How to lubricate a caliber perforator gearbox. What lubricant is needed for a perforator

Lubrication for the peorator gearbox

Peorator, this is a tool that is familiar to almost everyone who at least once made repairs at home. Outwardly it is very similar to the drill and the functions of the same, the production of holes. The difference between the tools is that the drill crashes into the hole due to the pointed edge of the drill, while removing the chips, and the peorator pierces the hole, as if with a chisel. Therefore, the power of the penetrator is indicated in the joules and is called the energy of the impact. According to this indicator, they choose the tool, as well as by engine power, if it is electric.

To get a blow, you need an impulse that creates an electric or pneumatic engine.

For the proper use and maintenance of this tool, you need to at least superficially know its device from the inside. Of course, at present, many manufacturers have mastered the release of this tool, but its general scheme has remained unchanged, with the exception of some modifications, since 1932, when the first power tool appeared. By the way, the first was the pneumatic peorator, which was invented specifically for work in mines in 1851.

The internal design of the penetrator

The tool, as shown in the figure, consists of an electric motor (if it is an electric drive), a gearbox, which, together with a safety coupling, regulates the number of revolutions and an impulse, a shock mechanism and a fast.Packed cartridge of the SDS Max or Plus system. The gearbox has a gear, which should be lubricated for good trouble.Free work. Also, a kit of bearings in the shock device also needs lubrication.

The remaining devices that are in the penarator are called additional. This is the operating mode switch, a mechanism for fixing the inclusion button, reverse, as well as devices such as anti.Vibration, removal of dust during operation, fixing the depth of work, adapters for the cartridge and more. They may be present or not. It depends on the model and manufacturer.

How often you need to lubricate the tool

The tails of the nozzles should be smeared with each installation, having previously wiped dust or other pollutant. If the work is carried out intensively, then you need to visually control the degree of lubrication of the seat of the nozzle used.

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The peorator works for different users with different intensity: some use it every day, while others only occasionally. Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer about the regularity of introducing or replacing lubricants. To decide on the need to replace lubrication in the general case, you need to focus on the following:

  • The intensity of the use of the tool;
  • Recommendations set forth on this issue in the instructions for the pedorator;
  • Warranty service period.

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The most complete recommendations of manufacturers regarding the lubrication of the tools of the tool are contained in the operational instructions. The parts that are not indicated there do not need lubrication.

How to lubricate the peorator

The main purpose of the penetrator is to drill, hammer and drill various surfaces. As a rule, most of the materials with which this tool has a tendency to ardent. Small particles, falling on internal parts, clog the device. It should be borne in mind that the elements are in motion, during which they are in contact with each other, which means that their abrasion may begin. To maintain the performance of the tool, it is necessary to clean it in a timely manner. Only with this departure it is possible to extend the service life as much as possible, avoid an ambulance and expensive repairs.

Important: lubrication has several main varieties. One type is used for the gearbox and a completely different type is necessary for drill or tips of the drill. Each device has detailed operating instructions, which prescribes a clear frequency of lubrication. It is these recommendations that should be followed.

There are general rules for all types of peorators.

lubricate, perforator, gearbox, lubricant, needed

How to lubricate the peorater gearbox

  • So, to lubricate the gearbox, it is most often advised to use compositions in the form of liquid oil, which is poured in a certain dose into the tool body (into specially designed holes). Such oil fills the gearbox body and is reliably isolated inside with the installed covers on holes or bolts. During operation, parts are evenly covered with this tool. The most popular manufacturers of oil for lubricating gearboxes are Bosch and Makita firms.
  • An example is two popular types of manufacturers data that are used in the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:
  • Lubrication “Makita P-08361” 30 ml, approximate cost 100;
  • Bosch 1615430005 oil 45 ml, price is about 300

Tip: There are also plastic compositions for gearboxes (in the form of a cream), but it is worth considering that not all tools of tools can work stably on means of such a consistency. The composition for the lubrication of the gearbox should be for each owner of the peorators. But if the peorator is under warranty, then it is best to perform such an operation using the services of service centers, especially in the absence of special holes (that is, if you need to disassemble the tool).

How to lubricate a bar of a pedorator

  • The lubricant for the bends of the penetrator is used to reduce the wear of the nozzles, and also extends the operational period of the peorator (including by reducing the number of dust penetrating into the dust). Lubricants are applied before each insertion of the drill into the cartridge, for this, the nozzles of the nozzle are lubricated with a small amount. Before carrying out this operation for the first time, you need to carefully read the instructions for the tool. This is necessary in order to understand how to correctly disassemble/assemble a peorator without damaging its elements and achieve proper operation.
  • The amount of lubrication and its quality depends on how the power tool will function. If the ratio is incorrectly selected, overheating of the device and even failure are possible. Therefore, before applying one or another lubricant, it is worth checking if there is a given manufacturer and the type of fund in the recommendations in the operating instructions. The most common compounds for the grease of drills are also produced by Bosch and Makita trademarks, only funds have a thicker consistency.
  • When starting to lubricate, it is necessary to rinse and blow the tool, wipe it dry and only then apply a new layer of protective equipment. Those details that do not need sliding should not be lubricated, since this can only damage the peorator. Such elements include, for example, the gear council.

