How to lubricate a trimmer for grass gasoline. How to lubricate and add -in -lubrication in the gearbox of an electric trimmer for grass

What needs to be lubricated in a trimmer except the gearbox

Buying a trimmer for gasoline or electronic grass, each owner of his own land, a suburban site or cottage knows that such a purchase very soon justifies himself to justify himself.

If previously cautious lawns and even grass we saw only in films, now we have the opportunity to purchase one of the lawn mowers or trimmers, which are represented in stores in sufficient quantities.

Trammers for grass that are on sale are divided into several categories. Depending on the purpose, on:

Depending on the type of nutrition, trimmers for grass for giving can be divided into two main groups:

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It makes no sense to receive a profile trimmer for grass for personal use, if, of course, you are not a landscape designer, the main activity of which is the design of suburban areas on Feng Shui

To maintain a lawn and grass in the good condition of the house in a good state of a completely universal device. With all this, the type of fishing line, which is provided in the device, plays an important role when choosing.

As already mentioned, now you can purchase both electronic and gasoline trimmers for grass. The difference, of course, is primarily in the power source.

In terms of technical characteristics, electrical devices are inferior to gasoline. They are not so mobile, require a constant power source, which is sometimes impossible to depart from the required distance.

However, electric trimmers for grass attracts their low cost. The cheapest can cost half as much as gasoline analogues.

Let us dwell on trimmers working on gasoline. They have, and this is natural, there are pros and cons of.

The main advantage, perhaps, can be considered the autonomy of the mechanism: when organizing a landscape design of a summer cottage, this may turn out to be important.

You can work with a trimmer on gasoline in any weather, which cannot be said about electric models. Finally, gasoline trimmers for grass have increased power. This allows you to process much larger area.

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Reducer of the lawn mower.How to lubricate and how easy to determine that it needs to be lubricated.

What to do with the gearbox of the lawn mower, so that it has served for many years.

Lubricate the Huter GGT-2500S lawn mowers and all the rest of the gas!

Check. Is there a lubricant on your shafts gas. Most likely there is dry!

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How to Grease Brushcutter Gearbox? Trimmer head lubrication

However, gasoline models of trimmers, it happens, fail. This can happen for various reasons, quite often due to improper maintenance of the device.

Remember that gasoline trimmers for grass need periodic cleaning of the fuel tank and oil replacement.

Trimmer lubrication and its use

In order for the gasoline or electric trimmer for the grass to serve for a long time, and its work was as reliable as possible, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance of individual elements. The care process does not take much time, includes lubricating the rubbing parts and cleaning the filter.

The gearbox and shaft are most susceptible to wear, for which a special lubricant is intended. It is on sale in most stores of garden equipment and tools.

The gearbox includes a crankcase with many gears that intensively interact with each other, transmitting the torque.

Lubricants reduce friction, so the wear of the parts is significantly reduced. To add the composition to the gearbox, you need to unscrew a special bolt on the housing, and then squeeze the contents of the tube inward until the entire space is filled completely.

For the production of trimmer lubrication, special ingredients are used, which meet the most stringent environmental standards and decompose in the environment after use, without damaging it.

The consistency of high viscosity during heating decreases in density, so reliably protects the clutches at maximum temperatures.

The frequency of a change in the substance on average is about 50 hours of the general work of the apparatus, more accurate data of a particular model are indicated in its technical passport.

In addition to the gearbox, a trimmer shaft for grass needs care. It should be abundantly lubricated immediately after the purchase (if the manufacturer has not provided for this), and before that it is well cleaned.

In addition, all the joints of the rubbing parts are recommended for lubrication. The transition from the motor to the flexible shaft and the junction of the shaft with the rotating head. This significantly increases the reliability of work and the life of motorcycles.

So that the owner of a trimmer for grass can save on the purchase of individual lubricants for the shaft and gearbox, manufacturers develop universal products that are suitable for all parts immediately.

It is worth noting that not only powerful gasoline trimmers for the grass need mandatory maintenance. Electric models also significantly extend their service, if they are lubricated before seasonal use and after its end.

Types of coils

There are 3 types of the most popular trimmer heads:


A mechanical coil is a plastic or metal disk, in which one or more small cuts of the fishing line are fixed in various ways, which is why it has to be manually constantly changed for a trimmer.

Here are the most popular models of such heads:

Weed Eater Secrets|Greasing Your Trimmer The Right Way! What The Pro’s Don’t Tell You!

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Semi.Automatic (collapsible)

Despite the variety of models and differences in appearance, the coils of this type are arranged and work according to one principle.

The base connects the remaining elements of the trimmer head with a motorcycle or electric shock through the threaded sleeve paid in it, so each coil is only suitable for that trimmer, the diameter of the gearbox shaft or lower engine corresponds to the diameter of the sleeve.

A spring is installed inside the base, which supports the spool, squeezing the pressing part outward through the removable case.

There are fixers on the rogue and the case that prevent the turn of the first, however, when the operator hit the pressure on the ground, the spool comes out of the clutch with the lattice of the removable case and rotates freely.

