How to install a single axle tractor engine on an anthracite

Ant engine

On the Muravi put a different motor from the others, produced by the industry of the Soviet Union. Innovations in its design fueled the interest of ordinary people. And now it warms up restorers and collectors. The differences are as follows:

The main difference. the presence of electric starter. It allowed you to start a moped the same way you would start a car.

Cooling fan blows air through the engine housing, dissipating heat from the engine. It is worth noting that this scheme has a tolerable work.


The most problematic part of the Ant has always been considered his electrics, especially voltage regulator and dynostarter (alternator and starter in one person). Dynostarter and voltage regulator, because of their design features require constant attention and qualified service. If the dynostarter is not serviced in time, it begins to undercharge the battery in the very first season

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On older models, the voltage regulator was of the mechanical type

The latter one is more advanced. of electronic type

Contact ignition. The contacts are located in the cooling enclosure

Ignition coil and condenser are mounted on the frame. It is very easy to repair and maintain

single axle tractor based on the scooter Muravy

For practical and convenient use of a power tiller, it can be made from an old scooter Muravey. With such equipment it will be convenient to move around the cultivated plot, transport the grown crops, humus, agricultural tools, even firewood, garbage, and much more.

Due to its practicality and economical fuel consumption, scooter-based scooter Muravey is increasingly made by craftsmen. After reading the reviews of self-made power tillers, you can conclude that it would not be difficult and cheaper to produce it by yourself.

1949 Antique Single Axle KB11 International Tractor Restorations by Mickey

1.1 Where to start building the unit?

First you need to find an old scooter and decide what size plots will be processed. The power of a power tiller engine depends on it. A scooter Muravy with an engine from a motor-block is converted to a real single-axle tractor according to the standard traditional scheme:

Secondary parts, which can be very useful in the further use of the device, are attached to the vehicle. power tiller:

Following from the above, the important elements for making a motor block are the frame, engine, wheels, steering wheel, seat and electrical equipment. to the menu

1.2 Frame for a power tiller

All the elements of the power tiller are located on the frame. The frame structure consists of two members, which are made of steel pipe an inch and a quarter. The front and rear ends of the spars are bent upwards, the rear ends should be bent towards each other, then connected by welding. In the manufacture of steering, you can use a motorcycle Izh and its parts.

Homemade single axle tractor with a motor from Ant

Steering structure from a motorcycle is welded to the rear ends of the spars. To tension the chain of the first stage of the transmission it is necessary to connect the spars along the length with several crossbars. A platform for the battery and other parts also serve as crossbars. The gearcase, which is part of the frame, serves in addition to its function as a support between the running gear and the power unit. You can hitch a two-axle dolly to the lower back of the crankcase for transporting loads. menu

1.3 Engine for the power tiller

You can use a two-stroke gasoline engine from a Muravey scooter to build this machine. The engine is forced air-cooled and is a definite advantage at low forward speeds to prevent overheating. The engine is mated to a four-speed gearbox. To reduce the cost of unit and reduce the size of motor-block muffler can be made with his own hands, using parts of the factory muffler with a scooter. Exhaust port is positioned to the side and the muffler is inserted into the exhaust cylinder.

The engine is started with the kickstarter, the speed is switched with the lever, which is located on the box with the sectors. It is necessary to lengthen the reducer shaft by 170 mm in order to fit the overrunning clutch. The driven sprocket is mounted on the end of the left shaft. Thanks to the rotation of the shaft the clutch interacts with the roller and the roller is set in motion. menu

1.4 Chain gearbox

Two-stage chain reducer enables reduction of rotational speed and torque build-up, which is transmitted from the power unit output shaft to the ripper or wheels.

Popular solution is the use of assembled reducer from a scooter Muravey. It is enough to install the rollers on the axle of the future scooter to avoid using the whole wheel platform from the scooter. This choice of chain reducer allows you to get the perfect balance of speed and power from your power tiller. menu

1.5 Homemade wheels

It would be difficult to move on such a machine when ripping or in snowy weather, if ordinary scooter wheels are mounted on it. The rippers, which are installed on the future single-axle tractor, are homemade. The wheels are chosen from 5-10 inches. In order to increase the traction of the wheels with the ground, you need to put a homemade tread on the wheels. Such a tire can be made of steel strip.

The cross section may vary, but an optimum size is 90 x 5 mm. Grip bars are made from 25 mm angle and welded to the steel strip. To avoid the slippage of the luggage carrier, the reinforcements are welded and bent inside the rim.

There is no need to make a homemade trailer in the scooter based on the Muravey scooter, as the scooter was originally already with a body. This body will serve not only to transport tools and crops, but also people. If a single-axle tractor is equipped with a special snow shovel, it can be used in winter to clear snow. Among the great Spectra selection of cultivator and motor-block technique, I would like to single-axis tractor Muravy-1 and Muravy-2. To the menu

How to Install Single Axle Tractor Engine on the Ant Ant

Agricultural machinery used on homestead plots, fields, vegetable gardens and summer cottages, today in fact, is quite a technologically advanced device. Almost impossible to find a man who is not used a tractor or single-axle cultivator to facilitate labor associated with service on the ground.

