How to lubricate a brother ls 2125 sewing machine

Instructions for the Brother LS-1520_LS-2125_LS-2150 sewing machine

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How to thread a Brother sewing machine: instructions and recommendations

The Japanese company Brother is one of the largest manufacturers of sewing equipment. The company supplies high quality devices for domestic and industrial use.

Proper threading is essential for sewing the product

Before you start, it is necessary to set up the machine correctly. For this you need to know how to tuck in the thread.

A review of the Brother LS-2125 sewing machine

Brother LS-2125 sewing machine. The sewing machine is one of the cheapest in this store, and with the bonuses I could not find. The main thing required of the machine was the ability to do elastic stitching on the bottom of t-shirts. Misled by the description, which was written about the possibility of doing elastic stitching and the possibility of sewing with a twin needle. Expect that it will be similar stitching from dvuhigolnogo machine but in fact it turned out that the two needles machine does only decorative stitching. The elastic stitch made by the machine can be used in three cases: repairing damaged fabric, sewing elastic stitch or sewing on pieces of fabric. Decided that such a machine would not be superfluous.

The sewing machine was made in China. Packed in polyethylene and in a cardboard box. Weighs about five kilograms. In addition to the sewing machine in the box was a pedal, instruction in several languages, CD with other models of machines. Removable table with storage compartment for accessories was sealed, there was a pouch inside. Accessories in the bag: screwdriver, buttonhole foot, sewing foot for sewing buttons, presser foot for “zipper”, bobbin (3 pcs.).), set of needles, double needle, extra bobbin, darning plate. Double-needle was one, the markings in the manual or on the package could not be found, in online stores too, did not find anything like this. Perhaps the stores will tell me the marking. Probably does not need a second needle.

This sewing machine is for domestic use only. The description on the website says that the machine performs 14 sewing operations, but the packaging says 23 operations. Type of hook vertical. Begin studying the machine by studying the instruction manual. Instructions begin with the safety of working with a sewing machine, which in order to avoid trouble should always be observed. The pedal is connected in the same way as on any other machine.

The needle was already installed, but there was no problem installing another needle either. Everything is described in detail in the manual.

Stitch selection is done with a round knob. To select the desired stitch you need to turn the knob to select the type of stitch in one direction or another. Schematic representation of the stitches and the numbers corresponding to them are shown on the machine. The upper thread tension dial is on the left side of the machine. The tension of the threads has an impact on the quality of the stitching. When changing fabric or thread, the thread tension may need to be adjusted. Bottom thread tension is set at the factory for general sewing tasks. No tension adjustment is required for most sewing applications.

On the right side of the machine there is a key for sewing in reverse. Reverse sewing is used to secure and reinforce stitches.

An additional spool pin is needed when sewing with a twin needle, i.e. you can sew with two upper threads. You can use threads of the same or two different colors to make decorative stitches. The double needle is installed the same way the single needle was installed.

In addition to the ability to perform a variety of on this machine can do buttonholes, sewing buttons, sewing zippers, applique, monogramming and embroidery. The main thing the machine without problems performs stitches that are used most often. I hope the machine will last a long time.

Brother LS-3125 sewing machine review

The number of operations is not the same as the number of stitches (zig-zag, dotted zigzag, straight stitch, blindstitch and stretch blindstitch).

Workable operations

  • Semi-automatic buttonhole
  • Zigzag stitch width of 2 mm, stitch length 1.5 mm
  • Zigzag stitch width 3 mm, stitch length 2.5 mm
  • Zigzag stitch width 5 mm, stitch length 2 mm
  • Zigzag stitch width of 5 mm, stitch length of 0.5 mm
  • Straight stitch stitch length 1 mm
  • Straight stitch length 2 mm
  • Straight stitch stitch length 2.5 mm
  • Straight stitch stitch length 3 mm
  • Straight stitch 4 mm length
  • Straight stitch length 2.5 mm (left needle position)
  • Elastic blind stitch
  • Blindstitching
  • Dotted zigzag

Which oil to choose

Oil for this purpose is distinguished by a special viscosity. If it is too viscous and stretchy, the deep parts will not be lubricated properly, and that’s where most of the load falls. Too fluid composition is also not beneficial, because it does not have time to penetrate deep into the depths and simply flows away. This means that the sewing machine grease must be just as viscous as possible. I have to say right off the bat I don’t like sewing. Lubrication may not be necessary with a high quality production machine, as these units have an automatic lubrication system.