Holes for the string are made in the removable case, and they are located so that the output of the fishing line from the spray is noticeably higher, this provides reliable fixation of the fishing line in working condition.

When the operator beats the pressure on the ground, the spool enters the case and all the holes through which the fishing line for the trimmer passes is combined. Then the centrifugal force pulls part of the wound string outward, and when the pressure on the pressure disappears, the spool leaves the body and again occupies the working position.

Automatic (indifferent)

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, all automatic coils are arranged and work according to one principle.

They consist of the following details:

A threaded sleeve is soldered into the foundation of the base, and a ratchet clamp is installed on the inner surface, which allows the spool to rotate in only one direction. There is a through canal intended for the fishing wire inside the spray. The cap is rigidly put on the spool, and the curly faces facilitate its rotation to wind the fishing line.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a trimmer for grass?

In the upper part of the case, where the gear unit is installed, there is a technological hole that, when operating the trimmer for the grass, is drowned out with a screw. This screw is twisted, and 1.5 2 ml of grease is introduced into the hole using a nose available on a tube. If the lubricant was purchased in another packaging, then a regular disposable medical syringe is suitable for this operation.

After that, the screw is installed in its former place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10 15 hours of operation of a trimmer for grass in working mode. Other reasons for updating or replacing the reducer lubrication are the independent performing of small regulatory work (for example, cleaning and washing the gear of the gearbox before the start of the summer season), repair of the node, preserving the trimmer for grass for the winter period, etc. D.

If the reducer node is disassembled, it is recommended to completely remove the remaining lubricants from the surface of the parts, even if it does not have traces of oxidation and pollution. And only then apply a new grease. After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to handle the shaft several times manually, and make sure that the grease is evenly distributed over all the details of the gearbox.

When lubricating, special attention is paid to the following elements:

  • Flywheel: on its surface, as a rule, intensively sticks the remnants of grass, and thickening herbal juice creates additional resistance.
  • Dog of a starter coil, which in the process of turning on the drive is constantly in contact with the grooves on the flywheel. At the same time, not only mechanical wear occurs, but also the mechanochemical corrosion of the Makhovik-Sobachka compound, since the materials of this pair are different (the flywheel is aluminum, and the dog is steel).
  • Bearings, if their seals are worn out, and through them the remaining lubricants are squeezed out. In this case, the unit begins to vibrate intensively when loading. This happens with trimmers of Chinese.Made, so it is worthwhile to think about replacing a bearing unit with a better, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a trimmer for grass

Almost every motorcosa gearbox is equipped with a small technological hole, which in the mode of operation is drowned out by a special bolt. After thoroughly cleaning the node from the remains of grass and debris, it is necessary to unscrew the screw and enter the gearbox into the cavity of 1.5 to 3 ml of lubrication depending on the brand of the tool. For the convenience of dosage, you can use a traditional medical syringe. During the operation, it is impossible to allow foreign particles and objects inside the gearbox, since this can lead to intensive wear of the gear gear, as well as its jamming.

Experts recommend, when completing the mowing season and long.Term storage of the tool without work, to disassemble the gearbox, flushing gears and bearings, as well as re.Lubricating the node.

What will happen if you do not grease on time?

If you mow the grass with a trimmer, the rubbing details of which have not received lubrication, then the following will happen:

  • The shaft will break the bushings, so a strong vibration will appear and the device will be more difficult to hold in his hands;
  • The gearbox will begin to bask, and the surface of the gears will be stolen, metal dust enters the crankcase, so the laying of a new lubricant will no longer give a result, because it will act like an abrasive paste, accelerating wear;
  • Over time, the gearbox will stop working and when the engine is turned on, the knife or coil will not rotate.

What lubricant should be in the gearbox of a trimmer for grass

Very many use liletes for this purpose, its only plus is a low price and many make a lubricant replacement in the gearbox of a trimmer for grass for litol. At the same time, this lubricant is more thick and viscous than specialized lubricants, it does not have special additives in the composition. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor what level of lubrication in the gearbox, add it every 20 hours. In addition, lutol cannot be used on aluminum details. Therefore, what lubricant will be in the gearbox of the trimmer for the grass, its performance and its service life will depend.

As already mentioned, it is very good if when buying a mower you will immediately purchase a lubricant of the same company as a mower.

Special grease from Oleo-Mac for gearboxes

Good reviews can be read when using high.Quality OLEO lubrication. Mac, which is designed for gearboxes, which based on a double sulfate of molybdenum, blue grease for a trimmer gearbox for Hammer Flex grass. Regarding the lubricant, you need to take into account that it should be precisely for the gearbox of a trimmer for grass, and not for a trimmer for grass. The work of the gears inside the gearbox has its own characteristics. It is good for such purposes to use the universal lubricant of Oregon 530183i American manufacturer, which is designed to lubricate gears in trimmers.

In addition to the fact that special lubricants have a density and viscosity necessary for such details, you need to remember that children can play on the lawn, adults and getting out of the lubrication that is inappropriate for this purpose is superfluous.

