How to install gas on a walk -behind tractor. The correct launch of the walk -behind tractor after winter

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How to install gas on a walk.Behind tractor

In order to save the motor during the period of the run.In, the Chinese are reinsured.

Mikhail (Delman) as a simple layman to make a nozzle with lower bandwidth?

Using (ramakrisna) Michael, seal the old jacket tin and drilled the hole less, well, or pick up the jacket suitable, which is more accurate

Mikhail (Delman) https: // www.Wagnerland.Ru/index.PHP? Topic = 602.MSG13410. Here it will be more understandable

Denis (Vishala) Kostya, bend or solder the valve’s foot.

Mikhail (Delman) Another observation: the main nozzle from the VAZ carburetor is ideally suited for KDSHKA carburetors. I’ll go tomorrow, ask the size. I have a diameter in a milimum. In the sprinkle and it can be adjusted if the native is lost

FARID (RATNAMALA) How much revolutions to turn the mixture adjustment screw before the first launch?

Denis (Vishala) Farid, this is a idle screw. Adjustment of the mixture in this carburetor is carried out by the position of the needle and the selection of a jetter.

Sergey (volkert) how to understand 80 cubic meters I bought or 50.

Alexey (Eckehard) to unscrew the candle from the cylinder, insert a straw into the hole and lower the piston into the lower position. Now take a syringe of 20 cubic meters and pour gasoline into a cylinder. You can calculate the bracket)) 49 or no more than 80 exactly but so)))

Marat (AINGEAL) Alexey, I am tormented by vague doubts, if you lower the piston into the lower position and pour gasoline into the cylinder with a syringe, whether gasoline will flow through the exhaust or intake windows of the cylinder into the exhaust pipe and inside the engine. The 3rd picture shows that the channels are open with the lower arrangement of the piston

Alexey (Eckehard) Marat, logical!! I didn’t think about that))) so the windows can be drowned, for example with plasticine. I have to spend such a test. The season end then and I’ll see.

Marat (AINGEAL) Alexey, I think it’s easier to find out the diameter and piston stroke, after which I think it will be possible to calculate the volume of the cylinder.

Vladimir (Achelous) Sergey, I’m sorry that I broke without asking, accidentally got to the link. On F80 stilettos of mounting cylinder M8, on 50-ke-m6.

Vladimir (Achelous) Alexey, Alexey, so you pour cubes 200. Through the windows everything will flow into the crankcase, and then to the muffler!

Vladimir (Achelous) to optimize the carburetor cd, first of all, you need to lower the fuel level in the carburetor. To do this, just disassemble it, unscrew the intake fitting, remove the gasket from under it, and carefully assemble it back. Without laying, the level will decrease to (-10)-(-11) mm.Smell the nozzle with acid with a solder, and blow into it while the solder is melted. An extra solder will fly out, there will be a hole that must be calcined with an ordinary sewing needle with a diameter of 0, 65. 0, 67 mm, pushing it to the middle and stretching back. The excess solder from the extended part of the hole is carefully removed with a hand (manually! ) so as not to damage the actual nozzle, t.E. Calibrated part. The missing ability of such a jacket will become 72-76 ml/min. Full speeds will appear.

How to translate a gasoline uniform tractor to gas | Wait a way to save money

A single tractor is a self.Propelled vehicle that is equipped with a gasoline engine. This mechanism is universal, since with its help you can perform any agricultural work. But it should be noted that quite large funds are going on to buy gasoline, which significantly appropriate its use. This problem can be solved if you transfer one.Time tractor to gas.

In order to translate the gasoline uniform tractor to gas, you will need:

  • Hose;
  • Subtle cleaning gas filter;
  • Metal sheet;
  • Clamp;
  • A small cylinder with propane;
  • Gas tap;
  • Squeezing fitting.
install, walk, tractor, correct, launch

We translate a gasoline uniform tractor to gas

First, you need to remove the spring in the gearbox, for which we disassemble it, tearing off the seal. After all the screws were spent and removed the lid, we take out the spring and collect everything back.

If you want to spin the screws faster, use the screwdriver.

