How to lubricate the gearbox of the corner grinder. How to serve a gearbox angular grinder?

How to lubricate the gearbox of the corner grinder? Useful tips, recommendations of masters

Corner grinding machine (angular grinding). With the help of this tool, the masters perform many operations. He, like any other equipment, requires full maintenance. Mobile elements need lubrication. For this, special tools are used.

There are several options than lubricate the gearbox of the corner grinder. The advice of experienced craftsmen will help you choose the best way. The corner grinder will work for a long time and effectively.

Replacement rules

The main modular block is an angular grinder is a gearbox. He assumes the main part of the load during functioning. It contains braids, which convey the rotational moment from the rotor to the active element. The lubrication of the gearbox of the corner grinder provides a decrease in the friction force in the gears. And also helps to reduce the temperature that occurs during operation.

In what cases to replace the lubricant? During functioning, the lubricant scatters on the sides of the gearbox body. After a short time, he begins to dry, and lumps form. Lumps can accumulate particles of dust and metal formed during operation. If when analyzing the corner grinder, lumps are detected, then you need a new lubricant for the gearbox of the corner grinder.

There are situations when it is required to replace the parts of the gearbox corner grinding or rotor bearing. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the device. Accordingly, the lubricant will be removed. New material is applied instead.

Harbor Fright angle grinder. Gear lubrication

During long periods of work, the gearbox of the corner grinder is heated. Accordingly, the coating used also begins to bask. In a preheated state, the lubricant becomes liquid and can leak. As a result, there is little left inside it. This can be seen if the gear is inspected. They should have a thick layer. Thus, with a small volume of the lubricant, it is necessary to replace it.

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How to lubricate the gearbox of the corner grinder?

To reduce friction, a lubricant for angular grinders is used, recommended by the manufacturer. As a result, we get a situation familiar to servicing a car in a dealer service station: only the brand indicated in the regulatory book.

While the tool is under warranty, the service center conducts service on precisely such a recommendation. And what lubricant to use for the gearbox of the corner grinding, if you yourself perform regulatory work?

Of course, there are special designations only on products that have a corner grinder angle logo.

The grease of the same name for the Bulgarians is ideal for maintenance, but its cost is usually higher than analogues. For example, consistent oils for a car gearbox operate under loads, which many times exceed the working conditions of a corner grinder.

And the cost of such a product may be lower. In addition, if you have a car, there are probably oils for its maintenance. So why buy another tube, if you can just use the finished lubricant?

For the correct selection, just look at the characteristics, and compare them with the requirements for lubrication of the angular grinder:

  • High adhesion, since there is a chance of centrifugal spraying of lubrication with a driven gear;
  • Water resistance: corner grinding is often used on the street, it is possible to get moisture into the gearbox;
  • Resistance to emulsion;
  • High drop temperature, high speed again: heated oil can be sprayed from the working surface;
  • Stability of parameters at high temperatures (this characteristic is more important than the ability to work in the cold);
  • The ability to bind abrasive particles that fall into the gearbox body.

The last property is especially relevant if the angular grinding machine is used to process stone. Abrasive dust is the main problem for the gearboxes of the Bulgarians and the cause of premature wear.

Landis Surface Grinder Gear Box Repair: Cylindrical Grinding on the Horizontal Mill

lubricate, gearbox, corner, grinder, serve

Therefore, for a tool working in conditions of high dustiness, lubrication is replaced more often, with complete washing of the gearbox cavity.

In this video, in detail about what lubricants to serve the gearbox of the corner grinder

Corner grinder

There are three bearings in the corner grinder. Two of them are in the rotor, and one on the shaft of a braid of a large gear. Lubricated bearings are installed in the tool, however, during operation, when overheating of the power tool and incorrectly using it, oil can simply beach. To fill the bearings again, the compositions that meet several important requirements are needed. Lubrication should:

  • Increase sliding and reduce friction between the constituent elements of parts.
  • Evenly distribute heat and cool the parts from overheating.
  • Protect the details of the corner grinder from dust and dirt.
  • Prevent corrosive processes.
  • Withstand high temperatures. Up to 150 ° C.

At the same time, the operation of the bearings of the gearbox and the engine takes place in different temperature conditions and at different loads. Therefore, for the electric motor it is necessary to use compositions that have good protective qualities that prevent the pollution of parts and moisture on them. A wide range of domestic and foreign oils for bearings is presented on the market, and Russian goods are more popular, since they are not inferior to analogues in quality, but are much more accessible. To lubricate bearings, it is best to use the brands of VNIINP-235, VNIINP-246 and TsIATIM-221.

For lubrication of bearings, cyatim-221 is best suited

Unlike an oil for a gearbox, which should firmly hold on the teeth during rotation, lubricants for bearings do not require the same strong adhesion.