Normal medium viscosity oil

The best oil is the one that came with it. If you don’t have one, you have to choose a better quality lubricant. You can read the recommendations on the machine manufacturer’s website. Under no circumstances should you use vegetable oil: it can lead to serious damage and rapid contamination.

Toyota Power Fabriq

Review: Brother LS-2125 sewing machine. Cheap doesn’t have to mean bad

I have to admit it right away, I do not like to sew. I lost my love of sewing when I was in high school, in crafts class. But still occasionally need something to hem, like jeans, pants, that something to repair, alter-make. I used to have an old and ancient Singer machine, but it did not work well with time, and is still at my parents’ place of residence.

On the next d. р. My parents decided to give me something useful for the house. I asked for a sewing machine. I decided to take the inexpensive one, because I’m not going to sew anyway, but for minor repairs, I thought it should suffice.

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Chose one of the inexpensive machines, the Japanese firm Brother, model LS-2125. The company is Japanese, but made in China anyway. Since I’ve sewn only manual Singer machine before, then I can and will compare only with it, because there is nothing else.

So first I want to write about the appearance. Pretty nice design, the body is plastic and white, I do not know what will happen to it in a few years, because the white plastic tends to yellow over time, while all is fine.

The machine has electromechanical control, which means that there must be an outlet near the workplace. A plus for me is new. Pedal, to which I priaspasalivaya long time, as for me it is very sensitive: a little press already half a meter pierced. If I compare with my old mechanical Singer machine, it’s easier, how fast you want to sew, turn the rocker arm at the same speed.

The machine is quite functional, has 14 types of sewing operations, all numbered and illustrated on the case. Mainly straight stitches, zigzag stitch, blind and elastic. It is possible to sew buttonholes (for example in the photo below a sewing operation).

How to wind the bobbin and thread the upper thread. you can get without instruction (which by the way is written rather complicated for beginners), here everything is shown clearly:

Very convenient that there is a working area backlight, everything is perfectly visible.

Another novelty for me. is the presence of the reverse button: it’s not like the old on zinger need to unroll the fabric to back stitch, here you just press the button and the fabric “goes” not to you, but from you.

All extra things like needles, bobbins, etc. д. stored in the case, and the case in the accessory compartment. Conveniently everything you need is always on hand and nothing is lost. Removing the accessory compartment, you can sew such narrow things such as sleeves.

Now a little write about the drawbacks, as such they are not, except that not serious, for example, like many electromechanical sewing machines, the model is noisy. There is no cover, so after work I hide the machine back in the cardboard box. It has a little bit of a complicated manual for a beginner, I had to reread some suggestions a few times, but maybe it’s just the translation difficulties?

At the end of my review will write about how I have benefited from the machine. As expected earlier it is useful to me for minor household repairs, the first “pancake” were torn pants husband.Then I decided to remake baby slip-ons, the legs were closed, and I made open. For some reason I wanted to try different types of stitches, I chose zigzag, at the same time and overcasting is not necessary.

Then I sewed a curtain for the bathroom (shortened the height), and everything in that spirit. In the near future, I plan to sew curtains for the cottage. And there may be something else will need to hem and mend type of new jeans.

I don’t use the Brother LS-2125 very much, but it does come in handy from time to time. And even if I use it only half a year, I like it, and I want to believe that it will serve me for a long, long time.

Review: Brother LS-2125 sewing machine. The best of the budget models.

