How to install an engine on an ant from a power tiller

A tractor from a power tiller

Hardly anybody enjoys spending hours in the field working behind a implement. Much easier to mow, plow or hoe from the comfort of a chair mounted on a trailed cart. A variety of branded adapters, trailers, and carts are available at retail outlets. But they have a considerable cost, which many can not afford. You can make a mini tractor from a Neva motoblock almost for free, using the tools and materials that are at hand.

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Such devices and materials are necessary:

  • differential from a car;
  • wheels from a small car;
  • sprockets and chains from a motorcycle;
  • Hexagonal full-body steel profile;
  • steel corners of 50 mm;
  • Tin for making fenders.

The first difficulty in making a homemade tractor with your own hands is the high center of gravity. It cannot be lowered for purely technical reasons. The only way to increase the stability of the tractor is to extend its wheelbase. For this purpose, a hexagonal profile is used, which is attached to the hubs with cotter pins. If the track is widened to 120 cm, the single-axle tractor will gain normal stability. The installation of a differential allows the machine to easily make turns.

The mini-tractor is assembled in the following sequence:

  • welding the frame of the trailer. Fixing the drawbar with a flange, making holes in it for bolts (the connection must be made collapsible, to be able to transport a single-axle tractor in the trunk or trailer).
  • Making the running gear. The wheels are installed on the cart. To make all-wheel drive on both axles, sprockets are welded on the half-axles, tensioning mechanism and chains are put.
  • Body and seat assembly. If necessary, a roof over the driver is installed. Adjustment and adjustment of controls are performed.
  • Electrification of the created machine. A tractor alternator or battery is used as a power source. For ease of driving, it is advisable to install two headlights. front and rear (for reversing).

During the driving test, the stability and cross-country ability of the self-made machine is checked. If the drive wheels lose their grip on the ground, they or the body of the motor block is loaded with weights.


The Ant’s engine is slightly different from the Soviet engines of that time. The most significant difference is in the starting system: here it can be done with an electric starter (in the 50s, it was very cool) or with a manual kickstarter. Not a single Soviet motorcycle of those years had an electric starter.

The engine is started by the starter motor the same way as a usual car: you put the key in the ignition switch, turn the key all the way to the right and the engine starts

The second difference is the forced cooling of the engine

A fan blows air through the shrouds to cool the cylinder and cylinder head. The cooling system works well

The clutch is mechanical with a cable lever on the steering wheel

The transmission is manual and the gear lever is located on the left side directly under the driver’s foot. Engagement algorithm is as follows: first, second, third and fourth gear are engaged upwards. The neutral gear is in the beginning and you need to push the gear lever down to engage it. A controversial decision, but that’s how it’s done

Twin-shaft transmission with constant mesh gears

The following self-made mini-tractor from a power tiller is created from parts of a Muravy cargo scooter. it is excellent. Make yourself a mini-tractor can be made out of recycled materials: various parts and components from the. Watch the video “Homemade mini-tractor” to visually see how.

To come up with a variety of homemade with their own hands like people, whose budget is modest and does not give the opportunity to buy branded sheds and attachments. The basic version of this technique has limited features. But even the simplest unit is an internal combustion engine, which can be used as a power source for a variety of mobile devices. The power tiller can also be used to build stationary installations, such as a water pump, power generator and mulcher. By connecting an electric motor to the unit, you can make a universal machine for woodworking. Self-made sawmill in your yard will be a great help in the economy.

How to make a single-axle tractor with their own hands on the basis of a scooter Muravy?

Currently, the development of agricultural machinery has reached a high level of development. It is hard to imagine a modern farmer without a cultivator or power tiller.

There are many varieties of power tillers on sale, but most store ones are designed for small plots. up to 6 acres. There are more powerful units of the industrial type, but their price will already be much higher. Taking into account that the structure of motor blocks is not so complicated, you can make a single-axle tractor with your own hands.

Attaching a single-axle tractor from a scooter

Retaining brackets for locking screws and agricultural equipment are built into the ends of the tie rods. Special control handles with tubes are attached to the top of the channel. They must be flattened on both sides. Certain holes need to be drilled for the correct installation of the lever with the steering wheel. The scooter’s steering shaft allows you to make the articulated joints correctly.

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Be sure to remember that the shaft must be shortened to about 460 millimeters. A swivel fork is welded on the bottom. The cross shaft is attached to the metal plate. The length of these elements should not exceed 13, 5 centimeters. At the bottom, the plates are carefully beveled and subsequently welded to the same channel. The longitudinal holes will allow the cart to be firmly attached to the tiller frame. The knots must be lubricated with a special substance, i.e. oiler.