Properties of consistent gear lubricants

The standard characteristics of thick oil oils for the peorator gearbox are not suitable. Close parameters have only compounds for automobile CV joints.

Some properties are generally unique, since the gearbox mechanism not only works under large variable loads. When the shock mechanism is operating, spontaneous squeezing of the lubricant from the contact zone.

Requirements for the composition

  • Adhesion should be so high that with any load between the details there remains an oil film.
  • A high water resistance indicator is required. Peorators can work in conditions of high humidity. When cooling, reduced pressure occurs in the gearbox, atmospheric air together with fluid vapor is sucked in.
  • When water hits, the emulsion should not form.
  • Since the gearbox heats up greatly during operation, the lubricant lifts from the temperature. In this case, the basic properties should be restored after cooling. The heated composition should also not lose the main antifriction parameters.
  • High dropproof temperature is required. Otherwise, the rotating gear under the influence of centrifugal forces will dump the grease from the surface of the teeth.
  • Small cement (stone) dust enters the gearbox. The composition of the lubricant is selected so that the abrasive particles are connected and removed from the intensive friction zone. When using good oil, dirt is always on the walls of the gearbox, and not inside the gears.
  • Since the gearbox body is made of aluminum alloys, and gears and bearings made of alloy steel, anti.Corrosion properties should be equally suitable for both metals.

The same properties (with the exception of the temperature of the drip and indicators of adhesion) should be present in liquid compositions. In the airtight crankcase of the gearbox, adhesion of grease is not required: liquid oil during operation constantly washes all parts of the mechanism.

How much lubrication is required to replace

The number is limited by the gearbox volume. If there is too much to lay a new lubricant, it will flow through the case connector. The corner grinder must be kept in dryness, otherwise it may fail.

The amount is estimated as sufficient to cover the gears of the engine from the engine. In general, this will be up to 50% of the volume. When assembling the gearbox, the inserted part will distribute the lubricant and take another part of the volume. When the engine is turned on and launched, the lubricant will be distributed to the walls, shafts and teeth.

Depending on the brand and the properties of lubrication, it can refer with time. Therefore, you need to follow the instructions of the corner grinder and use the declared lubricant in the described amount.

Than to lubricate the gearbox

Any tool where there are movable elements need periodic lubrication. Especially if it is actively used. With regard to angular grinding machines, the consistency and the composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements.

The presence in the composition of solid or worse than abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. A cheap lubricant when reaching a temperature threshold of 100-120 ° C simply evaporates. Therefore, the maximum allowable values ​​of the lubricant should pay special attention, otherwise the tool in the heat of work will be left without lubrication.

A good composition protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have the properties repulsive water. The verified consistency allows you to maintain a lubricant on the surface: too thick the lubricant will complicate the functioning of the mechanism, and the liquid simply wars in the gearbox.

The viscosity of the lubricants for the power tool is classified according to the NLGI standard (abbreviation “National Institute of Consistent Lubricants”). The choice of one or another consistency depends on the specific model angular grinder, namely, the speed of rotation of the gearbox. The higher this indicator, the less density there should be a lubricant.

Classification of viscosity for power tools:

  • NLGI 00. The most liquid consistency used in heavy technology: chipping hammers, professional peorators, etc.P.
  • NLGI 0. This is a semi.Liquid composition, which is just used for Bulgarians, as well as circular saws and gasoline braids.
  • NLGI 1. A sufficiently viscous consistency for use in construction peorators and medium.Power drunks and drums.
  • NLGI 2. Soft variety of lubrication. Used in household jigsaws, light peorators and drums.

The required class of the lubricant must be indicated in the instructions for the equipment. If there were no documents with a corner grinder, then all the parameters of the model should be indicated on the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Homemade mixtures

Situations when there was an acute need to lubricate the elements corner grind. And at the same time, as luck would have it, to get a lubricant suitable for these purposes, there is no way. Then the owner may try to make the tool with his own hands from the available materials.

To ensure the desired level of adhesion, a lubricant for car crock is taken as a basis. In addition to excellent penetrating properties, its use for operation in conditions is allowed:

  • Significant loads;
  • High humidity;
  • Temperature fluctuations in a wide range;
  • Significant heating;
  • Exposure to solid pollutants.

To thin the material and obtaining the consistency necessary for the reducer, it is recommended to add oil MS-20. The liquid is based on the basis gradually, preferably with drops, with constant mixing of the formed composition with a mixer.

The use of home-made material based on “Citiam-221” with the addition of TAD-17 is no less effective.

And what lubricant for the gearbox do you use? Have you ever had to make a lubricant yourself? Share your experience with us, please.

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