Choose a single-axle tractor according to your taste and wallet or make it yourself. Often the engine from the unit is used to produce a real scooter, which is also indispensable for farmers, because you always need to move loads over long distances. Let’s see how to make a scooter Muravy with a motor from a home scooter.

“Simple” Axle Flange Leak Escalates Quickly. Vintage Mack Truck. Part 1

Use the engine from your power tiller to give life to your new machine

Work on installing the motor from the motorblock Muravey should begin with rebuilding the motor. Then it is recommended to adhere to a certain plan in order to get a high-quality and reliable unit:

  • Making the frame. This is done by welding together a sheet of iron and a 4mm pipe. The frame should be firmly attached to the engine.
  • Fit the carburettor, air filter and muffler.

Principle! To protect the unit from overheating it is necessary to install a cover for cooling.

Overview.A scooter an Ant with an engine from a scooter Brait 7 liters.Part 1.

In this video we will look at the ants on the engine from a motor block:

Warning! It is necessary to open and close the carburetor choke manually.

  • install the wheel at the front of the power tiller, whereby the correct attachment directly depends on the level of plowing depth and ease of operation;
  • Make nozzles from pipes and angles, fix them with a key in special grooves and, so that there was no movement on the axis, fix them with bolts;
  • Determine the level of the grab approximately 1-1,3.2 meters, depending on the work to be done.

The machine based on the scooter Muravey turn out a bit massive, weighing about 90 pounds, and a little clumsy. But it doesn’t need special maneuverability in the garden and in the field, because there are usually no obstacles that need to be bypassed often. But the engine perfectly withstands the load, even during the long and continuous work.

When you need to move a homemade A-arm with a motor from the motor block over a long distance, then you should in the process of making equipment to anticipate the possibility of installing the wheels, bolted through, or make an additional stand for transportation in the back of a truck or trailer.

Also, you can make the wheels more small and hang a plow, potato tiller or hoe.

In the garage a lot of time dusted old Muravi. When I looked through several relevant articles on the web, I decided to adapt a motor from a power tiller to it. Out came a good assistant on the farm, an economical and reliable unit. At the same time, it would cost much less to build it yourself than to buy a new machine.

To combine a single-axle tractor and an Ant. a good idea, which miraculously came to mind. Having mastered the technique, got a unit that perfectly copes with various agricultural works on their own homestead plot. He not only loosens and digs up the soil, but also helps in harvesting and transportation of various voluminous cargo. Very pleased with the equipment.

Single axle tractor with their own hands from a motorcycle video selection

Coming up with a variety of homemade with their own hands like people whose budget is modest and does not allow to purchase branded awnings and attachments. In its basic configuration this technique has limited opportunities. But even the simplest unit is a combustion engine, which can be used as a power source for a variety of mobile devices. On the basis of the power tiller one can also assemble stationary machines, such as water pump, electric generator and mulcher.

By connecting an electric motor to the machine it is possible to make a universal machine for woodworking. Self-made sawmill in your yard will be a great help in the economy.

Single axle tractor from a scooter muravy

Unfortunately, we have to say that ready-made cultivators and power tillers, which are presented in our stores, are not designed for a particularly large capacity. 6 acres.

There are some decent industrial tractors, but their are a bit steep. And what to do those who have these almost 20 hundred square meters of land?? The idea to make a single axle tractor came to me all of a sudden, and not me, but my neighbor, an artist. He came up with, and I have finalized.

How to make a single axle tractor with your own hands

Work began with the “Ant”, or rather the engine from a scooter brand T-200. To begin with, let’s go over. Then we make a frame. we weld an iron sheet of 4 mm thickness with pipes of 4 cm in diameter. The frame was fixed rigidly with three legs to the engine.

The next stage of assembly was the installation of carburetor, magneto, air filter, muffler. In order to protect the engine from overheating, had to invent the top cover for forced cooling.

The chain transmission was driven from the engine to flanged shafts (they came from an ordinary harvester). The important point is that, the speed of the shafts can be great with the right gears, but you still need to carefully calculate the size of the lower crankcase on the frame. If you get carried away with one frequency, the frame will just go over the top and not reach the ground. Engine to gear ratio 4:1, in gearbox 2.5:1

Everything inside must be lubricated with oil. the drain and fill hatches are made for this.

As a rudder. an ordinary metal tube (to adjust the height you can take a telescopic tube from an old vacuum cleaner). The unit runs in first gear, although there are as many as three gears. The carburetor choke is operated manually. In front of the motorized tractor has a wheel, its installation depends on how deep you need to plow the ground, and it is not particularly hard to steer. The weight of the construction is quite decent. a little less than 90 kg.

Nozzles made from angle bars and pipes, on the shaft they are fixed with a key in the slot that would not be axial movement is clamped with a bolt. The grip on the width.1м. 20 cm.