We check the working pressure by attaching the gearbox to the hose and gas. Let the other end of the hose into a jar of water. We open the gas crane and observe that there are no bubbles in a jar of water (when the hose is lowered by about 5 cm), it means that everything is done correctly. If you place the edge of the hose at a distance of 1-3 cm from the surface of the water-bubbles appear.

In order to supply gas to the housing through an air filter, you need to drill a through hole with a drill 10.5 on the side. To fix the copper tube, we will use the compression fitting. In the drilled hole, we spread through the pipe through and clamp it with fitting: from the outside, the body with washer, and with the inner. A nut.

We lay the hose along the motor block. For thin gas cleaning, we use a filter that is used in cars. Without it, the engine will quickly clog.

Grillo G107 walk-behind tractor: New tractor setup, controls & features (PRE-2017 clutch type)

Then the hose rises higher to the steering wheel, where the gas valve is attached, which regulates propane.

At the 6th end of the hose, we attach to the gearbox, which is attached to the gas cylinder.

In order for the cylinder to be fixed thoroughly, we make a stand from a sheet of metal. We fix it to the base of the walk.Behind tractor using a clamp.

We start a single tractor on gas.

In order to start a single tractor, we open a gase valve.

We open the dosing gas tap for 2-3 seconds, after which we return it to the same place.

We pull for the starting lever. After the engine earned, you need to open a little gas tap until it becomes clear that the engine gets enough gas.

Our Unoa tractor is now transferred to gas, which will significantly reduce the cost of its maintenance.

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The second method of repairing the cable is an improved

The method of described above, have pros and cons of. The plus is that everything can be done almost in the field. And the minus is that it is not very durable, in one place the cable will bend and sooner or later will break. Why is this and how to eliminate it?

As already mentioned, the fist in the handle has a rounded shape on one side, this is so that when the handle is pressed (and it has a large angle of rotation), it could turn into the planting nest and the cable did not go on. But the nut washed at the end of the cable, when the handle is pressed, rests on it, because of this, the fist is and, accordingly, does not have the right course, the cable begins to bend at the base of the handle and this contributes to its fracture.

But this will not happen very quickly, you will have time to process your site, maybe more than once.

How to eliminate this drawback? Everything is simple, but a powerful soldering iron will be needed, soldering acid (rosin is not suitable for soldering a cable) and some soldering skills.Everything is done exactly as it is described in the first method, with the exception of the fact that we do not put the nut from the side of the rear handle. Cam and cable are soldered.

The cable must first be tuned and then thoroughly plunge the space between the cable and the hole in the fist. This allows you to fix the “flush” cable with a fist and there will be nothing to interfere with it.

At first I thought that an ordinary solder would not firmly keep the force on the cable, but the operation showed that everything was fine. Here in the photo above, just the cable is already sealed, though the cam is pretty battered, because there was an attempt to apply a spot welding. If you suddenly received the same thought, leave it as an empty venture.

Well, perhaps this time! There is something to write? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! There is a desire to share with others? Stos of the STO networks below!

We proceed to the main task, remove the torn cable and prepare for the replacement.

We free the cable and its casing unscrewing the fixing nuts.

So one end of the cable is released, then we proceed to the release of another.

Freed cable.

First you picked up the tangle guide, we pull it up.

Next, we pull the cable from the groove in which it passes and remove the “fist” which is in the handle.

Everything, now when the cable and the “fist” are released, you need to drill the remnants of the cable from the “fist”, it should have a hole for a new cable. It should turn out something like this.

Now we move to another stage- the manufacture of the cable. To begin with, the tip of a new cable will not hurt, spread with superglue, you can capture a soldering iron. This is not necessary, but it will be easier to pass in a casing or stocking, as it is also called. The glued cable tip will not fluff and cling inside the stocking.

Glued! We stretch it into a stocking!

There is a tension knot on Chulkekuhuh, it must be twisted as much as possible, so then there would be the opportunity to pull the cable if necessary. Please note that on one side of the tensioner the “left” thread is twisted counterclockwise.

Now on the other side of the cable that has a thread and is attached inside the cultivator, we extend all the necessary elements: bushings, nuts, washers, a spring. In general, everything was as it was, and at the end of the cable, we flatten a light movement of the hammerWe flatter One of the nuts.

We collect a knot and a nutty nut on the cable.

