.

If the niche is too narrow, it will be impossible to ensure an inflow of cold air and an outflow of warm air. In the built-in model, this process is carried out through the front panel. Consequently, it does not require gaps in the cabinet. For freestanding appliances, however, this is a basic condition for the proper operation of the device.

In the case of a conventional microwave oven, the size of the niche depends directly on its dimensions.

For models with convection the height and width of the niche should be 20 cm more than the height and width of the oven, the depth should be 10 cm. 10 cm on all sides is sufficient for conventional appliances. Select the installation location taking into account the location of the free socket.

Bosch BFL550MB0 Built-in Microwave. UNBOXING

Do not use an extension cord to connect the appliance to the mains.

To place the device close to a cooking surface, a sink, a refrigerator is not recommended. It can provoke its breakage. The distance between household devices should be at least 45 cm.

Power and functions

Microwaves can be divided into two types. for heating food and cooking. Low-power microwave ovens usually have rather limited functionality, while more advanced models can be equipped with convection, grill and other useful options.

Models up to 800 watts are mainly suitable only for warming up food. You can cook in them in principle, but the process will be slow, and not all recipes will work. At the same time to heat such devices will also not be fast. not less than a few minutes.

800-1000 W. the most standard power of devices. Allows to cook any meal, quickly heats food. Most often, such microwaves imply several power modes. from the weakest to high.

1000-1500 W. high power devices. With ease cope with cooking, lightning fast heating up of food, also have several modes of operation.

Microwave functionality should also be chosen based on your needs. It is worth saying that modern devices perfectly cope with any cooking tasks no worse than the oven. If 10-15 years ago the food in the microwave was not always good, now there are no such problems. Baking can be as tender and fluffy as in the oven, and various stews, porridges and other dishes can be juicy and evenly cooked.

Convection. the main helper of cooks. Convection is the uniform ventilation of hot air inside the chamber. Due to hot air movement any dish is cooked evenly on all sides. This is especially true if you cook in a large volume or love baking. in the convection mode, any dough rises better and of higher quality.

Grill. an additional heating element on the top wall of the chamber. Allows you to achieve crunchy crusts on any dish. The grill is worth paying attention to if you like hot sandwiches, grilled meat and chicken, grilled vegetables.

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Defrosting. usually available in several automatic modes depending on the type of product. Just select the desired option, and the microwave itself selects the power and defrosting time.

Cooking programs. in most models you can find pre-defined cooking modes for certain dishes. In some cases, you need to select the type and weight of the product, in others. a specific recipe. Convenient by the fact that the device itself works at the optimum power and cooking time. All you have to do is push a couple of buttons and you can forget about cooking.

Pros and cons of the built-in microwave

The main advantage of built-in appliances. saving space in the kitchen. Compact microwave oven installed in a cabinet, cabinet, niche, taking all the space, leaving no useless idle zones. Other advantages of such ovens:

  • Large capacity. Although compact, built-in microwaves are not inferior to conventional ones in terms of internal size. This allows you to heat food on large plates or place several dishes inside at once.
  • Quality and Functionality. Built-in models are made for long-term use, so they have an extended service life, additional protection against overheating, moisture, power failures. Since such microwaves are made only by popular brands for the high price segment, they are almost always equipped with a grill, convection, automatic doors, improved display and other additional features.
  • Hygienic. Microwave oven completely occupies its niche, which eliminates the accumulation of dust and debris in the cabinet. Installation inside the cabinet will protect the internal gaps, cracks, buttons of the oven itself from contamination, reducing the likelihood of breakage. All that will be required of the owner is to periodically wipe the door-frame appliance.
  • Aesthetics. Integrated microwave merges with the facade of the kitchen, eliminates voids and cracks, does not spoil the view with wires, and therefore looks better in the interior. Such an oven is particularly well suited to the design in the style of country or classic, where openly standing modern appliances look out of place.
  • Difficult to repair. If the oven fails, you will have to dismantle the appliance to transport it to the service center. The same problem will arise when moving or rearranging the interior. the need to remove and re-install the microwave will spend extra time and effort.
  • High price. With equal quality and functionality, built-in models come out 20% more expensive than conventional ones.
  • Difficult to install. To install the oven will have to make their own measurements, buy fasteners, ventilation, ensure the connection of the device with the power grid. For safety, it is recommended that two people do the work. An alternative is to pay for installation by professionals, but this will cost extra.
  • Impossibility of replacement. Built-in furnaces are unique in size, so it is impossible to install another model in the same niche. Because of the rapid change of lines to buy the same microwave will also be difficult. If the appliance malfunctions, you will have to change the kitchen interior or make do with a freestanding oven.