The results of the test are as follows. The engine withstands a decent passage through the virgin soil, you can plow the field on the bayonet of a shovel, after 2-3 times, on the previously treated soil re-pass is not required. Not very swivelable because of its heavy weight, but it works great in a garden without bushes. When the homemade single axle tractor needs to be moved, I put the wheels, which are attached with through bolts.

For the same unit planned to make a special body support for transportation in the back, as well as plans to reduce the size of the wheels and make a plow, ploughshare and potato digger.

Attachment of a motorblock attachment from a scooter

Retaining brackets for locking screws and farm equipment are built into the ends of the rods. Special control handles with tubes are attached to the top of the channel. They must be flattened on both sides. Specific holes must be drilled for the correct installation of the lever with the steering wheel. The scooter steering shaft allows you to make the articulated units correctly.

It is worth remembering that the shaft must be shortened to about 460 millimeters. Articulated fork is welded on the bottom. Cross member is fastened to metal plate. The length of these elements should not exceed 13, 5 centimeters. At the bottom, the plates are neatly beveled and subsequently welded to the same channel. The longitudinal holes will allow the bogie to attach tightly to the scooter frame. Assemblies must be lubricated with a special substance, i.e. oiler.

The “Vyatka” frame is perfectly matched to the trolley frame. The corners of 3535 millimeters should be welded to it. Exactly the same method is necessary to strengthen the loose ends. A half-inch tube will allow you to connect the forks together. The U-shaped subframe is welded there. It is important to note that it is made of corners with dimensions of 3535 millimeters. The body can be installed by welding bushings.

As such motoblok very easy to manage and transport the necessary cargo on it. The universal seat is considered a special convenience for the driver. There is also a special toolbox.

Moto-blocks have their own specific features. The main ones are:

The highest speed is equal to 18 kilometers per hour;

The length of the transport with the cart is 1,580 millimeters;

2015 Volvo VNL Day Cab Single Axle (365HP)

The track width with the cart attached equates to 750 millimeters.

Muravy-1. characteristics and features

The single-axle tractor Muravy-1 (First) is designed to cultivate sandy and clay soil and prepare it for planting vegetables.

Dry, loose soil can also be tilled with the Ant.

  • engine model. BS170F/P;
  • Engine power. l.с. 7;
  • Number of speeds. 1 backward and 2 forward;
  • fuel tank/cartridge capacity. 3.6 л/0.6 л;
  • transmission. belt-chain;
  • plowing depth. 100-300 mm;
  • plowing width. 750 mm;
  • set from 4 to 6 cutters;
  • starting is manual;
  • wheel size. two wheels 4.00-8″;
  • weight up to 90 kg.

2.2 Features

Muravey-1 single-axle tractor. one of the most popular power tillers, equipped with a four-stroke powerful gasoline engine. Speed is changed smoothly without jerks by means of lever of speed regulation, which is located under the right thumb.

When ploughing or cultivating, trampling of cultivated soil is excluded by turning the handle horizontally. Rubber wheels have a wide tread, which provides better traction with the ground. The operator’s work is safe thanks to two protective wings.

The Muravy-2 has the same characteristics and features as the single-axle tractor Muravy-1. If you have enough money, you can buy a ready-made single axle tractor in a specialized store. But if you have a limited budget, you can make a single-axle tractor with your own hands from old scrap metal and spare parts.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the ready-made cultivators and power tillers, which are presented in our stores, are not designed for a particularly large capacity. 6 acres.

There are more decent industrial tractors, but their are biting. And what to do those who have almost 20 hundred square meters? The idea to make a single axle tractor came to me all of a sudden. He invented it, and I finalized it.

ENGINE from the MOTOBLOCK on the scooter “Muravy” | POWS AS A TANK!

We’ll show how to modify the legendary Soviet scooter “Muravey” with a four-stroke engine from a power tiller (Lifan 190FD, 15l.с.), and also Safari variator instead of original gearbox. Enjoy the ride!

In this episode: 0:00. introduction 1:12. getting to know “Ant” and seeing his condition 2:08. history of Tula cargo scooters 2:57. frame and suspension diagnostics 3:49. engine compartment modification for new engine installation 4:33. motor and variator overview 5:14. disassembly of the front trim 6:05. frame overview 6:31. modifying the frame to fit the variator 6:43. variator idler pulley shaft platform and supports 6:54. variator idler shaft 7:07. installing motor and variator idler to the frame 7:50. installing the variator belt 8:30. defect, repair, adjustment and assembly of the rear gearbox 12:34. ants gearbox reworking with addition of neutral gear 13:37. first engine run 14:36.folding seat 14:44. motor scooter assembly 15:31. first trip 16:21. rides on the redesigned Ant 18:25. going uphill with a loaded bodywork 19:14. what else needs to be finalized 19:58. recap 20:18. project budget calculation References: official representative of Lifan Power in Russia

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