Everything, now you need this finished end of the cable, fix it where it is supposed to be.

Cable installed in its place.

We start repairing the second end. First you need to try on. Put the guide cable on the handle, hold the toros in tension (with our hands) and measure the desired length, leave a small reserve, it is better to then cut out the excess again.

We make fitting.

To cut off the cable, it is needed by side cutters, you can with your hands if there is enough strength, or you can use a hammer, one blow to the side cutters and the cable is sniffed, just beat on the handles, but on the sponges of the sidewalls.

As a result, it should turn out like this. Once again, we pretend and remember how much the nut is located from the edge of the cable, it does not need to be tied very much from the fist so that you would not have to pull the cable then then.

I think further the course of the action is clear, remove the cable from the handle and not forgetting to install the necessary parts on it, pay attention to the fact that the fist has an oval shape on one side, this side should be turned towards the handle. Next, flatter another nut, cut the excess cable. We put everything in place. It should turn out something like this.

Despite a large description, if there is everything necessary, everything is done in 30 minutes. But in this method there is a drawback. About this below.

Features of adjusting the carburetor cascade type KMB-5

Confirmation of the correct adjustment is an unhindered supply of air in the working condition of the walk.Behind tractor and stopping the purge when turning the part.

Carburetor adjustment K-60 CASCAD

  • We install the throttle so that we have a gap between its base and a duct of 2. 2.5 mm.
  • Clound the screws of the carburetor.
  • We turn the screws back only in 0.5. 1 turnover.
  • We warm up the engine within 5 minutes.
  • During the discharge of the adjusting screw, we are waiting for a reduction in the frequency of motor speeds.
  • Reduce the speed and smoothly tighten the screw to the optimal state.

Regulation of the K-45 carburetor

The essence is, in principle, the same as in previous models:

  • We need to achieve a reduction in the speed of the engine speed, controlling the screw of the throttle.
  • Next, you need to determine the maximum speed using a screw to adjust the fuel mixture at idle.
  • After we turn the screw back somewhere on the fourth part of the position reached.

Such manipulations will allow the motor to work uninterruptedly, steadily and without sharp stops.

It is important to remember that each model has its own setting up normal operation of all parts. To qualitatively repair with your own hands, be sure to adhere to all the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions

If you do not have it, then you should be extremely attentive when repairing. Those who do not have special knowledge of the assembly and repair of such technical equipment are better to contact specialists in the service center. This will help you avoid many problems, and professionals will quickly be able to establish everything.

Delivery in Moscow

For orders, we offer the following delivery options.

  • Pickup. It is possible for goods that are in our warehouse at the Ilmen passage 7A PP.8 or by prior order.
  • Courier delivery. Delivery the next day a working day after placing an order

Delivery for MKAD and Moscow Region

  • Delivery within 5 km from MKAD. 500
  • 500 40 per kilometer
  • Delivery within 5 km from MKAD. Free
  • Delivery over 5 km from MKAD. 40 per kilometer

Delivery by our transport to neighboring areas is consistent with additional.

Delivery across Russia

  • With an order amount up to 5000
  • Delivery by Russian Post with payment upon receipt. (includes all postal expenses. Postal delivery is not available with an order amount over 5000.
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Delivery by transport company. We will deliver this product for free to the terminal of the transport company from your choice. We work with most transport companies.

The main power supply unit of the motor block is the carburetor. He performs the task of preparing fuel to the required level. For its normal functioning, load control is regularly carried out, checking the state of serviceability. Also a lot depends on the quality of the fuel used and the set.

It is required to constantly check the cascade engine

How to handle a carburetor if a single tractor has not been used for a long time

In this case, the following actions must be performed:

  • Separate the device from the engine.
  • Clean from dust using a soft brush and gasoline.
  • Unscrew the float and fitting.
  • Rinse the filter and all the details with pure fuel.
  • Make a purge using compressed air.
  • Check that all the details are dried.
  • Assemble the device and install on the engine.

The carburetor does not require daily capital cleansing or configuration, but you need to monitor its condition for impeccable operation of the motor.

In the event of failures in the operation of the motoroblock engine, the most common cause is the pollution of the device. This is very often associated with the quality of gasoline.

