How to lubricate the grass trimmer. How to disassemble and assemble the trimmer

Repair and lubrication of grass trimmer gearbox

If you use your brushcutter a lot, the gearbox can get hot or make unusual noises, like grinding, that are unusual for normal cutting performance. It is an indication that the machine needs to be lubricated. If this is not done in time, there will be more serious problems (e.g. gears will wear out quickly and need to be replaced), up to and including seizure. Other malfunctions also occur with the gear train. Repair and lubrication of the gearbox can be done independently. you just need to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of these works and have some available tools.

The grass trimmer gearbox is a component that transmits the rotary motion of the engine shaft to the blade or line. It is located at the lower end of the brushcutter bar. The transmission unit is also designed to reduce the engine speed of the grass trimmer.

Depending on the model of brushcutter, the mechanism consists of several gears that rotate at high speed. As a result, they get hot because of the high friction. If there is little or no lubrication, the process leads to severe overheating and component failure, and therefore the need for complicated repairs. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to lubricate the transmission unit in time. The disassembled gearbox is shown in the photo below.

Gearboxes of different models of modern trimmers from different manufacturers differ from each other by design and the size of the seating. It comes in:

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The most common round seat diameters are 24, 25.5 and 26 mm.

Mowers are equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • tapered;
  • worm shafts;
  • spiroids;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave gears;
  • combined.

Black and Decker Trimmer Repair. Replacing the Spool Housing (Black and Decker Part # 90589746)

Drive shaft and gearbox are the parts of the grass trimmer that are subjected to high mechanical wear and tear. Between them the motion is transmitted because of the meshing of the gear teeth, located at different angles to each other. Toothed gears only work effectively if there is no mechanical damage. The mechanism must not overheat, otherwise it could jam.

Grass trimmer gearbox design

Gearbox grass trimmer is a unit that transmits the rotational motion of the engine shaft to the blade or line. It is located on the lower end of the brushcutter bar. Gearbox is also designed to reduce the engine speed of the grass trimmer.

STIHL FS 38 Trimmer- How to Unflood

Depending on the brushcutter model, the gearbox consists of several gears that rotate at high speed. As a result, they become hot due to high friction. If there is little or no lubrication, the process leads to severe overheating and component failure, resulting in the need for complicated repairs. To avoid this, it is important to lubricate the gearing on time. The disassembled gearbox is shown in the photo below.

Gearboxes in modern trimmers vary in design and seating dimensions from various manufacturers. It happens:

The most common diameters of round seats are 24, 25.5, and 26 mm.

The brushcutters are fitted with different types of gearboxes:

  • conical;
  • worm gears;
  • spiroids;
  • cylindrical;
  • planetary;
  • wave;
  • combined.

The drive shaft and gearbox are heavily loaded assemblies of the grass trimmer that are highly susceptible to wear and tear. The movement between the two is transmitted by interlocking the pinion teeth at different angles to one another. Gears work efficiently only if there is no mechanical damage. At the same time, the mechanism should not overheat, otherwise its jamming can occur.

How to service a brushcutter properly

The device consists of the following mandatory elements:

The care of the trimmer involves monitoring the technical condition of each.

Engine care

When taking care of the gasoline engine, you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter. it must be free of sawdust and dirt. The foam filter should be kept moistened with oil at all times. A weekly inspection should be made and the filter should be changed as needed. Check the nuts and screws for tightness before each operation. The muffler and spark plugs should also be cleaned as they become soiled.

In the electric version, it is sufficient to observe the manufacturer’s prescribed operating time.

Maintenance of cutting blades

In the case of blades, attention must be paid to how well the blades are sharpened. Sharpening should be carried out correctly, otherwise such a disc in the work will load the motor, which will only reduce the life of the latter. Turning the double-sided blades 180° at regular intervals for even wear.

Monitoring the condition of the fishing line

How to take care of the cord? The most important thing in this case is to use a specially designed mowing line.

Never try to change the fishing line with metal cables or wires. it can be dangerous.

  • the trimmer line must be changed periodically;
  • the diameter is set in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • the cords are wound tightly, but without crossing each other’s threads;
  • Keep the trimmer head clean and regularly lubricated;
  • pay attention to the degree of wear (otherwise the gearbox or the shaft will be deformed).

How to look after the bevel gear

the first task of the user is to prevent dirt from accumulating on it. This will prevent the part from cooling properly. Second step is to use grease (Husqvarna or similar), intended for the gear pair. An annual lubrication procedure is usually sufficient.