Lubrication of the lower and upper gearbox

There are tips in which they recommend lubrication at the end of the season. However, most people believe that it is better to do this at the beginning of each season. When we repair the node and also carry out any disassembly, it is necessary to use lubricants. The gearbox must be additionally lubricated when an old trimmer is inserted for grass.

Modern trimmers for grass are equipped with a gearbox, which measures the angle of transmission of mechanical energy between the two components: shaft and head. Conquered gears are considered common, they easily withstand high speed, equipped with smooth hook, as well as an increased level of bearing capacity. The housing includes a shaft, a gear wheel, which is pressed on a driven shaft. In order to reduce friction, bearings are installed on the support points of the shaft.

Serving gasoline trimmer for grass

Most motos and trimmers have a flexible shaft in their design. Its condition must be checked at least 1 time for 50 working hours. To perform this operation, you need to remove the tip tip, pull out the shaft and inspect it, then grease it.

Inexpensive materials are suitable for the shaft care, it is more difficult to choose them for a trimmer gearbox for grass. How to lubricate this mechanism-depends on the tool manufacturer. It is best to use the materials that contain molybdenum disulfide. The latter provides smoothing and filling cracks on the work surface, therefore it is especially appreciated among users.

Important: the use of a large amount of lubrication with high density leads to overheating of the mechanism, increased friction of working couples and fuel consumption. Therefore, the process of selecting materials and prevention should be attributed responsibly.

How to use a gas toss correctly?

The only way to extend the service life of a trimmer for grass is its proper operation. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers are not interested in the too long service life of their products, so part of the rules that help to more carefully spend the resource of the device are not included in the instructions for the operation of the benzotrimer.

For this reason, we recommend carefully comply with all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because we made recommendations on the basis of:

  • The experience of operating many owners of devices that they were divided on the pages of various forums;
  • Tips of those who are engaged in the repair of motorcycle;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of trimmers of the most expensive and high.Quality brands.

Since the operation of a trimmer for grass implies not only mowing grass, but also many other actions, we divided it into the following topics:

  • The engine is running.
  • The choice of revolutions.
  • The direction of the mowing.
  • Choosing clothes and protective equipment.
  • Security measures.
  • Transportation and storage.

The engine is running

Despite the fact that the engine of the newly purchased trimmer for the grass is already driven and you can immediately proceed to the mowing of the grass, avoid maximum speed for the first 3-5 hours, because the final grinding of the parts of the cylinder piston group occurs.

If we allow the motor output at maximum speed, then there is a high probability of the appearance of stray on the walls of the cylinders, and this will lead to a sharp drop in the efficiency of the motor, and will also greatly reduce its resource.

The choice of revolutions

The maximum torque of the motor appears at revolutions corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the greatest power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. Therefore, the most effective trimmer for grass mows grass in this range.

The exit to maximum turns slightly reduces power, so during the mowing of grass, focus on the sound of a trimmer for grass and evaluate the speed according to this parameter.

If the load is too high and the speed of rotation of the shaft of the power unit is reduced, add the gas using the corresponding key on the working handle.

As soon as the load decreases and the speed increases, press the gas key less to return the speed of rotation of the motor shaft to optimal value.

If before you have never used a motorcycle, then until the completion of the run.Up, mow only low and non.Thick vegetation, which a trimmer head with a fishing line easily copes with. After completing the running.In, the engine will cease to be afraid of maximum revolutions, and you will acquire a sufficient skill to control the motor by ear.

In addition, avoid the long operation of the motor at idle, because because of this, the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing is deteriorated, which can lead to its overheating and jamming.

The direction of the mowing

When working with a motorcycle system in the maximum capture mode, move it so that it goes against the direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

In this case, the knife or disk will repel the device from a possible obstacle, so the trimmer for the grass will not jump out of hands.

In addition, with such a movement, a knife or head is thrown back in front of you, so you will better feel the resistance of the mowing of grass, which means avoid too fast movement and caused by it:

For most trimmers, the right direction of mowing grass is movement from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the trimmer for grass continues the mowing of grass, so the probability of a reverse blow increases, due to which the device can be very jerking. Therefore, when moving in the opposite direction, try to capture smaller grass to reduce the load on the device and the probability of a reverse blow.

The choice of maximum maximum capture mode is especially important at:

In addition, when pruning trees, try not to raise a cutting tool very much, but also not to turn it perpendicular, because this can lead to a violation of the carburetor.

This requirement is not relevant only for trimmers-crossbars, whose carburetors work equally effectively in any position.

Choosing clothes and protective equipment

A trimmer for grass is a device of increased danger, so to work with it you need to choose the right clothes and protective equipment.

When going to mow grass, put on only clothes without any straps and fringe, which can tighten a rotating cutting tool.

If you put on shoes with laces, then take measures so that they do not untie. If you have long hair, then limit their mobility by putting on a hat or tied with something. Be sure to put on glasses or a protective mask, because it is likely that the grass cuts will not where it should and falls into the eye.

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