How to lubricate the inferator cartridge

  • Also, the composition should be applied to interchangeable nozzles for drill in the form of a cartridge. The amount of substance should be the same as indicated in the instructions. From its overabundance or deficiency, the tool may fail.

Choosing the type of lubricant does not make problems, there are clear recommendations in the instructions, if they are not available, then you can choose almost any funds from trusted manufacturers.

The work of the infantry cartridge

After the piston fighting strikes at the end of the shank, the forces of inertia throws the chisel forward, transferring the energy of the impact to the end of the working tool. When you press the case of the penetrator, the working tool is returned to its original position and the fighting re.Hit at the end of the drill. The stronger the press, the greater the return on the impact of the piston box, and vice versa, if there is no return of the shank, the working piston will work in idle.

So do you need a lubrication of a shank of the bead of a penetrator? Undoubtedly is needed. If we proceed from working conditions, it is clear that for the guides of open grooves you need thick and abundant lubricant, for closed grooves that work as a bearing, abundant lubricant is not needed, it is even harmful t.To. The balls working under load will not help, but to collect dust in the grooves. This can.

To lubricate the shanks of the company’s working tool, manufacturers produce a separate lubricant, which satisfies the requirements of lubrication of open and closed grooves. Such lubricants have been developed and widely used, for example, Bosch has released a lubricant for the Bosch peorator drills, which are used to lubricate the shanks of the working tool.

Gear lubrication

This is the most complex and responsible node of the penetrator. The performance and service life of the entire device depends on its proper operation.

Attention! If your device is under warranty, then it will be better to contact the service center for oil replacement.

Actually lubrication of the peorator gearbox is not a complex task.

It is much more important to properly collect a gearbox after lubrication. To do this, you need to carefully study its scheme before the disassembly. From tools and materials will be needed:

  • A set of locksmith tools: screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, vise, etc.D.;
  • Spacious desktop;
  • Pure rag;
  • Gasoline or other degreaser to remove the remains of the old lubricant;
  • Container for washing parts;
  • New grease.

If you have a peorator from a well.Known manufacturer, then it will be reasonable to take the corporate party. If it is unavailable, then any similar in composition and characteristics, from Metabo to lithol, but you need to be prepared for the fact that it will last less. The sequence of work is as follows:

lubricate, perforator, gearbox, lubricant, needed
  • Let the device cool after work.
  • Carefully clean it of dust and dirt.
  • Analyzing the peorator, remember (or mark on the diagram) how the details are located.
  • After extracting the parts of the gearbox, they should be thoroughly washed from contaminants and remnants of the old lubricant.
  • Wipe your leisure with a rag.
  • Clean, rinse and dry the gearbox body.
  • If there were no traces of old lubricant on any details, then you should not apply a new one on them.
  • Lubricate the details.
  • Gently collect the peorater gearbox in the sequence, reverse disassembly.
  • Hand over the mechanism manually, make sure that the assembly was made correctly.

The first inclusion is made at minimum revolutions without load, carefully listening to the sounds from the gearbox. If extraneous noises appear, check the correct assembly.

What lubricant is needed for a peorator

In order to reduce the wear of internal details in the ashorator, and a good peorator costs good money, you need to choose the type of lubricant in which this wear can be maximally reduced.

Lubrication can be in liquid form, which is used in those peorators in which the gearbox is in a fully closed case. The oil is kept using special stuffing box seals and poured through special holes, which are then tightly closed.

Before replacing the oil, we must wash the internal parts or gasoline or machine oil. This is if the body is unlimited. The amount of oil is indicated in the instructions for the tool.

The lubricant works great for cooling, the gears seem to bathe in oil, lubricated from all sides. But there is one drawback. Since this is a closed space, when heated, which inevitably during the work of this tools, the oil expands and increases the pressure in the body.

Another type of grease is a consistent lubricant. Its use is more common.

It is much more convenient when used, due to density it better sticks to the details. In order to lubricate the peorator gearbox with your own hands, it needs to be disassembled in detail using the instructions for disassembling. This can be read in detail in the article “Lubrication for the peorater gearbox”. In order to decide what lubricant should be in the gearbox of your infantry, you must also consider whether your tool is under warranty.

If the warranty period has not expired, we use the lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Companies such as Makita and Bosch release their lubricant, which protects the tool from premature wear.