What you need to know about covers to protect them

It is forbidden to work without a protective cover. it can be dangerous for the user and others. But it is impossible to pick up such parts from among non-firm, it is necessary to use the one recommended by the manufacturer. Damaged hoods should be replaced in good time.

The shrouds can be mounted on either the boom or the gearbox. The universal models (which work with a line and a disc) have two different blades. The “fishing line” can also have a special cutting plate that cuts off the excess cord.

Let’s summarize what was said about the main points of care in this Hitachi brand brushcutter maintenance video:

Lower Gearbox

STIHL lawn mowers are renowned for their high reliability and durability

The second class corresponds to a medium power package up to 2.2 litres.с., The “scaffold” can also be equipped with a special cutting blade that cuts off the excess cords for field and landscape work. These designs use a straight, rigid shaft that allows this class to be equipped with steel blades for attachments that can be used to cut down bushes and small trees. The design calls for a tapered serviceable gearbox. What grease to use for the gearbox of your lawnmower? Used special, under the brand name “STIHL” or the usual Russian grease Lithol.

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Engines from 6.3 to 8 liters.Designed for professional use in forestry or horticulture. Their name is brushcutters. the most powerful brushcutters for working on large areas, cutting down small bushes and trees. In the arsenal of the working tool there are saw blades for removal of bushes with a diameter of up to 7 cm. Brush cutters are equipped with an anti-vibration system, thanks to which the work with such a tool is more comfortable. With powerful drive systems, the gearboxes of STIHL lawnmowers are lubricated with a special brand-name STIHL grease or Russian-made Lithol 24.

lubricate, grass, trimmer, disassemble

Removing and lubricating the lower shaft of the mower

To remove the shaft from the lower part of the boom, first remove the spool gear.

  • Unscrew the central fixing screw completely. On the back side of the lower clamping screw, unscrew the nut and unscrew the screw completely to disconnect the reducer of the coil from the protective cover.
  • loosen upper clamping screw and remove lower part of the rod from spool reducer housing. Remove the lower shaft from the reducer side of the rod.
  • Clean shaft from dirt and grease it with oil “Shruz-4” or “Lithol-24”, not forgetting to clean and grease coupling (bushing) with splines in the reducer.
  • Insert the shaft into the shaft and the shaft into the lower gearbox of the lawnmower and align the hole on the shaft with the hole for the central screw. Screw in the central screw. Next, screw in the lower screw, clamp the lower part of the rod in the reducer housing with the upper and lower screws and tighten the nut on the back side of the lower screw.
  • Add 20-30 ml of grease to the reducer of the spool through the hole closed by the screw on the right side of the photo.

How to Grease a Grass Trimmer Shaft Video

Grass trimmer gearbox lubricant. With what and how to lubricate?

Sometimes, in the midst of intensive mowing work, your grass trimmer begins to make unpleasant, grinding noises. Find out what the next lawnmower video will tell you about how to lubricate your grass trimmer disc shaft. This complains about the lack of lubrication gearbox. the most heavily loaded unit of the device. And soon these “warnings” can be followed by jamming of the drive.

What Gearbox Grease for Grass Trimmer?

During work, the mechanical part of the grass trimmer is loaded with contact forces on the tines, resistance reactions from grass clippings (sometimes with dirt), dynamic, shock loads due to constantly changing torque. Grass trimmer gear lubricant must fully take into account these features, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Repair of grass trimmer Champion t 336 with your own hands lawnmower how to lubricate the shaft pcs video. Example. Each brand is reasonably oriented toward greases made in-house (cheaper Chinese products can be discussed later). This applies to such manufacturers as Husqvarna, STIHL, Huter, Makita, etc. The exception is grass trimmers of domestic production: for example, Kalibr in the user manual does not indicate the brand of lubricant at all.
  • Viscosity of grease. As you know, all lubricating compositions are divided into three groups. high-viscosity (colloidal systems containing various additives), plastic compounds of universal use and solid lubricants that soften during operation.
  • Good adhesion to the surface of the gearbox parts, so that the grease is not squeezed out into the gaps or out of the unit.
  • Intensity of grease consumption by the gearbox. Here it is necessary to be guided by own experience and recommendations of experts as some manufacturers of trimmers, trusting in presence of own service centers, in general do not give accurate recommendations concerning a period of work of a reducer between two lubrications.

Lubricant consumption also depends on temperature, at which it retains its lubricating power. When the temperature of the gearbox is up to 40°C, it is assumed that the operating conditions are satisfactory and that there is enough lubricant.


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Grease the shafts of lawnmowers Huter GGT-2500S and all other scrapers!

Check. Do your lawn mower shafts have grease on them? It’s probably dry!

