How to make a chainsaw made of wood. How to make a moped from a chainsaw or a bicycle with a motor

What can be done from a chainsaw with your own hands

A gasoline saw is a good assistant when harvesting firewood, cutting trees, caring for a garden, cleaning the overgrown area. Its basis is the internal combustion engine, which is characterized by compact dimensions, reliability, small mass, good power indicators. Such advantages of the drive allow you to create various original home.Made homemade chainsaws: one.Axle tractor, corner grinder, snow removal, lawn mower, sawmill, electric generator, karting, snowmobile. The motor is also installed on a bicycle, a boat, making these vehicles more practical. Over, often craftsmen use not only the engine, but also other parts from the unit. The difficulty in remaking is in the exact preparation of the sizes of the parts of the collected equipment.

It is easy to make a boat motor from a chainsaw. The remake is performed as follows:

  • Remove the tire from the saw;
  • Instead, to the motor, using a special adapter, join the boat screw of independent or factory manufacturing;
  • Then the entire structure is fixed on the boat so that the rowing screw is plunged into the water at an angle.

Instead of an adapter, some craftsmen install a gearbox. The possible result of the work is demonstrated in the photo below.

make, chainsaw, made, wood

For lovers of fishing, a home.Made boat engine is an economical option that can significantly accelerate the movement of lakes, rivers, and ponds along the water surface.

Assembly instructions

The easiest option is a design consisting of a table, an engine and a shaft with a saw. To create such equipment, you first need to perform a frame. For this, the goats are connected by discs.

The surface of the table is made of metal plates about 1 mm thick and about 24 cm wide. The plates are connected by means of screws and jumpers, then they are fixed on a wooden base.

To connect all the details of the sawmills, such fasteners as screws and nuts will be required. Small gaps should be preserved between the plates. After the plates are fixed, the groove should be made at the base of the barrel. He should be in a place where the saw disk will not touch its walls.

The saw disk itself can be bought in the finished form or do it with your own hands. It should be remembered: it must have a radius of at least 23 cm.

Depending on the ability to move, home.Made pilrams from the chainsaw are divided into two types:

A stationary device is a design of metal or wooden racks on which a saw is recorded. It has guides along which logs move. During work, the saw is motionless.

The mobile device is a special nozzle on a chainsaw, which is usually welded from steel racks. The saw moves along with this nozzle along the log during work.

Each of the types of design has both advantages and disadvantages. The main minus is inpatient. The impossibility or complexity of transportation. And plus. High accuracy of the cut. The advantage of mobile is the opportunity to take with you anywhere. And the disadvantage is a high risk of obtaining boards of uneven thickness or irregular shape due to the fact that the saw chain is mobile.

Depending on the material from which the sawmill is made, there are devices:

What kind of chainsaw sawmill would you create?

At one time in such goats, you can lay up to 150 kg of sawing with a total section of the package of about 27.5 cm.


A completely different principle of fixing the logs demonstrate clamping structures, which include a goat for a file of firewood for a chainsaw of a logo. This modern equipment is made in the form of a stable stand with a log for a log, which is laid on one end on a gear crossbar and is clamped in it with a mobile upper part, also equipped with teeth. The rest of the logs remains freely hanging in the air, and the absence of any restrictive details allows you to cut it into churbaki in one appointment.

make, chainsaw, made, wood

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Why do you need a chainsaw sawmill in the household

With the onset of autumn, the sounds of the work of benzo- and electric saws are increasingly starting to be heard. This means that the season harvesting season is in full swing. However, for what purposes can a sawmill be needed, when a mobile benzo.Tool copes with a harvesting of firewood perfectly. Drink firewood when there is a longitudinal cut in the form, is easier than a chainsaw, however, when there is a need to get boards, then for these purposes you can not do without sawmill.

The very word of the pilram means “saw” on the “frame”. Structurally, this is a machine that a cutting tool is attached to (in a particular case, it is a chainsaw or electric saw). Когда заготавливаются дрова на зиму, то часто попадаются ровные стволы, из которых, как говориться, грешно не изготовить доски. Another option when you live in rural areas and want to do business with minimal investments (open a sawmill). Here, a chainsaw will also come to the rescue, from which you can make a sawmill with your own hands. Such a machine can be performed by such manipulations:

  • Sprinkle logs on boards, which can subsequently be sold or used for the construction of a house, cottage or other outbuildings. The board is always in demand and expensive building materials
  • The manufacture of bars, which are also an expensive building type of building material, which can be obtained in the presence of forest and sawmill

When working, lumber remain, which can be used as firewood for the kind of solid fuel boilers. Mobile pylorama from a chainsaw has the following advantages:

Chainsaw bike 1

  • It does not take up much space on the site, so for it you do not need to build an additional overlap
  • At any time it can be disassembled to continue to saw the trees
  • You can use both at home and in the field, for example, in the forest immediately after the roll of trees

However, all these advantages have portable models of chainsaw pylors. If it is planned to make a sawmill in the form of a machine, then it is not so easy to move, so you can use it only in one place where it will be installed.

Varieties of working nozzles

If necessary, the workpiece is sawn by a chain on boards using special nozzles. The frame for a gasoline saw is fixed on the design and is provided to guarantee even movement with horizontal sawing of the workpiece.

