How to lubricate the punch gearbox. Than to lubricate the punch

Lubrication for the peorator gearbox

Peorator, this is a tool that is familiar to almost everyone who at least once made repairs at home. Outwardly it is very similar to the drill and the functions of the same, the production of holes. The difference between the tools is that the drill crashes into the hole due to the pointed edge of the drill, while removing the chips, and the peorator pierces the hole, as if with a chisel. Therefore, the power of the penetrator is indicated in the joules and is called the energy of the impact. According to this indicator, they choose the tool, as well as by engine power, if it is electric.

To get a blow, you need an impulse that creates an electric or pneumatic engine.

For the proper use and maintenance of this tool, you need to at least superficially know its device from the inside. Of course, at present, many manufacturers have mastered the release of this tool, but its general scheme has remained unchanged, with the exception of some modifications, since 1932, when the first power tool appeared. By the way, the first was the pneumatic peorator, which was invented specifically for work in mines in 1851.

The internal design of the penetrator

The tool, as shown in the figure, consists of an electric motor (if it is an electric drive), a gearbox, which, together with a safety coupling, regulates the number of revolutions and an impulse, a shock mechanism and a fast.Packed cartridge of the SDS Max or Plus system. The gearbox has a gear, which should be lubricated for good trouble.Free work. Also, a kit of bearings in the shock device also needs lubrication.

The remaining devices that are in the penarator are called additional. This is the operating mode switch, a mechanism for fixing the inclusion button, reverse, as well as devices such as anti.Vibration, removal of dust during operation, fixing the depth of work, adapters for the cartridge and more. They may be present or not. It depends on the model and manufacturer.

What needs to be lubricated

In accordance with the operating instructions inside the penetrator, you need to lubricate the gearbox and bearings. Service can be carried out with your own hands.

Saar drill

Concrete dust. Excellent abrasive material. Penetrating inside, it accelerates the wear of the cartridge and the tail of the nozzle. Before each installation of equipment in the cartridge of the infusion, the shank of the drill is thoroughly cleaned of dust and other contaminants and lubricated. Apply “lilest” to the sluts of the shank. Into closed and open grooves, which is evenly distributed along their entire length.

Most of the owners of the tool prefer anti.Adhesive, but::

Many people prefer classic fat solidol or “Litol”. The latter demonstrates good results, but without flaws does not do.

  • The material is known for low water resistance. It is able to pass moisture to the contacting surfaces, which causes corrosion of metal components. Rust accelerates the wear of the cartridge.
  • A feature of lithola as a lubricant for a peorater cartridge is quick wear. After a dozen minutes of work, Litol turns into processing, its mechanical indicators fall, and the effectiveness is reduced.
  • Price. Yes, yes, the availability in this situation is a weak side. If the lubricant is cheap, then it is applied without sparing, but in vain. Such a genuine penetrator has not benefited yet.
  • Ready to periodically stop the work to replace the worn lubrication with a new volume recommended by the manufacturer. Drop in each groove;
  • Not working and not storing the peorator in conditions of high humidity;
  • Those who want to save on lubricants;
  • Owning an inexpensive peorator. It is not recommended to save on consumables for professional models.

If drops of oil fly out during operation from the cartridge, it means that it is not intended for work at elevated temperature, the nozzle of the nozzle is very heated or it is too much applied.


Peorators gearboxes are two varieties. In devices with a crooked-shaped mechanism, this is a model with a separate extension from a shock group, with a swinging bearing-it is implemented according to the ratchet.

How to properly lube and test-fit a clutch disc prior to installation.

A gearbox is a pair of gears with a straight or oblique tooth that pass the rotational moment to the cartridge with a nozzle. The lubricant for the peorator gearbox is generously applied to the teeth of all the gears and components of the drunken bearing shock group. To do this, you will have to disassemble the device, get rid of the spent compound, simultaneously assessing the condition of the mechanical components. Is it time to replace them.

The lubricant should be inert to the plastic, from which a significant part of the cases is made, especially inexpensive peorators.

