How to make a bulldozer on a single axle tractor. Getting ready to work

Shovel for power tiller with his hands from a gas cylinder

The singleaxle tractor is a device that will be useful both on a large plot and on a relatively small land area. It can be used to perform normal agricultural work many times faster than manually. so that even one person can easily manage where previously a group of people was needed. However, each type of work requires its own attachment, which has a limited lifetime, and periodically needs to be serviced and replaced. Sometimes it is easier to make attachments for your own hands than to buy them in the store. it all depends on the skills of the owner of the mechanism and his needs.

For those who do not know, it is necessary to explain. a power tiller can be used to remove snow, sow potatoes, prepare the ground for planting and perform other types of work. For this purpose, additional modules are attached to the main mechanism, thanks to which he and can perform the operations described above. Attachments for the motor-block with their own hands will also come in handy if you need several of his units at once. then the cost of buying in the store can really be quite a lot.

Homemade attachments for power tiller, description, video, photo

The first idea to make homemade devices for power tillers, appears after the need to transport loads, so I started an epic with useful tools for power tillers and first made a homemade trailer dolly.

For fast and high-quality processing of soil, you need to make homemade goose-foot cutters for a power tiller, which will mix the soil to a sufficient depth and break up hard lumps.

Homemade rake for power tillers is also a useful attachment. It is right to have several of these different kinds of rakes.

A homemade planter for a power tiller will also be needed by every gardener. Hiller will form even and high ridges on all beds with root crops. Homemade mouldboard for power tiller will facilitate the removal of snow and sand from the land, create good conditions for further tillage.

What is a snow plow attachment on a single axle tractor

Universal device for clearing snow mass on large areas is called a snowplow. The design is designed in such a way as to collect, sweep and throw snow. The main function of a snow plow attachment is to automate manual labor and save time. Features of the snow blower:

Snow-cleaning nozzle The snow-cleaning nozzle body is made of metal, less often of plastic. Inside the box contains a shaft with complex shaped steel blades. The shaft rotates due to the bearings installed in it. On the shaft are spirally welded disk knives. They consist of two halves, which coils converge to the central part.

As the shaft moves, the snow cover is captured by the blades and conveyed to the center. A thin stream conveys the snow to the screw conveyor (auger). The snow and ice mass, moving along the augers, is broken up and falls onto the rotor blades. After that, being sucked by the fan, it is thrown outward by the outlet pipe (hose) in a given direction and at a certain distance.

Bulldozer from a motorized block Skiper SK-800

In the household, especially in winter, this idea of modifying a power tiller into a bulldozer will come in handy. Snow removal in the yard is no longer a problem for you, and removing snow becomes fun. The peculiarity of this model is that this machine can cope not only with the snow, performing the tasks for which it was built, but can also cope with the work on the ground. We suggest making such a bulldozer on the example of the Skiper SK-800 power tiller.

To eliminate the slippage, the wheels are mounted on special heavy weights, each weighing 35 kg. Now we are going to install our rework. A hole is drilled and a sleeve is inserted. The bushing has been welded all around to lock it in place. It doesn’t interfere with operations, but it’s very useful.

Nuts with thread on both sides are welded. The body itself is made from a barrel, that is from the most improvised means. Holes for setting the angle of attack.

Note that a bulldozer made from a power tiller starts up easy and quickly. Now let’s conduct a test. As you can see on the video, the single-axle tractor copes with its task easily. And while the plow was designed to shovel snow, it performs the functions of a tractor and bulldozer just as well. Note that the single-axle tractor works at idle speed. As we see, in skillful hands, a single-axle tractor becomes a bulldozer and can also be used as an alternative to the tractor.

Recall that this device was made by our hands and is designed for clearing snow. As practice shows, a single-axle tractor with wide wheels and weights does not sink at all. This simple device is fastened quickly with a few bolts. There will be a separate video about the weights.

mc kachalkin the gearbox won’t be broken from the weight on the wheels now? It’s probably the same if you put 10 kg to our feet and walk, and we won’t walk 200 meters, but if the weight is distributed over the body, we’ll be fine. What do you think of that??

Kupimtut. By video max kachalkin absolutely not the same. The load here is almost only on the tire of the wheel. And for her, 30 kg doesn’t mean anything. Additional stress is placed on the gearbox only when it accelerates. (This is when moving off the ground. So drive smoothly and no load. ). During the move uses the flywheel effect, which provides additional smoothness of motion (as in cars and tractors).