The Vyatka frame is perfect for the cart frame. You need to weld the corners of 3535 millimeters to it. Exactly the same method is used to strengthen the loose ends. Half-inch tube will allow you to connect the forks between each other. The U-shaped subframe is welded there. It is important to note that it is made of corners with dimensions of 3535 millimeters. The body can be set by welding hinged bushings.

In its essence, the power tiller is very easy to operate and to transport the necessary load on it. Particular convenience for the driver is considered a universal seat. There is also a special toolbox.

The MotoGP has its own specific features. The main ones are:

The highest speed is equal to 18 kilometers per hour;

The length of the transport with the cart is equal to 1580 millimeters;

Track width with hitched cart equals 750 millimeters.

How to Install a Single Axle Tractor Engine on the Muravy

Agricultural machinery used in homesteads, fields, gardens and cottages, nowadays, in fact, there are quite technologically advanced devices. Almost impossible to find a man who is not used a tractor or single-axle cultivator to facilitate labor associated with service on the ground.

Choose a single-axle tractor to your taste and wallet or make one yourself. Often the motor from the unit is used to produce a real scooter, which is also indispensable for farmers, because you always need to move goods over great distances. Let’s see how to make a scooter with a scooter an engine from a homemade scooter.

Use the engine from the engine block to give life to a new device

Work on installing the engine from the motor block the anthracite should begin with bulkhead. Then it is recommended to adhere to a certain plan to get a high-quality and reliable unit:

  • Making the frame. This is done by welding a sheet of iron and a four-millimeter cross-section pipe. The frame should be firmly attached to the engine.
  • Let’s install the carburetor, air filter and muffler.

How to install 7.5kva generator in vst power tiller and operate 3hp submersible motor

Principle! To protect the unit from overheating, you need to install a cover for cooling.

Review.Muravay scooter with the engine from the Brait 7 liters scooter.1 part.

In this video, let’s look at the ants on the engine from the scooter:

Warning! Open and close the carburetor flap will have to manually.

  • The wheel is mounted in the front part of the walking tractor, the depth of the ploughing and the ease of control depends on the correct attachment;
  • Make the nozzles from pipes and angles, fix them with keys in special grooves and fix them with bolts to avoid movement on an axis;
  • determine the catch level of approx. 1-1,3.2 meters, based on the work to be done.

The unit based on a scooter Muravy get a little massive, weighing about 90 pounds, and a little clumsy. However, special maneuverability in the vegetable garden and in the field is not necessary, because there are usually no obstacles that need to be frequently bypassed. But the motor perfectly withstands the load, even with long and continuous operation.

When a homemade ant with a motor from the motorblock must be moved over a long distance, then you should in the process of manufacturing technology to anticipate the possibility of installing the wheels, bolted through, or make an additional stand for transportation in the back of a truck or trailer.

One could also make the wheels smaller and mount a plow, potato weeder or hoe.

In the garage for a long time dusted old Muravy. When I looked through a few relevant articles on the web, I decided to adapt the motor from the tiller to it. Out went a good household assistant, economical and reliable unit. And it was much cheaper to build it yourself than to buy a new machine.

Combining a single-axle tractor and an Ant-axis is a good idea that miraculously came to mind. Having mastered the technique, got a unit that perfectly copes with a variety of agricultural work on their own homestead plot. It not only loosens and digs up the soil, but also helps with harvesting and transporting various volumes of goods. Very pleased with the machine.

Engine for the Neva MB-1 power tiller

Popular domestic single-axle tractor Neva MB-1 is in high demand due to its high torque, which allows a wide range of attachments to work with the unit. Another important advantage is the low fuel consumption of the Russian machine. Nevertheless, the original engines of the Neva MB-1 units had one significant disadvantage. low resistance to wear and tear of the main mechanisms. Because of this, the motors are very likely to fall into disrepair and need to be replaced.

Replacement engine on the Neva MB-1 power tiller should be performed with the motor, which by its technical characteristics will repeat the original power unit of the Russian equipment. For replacement purposes, it is best to choose the following models of imported and domestic engines:

  • Forte F200G;
  • Sadko GE200;
  • Bulat BT170F-L;
  • Weima WM170F;
  • Iron Angel E200 (Z);
  • Centaur DVS-200D;
  • Vityaz 178F.