A brief description. The blue and white color machine is designed for standard textile repair, like “hem, hem” and has 14 types of working seams, that is designed for beginners. Powered by the network, has electromechanical controls, semi-automatic. The size and weight can be described as compact, lightweight, weighs about 5 kg. Thanks to the handy handle on the back of the body, it can be easily picked up and carried by any woman or girl. Backlight. Plastic body.

Included with the sewing machine was no cover, so it is stored in a box.

Although Brother is a Japanese company, the sewing machines are made in China.

FUNCTIONS.For me, as a beginner, the sewing machine is more than functional. Basic functions: basic stitches, as well as decorative, blindstitch, clamshell stitch, zigzag stitch. There is a function of buttonholes (for buttons), stitching zippers, the ability to do monogramming and stitching. Automatic bobbin marking. Can sew with double needle and single needle. I had to use only the simplest stitches.

The basic 14 sewing operations are shown on the front of the machine. With the thumb wheel in the center, easily select the desired stitch and go.

The sewing machine has a reverse or reverse sewing button for more secure stitching. We press the button and the fabric “goes” in the opposite direction.

The upper and lower threads are easily tucked in, for me it is already a matter of habit, so I will not dwell on it, especially since the instructions are described in detail.

Top view. Here is a scheme for threading the upper thread and bobbin threading scheme, very useful if the sewing machine for a month or two not used, and a little forgotten the order of operations.

In the right side of the upper body of the machine are metal rod for the spool of thread, which is adjustable in height, and a plastic rod for the bobbin.

As the machine is plugged in, it is activated by a cord with a pedal. Insert one end of the cord into the right side of the machine in the special compartment, the other. into the socket. The backlight automatically lights up. On the right side is also a black on and off button.

For carrying I use the handle. recess in the back of the case.

The sewing machine has a removable sleeve unit, which makes it easier to work with narrow pieces of clothing. And this is how the vertical hook looks like:

It comes with a foot pedal. I got used to the pedal well, thanks to my last machine, so I did not notice its sensitivity. Whatever speed I want, that’s what I set. Sewing speed is directly related to how hard the pedal is pressed. And the machine does not consume more than 80 watts, even at the highest sewing speed.

A little about the materials. I’ve tried chiffon, knits, polyester. takes well. If the fabric suddenly starts to wrinkle, it is worth adjusting the tension. Thick fabrics like denim have not yet been sewn.

I found the INSTRUCTIONS easy to follow and understand. In general, I did not even use it, so glanced only because it is identical to the instruction manual to the sewing machine Brother LS-2150.

Included with the machine is a set of necessary accessories and supplies, which is stored in a special pouch in the front bottom compartment of the machine. And if you remove the compartment, you can sew narrow things. Sleeves, baby clothes. All accessories are listed in the manual.

Now a little of my findings and observations. I successfully sewed my two dresses as I wanted, repaired my pants, hemmed and reworked some baby clothes, trying different types of stitching. The sewing machine is useful for me for minor household repairs on the type of hemstitching and mending, no more.

Advantages:- inexpensive. compact. easy. easy to use. detailed and easy to follow instructions. there are 14 types of working seams. nice design.

Disadvantages:- no case. a short pedal cord. plastic parts instead of metal ones. made in China.

The disadvantages are insignificant for me. for some people it may seem that the machine is a little noisy. Brother LS-2125 and Brother LS-2150 work the same way. with an average noise level, at night when everyone is asleep, of course, will not sew, if you do not close in another room.

Brother LS-2125. A low-cost model that is very important for those who want to sew and save the family budget at the same time. The sewing machine is ideal for those who like to sew or do not like, but sews sometimes and a little, as needed. And if you plan to sew a dress, skirt, pants, or otherwise update your closet, then it is desirable to choose a sewing machine with overlock function, as this does not, and other functions.

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Anyway, I liked the Brother LS-2125 sewing machine as much as the Brother LS-2150. In fact, I did not even find them significant differences, except that in the second one sewing operation more than the first machine, and the cost of the first is much more attractive, so if I had a choice, then for its functions and cost, so to speak, value for money, I would choose the Brother LS-2125. Have a nice shopping experience!