Max birates competent weight distribution, much better than to overfit single axle tractor itself, where really there will be a load on the body, gearbox, and first of all bearings suffer.

Jurka kupimtut. By video it’s easier while there’s fluff, I finally put the chains on then I’m off. But it tears them sometimes. I would advise you to make a plane on the back side, it will be easier to move snowdrifts.

kupimtut. By video honestly I think so too. These power harvesters do not have enough of a lower gear. I remember once riding on DT-75 caterpillar, so there is a separate reduction gearbox in addition to the main one.

Bogdan Medun is very simple and affordable. I have a Tarpan but it has no reverse gear and I also dream of converting it for snow clearing in winter. Question? And where did they get the wheels and how did they adjust the mount??

Kupimtut. By video wheels are designed specifically for this model in the manufacture of skiper. True, when buying, they were out of stock and had to wait until they appear and buy more. There was a time when this model was sold out just because of the wheels. Theoretically, judging by other reviews, you can say and speculate all sorts of things But in reality, as I saw. snow, sand, soil passes confidently and under load. A pity that the owner of this machine is gone now, would have posted a video on the snow. Theory and speculation is one thing, and practice and reality is quite another.

Kupimtut. By video Response channel kupimtut: The mouldboard is made by a Belorussian craftsman for himself and is designed exclusively for snow removal. With this task he copes completely. 100% effortless and problem free clearing of the yard and areas around the house.

To be fair, I’ll quote the reading part of the deleted: “it’s clear to those in the know that this is bullshit. The blade for sand and earth has the wrong angle of attack, the blade is sharpened for snow, but it can only comb snow in a straight line or under a hill. The slightest lift and all, my ass. My single-axle tractor with the dozer blade and counterweights weighs 270 kg and then it is very hard to work on the lift

kupimtut channel answer: the adapter is not designed for sand and earth. The video demonstrates how. in connection with the lack of snow and to visually assess the power of the motor-block skipper. The bolts are sold by the user for lack of use.

Kupimtut. By video Boris Yurchenko Yes, I was just lucky to find such a dummy. Mounted from inside with bolts (there is a tapped thread in the dummy). With the same bolts as the wheels. I know a man who can make.

Makeshift tractor loader with his own hands. 1 Features of homemade loaders

As a reference point, you can take the tractor T 40 or MTZ. They are most commonly found in domestic agriculture, and have a rear and front linkage with a power takeoff and hydraulic system to move the attachment.

The main advantages of such a homemade device is the low cost with the necessary materials and tools. In addition, based on the technical characteristics of the equipment, you can make a homemade mini loader on the rear linkage with the most suitable volume and length of the boom.

As for the negative aspects, there are two:

  • Lack of material can lead to its purchase, the cost of which can come out much more expensive than the purchased version. In this case, it would be more cost-effective to take a second-hand tool.
  • If there is no necessary equipment and no experience in working with metal structures and equipment, it can affect the quality of the manufactured device. Poor jointing of the metal elements leads to a lack of strength of the forklift. Incorrect calculation of the balance and length of the device can lead to the overturning of the technique.

If you have everything you need and the decision to make the device with your own hands has already been made, you should decide on the type of loader you need. The most common options are:

1.1 Homemade loader on the tractor’s rear linkage

Such a loader is used on the T 25 and T 40. This is a simpler option than the front loader in terms of calculating the dimensions and installation on the tractor.

The first step in the manufacture of the loader for the rear of the tractor will be to find or make your own correct drawing. It should clearly maintain the proportions and dimensions of the main metal parts.

make, bulldozer, single, axle, tractor

Next, we need to prepare the necessary materials.

For the simplest loader model you will need:

  • First of all, you need metal sheets and profile, which will be used as the base of the cat. Metal thicknesses based on bucket dimensions.
  • Based on the drawing and load calculations for the loader, the cylindrical joints are selected.
  • You should also prepare three cylinders from the hydraulic system of old equipment. Two cylinders will be responsible for tilting the bucket. One, larger, will lift the boom.

As for tools, you will need:

  • Angular grinder or a gas torch, which will ensure the most accurate cutting of metal profiles;
  • powerful welding machine;
  • hammer, bolts, washers, pliers, and other small tools.

How to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands

Motor cultivator. a useful tool that will help you not only to plow the ground on the plot, but also to move cargo or clear the area of snow.