How to kirloskar power tiller maga t 12 Started ap luk Deksaktehy

Each of these engines for the Neva motorblock will extend the life of the machine and perform a wide range of agricultural tasks. Having free access to the main mechanisms of these engines simplifies their maintenance and repair.

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How to install the engine on the Ant-Man

Works on installing the engine from a motorblock ants should begin with overhauling the engine. It is then recommended that you stick to a certain plan to get a quality and reliable unit:

  • making the frame. This is done by welding a sheet of iron and a four-millimeter diameter pipe. The frame must be firmly secured to the engine.
  • Installing the carburetor, air filter and muffler.

Important! To protect the unit from overheating it is necessary to install a cover for cooling.

In this video we will consider the ant on the engine from the motor block:

Attention! Open and close the carburetor choke will have to manually.

  • install the wheel at the front of the device, and the correct attachment will determine the level of plowing depth and ease of operation;
  • we make the nozzles from pipes and angles, fix them with a key in special grooves and fix them with bolts, so that there would be no movement along the axis;
  • determine the level of catch of about 1-1,2 meters, depending on the work to be done.

Aggregate on the basis of a scooter Muravy get a little bulky, weighing about 90 pounds, and a little clumsy. But special maneuverability in the vegetable garden and in the field is not required, since there are usually no obstacles that need to be frequently bypassed. But the engine will perfectly withstand all loads, even with long and continuous work.

When a homemade ant with a motor from power tiller to move over a long distance, then in the manufacture of equipment should be provided the ability to install the wheels, bolted through, or make an additional stand for transportation in the back of a truck or trailer.

It’s also possible to make the wheels smaller and hang a plow, potato harvester or hoe.

A single axle tractor from an ants scooter

Unfortunately, I have to say that ready-made cultivators and power tillers, which are presented in our stores, are not designed for a particularly large capacity. for suburban areas of 6 acres.

There are more decent industrial ones, but their are biting. And what to do, those who have these almost 20 hundred square meters of land?? The idea to make such a one-axle tractor came to me all of a sudden, and not me, but my neighbor, an artist. He came up with the idea and I finalized it.

How to make a single axle tractor with your own hands

Work began with the “Ant”, or rather the engine from a scooter brand T-200. To begin with, let’s go over. Then we make a frame. we weld an iron sheet of 4 mm thickness with tubes of 4 cm in diameter. The frame is fixed rigidly with three supports to the engine.

The next stage of assembly was to install the carburetor, magneto, air filter, muffler. In order to protect the motor from overheating, a forced cooling cover had to be invented on top.

I made the chain drive from the motor to the shafts with flanges (they came from an ordinary harvester). The important point is that, the frequency of rotation of the shafts can be different with the right selection of gears, but still need to carefully calculate the size of the lower sump on the frame. If you get carried away with one frequency, the frame will simply go over the top and will not reach the ground. The motor to gear ratio was 4:1, in the gearbox 2.5:1

Inside, all must be lubricated with oil. this is what the drain and fill hatches are for.

As a rudder. the usual metal pipe (to adjust the height you can take a telescopic tube from an old vacuum cleaner). The unit runs in first gear, although there are as many as three gears. The carburetor choke is controlled manually. The front of the tiller has a wheel, its installation depends on how deep you need to plow the ground, and not particularly hard to manage. The weight of the construction turned out to be decent. a little less than 90 kg.

I made the nozzles from angle and pipes, on the shaft they are fixed by keyway, that would not be axial displacement, we tighten the bolt. The width of the grip.1м. 20cm.

Roast Whole BIG SPICY PIG 100KG with Power Tiller Machine Tractor. BBQ Spicy Foods

By results of the test it was found out. The engine withstands a passage over the virgin soil with dignity, you can plow the field on the bayonet of a spade, after 2-3 times, on the previously processed soil does not require re-passing. Due to its heavy weight, it is not very agile, but it works well in a garden without bushes. When the homemade single axle tractor needs to be moved, I insert the wheels, which are attached with through bolts.

For the same unit conceived to make a special body support for transportation in the back of the body, as well as plans to reduce the size of the wheels and make plows, planter and potato digger.

Homemade single-axle tractor engine and gearbox

In assembled condition the single-axle tractor has compact enough dimensions. In order to further reduce the overall dimensions it is possible to replace the parts with a handmade muffler from the engine. It is essentially the same as the factory parts. To make it, it is necessary to use parts of the muffler from “Vyatka” transport. It is important to note that the muffler is located in the exhaust cylinder hole.