The frequency of replacing the lubrication of a particular model is indicated in the operating instructions, it depends on:

  • The quality of the metal from which the rubbing parts are made;
  • The intensity of the operation of the tool;
  • The level of heating of the components;
  • The quality of the lubricant, its quantity;
  • Working conditions.

For most inexpensive models of peorators, maintenance is recommended to carry out every 200 hours of work, provided that high.Quality lubrication is used. If the tool is rarely operated, the peorator must be lubricated before use once every six months. Any synthetic lubrication decomposes over time, losing the original properties.

Results of Lubrication Issues. Punch and Die Tooling

Before working at low and negative temperatures, the peorator should work for a minute or two at low idle speeds for heating lubrication-the thickened composition is not so effective.

The lubrication of the gearbox and bearing should fill about 1/3 of the free volume. If you apply more, it will begin to warmly warm up, accelerating the aging of the metal.


The cartridge of the penetrator is not lubricated separately. It is enough to apply compounds to the shank drill or drill.

Features of the choice of oil

Before lubricating the Bosch peorators, choose the right oil. When buying it, you need to pay attention to viscosity. High.Quality compositions are expensive, but you should not save. For such an expensive tool as the peorator must be careful constantly. What types of lubrication and how much can be used indicated in the instructions. If there is no such information, the best composition will help you choose specialists of the outlet or service center. On sale there are universal compositions for processing various models of peorators.

Many prefer to use graphite lubricants that have:

In the absence of a lubricant, you can use a lithol or solidol. But they cause slight inhibition of rotating details and help increase the heating of the tool during operation. It is advisable to buy a special composition in the near future, remove Litol and apply a new composition.

Before lubricating the bug of the pedorator, you need to make sure that the oil taken is suitable for him. The compounds used for gearboxes are not suitable for lubrication. For the latter, they take more liquid agents, they must fill out the free cavities, completely cover the parts that contact each other. If there are plastic elements in the gearbox, silicone grease is used. It is suitable for processing cartridges.

The transmission mechanism is allowed to lubricate with plastic compounds. But not all tools when using the means of such a consistency will work uninterruptedly. Thicker mixtures are suitable to reduce the degree of wear of tail nozzles. The packaging marks their purpose for drilling. In the absence of those, you can take graphite, but they take heat worse.

Electric tools manufacturers produce their branded lubricants. They are also engaged in their manufacture by enterprises that specialize in the production of lubricating mixtures.

The most popular products of firms include:

  • Bosch. For tail nozzles and gearboxes.
  • Makita. For drilling.
  • Interskol. For Boers.
  • Nanothek. For shanks.
  • Turmogrease. Universal compositions.
  • Lubcon Thermoplex. For gearboxes.
  • Kress. To lubricate the drill.
  • PRORAB. For processing seaming seats.

Lubricant for the Peakita brand

Lubricate the cartridge and shank drill

This operation is very simple, so its description will be quite short.

Just take a brown lubricant and add it directly to the cartridge. Another option involves applying it to the shank followed by installing it in the cartridge nest. But no one forbids to combine these two methods for reliability.

It is necessary to ensure that the lubricant is constantly present and as necessary to add a new. If you neglect this procedure, then the tail will overheat, which will either take it off from the rest of the drill, or to flattening. Therefore, do not be lazy and add.

That’s all you need to know by the cartridge and shank.

As promised, I attach at the end of the link to the video with disconnecting the switch:

This is all the information that I have on the issue of lubrication of the penetrator. I hope it was clear and affordable. I say goodbye to this. Until new meetings!

What manufacturers of lubricants are recommended

Branded lubricant can be used. That is, from those companies who produce peorators. Say, Hitachi, Metabo, Aeg, Bosch, Bosch, Interskol, Bison. Material from companies that produce materials for lubrication can also be used. This is Xado, Ravenol, Shell and others.

Consumers are most popular with Bosch and Makita gearboxes.

When you use a tool whose quality is confirmed by a special certificate, use only lubricating the products of those brands that the manufacturer indicates. If you use other materials, this will lead to the fact that the opportunity will be lost to carry out warranty repairs and maintain a peorator.