It is believed that there is no universal lubricant for the grass trimmer gearbox, but this is not entirely true. In fact, a suitable lubricant composition will be the one that contains the following components:

  • Antiwear additives that do not contain toxic lead;
  • Solid lubricants in the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferred, since in this case the lubricating power is fully retained for a wide range of shaft speeds);
  • Mineral (inorganic) greases only!) oils, with a high degree of purity.

Lithium-based greases Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Lithol meet the above requirements to the full extent.24, or Azmol 158, as well as those recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model of grass trimmer.

How to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox?

In the upper part of the body, where the gear unit is installed, there is a technological hole, which is plugged with a screw during operation of the grass trimmer. This screw is unscrewed and 1.52 ml of grease is injected into the hole using the spout on the tube. If grease is purchased in a different size, a normal disposable medical syringe is also suitable for this operation.

After that the screw is put back in its place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10-15 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Who wants to know.see video on how to grease her shaft does not run in the boom. Other reasons to update or replace the gear lubricant are to perform minor routine maintenance (e.g., cleaning and washing gear wheels before the summer season), repair the unit, preserve the grass trimmer for the winter, etc. д.

If a gear unit has been disassembled, it is recommended that the old lubricant be completely removed from the surfaces of the parts, even if there are no signs of oxidation or contamination. Only then lubricate with new grease. After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to turn the shaft a few times by hand and make sure that the grease is evenly distributed over all parts of the gearbox.

Suitable lubricants

The best option for lubrication is specialized lubricants, which are sold in technical stores and are designed specifically for machines.

Warning! Vegetable (sunflower, corn, olive, any other) oil is not suitable for treating the device. It does not work as it should, clogging the device with dirt (a greasy film is formed, on which dust and hair adheres). The appliance simply fails as a result.

Special oil

This oil is intended specifically for use with hair clippers. A small bottle is usually included and lasts for a long time. Grease is a petroleum product, it is clean, odorless and non-greasy. Such a substance is suitable not only for processing the machine after work, but also for periodic cleaning. Machine oil comes in the following brands:

If you can not find in the sale special grease, it can be replaced by silicone grease, synthetic and mineral oils with a low viscosity factor or Vaseline.

Mineral and synthetic lubricants with low viscosity

Mineral and synthetic oils of low density are often used in services. They are easy to use: easy to spread over the treated surface, flow into hard-to-reach places, sold everywhere and cost a penny. Synthetics are made of petroleum, which is refined and improved by “additives” in laboratory conditions. The most popular and affordable grease of this class is XADO Atomic Oil. Mineral compositions, in fact, are refined oil. One of the best is Yuko Classic.

Silicone Grease

These compositions are made on the basis of polydimethylsiloxane. This is the best alternative to the specialized lubricant. They are hypoallergenic, easy to use, do not dry out with time. Look for the lubricant in the shelves by name: PMS-200 and PMS-100. The number indicates the viscosity. The bigger the number, the thicker the composition.

Note! For processing hair clipper is well suited Silicon-electric oil, although more often it is used for cleaning appliances.

Vaseline grease

One that can be found in pharmacies is suitable. Lighter fuel can be used to bring it to the proper consistency. Before applying such a composition, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned. Use a grease gun without a needle to get the grease to the proper places.

Warning! As a last resort, you can use Johnson Baby oil from the baby section to lubricate the machine.

How to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox?

Lubrication of the gearbox is accomplished by placing grease into a special opening in the lubrication chamber without disassembling the assembly.So, in order to lubricate the grass trimmer, it is necessary to perform a number of simple actions:

  • Unplug power tool before starting work. In gasoline-powered devices, to avoid leaks, it is desirable to drain the gasoline (or during the work, make sure that the device is not turned over)
  • With the tool supplied with the grass trimmer, you need to unscrew the plug in the gear housing
  • If you change the grease completely, wash the gearbox. To do this, pour some kind of cleaner (white spirit, gasoline, etc.) into the housing.), rinse the gearbox and drain it. Repeat the procedure several times until it is completely clean
  • Put new lubricant in gearbox. To do this, insert the nozzle of a tube or a syringe into the hole and squeeze 2 to 5 ml of grease into it
  • Screw the plug
  • Turn the shaft a few times by hand, then switch on the brushcutter for a short time at low rpm without load so that the grease spreads evenly over the friction surfaces

Lubricant Feedback from Users

Specialists advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If there are none, you should clarify what to lubricate the gearbox trimmer for grass. Experienced users do not recommend the use of solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as the consistency. Also, this material has no antiwear properties.

The working temperature range of solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at these parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In the event of an emergency, you can use “Lithol-24” to work the tool.

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