Review: Brother LS-2125 sewing machine. “Lathe” in the house

For a long time I am fond of sewing and have experience with different sewing machines, including Soviet.Now I have a good modern model sewing machine, but when I am at my parents’ house on a visit then I have to sew on this “monster”.

In this review, I will tell you about a sewing machine, which was given to my mother, it is a model Broser LS 2125.The machine is a well-known brand and judging by the reviews this model is very common. My mom of retirement age also praises this machine, because she has not seen anything better in her life, and sewed on it only a couple of times.

the look:The machine is made in nice blue and white colors. Shapes are rounded. Looks good.

Under the flywheel there is a lever to turn the power on, as well as the connector to connect to the network.

On the back side there is a sticker of the manufacturer.

Here are the characteristics of the machine. At the same time, the machine is made in China, but apparently under license from a Japanese company.

lubricate, brother, 2125, sewing, machine

STITCHES:The manufacturer promises 14 kinds of stitches, but if you know about it you’ll see that this machine has only 6 stitches and the rest is “deception of vision”.All stitches are numbered, I will tell you more about them.

STitching :You can sew buttonholes on this machine. I honestly have never done this as it is a complicated process and requires a special foot.

STITCHING.:This zigzag stitch, which has different types here. There is only one kind of stitch, but the manufacturer says there are 4 jokes.On my other machine I adjust the size of the zigzag and choose the pitch and width myself, so it is the same type of stitch, but with a different pitch.

STROKE.1: This stitch is the most common straight buttonhole, again in different sizes. But if the zigzag stitch I can still understand the “ruse” manufacturer, then looking at these “6 types” of stitches makes me laugh. Because the step of the stitch could adjust the old Soviet machines, which were produced 70 years ago. And it is one type of stitch, not six!

SEAM 2, 3, 4: Yes, I agree, these are 3 different variations of the openwork zigzag stitch. But does the machine sew with them? about that later.

CONTROL: To select the desired stitch, on the front of the machine is a rotary switch. Here are the stitch numbers. Easy to navigate.

In the right side of the body is the “reverse” lever, when you press it the machine starts to sew “backwards” (in reverse). The machine sews while the lever is depressed, once it is released the machine sews forward again.

For the record, I often use the reverse option to secure the stitch and not make knots at the ends of the thread.

At the top of the machine is a traditional rod for the thread tunnel, as well as a device for winding the bobbin.

There are also pictures of how to correctly thread. I think this is a plus, as not everyone can remember this process the first time.The first figure shows how to tuck in the upper thread for sewing, and the second figure shows how to tuck in the thread to wind it around the tunnel.

Like all machines, this one has a device for adjusting the tension of the upper thread. The higher the number, the higher the thread tension.

The needle device is regular. The foot is included.Under the foot is a metal plate with the marks that help when sewing. I often use them to guide me while I’m working.

the pouch for small things: the first sign of the “cheapness” of this model.This is the design of the change compartment. Usually this compartment has a lid, which opens like a trunk. In the same model, there is no such a cover.In order to get to the compartment for small items, I pull this compartment “towards me”.

Next, I turn the compartment over and see a polymer bag inside.

The pouch closes with a button, inside the pouch are spare needles, paws and thread tubes.Personally for me, this arrangement of the compartment for small items is very uncomfortable. I’ve never seen such an odd design before in my life. For me this is a minus, but I suspect that this is done to reduce the cost of the construction of the machine.

bobbin:The installation of the bobbin in this model is “vertical”. This is now considered an outdated bobbin arrangement, but such machines are still produced because they are cheaper than machines with a modern “horizontal” bobbin.

