How to install nsh 10 on a single axle tractor

Hydraulics on a mini tractor with their own hands video

To make such a device, such as hydraulics, on a minitractor with their own hands. a good solution for saving money and getting more productivity from the device. Assembling and creating a new system is not something particularly difficult, and for fans of doing something with their own hands will be a great excuse to dream up and make their own version of hydraulics.

Hydraulics for the tractor with their own hands

Question How to make hydraulics on a mini tractor with their own hands? Many owners of agricultural machinery. After all, factory equipment is quite expensive. Another reason to think about homemade was the availability of information and parts to assemble each individual unit.

By creating a manually operated hydraulic valve by themselves, the owners of special equipment will have several advantages:

Adjustment of all units and parts is carried out under a certain person, who will manage the process of work. And it will make the tractor more convenient and comfortable to drive.

For independent assembly of the hydraulics you will need a competent scheme and a number of spare parts. A good oil pump is needed first of all, which will act on the hydraulic motors. Hydraulic elements are mounted on the metal frame of the mini-tractor, as close to the driving axle as possible. You will also need a distributor element to change the direction of rotation, a set of hoses, tank and spool for the withdrawal of oil. There are a few nuances to consider during assembly:

  • hydraulic pump on the mini-tractor is located directly above the tank (free supply of oil, quick start);
  • it is necessary to calculate the power of all tractor mechanisms (perhaps for greater productivity we need a two-section hydraulic pump, which guarantees the smooth operation of the mechanism even under significant loads);
  • To prolong the life of the system will allow the installation of cleaning oil filters.

After purchasing the necessary parts and careful calculations, you can proceed to the assembly of the node, the calibration of parts and check the tightness of connections, the purity of the hoses, the functioning of the hydraulics.

Homemade hydraulics is a good way to expand the functionality of the mini-tractor, and save a significant amount of money. The assembly and installation of such a construction can not be called anything very complicated. With the necessary parts and tools, anyone can make this mechanism a farmer.

The main element of any hydraulic system is a pump, which is responsible for the circulation of fluid through the hoses. Oil flows to the pump from the tank. The pumping mechanism itself runs on power generated by diesel motor of mini-tractor. Under the action of a pump, the oil flows through flexible pipes to the distributor. To make hydraulics for agricultural machinery, you can use the pump brand KSH-10.

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Make a hydraulic distributor with their own hands is quite difficult, so the best way out would be to dismantle a ready-made unit from any old tractor. Suitable for installation on a homemade machine would be a distributor brand P-80, which is equipped with tractors MTZ.

Through the distributor, the oil enters the cylinder, whose main function is to raise and lower the attachments. The prefabricated self-made hydraulics should be installed on the frame of the self-made machine, closer to its drive axle.

The system can also be supplemented with motors, which should be connected to the wheels. Thus, the hydraulics will not only lift the attached equipment, but also participate in braking the tractor.

Oil will flow into the cylinders as the lever is actuated. Due to its falling level, the wheels of the mini-tractor will be braked. When the lever is set in neutral position, the drive wheels will be completely blocked

How the hydraulics for a singleaxle tractor can be made

The self-made hydraulic system for the power tiller will help to brake by reducing the flow of oil. When the loadsharing handles are set in the dead center position, the wheels can be completely blocked.

To make hydraulics on the motocultivator, you need an oil pump, which has a high flow rate of the working body and medium pressure. This pump will act on the hydraulic motors.

They are installed on the steel frame of the motoblock, which should be made from a pipe of rectangular cross section. The hydraulic motors should be installed as close to the drive axle as possible, so that they rotate the rear wheels.

To determine in which direction the rotation will take place, you need a distributor. Used parts and components from the “Belarus” tractor can be used for this.

The oil flow is made by means of a spool valve. In the middle of the device mount a special swing sleeve for the front axle. Such a design will avoid the need for a PTO shaft.

In this way, the front wheels will change the operating system. When turning the power tiller, the track width changes, the front axle in the system is responsible for this. For this reason it is made by yourself.

As half-axles with pivoting pins in the cultivator on the right and left are mounted rotary legs. Then the rims and discs must be synchronized. Their relative position must be offset.

After mounting and connecting it is necessary to check the operation of the whole structure. If any parts are not functioning properly, you need to check all connections for leaks. Then, after eliminating all the shortcomings, once again turn on and check the performance of the power tiller with the hydraulic control system. The steering and travel hydraulics should also be adjusted.

Made with your own hands hydraulic on the tiller will reduce the effort to process the land and optimize all agricultural processes.

