How to lubricate a saw chain. Recommendations for the use of oils for chainsaws

What oil should be poured into the electric saw

For most owners of electric saws, it is not a big secret that the oil used to lubricate the electric saw circuit is one of the main consumables. However, at the same time, not everyone pays due attention to the quality of the lubricant. And completely in vain, since it is on how well this product will lubricate the working surface of the chain that will depend on its further operation. Therefore, before pouring oil into the electric saw, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics.

The oil for electric saws is used as a lubricant for the circuit to level the arising friction forces and reduce the level of heat generation. As a result, the rapid and uninterrupted operation of the cutting canvas is achieved. Sometimes it happens that at some stages of cutting you have to make additional efforts to obtain the required cut, and this directly indicates an insufficient amount of lubrication or its not very good quality. In this case, it is recommended to immediately check the oil level in the tank or simply grease the chain to complete the current work.

Most of the new models of chain electric saws have a built.In automatic oil supply system to the surface of the cutting element, and manual lubricant is necessary only for outdated equipment.

Choosing engine oil

Oil intended for a 2-stroke engine must meet the following requirements.

  • The lubricant should form a minimum of ash when combustion. Ideally, it should burn completely.
  • Lubrication should have good solubility in gasoline and a high degree of cleaning from various impurities that can cause clogging of very narrow carburetor channels.
  • Oil should have high anti.Corrosion, anti.Intonidate and lubricating qualities.

There are certain standards of oils intended for 2 stroke engines: TC-W3 and 2T. A grease that meets the TC-W3 standard is used for water cooling engines (boat motors, hydraulic cycers). 2T oil is used as an additive in gas for 2 strokes that have air cooling (lawn mowers, mopeds, chainsaws, etc.D.).

Oils can have green, red or blue in color. This is done so that their presence in gasoline is easily determined.

When using poor.Quality lubrication, the entire piston group of the engine may fail through the formation of a carbon felular under the piston rings. As a result, they will not be able to compress, and bullying on the walls of the cylinder. The improper lubrication of the bearings of the crooked-shaped mechanism leads to their overheating and, ultimately, to jamming. Important: to use diesel oil to prepare the fuel mixture, it is prohibited, since it does not correspond to any parameter named above.

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About this oil is not in the know. I use the German Bio Sage- Kettenoil. It is not the cheapest, but really high.Quality.

I have a spent turbine and transformer oil. You can fill it?Who knows?The topic is still alive?

What mix oil to use! What ratio should I run in different saws!

If you saw all day, you can pour I-40, and another new. Working and well, nafig. It stinks, then everything is black, the pump oil can circulate, if not filtered. Yes, and all sawdust is in this development, all this is then absorbed into the ground.

If you cut several cubes for yourself, then buy 1-2 lines of 2-3 € per liter of good proper oil, not such a large waste.

Specialist. Mostly mineral oil oil, there are even biodegradable oils. It is sticky and stretches like snot. Recommended not to save. It also depends on the saw, on normal saws the pump spin only when the chain moves, and not constantly. You can also reduce the feed. Correct oil and is consumed correctly. On Khusuke 550xp, I had enough oil gas station for 1.5-2 gas station gas stations. And at two gas stations you can cut a lot.

PS A tire is killed from improper operation, a dull or not properly sharpened chain. And the chains are only new, and then a little, if the asterisk is not killed.

Stihl chainsaw oil

STIHL chainsaw motor oil today is universally recognized as the best option for this technique. And this is logical. No one better than the saw manufacturer knows what properties the lubricants should have to create the most favorable operating conditions.

STIHL for gasoline saws produced several types of oil. Two options are common in Russia.

Synthetic Stihl HP Ultra

Greenish lubricant. It has very good bioference properties. Contains a minimum amount of sulfur and other inclusions that can potentially form soot.

It mixes perfectly with gasoline and is capable of not precipitation for a long time for a long time. This property is especially useful if the saw is not used daily, since there is no need to drain fuel.

Mineral Stihl HP

It has a red tint. Does not have the properties of biological decomposition. In this oil, it is extremely not recommended to operate a chainsaw in a closed room.

The lubricant mixes well with gasoline. However, with prolonged simple, it is recommended to completely drain the fuel from the tank, since in a diluted state the properties of the oil gradually fall.

Even with prolonged operation of the saw on the mineral lubrication of the STIHL, the carpet on the piston skirt, cylinder and candle is minimal. This lubricant is relatively cheap and is most popular in Russia.

Types of oil lubrication

There are special brands of such materials to lubricate the electric saw chain. There are many options in the retail network. All of them have different compositions. Their basis can be synthetic, mineral and semi.Synthetic. There are also chain products based on plant raw materials. Each variety has its own characteristics. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the material.

The most effective are synthetic varieties. They can be used even at a very low temperature. Frosts below.40 ° C, ensuring the normal operation of the tool. But the serious minus of such materials is high cost. To acquire them to consumers is not always affordable. Therefore, they prefer other options.

The price of mineral oils is two or more lower than synthetic. But their qualitative characteristics are also noticeably lower. At low temperatures, even at.25 ° C, they cannot enter the place of purpose in the motor, and the details begin to be subjected to friction, and as a result, the mechanism quickly fails. Therefore, if it is necessary to work in the cold, they are useless and other varieties of lubricating materials should be used.