Is liletor for lubrication of the peorator? This lubricant in some characteristics exceed specially designed compositions from well.Known companies. Litol is suitable for lubrication, but it needs to be changed more often.

IMPORTANT! The best grease option is still the composition indicated by the manufacturer. There will be no problems with him. And with warranty service. Too.

The principle of operation of the shock mechanism

In principle, the operation of the shock mechanism laid the oscillations of the eccentric cage of the bearing, made in the form of an ellipse (see. Rice.One). The inner clutch of the bearing receives rotation from the engine shaft and sets in motion an ellipse external clip, to which the cululis is attached through the supports. The backstage transforms a rotational uneven movement into the progressive movement of the piston, which with its boy is removed along the shank of the shock instrument, transmitting an impact impulse to a working tool, which has a free move in the mounting mechanism.

A special cartridge is used to fasten the operator’s working body, which is called SDS. Cartridge. In the cartridge there are moving parts that work in continuous movement under load, which must be lubricated to extend the life of the tool, the question immediately arises why the grease of the infantry drilling and what lubrication is lubricated by the beam of the penetrator?

Lubrication for the cartridge of the penetrator

The infantry cartridge requires the same care as the gearbox. Work with constant dust leads to the fact that a lot of dirt accumulates in the cartridge, the details are spinning with difficulty. A technical inspection with grease in order to avoid breakdowns should not be carried out when the tool stops working, but much more often.

In order to lubricate the cartridge with your own hands, select the lubricant that we recommend the manufacturer or from trusted manufacturers of the same type. Naturally, we disassemble the cartridge according to the instructions, wipe all the details dry and grease them with the selected grease.

We disassemble the cartridge of the penetrator

It must be remembered that the lack of lubrication and its excess on the work of the tool do not affect the best way. Everything should be in moderation.

With lubrication, lubricate those details that need this and which should have slipping. Naturally, such details as, for example, a gear coupling, do not need to lubricate.

When buying lubricants, you need to know that the lubricant for the tips of the cutting tool, for example, is completely not suitable for lubrication of nodes and vice versa.

Why are the elements of the pea need lubricant

The lubricant, including used for the peorator, is a viscous substance, the use of which is necessary to reduce the friction coefficient between the elements of the design of the mechanical device moving relative to each other. Thus, the lubricant only reduces friction, but does not completely eliminate it, so the lubricant is gradually saturated with the products of wear of rubbing parts. Metal dust. As a result, not only the viscosity of the lubricant changes, but it itself becomes the cause of more intense wear of equipment.

It should be immediately noted that it is viscosity that is the most important parameter, which must be focused on, choosing a lubricant of a certain type.

Over time, the lubrication is polluted and loses its properties

How to choose a lubricant for a specific peorator model? First of all, you need to consider the recommendations of the manufacturer of equipment, which necessarily indicates both the required type of lubricant and the frequency of its replacement. It is especially important to focus on such recommendations, has not yet expired the warranty period for the peorator. Otherwise, in the case of a breakdown of the device, you will not be able to use the warranty obligations of the manufacturer.

Many owners of the penetrators after the expiration of the warranty period begin to use not proprietary compositions for lubrication, but their cheaper analogues. Liletics or solidol. Of course, such lubricants are not able to harm the elements of the structure of the penetrator, but, using them, it should be borne in mind that they should be replaced much more often.

Lubricant for the Makita Peotor

Japanese corporation, which has been engaged in the production of various construction tools since 1915. The very first owner of the company was Masaburo Makita, in the Honor of which the company still has its name. To date, the corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools (350 types) and accessories (4500 varieties) to them.