To use the additional functions, you need to buy special attachments.

It is not cheap, so many equipment owners make various attachments, including, for example, a moldboard for a power tiller with their own hands.

Surely you’ve seen the perfect lawn in a movie, in an alley, or perhaps on your neighbor’s lawn.

Those who have ever tried to grow a green area in their plot, no doubt will tell you that it is a huge effort. A lawn requires careful planting, care, fertilization, watering.

How to turn a tractor into a BULL DOZER!

However, only inexperienced gardeners think so, professionals have long known about the innovative tool. liquid lawn AquaGrazz.

What is this design?

Snow clearing equipment can be installed on any agricultural equipment, including power tillers. Using these devices will greatly facilitate the life of the owner of a private home, because with their help it is much easier to get rid of skids than manually.

The blade on a single-axle tractor consists of several parts: a blade, a mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, fasteners and a lock on the chassis. There are a lot of variants of factory shovels, but their cost is quite high. For this reason, owners use drawings that will help them assemble the attachments themselves.

There are several variants of designs that allow you to perform work on different areas. The shovel must be strong enough so that it can not only remove a dense mass of snow, but also level areas, rake debris and perform other work at different times of the year. The advantage of using the blade is that all work is performed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Snow shovel design

Important! All shovels for power tillers have a similar device, so you can make them according to the general algorithm.

The design must rotate and lock in three positions:

A shovel can be cut out of an old tin barrel or an empty propane tank. Metal cotter pins are used for fixation on the chassis. The grip of the working surface of the blade should be about a meter, and the thickness of the metal. about 3 millimeters.

In order to make a shovel on a single axle tractor, you need to prepare:

  • Barrel with a standard volume (200 liters);
  • Plate made of steel with dimensions of 85x10x0.3 centimeters;
  • A piece of pipe with a square section of 4×4 cm, a length of 1 meter;
  • bolts of sizes M12, 10 and 8, as well as the nuts that fit them;
  • A sturdy rubber plate;
  • steel plate.
make, bulldozer, single, axle, tractor

In addition, prepare the tools: metal drills, welder and electrodes, an electric drill, a set of socket wrenches, an angle grinder and discs for metal cutting.

Important! Before making the shovel, make sure that the tool is in good working order and that you can cope with its use. Observe safety precautions, wear a welding mask, and use safety glasses when drilling.

We will give an example of how the easiest way to make a shovel. mouldboard for a power tiller. You do not need to buy large sheets of metal for it, this is the main advantage of this method.

three versions of the blade can be cut from the barrel: standard, with a small working width, or, conversely, elongated. This will allow you to use a single-axle tractor as for cleaning narrow paths, and for leveling spacious areas. The barrel is good in that it already has a ready roundness, which the grader should have. You will eliminate the need to heat the metal sheet and bend it.

  • Use an angle grinder to cut the bottom and lid off the barrel. Divide it into three equal parts. Two of them will become the moldboard, to do this, you need to connect them by welding along the contour. The remaining segment is cut into several strips, which will become the stiffeners of the future shovel. Two strips are installed on the sides, and several pieces are welded along the entire length of the grader;
  • The next step will be to equip the lower part with a special knife. Take a pre-cut strip of 85x10x0.3 cm and make three holes about 6 millimeters in diameter in it. Between them you need to keep a gap of about 10-12 centimeters. These holes will be needed to mount the gasket. It will be a sheet of rubber. It will be needed to prevent sidewalk deterioration. To the working part of the bucket the knife is attached with bolts;
  • Assemble the construction;
  • Now it is necessary to assemble the attachment unit of the grader to the tiller. To the central part of the bucket is attached a piece of iron tube. A semicircle with several holes is welded onto it, which will help you to fix the attachment in the right position. The semicircle is cut from a thick sheet of metal, as it will have to withstand the strongest loads;
  • Beforehand give another piece of pipe with a square cross-section to the shape of the letter “G”. To do this, the pipe is slightly heated, and then bent. This is the hardest part of the job, you don’t need to put too much effort anymore;
  • Place the short part of the holder in a semicircle, and bolt the long part to the frame of the cultivator motor. The height of the equipment is adjusted with two bolts that help you raise or lower the blade.

Important! Before installing a grader on a singleaxle tractor, treat it with a special primer or paint. This will greatly increase its lifespan, as the painting will counteract corrosion.

make, bulldozer, single, axle, tractor

On the working edge of the blade is installed rubber padding, which should be slightly wider than the blade. In this case, you will be sure that when you turn or change the angle of the bucket, the paving stones or decking in the yard will not be damaged.