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Front attachment to mtz tractor

The need to assemble a hydraulic motor for a mini-tractor is due to saving money, as well as increasing the productivity of such a unit. This process is not very difficult, so even an amateur can construct a good hydraulic drive with their own hands.

How to make the hydraulics

The use of such a mechanism on a minitractor allows a number of advantages. But the most important thing.That it ensures the stable functioning of additional elements.

install, single, axle, tractor

Self-assembly of such a design is very simple, it is important to have a sufficient level of technical knowledge, as well as clearly adhere to the scheme or drawings. To assemble such a device you need to prepare a number of tools and parts. The sequence of work in this case is as follows:

  • First, the drawings of the future design are created.
  • All necessary parts are procured.
  • They are installed, as well as the installation of hydraulics.
  • After that the parts are calibrated and the functionality of the construction together with the transmission is checked.

According to its scheme, the hydraulics on the mini-tractor with their own hands consists of the following elements:

СКАУТ Т-18, крепления для гидробака и нш 10.

  • A hydraulic tank where the oil is poured.
  • Powertrain.
  • Hydraulic pump and distributor.
  • Connecting hoses.
  • Special hydraulic motors as well as pistons.

Sometimes various filters are installed for supplementation, which change pressure values and other data. This prevents possible contamination of the pump, as well as the power unit from. In the process of mapping out the future design, it is important to consider:

  • The hydraulic pump needs to be placed under the tank. It allows the oil to flow to it by gravity, which reduces the problems of the hydraulic system during start-up.
  • For the correct functioning of the mechanism for a long time it is important to pre-calculate the power of all the combined elements in the machine. It is with this data that the hydraulic pump itself must be selected. When the capacity of one is insufficient, additional installation of an auxiliary element is required. The latter will start working when the system reaches its limits.
  • To ensure continuous, trouble-free machine operation, it needs to be fitted with pressure gauges to measure the system pressure and filters to purify the oil.

In order for the fluid in the system to perform its role, it is important that it is constantly in motion. The same function is performed by the hydraulic pump which transports the oil through the whole system. The power unit connected to it transmits torque, so that it drives the fluid exchange mechanism. The pump itself is connected to the distributor. Depending on the position of the lever, the oil is returned to the tank or it goes in the other direction to the hydraulic motor or pistons.

As a result, due to the high density of such a fluid, it allows heavy traction. In the form of the engine for such a unit different options are used, from electric to diesel.

An important condition is the need to ensure sufficient power to operate the hydraulic pump for the mini-tractor.

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The choice, as well as the purchase of parts

The need for such a system is due to the simplification of piston operation, as well as easier movement of the unit. So that in the process of cultivating the ground no problems arise, the hydraulic system is used, because the mini-tractor itself has little traction properties.

As a result you need to buy the necessary elements, to finalize the design, and then assemble the device. You can buy the elements of the design individually or as a whole. It is important for each group of pistons to have its own lever.

For small units, 3 levers are enough:

In advanced models are used distributors, equipped with additional functionality. However, the price of such variants is significantly higher than the classic products. Selection of the purchased hydraulic pump is based on the following parameters:

  • The level of pressure that is needed to start the power plant. If it is not fast enough, the hydraulic motor will not start.
  • Pumping speed, measured in l/min. Determines the speed at which the pistons as well as the motors will operate.

How to install

When all the components are purchased, it remains to assemble the mini-tractor, during which connect all the elements. This requires the motor to be connected to the hydraulic pump purchased. From there the pipes are connected to the distributor and then directly to the equipment in the form of pistons, motors and the hydraulic tank connected to the pump. An oil strainer needs to be fitted between the tank and the pump to keep the oil clean.

After completing the installation should be checked all systems. In the case of problems in operation, all hoses are examined for integrity, as well as the tightness of the connections. When all is well, the unit is tested during a test drive. At this time, corrections are made to the functioning of the steering hydraulics, as well as the movement, if there are deviations. Floating steering system should be excluded.


Figuring out how to make hydraulics on a mini-tractor with their own hands, it is worth considering the main advantages that bring such homemade devices. Positive properties include:

  • The ability to use attachments.
  • In the process of creating the scheme of the future unit, it can be supplemented by other devices.
  • The controllability increases, as well as the ability to adjust it “for yourself”.

The main disadvantage is considered a waste of time, which is required to create such a design. Assembling the hydraulics for a small mini-tractor, you can greatly improve its performance, as well as simplify its management. It is important to stick to the blueprints clearly, purchase quality parts, and avoid inaccuracies.

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