The engine is started via the kickstarter. Each gear is shifted by a special lever installed on the box with sectors. Control knobs with attachments hold the throttle and clutch levers. To install the overrunning clutches, it is necessary to lengthen the gearbox shaft by about 170 millimeters. At the end of the left shaft there is a driven sprocket.

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At the moment the shaft rotates, the clutch actively affects the roller and also makes it move. When turning the tractor the wheel with a large radius begins to move much faster than the direct drive shaft. It is thanks to the factors under consideration that there are no loud and jingling clicks during the turn.

Cultivator assemblies are used to support the attachments. They are welded to the channel with joints. However, they must be shortened before this process. The holes of the longitudinal type are fixed to the motor scooter.

Installation of an engine from a power tiller on a scooter Muravy

Replacement of the regular engine T-200 on the scooter Muravey, on the engine “Lifan” 11 hp: detailed photos and a description of the installation of the engine.

Cargo scooter pretty necessary equipment for the villager, it can be used to transport various goods, firewood, building materials, hay, and many other things.

Technique is not bad, but the regular power unit at the ants weak and is not reliable. Therefore, the best option to replace it with a modern, more powerful, economical and practical engine, as an option Lifan 11 liters.с.

I got an old scooter “Muravy” 1981 issue with an engine T-200, which does not want to start and normally work. Having suffered with it, it was decided to replace it with a Lifan engine. You have chosen an 11 strong unit with 42N of torque.m / 2500 rpm.Min, which is one and a half times more than on the native T-200.

Installing the Chinese engine on a scooter Muravy

Hope With severe piston wear, you need to bore the cylinder.

You should definitely pay attention to this when installing, the upper one is thinner and beveled at an angle. Also note the inscription on the ring Artyom. the inscription should always be on top, that is opposite to the finger. The lower one should be put on first, then the upper one. At the same time it is not necessary to stretch and bend them. These manipulations should be carried out carefully. In the grooves for the rings are locks that prevent rotation of the rings during operation, so the gap rings should be in these locks, otherwise the piston in the cylinder you will not stick.

And the last important point, this is the arrow Dimitri on the bottom of the piston or the inscription EX. And the arrow and the inscription must necessarily point in the direction of the exhaust Gregory. In that case, the ring locks will be on the side of the petal valve. If the locks are placed in the exhaust side, the piston will not last long, the rings will be pulled into the exhaust window and gradually wear it down.

When you manipulate with the piston, you must put a cloth in the crankcase window to prevent anything from getting there, as we need the crankshaft and bearings. When installing the piston pin, pay attention to the condition of the cage Jan. It may need to be replaced. Before installing the piston pin, install the stop ring on one side before installing the piston. Then put the pin with the bearing and the second stop ring, it will make a definite click when it locks in the groove. That’s all, now put on the cylinder, not the piston Yaroslav. the cylinder head and tighten the bolts alternately in a crisscross pattern.

Modernization of vehicles

If an old bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle is broken, don’t scrap it. There is also no need to rush to buy a new motor. It can be replaced by a power unit from a light motocultivator. There is only 1 restriction: such a machine can not move on public roads. But a scooter Muravy with an engine from a power tiller can be used at the cottage for trips to the field or river. Engine capacity of 5-6 liters.с. Is enough to accelerate a moped to a speed of 50-60 km / h. Before installing an engine on a bicycle must be installed on this means of transportation reinforced wheels that can withstand weight up to 100 kg.

In order to assemble a scooter with an engine from a motor block, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder with metal discs;
  • electric drill;
  • wrench;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • level;
  • hammer;
  • paint.

In order to put the power unit on the Muravy, it will be necessary to create a frame for it.

This is done in this sequence:

  • Drawings are made, and the frame configuration and attachment points are precisely calculated. It is recommended to check the calculations on soft strips of aluminum.
  • Fixing bracket is welded. It is treated with agents against corrosion, drilling holes for bolts.
  • The engine is carefully placed on the bracket and secured with bolts. Installation accuracy is checked, position corrections are made.
  • The motor is connected to the vehicle’s chassis with a belt or chain. Shift ropes, control levers are fastened.
  • Checking the performance of the vehicle. The created homemade machine needs a running-in period, so that all parts rub against each other. This should take 6-8 hours with the motor running at medium speed.

If you are an experienced electrician and know how to handle household tools, you can put together an electric excavator yourself. This requires channels, joints, ropes, and a serviceable electric motor. The ladle is made from sheet steel, which can be obtained inexpensively from scrap dealers.

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