The problem can be associated both with the pollution of the carburetor and the wire connecting the accelerator pedal to the carb. If, when the wire is disconnected, when the engine operating, the speed indicators are normalized, then it will be necessary to change the wire.

install, walk, tractor, correct, launch

What problems in the work of the motoring carburetor have you come across and whether you managed to solve them yourself?

Differences between the walk.Behind tractor and the cultivator

For cultivating the Earth, another, relatively inexpensive type of equipment based on a gasoline engine is used. A motor.Cultivator. It helps to grind the roots in parallel with the loosening of the upper layer of soil. Moves due to the rotation of the milling. Using additionally connected devices, the tool huddles the garden, the flight of weeds, open the root crops.

The same.Based tractor is a more complex technique that differs in high performance. With its help they sow cultures, harvest and more.

Motor cultivators can work in areas not exceeding 15 acres. And the unoic tractor will cope with 30, in addition, it has wheels and moves much faster.

Reviews about the reliability of a particular unit are different. Which of these devices is better, cannot be said unequivocally. Someone is suitable for a functional unoic tractor, and to someone-a gasoline cultivator.

How to install a new engine on the Cultivator “Mole

I don’t know how you, but I already missed summer and spring. When it is wet, cold, dark and dirty, I really really want heat, sun and light. I have already mentioned that I am very good about agriculture, I love it to some extent and do not mind working with my hands. The feeling is indescribable and unconditionally joyful and positive even when sweat pours into three streams. Today we will try to figure out how to install a new engine on the KROT cultivator.

In the picture above, one of my favorites is a Mole with a Chinese engine, which has survived a transplant of a capricious downtrous 2x-tactnik and regular work on its technical maintenance. Of course, a small weak.Minded motor.Cultivator is not able to cultivate a large field, cannot compete with motoblocks and mini.Tractors, but it is a pleasure to process a few acres on it. Then I will tell you how I put a new engine on a mole cultivator.

Mole Moto.Cultivator. Engine Choice

The gearbox, which is already 20 years old and the new NOMAD NT200 engine (analogue of the Japanese engine of the Honda GX-200) work very regularly and helps a lot in the household.

Now there is a bunch of wonderful equipment of different manufacturers, but if the price confuses you, try to look for an old mole, put a new engine on it and it will last you for a very long time, the benefit of remake is, by and large, in 2 holes in the engine to attach the engine, buying a new pulley and nothing more.

The engines almost did not rise in price and cost about 6000-7000 (for the engine 4.5-5.5-6.5 LS of Chinese-made type Champion G200HK, Nomad NT200, Lifan), pulled a maximum of about 500, I talked about belts, and hands, and hands, and hands, and hands, and hands, and hands If from the shoulders, they will help save a couple of thousand at work on the alteration. I assure you that the alteration is only in 2 new holes, no matter how they try to tell you in the service.

Put the engine on the cultivator

At first, as I said, you need to make a couple of new holes, increasing the engine stroke. This is necessary so that you can pull the belt by moving the engine a little forward.

So, we drill holes and process the file so that the fastening bolt can move freely.

You bought a pulley with a key with an engine, there is a belt. We fasten the engine for 4 bolts. Do not forget to put the puck-groover, otherwise the nuts will be unscrewed from the vibration. We pull the belt. The belt for the “mole” has a brand A-750.

I fixed the engine, started and check the clutch. Everything is okay. Keep in mind that the pulleys of the engine and gearbox should be aligned so that the belt does not fade too fast.

The air filter with the case is removed and now you need to do the following:

  • Weaken the self.Ending nut of the throttle. The lever should move freely under the influence of the spring.
  • Under a special clamp, we fasten the cable membrane
  • Bite off the ball at the end of the cable with side cuts and insert it into the finishing nut and clamp. The discarded gas on the cultivator lever should correspond to the same position on the engine.

In the area of ​​the ignition shutdown, there is access to the wiring in order to connect the button on the steering wheel to turn off the ignition. I did not do it. I don’t ride it. Then, maybe, I will do.

Well, the main governing bodies. This is in the instructions on other sites. Now everything is in a position in order to start the engine. After it warms up a little, the air damper is transferred to the opposite position, air enters the carburetor and the engine begins to work more uniformly and quieter on a normal gas-air mixture.