How to disassemble and lubricate the Makita Video Peoporator

Assortment of products (lubricants):

  • “042005-4A”. For sds orals (packaging 16 kg);
  • “042024-0A”. For gearbox SDS ceorators (packaging 2.5 kg);
  • “P-08361”. For gearboxes SDS Max (packaging 30 grams);
  • “183477-5”. For sds orals (packaging 30 grams);
  • “181573-3”. Lubrication for drills (packaging 100 ml).
lubricate, gearbox

Bosch peorator lubricant

  • The founder of the German concern was Robert Bosch. Engineer and businessman, who in 1886 opened a small company for the sale and manufacture of electrical equipment. And despite the fact that initially the staff consisted of only one mechanic and one electrical engineering, the company was able to reach unprecedented heights.
  • Today is a leading supplier of various categories of construction and consumer goods, including power tools. The subsidiaries of the enterprise are located around the world, including the Russian Federation. And, perhaps, in every city of Russia there is an official Bosch service center, and since 2007 a plant was opened for the production of equipment in the city of Engels.
  • Many technologies, which are considered innovative today, have been successfully tested for many years in this company. Bosch tools. This is a reliable and ergonomic technique, with the most advanced achievements. The policy of the corporation is not to sell as many tools as possible, but that each purchased apparatus serves as long as possible. That is why specially designed branded tools for maintaining power tools, including peorators, began to produce.
  • “1615430009”, “1615430010”. Grease for inserted tools of tools (packaging 30 ml);
  • “1615430012”. Oil for peorators (packaging 1 l);
  • “1615430014”. Lubrication in tubes for peorators (packaging 45 ml);
  • “1615430015”. Lubrication in tubes for peorators (packaging 225 ml);
  • “1615430016”. Lubrication for peorators (packaging 1 kg);
  • “1615430019”. Lubricant for peorators (packaging 1 l);
  • “1615437509”, “1615437511”, “1615437512”. Lubricants for peorators, complete with a sealing frame (packaging 50 ml);
  • “3605430008”. Hydraulic oil (packaging 1 l).

Lubrication for the Lubconoretor

  • German company founded in 1980 in the city of Frankfurt. Produces various types of synthetic lubricants for power tools. Products are supplied around the world, including Russia. The company positions its products as environmentally friendly compositions. For their development, only components are used that meet the highest requirements.
  • Lubrices are distinguished by special thermal stability, they do not oxidize and perfectly prevent friction even with maximum load. These are waterproof compositions that guarantee the durability of the majority of power tools.

Assortment of products for power tools:

  • “LubCon Thermoplex Aln 250 EP”. Grease for gearboxes;
  • “Lubcon Thermoplex Aln 1002”. Lubricant for peorators;
  • “LubCon Turmogrease NM 4602/0”. Universal grease.

Lubrication for the infantry pedorator

The Russian company is engaged in the production of synthetic, semi.Synthetic, mineral, semi.Liquid and plastic lubricants. For the first time in the Russian market, products under this brand appeared in 2004 and since then Nanonet has been increasing the range of its products annually. Lubrication and oil meet the high requirements of our time.

Lubricant for Metabo Peotabo

  • The company first began its activities in 1924, Albrecht Schitzler and Julius Klos are considered its founder. The initial plans of the creators of the company were to release tools that would meet the increasing needs of modernity in a technological plan. Initially, the tool was manual, and only in the 30s of the 20th century they began to make electrical apparatus.
  • The company is trying to make products that would have been durable. And for these purposes they create a whole line of electric tool care products, including lubricants for peorators. Most often these are plastic products, designed for shanks of drills.

Lubrication for the oozer bison

The company is a Russian manufacturer of various materials and tools that have proven themselves to both domestic and foreign markets. The goods have an affordable price and good quality, the assortment range is constantly replenished with new categories of products. All products are tested in the laboratories of the company and only after their successful completion do they enter the design bureau. The finished product is mandatory undergoing quality control, and then, goes on sale.

  • “Zubyr Expert 60”. Grease for drills (packaging 60 g);
  • “Zubyr Expert 125”. Grease for drills (packaging 125 g);
  • “Zubrov ZSB”. Lubrication for drills (packaging 125 g).


Russian enterprise, today is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of power tools. The company has extensive experience in the development and production of various products and has its own design and test office. The factories are located in Russia and Spain, and the products themselves are supplied to many European countries.

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