The average version between mineral and synthetic oils is semi.Synthetic. On sale there are such materials for electric and gasoline saws. If necessary, purchase chain lubricant for electric saws, it is better to choose stamps and varieties of materials indicated in the instructions of the aggregate. Usually these are species that have the most desirable characteristics for this model.

Oils for chainsaw stihl

One of the most popular oil manufacturers for chains of chainsaws is STIHL. It offers a whole line of products intended for various operation temperatures.

Cheap chainsaw chain oil

Forest Plus mineral oil is recommended for use at temperatures to.15 ° C. The shelf life of this fluid, subject to storage conditions, is 3 years. The fluid is supplied in liter or five.Liter cans.

BIO Plus on a plant.Based has the same temperature limit. A feature of the oil is its biological safety, t.The ability to quickly decompose when it enters the soil.

Semi.Synthetic fluid Synth Plus is characterized by the ability to maintain working characteristics at temperatures to.25 ° C.

The STIHL chain lubricant system consists of:

All STIHL oils are suitable for long.Term lubrication of the saw chain and guide tire.

The supply of lubricating fluid is carried out using a pump with a special adjustment. The chain is lubricated continuously.

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During the operation of the tool, the oil leaves the tire groove and immediately absorbed into the sawdust.

Low price category models are equipped with a manual pump operating through the effect of the drive on the handle.

General concept of the lubrication system of the chain of the chain

To understand how important the choice of chain oil for the chainsaw is, we will consider the principle of operation of the lubricant itself on the example of Stihl 180. This model is chosen as one of the most common modifications of the chainsaw from Stihl.

The STIHL chain of the chain of the chain 180 consists of several main parts:

  • Expansion tank;
  • Tubes of the supply of lubricants from the tank to the pump;
  • Oil pump;
  • Channels for supplying lubrication to the tire (on some saws, the intensity of oil rolling into the tire can be adjusted);
  • Channels inside the tire for the distribution of lubricant over the entire working surface of the saw headset.

The intensity of the lubricant supply for the chain of the chain of the Stihl 180 chainships in the general case is not manually regulated. You can adjust the oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw in some other models (for example, at Husqvarna saws).

And in this saw there is a simple rule: the higher the engine speed, the more intensively the pump rotor rotates and in a larger amount the lubricant fluid comes to the saw.

Subtle settings without the use of the methods that are not provided for by the instructions for the operation of the methods are absent.

Oil is poured into a special tank with each refueling fuel. The designers worked out this chainsaw in such a way that after the production of fuel in the expansion tank, oil should still remain in a small amount. That is, with proper operation, the likelihood is excluded that the chainsaws will work on dry.

The lubricant system works as follows. The crankshaft through kinematic connection drives the rotary oil pump of the simplest structure.

The oil pump creates discharge and sucks grease from the tank. Then he drives it under pressure into the tire system system. Oil enters the driven teeth of the chain and spreads throughout the headset. The chain, the working surface of the tire and its front needle bearing are lubricated.

Why is the lubrication of the circuit on the electric saw?

The cutting node of the electric saw works in direct contact with the processed materials.

Lubrication in such conditions is quickly erased, and without it the cutting node is subject to very rapid wear. The chain is pulled out, its step ceases to correspond to the step of the teeth of drive gears. Working with the tool becomes not only hard and unpleasant, but also dangerous.

High revolutions of electric saws in the absence of lubrication on the chain can lead to an instant failure of both the chain and tires.

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To avoid this, it is necessary to use a special oil for the electric saw circuit and monitor the presence of lubrication on the circuit.

Chain oils


STIHL BIOPLUS chain oil for chainsaw has a plant base. Inevitably falling into the soil, it quickly decomposes and does not damage the environment. This is confirmed by the European environmental safety sign located on the label. The product has been tested by the OECD 301 b standard. Bioplus has an optimal quality and price ratio, which, together with environmental safety, makes it the best choice for a benzo tool with average intensity of operation.

Oil is supplied in four types of packing 1 liter, 3 l, 5 l and 20 l. Shelf life is 4 years. Brown colour.

Gazpromneft Chain Oil

Universal all.Season special oil for lubricating the chain, directing chain (tires) and leading stars of all types of chainsaws equipped with both manual and automatic lubrication systems. It is made on the basis of highly purified mineral oils and a special additive package.

Great stickiness, protects the chain from moisture and corrosion, lubrication and surfaces, removal of sawdust, pollution, wear products.

Hammer Flex Bar Chain Oil

All.Season adhesive chain oil is reliably held on the links of the chain, contains a package of anti.Symbolic additives, reduces friction and reduces wear, prolongs the service life. Perfectly removes dust and sawdust from the surface of the tire and circuit, protects against moisture and condensate formation. Great anti.Corrosion properties.

Champion Bar Chain Oil

High.Quality ecological adhesive oil with low sulfur sulfur and tires. Made for mixtures of peeled oils and has good lubricants. Viscous additives and special additives prevent wear and oxidation of metal, thereby increasing the life of the chainsaws. Quickly and completely decomposes in the soil.

The above motor and chain oils are far from a complete list of high.Quality materials, the positive effect of which is tested by thousands of chainsaw owners. The modern market is saturated with similar means of different brands, brands and price categories.

What oils are better suited for your chainsaw. To solve only you. It is impossible to make an unequivocal recommendation on this subject.

Although it is still better to adhere to the rule. To use only well.Known manufacturers to work for their technology.

These materials are guaranteed to provide reliable protection and long.Term operation of the chain and engine of your chainsaw.

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