Which lubricant to choose for Makita gearbox

For these manufacturers, lubricant is also produced by liquid or consistent. For a 30 gram tube and can be used for other brands. According to reviews, very good quality.

After the end of the guarantee for the tool, the owner himself decides what lubricant to lubricate his peorator, look for his own option or use a lubricant recommended by the company.

I would like to return to Litol. Users having a Chinese instrument or Chinese. Russian, note the fact that when using lithola in these tools, increases the impact of the penetrator and at the same time decreases noisiness in the operation of the tool. Just when it is used, you need to make a lubricant 1, 5 times more often.

In addition, lithols when heated faster liquefies and follows. But this lubricant does not spoil the tool, although in other models of the tool it can cause severe heating of parts, as well as additional braking.

The procedure for applying lubrication to the gearbox of corner grind

Before applying, a new lubricant, it must be thoroughly mixed and trace that there are no lumps or extraneous objects in it. On the gear, the lubricants are applied with a thin layer, making sure that it completely covers the teeth. It is more convenient to fill with a syringe inside the bearings with a syringe inside the bearings. Then the lubricant intended for angular grinder is clogged into the gearbox body. This is necessary for the reason that during work it can fly with gears and with its small number, the gears will work “dry”.

The volume of the lubricant laid in the gearbox should be such that the oblique teeth of the gears are completely covered with it. Excess will lead to the fact that it will squeeze out from under the cover, and an insufficient amount will not ensure the correct operation of the gearbox.

It is best to navigate the quantity that was laid down at the manufacturer of an angle grinding machine, but you need to remember that the lubricant may dry, while decreasing in volume.

In this regard, it is better to put a little more and check the correctness of the distribution of the lubricant after turning on the corner grinder. In general, the amount of lubricant is usually approximately 30-50% of the full capacity of the gearbox.

Types of lubricant for gearbox

Lubrication. A substance of a viscous consistency necessary to reduce the coefficient of friction between the individual driving parts of the mechanisms. At the same time, it is impossible to completely remove friction, therefore, to avoid wear in the peorator gearbox, timely replacement is required. During friction, small metal particles are separated from the tool and in the form of metal dust fall into the oil. Because of this, the oil loses its properties. At the first stage, the viscosity of the substance changes, and at the second it itself is the cause of the additional wear of the tool. Viscosity is the most important parameter of oil, which is worth first to pay attention when choosing.

lubricate, perforator, gearbox, lubricant, needed

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Liquid lubricant is similar to motor oil. It can only be used in peorators with a gearbox with a sealed body. In order for the oil to be kept inside, the tool shafts are protected by sealing oil seals.

The replacement of liquid lubricant is performed through the oils, special holes with a tightly closing lid. It is characterized by high efficiency, as it is able to evenly cover the entire surface of gears and other elements.

Also, liquid oil promotes the cooling of the gearbox, while in the case of a tool overheating, the pressure is significantly increased in the gearbox. This can lead to oil loss through the seals.

Consistent lubricant is more common. Lubrication has a thick, plastic consistency and excellent adhesion. Differs in the application of application, to replace the gearbox should be disassembled. This allows you to control the required amount of lubricant in full. At room temperature, it is quite thick and holds well on metal elements. The advantage of consistent lubrication is that its use does not require complete tightness, only the use of good gaskets and bushings is enough.

During operation, the lubricant temperature grows and it, melting, evenly covers the surface of the mechanisms. After the end of work, it cools and holds on the gears.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should adhere to one rule. The manufacturer of the oil must comply with the manufacturer of the penetrator. Almost every manufacturer develops oil based on the requirements and features of his own tool. Typically, the technical documentation of the tool indicates information about the type of lubricant recommended for use. The documentation also indicates a list of power tools for which it is suitable. Do not underestimate these recommendations, since even the slightest deviation of technical characteristics can negatively affect the performance of the tool.

Among the lubricants of domestic production, a knight can be distinguished. Produced in the Moscow region and sold in a tube weighing 100 g. Convenient to use, a narrow nose of the tube is great for applying oil to the holes of the gearboxes.

A few more recommendations on the lubrication of the peorator

The question of how often the lubrication of the peorater should be performed, users of such equipment often occur quite often. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of the lubrication depends on the intensity of the use of the peorator, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer, necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period has ended for the device you use.

Hidden surfaces of the parts of the gearbox must be lubricated before assembling mechanisms

To the question of how to lubricate the peorator of one of modern models, it is much easier to answer, since the advantageous majority of these devices already have a special container in their equipment, in which you just need to fill the lubricant, unscrewing the drain cover and drain the old lubricant. Before pouring a new lubricant, the level of which should not exceed the control mark, it is better to blow the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse using spindle oil or ordinary gasoline.

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