In Soviet machines. the bobbin was “vertical” and so I know how to work with it, but I would add that now I have another machine with a “horizontal” bobbin and it is very convenient.First, change the thread in the horizontal bobbin is 2 times faster Second, it is immediately visible how much thread is left on the bobbin Third, the thread is not tangled when sewing. And even if they do get tangled, it’s so easy to unravel them, I can continue sewing without even breaking the thread. With vertical bobbin, if the thread is wrapped, you have to cut it, otherwise you can not unravel the thread knot.In the end, the horizontal bobbin wins in everything but price. Machines with it more expensive and therefore if you’re going to hem curtains once a year, it makes no sense to overpay for a modern horizontal bobbin.

USAGE: I sewed with this machine for half a year, so I got to know it well. When I first met her immediately noticed the noise when working, machines rattles like a lathe, when you can hear the clatter of iron and I always thought that now it will break the needle and fly in my eye, because the feeling that something is wrong with the machine. But you can close your eyes to the noise, if the machine was sewing!

This machine sews ONLY regular straight stitches, all other stitches are for it.That’s a problem. If I sew “zigzag”, he gets only 2 layers of regular cotton fabric, if I take a flannel in 2 layers, the “zigzag” she always gets skips (t. е. 2 stitches zigzag, then a couple of straight stitches, then zigzag and straight stitches again, in general, a mess, not a stitch). The machine almost always zigzags, no matter what type of zigzag I choose. Tried to sew a zigzag stitch on denim in one layer. with skips, Plaid thin. makes knots in the thread, rips the thread. As a result, this machine I sew only regular straight stitches.

I’ll show you how to sew a machine with an example of children’s play rug. When my daughter was born, I decided to sew a playmat for her myself. Picked the easiest type of individual squares and started working with squares. I made up the motifs, cut out the details, and at first tried to sew some elements with a zigzag, but quickly realized that the idea is empty.

Here’s a vivid example of how this machine sews a zigzag on denim in 1 layer:

You can clearly see how the machine is zigzagging and what it is doing.I marked the gaps with arrows.

On the edge of the diamond tried to make a zigzag, it came out unknown.

I sewed all the patterns, even the hardest ones, with a straight stitch, so it took twice the time and effort.

Also note how “flat” the straight stitch. No matter how I adjusted the thread tension, it still feels like the tension isn’t set right.

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and the upper thread dominates the lower thread. (The stitching is not voluminous, the loops are not clearly visible).

Another disadvantage is that the stitches can be half-parts of different lengths. This is usually what happens when you change the thickness of the material.

Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Oil and Clean (Front Loading Bobbin)

But there are times when it happens by itself.

I sewed a playmat for a few months, as I did not have enough time, yes with the machine I learned. I also had to stitch all the stitches for strength by 2. 3 times. I usually do these stitches with a zigzag, but in this case I had no choice.

I had to use trickery and figure out how to sew everything using only a straight stitch.

When I made all the themed squares for the rug.

I had to sew them together on a different machine, so here I only needed a zigzag.

To compare the zigzag stitch on a Broser and another manufacturer’s machine.

After a few months of work and considering using two different sewing machines I got a 1.5 1.5 m game mat (4 4 squares).

The kids are still playing with gusto and I think they will be interested in this mat for a long time to come.

MY Opinion :Broser LS 2125. It is an inexpensive and simple sewing machine model for those who sew very infrequently and use only straight stitch. The only plus of this model is its low price. If you are looking for a sewing machine for that sew 1-3 times a year (sewing up curtains or pants, sewing towels or prihvativ and t. e), then it can be considered for purchase. But if you plan to sew things, items for home or for sale, and you need a stitch in the type of “zigzag”, it is better to add and buy a more decent model. over, the manufacturer Broser have better models of sewing machines.

MINUSES. a lot of noise during operation. promise 14 types of stitches, which actually turns out to be only 6 types of stitches with different stitch lengths.inconvenient compartment for trifles. outdated “vertical” type bobbin. bad stitching “zigzag” ( constantly missing loops). only makes a good “straight” stitch

CONCLUSION: Budget model of sewing machine, which can only buy for the purpose of “what would be in the house”. About this model I can say in short “the miser pays twice”

Sequence of disassembly and lubrication of the machine

All sewing machines need to be lubricated sometimes. How often? If you regularly and a lot of work on it, then lubricate the sewing machine should be weekly, if the occasionally, it is enough once every 3 months. If rare, the old oil may thicken and you will have to relubricate the machine before sewing. The machine will tell you when to grease it. It starts squeaking and banging.