The problems of built-in microwaves arise from the inability to move them. In the unfortunate placement of the device can create difficulties with cleaning, maintenance, reheating food, so you need to choose carefully.

What you can cook in a microwave oven?

Good built-in microwave oven with grill not only heats but also cooks various dishes. For example, boiled or baked potatoes, frozen vegetables, including cauliflower and broccoli. You can make everyone’s favorite hot cheese sandwiches, cook porridge and dumplings. On the shelves there are even special devices for cooking eggs in the microwave. In models with a grill, you can fry meat, cook on the grill unhealthy but very tasty chicken wings.

If you add convection to the grill, you can cook simple baked goods, such as puff pastry with cheese, charlotte or potato and mince pie.

Space for a microwave in a small kitchen

Putting everything you need into a small kitchen is no easy task. Every housewife wants to have a microwave, meat grinder, food processor and multivarker.

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The main problem with kitchenettes is the small work surface and the very limited amount of cabinet storage. So, the household appliance should occupy neither the one or the other.

The best placement of the microwave oven in this case. on the wall with a shelf or brackets or on a window sill. That is, in areas unused for another purpose. In any case, it is necessary to take into account that next to the microwave must remain free space.

Installing a Bosch built-in microwave oven

Microwave ovens can be simple, with a minimal set of functions (heating and defrosting) and complex, which cook dishes on the grill and have many additional options. Technology equipped with a convection system, can replace the oven. The method of installation of the microwave oven depends on its type, as well as the place of installation.

Installation in a kitchen set is considered a classic option. In modern furniture, there are special sections for different types of appliances, or the cabinet for the microwave is ordered together with the kitchen set. Appliances are placed above the stove, under the countertop, in the upper cabinet or elsewhere.

It is possible to install the device in a niche made of plasterboard. This method is more labor-intensive. It is planned during the renovation. Select the microwave oven in advance, make a niche for the size of the equipment, while thinking through what will fill the extra space.

A modern option for placing built-in appliances. installation in a drawer of kitchen furniture. This is a separate line of models, the body of which is designed for such installation. Drawers slide out of the front to use the appliances. This method is characterized by convenience in use, saves a lot of free space.

Attention. Microwave ovens in a drawer have a significant disadvantage. a very high cost.

There are many more options for placement of conventional freestanding microwave ovens. They are placed on the countertop or other flat surface. But they take up a lot of space. To save space, conventional microwave ovens are also built into kitchen furniture. This takes into account important nuances.

To ensure that the microwave does not overheat during operation, it provides full air circulation. For this reason it must not be installed in a niche that is too narrow and does not allow the inflow of cold air masses and the outflow of warm air masses. The built-in model requires no clearances, since the circulation is realized through the front panel. For conventional appliances, a full-fledged air exchange is considered the main condition for proper use.

The size of the niche for a freestanding appliance depends on its dimensions. For standard models, the height, width and depth of the shelf should be greater than the oven by 10 cm. For convection appliances, the niche must be 10 cm deeper and 20 cm higher and wider.

The oven must be installed close to a power socket. Do not use an extension cord for connection. Maintain clearances from other appliances (refrigerators, cooktops, etc.).), it must be at least 45 cm.

Basic rules that should be considered during the installation of microwave oven

To ensure that the recessed appliance serves for a long time and without malfunctioning, the following rules should be observed during installation:

  • Do not place the microwave near a sink, cooktop, radiator or other heaters. As the influence of high temperatures and humidity have a negative impact on the condition and work of the equipment.
  • When placing the device next to the oven, leave a gap so that the hot air from the oven does not affect the cooling system of the oven.
  • Plan ahead for access to the electrical grid. Use a separate grounded outlet. It is not recommended to connect the appliance to an extension cord or a power strip.
  • Do not pinch or twist the power cord. Keep it easily accessible.
  • Every 3 months, check the appliance for proper operation and the integrity of the wiring and housing;
  • Periodically clean the fan holes without using abrasive agents.
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