In conclusion, I will add that on some soils of the wheels, they might leave in the transport position and remove the couch.The peel.

Well, this is how the mole is redone under the standard engine 4.5-6.5 forces. I’ll say that the revolutions of the new engine are slightly higher, which is noticeable only on large wheels with soil.Bearing. It is more difficult to work.

Repair of the carburetor of the MOTOBLOK MROT

The carburetor of the Motobobok Mole produced in Soviet times. Despite the fact that Soviet industry was famous for its high level of performance and reliability, after all, this carburetor had several flaws. To figure it out, first you need to make its full analysis to the components:

  • Remove the lid, unscrewing the bolt on it. Under it, we find a gasket made of benzo.Resistant material, as well as a spring that must be pulled out.
  • We take out the damper located in the same place, under the lid.
  • On the back there is a float chamber, which also needs to be unscrewed. Remove the gasket.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the float, taking out the hairpin from the corresponding hole. A special needle finds a special needle under the float, which also needs to be removed. On it we find a small elastic band, which in no case can not be lost, so we are extremely carefully carried out all the manipulations.
  • Unscrew the fitting under which the gasoline filter is located.
  • Then you need to remove the nozzle. After that, we need to pull out absolutely all the “insides” located in the carburetor case.

Such disassembly is necessary, because we get access to internal content, which is considered the most problematic.

The most common shortage of such carburetors is the adjusting screw that is responsible for the quality of the mixture.

In other words, we twist this screw, and the mixture does not change, remains constantly unchanged.

To change this, you need to make a certain repair of the carburetor located inside the Mole Motobobe. The main reason for problems with adjusting the mixture is one circumstance. The fact is that inside the carburetor there is a special channel, which passes to the tube located in the center of the carburetor.

T-70C tractor is a multifunctional unit for a wide spectra actions. By clicking on the link, get acquainted with the advantages and features of the T-70 tractor.

Bulldozer. An earthenica vehicle on a tracked, or wheel move related to the class of special equipment. Bulldozers-monsters are the largest in the global auto-schedule.

On the market of our country, products of a large number of manufacturers of snow.Global snowmobile technology are presented. Everything is about the legendary German snowman Huter.

In this pipe, in theory, there should be a through hole connecting this very channel. The problem is that on some factory units, this pipe is placed obliquely, which leads to the fact that the channel and the hole on the pipe do not coincide.

There are cases that this hole is completely absent on the pipe, or it is insufficient diameter. To repair, we need to perform several consistent actions:

  • Unscrew both adjusting screws. We pay attention to the fact that the screws have different cones. This cone has more in the quality of the mixture.
  • To pull out the pipe inside, we need to heat a little of the part that is outside. To do this, you can use small fire on a gas stove, or heat with a conventional lighter.
  • We warm until it can hold the body in the hands. After that, we put the hairpin into the hole where the bolt of the cover of the lid was located.
  • With the help of a hammer, carefully hit the inserted hairpin until the pipe jumps out.
  • As practice shows, the hole is drilled only on one side of the pipe, t.E. It is not through. We need to make a symmetrical hole on the other side of this tube, or finalize the one that is.
  • If there is a second hole, but it is smaller than the first, then we need to go a little to it. To do this, use a regular round suprafille, pull the edges of the hole.
  • Then we install the tube in the same place. This must be done in such a way that the through hole on it and the hole on the channel exactly match.
  • Before inserting the tube into place, you need to heat the carburetor case again a little so that it enters your place without problems.
  • We insert the phone into place and with the help of the same hairpin with which we pushed the pipe, insert it into place. We knock lightly so that the pipe does not go far inside. From the back we must see a hole located slightly above the through, which should coincide with the channel.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the hole is strictly in the center.
  • We take a dense wire and insert it into the channel hole. If everything is done correctly, then the wire should pass further further through the through hole on the pipe, and exit from it through the carburetor channel.
  • If the wire rested, then you need to tap a little more on the hairpin, pushing the pipe a little further.
  • Next, you need to assemble the carburetor back in the reverse order.

That’s the whole process of the necessary changes in the design of the carburetor. Thanks to them, the adjusting screw fully fulfills its duties on changing quality, which, in fact, was required from it.

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