Shovel options for snow removal

Clearing snow and dirt. time-consuming work, so to facilitate it, equipment is widely used: off-road vehicle, ATV, single-axle tractor. In the market for attachments, there are different variants of ready-made snowplow blade designs. To minimize the cost of purchasing tools, it is easy to make it yourself.

For off-road vehicles

The device can be installed on a domestic car as well as on a four-wheel drive foreign car. Convenient when the blade is disassembled. In this case it is easy to dismantle and place in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. Snowplow is equipped with an electric winch, which provides control of the tool directly from the cab of the off-road vehicle. Depending on the amount and density of fallout, the shovel is set at a specific angle.

Snowplow for “Niva”

How to operate a Cat bulldozer (D7R)

For ATVs

The choice of design of the device for attaching to the frame depends on the model of the vehicle.

A distinction is made between these types of mounting equipment:

  • Front set, when the blade is coupled to the front frame, which is typical for machines with low ground clearance.
  • The central mounting kit fits into the ATV’s frame structure and strengthens it at the same time. This design maintains high ground clearance and provides stability when snow plowing.

Shovel width depends on the motor power, weight of the equipment and can be from 125 to 150 cm.

Blade for power tiller

Blade for power tiller. drawing

Homemade shovels of the blade for a motor-block is not necessarily equipped with a spring damping mechanism to protect against contact with an uneven surface, because the single-axle tractor has a low speed of movement. In addition, you can avoid using the lift-and-turn device, which greatly reduces the cost of a working snowplow kit.

Snow removal with a power tiller is productive due to the fact that the device takes not only the front position, but also rotates left and right at an angle of 300. Grip width depends on the model of the lift-and-turn bucket. If you use a metal thickness of 3 mm, the standard value is one meter.

When equipping a single-axle tractor with snowplowing equipment, it is important to purchase metal grousers. They make snowploughing easier and better

Gas cylinder moldboard. how to make it with your own hands?

One of the most common options is to make the moldboard from a 200 liter barrel or from a gas cylinder. Such a snow cleaning nozzle will successfully cope with clearing the lawn from the frozen snow masses, and save your time and effort. As in the first case, you will need a detailed diagram, which will detail all the dimensions and location of the main elements of the snowplow.

Next, to make an auger or rotary snowplow, you will need to prepare the same materials and tools as in the first case. You do not need to purchase steel plates and stiffeners. instead you will use a cylinder or barrel.

Read also: Metal cutting machine with their own hands

A snowplow for a power tiller is made as follows:

  • Cut an empty barrel or cylinder into 3 parts. as a result, you should have 3 curvilinear segments left, of which you need to make a shovel;
  • Weld two of the received three segments to each other along the contour. As a result, you will get a product with a thickness of 3 mm. this is quite enough for quality snow removal;
  • To strengthen the bottom of the blade install strong steel blade. In the shovel, make three holes with a pitch of 10 mm and a diameter of 6 mm with a drill. When placing the blade on the bucket, put a rubber gasket between the elements;
  • In the middle part of the installed tube, weld a semicircle, in which you make 3 holes in advance. they will be used for the reliable fixation of the bucket’s swivel corners;
  • From another piece of pipe make an L-shaped holder. Insert one end of the part into one of the holes in the semicircle and fix the other end to the tiller frame. You can see the result of the work done in the photo.

The ready to use snow shovel will help you remove large amounts of fresh and caked snow. Thanks to the large width of the bucket, you can clear a large swath, saving you time and effort.

make, bulldozer, single, axle, tractor

For better cleaning of the lawn, the manufactured moldboard can be equipped with a sweeping brush. It must be attached directly behind the bucket by means of bolts. If you want to use this element, then in the manufacture of the blade to the sides of his parts should be welded two pipes, a length of at least 1 m. A third tube is welded perpendicularly to the tubes, and the brush itself is welded to it.

Types of snow removal equipment

In specialized stores today you can buy a variety of mechanisms to facilitate work in the field. Snowplow equipment is also becoming more and more popular. There are currently four basic types of snow blowers:

If snow removal equipment is purchased in a store, all four types are excellent for the task at hand. But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snowplow with their own hands on a single-axle tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. Making an air blower snow blower will require a powerful power unit and finding one can be a challenge.

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