To lubricate a modern typewriter, you do not need to bring it to the service center, it is possible to do it yourself at home. Do not experiment with oil, buy a regular household for sewing machines. At the drugstore, get a 20 ml syringe, in which you will pour oil for lubrication.

Of course, to grease the machine, you have to remove the cover. It’s not hard. Let’s see how to do this with an AstroLux.

How to remove the housing of a modern sewing machine

Attention! All further work on the machine should be done with the power cord disconnected.

At the beginning of your work, clear the area where you will be working with the machine. Remove any extraneous material. You can oil them, they will interfere with your work. You will need a screwdriver with a small sting, but with a strong rod, a comfortable handle and a piece of lint-free cloth to remove the excess oil. Cover the table with newspaper or unnecessary cloth.

Look at your sewing machine. You will immediately notice the shiny screws on the body of the machine. They have to be unscrewed. The screws are different in shape and length. To avoid puzzling where to screw in, I suggest to put a unique number for each screw on the casing of the machine with felt-tip pen, and to wrap the screw, unscrewed from this place in a piece of paper and mark it with this number.

You do not need to remove these markings, because you will not only have to lubricate the machine once, but regularly. If you still need to wipe the marker off, it can easily be washed off with alcohol.

You can remove the cover in any order. Your machine manual has a description of how to remove the needle bar cover. That’s where we’ll start. We unscrew the screw that holds it and remove the casing in upward direction to the side.

Let’s put the machine on the table so that the bottom of it is in front of us.

Let’s sign the place of the screws on the cover that covers the mechanism of the machine and remove them.

We wrap each screw in paper and mark the number according to the place where it was unscrewed.

We have got two shafts in front of us, it is necessary to oil their places of rotation in bushings, but it is for the present we continue to take off the case.

Let’s pull the handle of the operating mode switch to the right and remove it.

Let’s unscrew the screw 9 above the mode switch knob and remove the side cover. The flywheel is still on the shaft.

Here is another screw (it is marked with number 5 in the photo below).), which is holding up the housing. Unscrew it.

Under the handle there are also two screws. They must be removed.

lubricate, brother, 2125, sewing, machine

The two screws on the coil pins can also be removed.

Lower the rear hood removal foot

All screws removed. To remove the housing you need to lower the presser foot lifter.Now carefully separate the two halves of the plastic housing and carefully remove.

Half of the housing has been removed, this is enough to lubricate all the shafts.

Notice the red arrows. These places also need to be greased.

This machine has a vertical shuttle. The manual describes how to disassemble and lubricate it.

The hook retracts so you can disassemble the hook and lubricate it

Slide the hook holder to the side and take out the hook ring and hook itself.

How to grease a sewing machine

Draw some household machine oil into the syringe through the needle. Place the machine in front of you in the sewing position and turn the flywheel slowly counterclockwise, t.е. on itself downward. All machine parts in motion should be lubricated at the friction points. The exception is the white plastic gears. Greased with thick grease. They should not be lubricated with machine oil!

Proper care of the sewing machine. Timely cleaning and sufficient lubrication with good quality oil are essential for long and trouble-free operation.

While working over the shuttle and under the fabric motor, especially a lot of textile dust collects. This same dust also contaminates other sewing machine mechanisms. Therefore, the machine should be periodically cleaned and wiped down. Cleaning is done with a cotton flap and a hedgehog or a wooden pointed stick. Wipe all mechanism parts located in the front and arm parts of the sewing machine, as well as under the platform. All lubrication holes should be cleaned of dust. The exterior of the sewing machine is wiped with a piece of hygroscopic absorbent cotton, slightly moistened with petroleum jelly and alcohol (two drops). When the sewing machine is not running, it should be covered with a hood or cover.

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