  • The main frame moving along the outer layer, next to which it is necessary to handle wood;
  • Vertical rack, where the adjusting system of material thickness is fixed;
  • A thickness system containing the handles for regulation and a bolt that sets the necessary circle;

The ability to put the exact diameter and competent cutting of the logs helps to get boards of identical thickness and reduce the amount of garbage. For the first sawing of wood, you need a main frame or a flat straight board.

As an analogue, you can make an even foundation coating by means of an ax, an electric shirt and level. With further sawing, the main surface is the flat part of the board obtained during the past work.

make, chainsaw, made, wood

Selection of materials and details

When creating a home.Made circular saw, it is necessary to comply with the optimal balance between its functionality, safety during operation and the cost of manufacturing. To achieve this, you should choose materials and details with the desired characteristics. To reduce costs, it is necessary to build from old or unused equipment, which is available.

Materials for the manufacture of bed with the table

For the manufacture of a bed (frame), you can use a channel or metal corners (enough from 25 × 25 mm to 50 × 50 mm). If these materials are not available, then the most economical option is to purchase them at the scrap metal intake. Water or profile pipes made of metal will go to the legs of the machine.

Advice! Elements of the frame must be connected to each other using electric welding, because bolted connections are spinning under the influence of vibrations.

When collecting the bed, it is also required to weld the structures in the corners to weld the spacers. To facilitate the movement of the machine, you can equip it with strong wheels (with a metal rim) equipped with fixers. It should be borne in mind that the more massive the created unit, the more it should be more stable in order to avoid injuries.

The main requirements for the table for the circular: resistance to mechanical influences (vibrational, shock), the ability to withstand the harvesting weighing more than 50 kg and smoothness of the surface without deflections. These properties are characterized by sheets of the following materials:

If you use a moisture.Resistant plywood, then it should first bend it with tin covered with zinc. It is not recommended to use wood-brown stove or OSP due to the instability of these sheet materials to vibrational influences.

Important! The strength of the table is of great practical significance. When it cracked or distorted due to deflection, the disk can jam. This can lead not only to damage to the workpiece, but also to the injury.

To carry out various works (for example, bloating logs onto the boards), you need to equip the table with a lateral emphasis. It performs the same function as the tire for a manual type circular saw: provides even sawing of lumber. In this case, its use allows you to get blanks of different sizes.

The guiding emphasis should be strictly parallel disk to avoid jamming the last. It can be made from a wooden bar or metal corner. In the first case, only solid wood should be used. To be able to adjust the working gap, the emphasis must be removable. It can be fixed using clamps or in special grooves (bolts) made parallel to each other on the working surface of the countertop.

The choice of engine and launch equipment

As a drive for the version of a home.Made circular machine, it is easiest to use a single.Phase electric motor. Its power is required to be selected taking into account the upcoming load. Indirectly, you can navigate the diameter of the installed disk:

  • If it is 350 mm, then for the normal operation of the unit you need an electric motor with a capacity of 1000 W;
  • For a disc with a diameter of 170 mm, a 500 W engine is enough.

In the latter case, you can make a drive mechanism from the engine from the washing machine-automatic machine. He is able to work for a long time at an average load level. For discs with a diameter of 350 mm, an electric motor from an industrial ventilation installation is suitable. It should be fixed rigidly to ensure the normal gearing of belt transmission. For this reason, it will not be possible to reduce the level of vibration by installing the motor on shock absorbers: it will constantly fluctuate.

You can also equip home.Made equipment with a three.Phase electric motor (380 V) of suitable power. To run it from a network with a voltage of 220 V, it will be necessary to additionally install a working (phase.Drive) and launch capacitors in an electric circuit. It should also be borne in mind that the engine power will be less than the nominal value indicated on its plate or in the passport.

The starting equipment should be selected based on the power of the motor, on which the maximum current strength in the circuit will depend. A good option is the use of the start button together with thermal protection. This will protect the electric motor from blocking the windings if the current increases when the disk is jammed. It is better to install protection in a separate electric shield attached to the side panel of the machine from the convenient side.

All connections need to be isolated so that the wires do not closed onto the bed of a home.Made circular electric saw. The inclusion and disable buttons should be pressed without any effort. Due to the frequent storage of equipment on the street, it is necessary to protect the electric part well from getting wet. The simplest thing is to cover the installation with an oilcloth or a material that does not pass water that does not pass water.

Transfer, shaft and disk

To transmit rotation from electric motor to the disk, the best option is to use a wedge.Shaped belt together with pulleys from the car engine. It is not recommended to use gears for security reasons. This is due to the fact that if the disk is jammed, then the belt will simply slip, and the gear gear can cause failure of the entire drive node due to its rigidity.

Advice! If you use pulleys of different diameters, then it will be possible to change the speed of the disk and install various types on the machine. This is relevant in the absence of a regulator of the speed of the electric motor.

The manufacture of a shaft is best entrusted to a specialist by ordering it from a professional turner. Especially when it is planned to make a circular electric saw more functional, equipping it, for example, a shirt. But the easiest option is to buy a finished part of factory production. Its sample is presented in the photo below.

Preparatory events

Before starting assembly measures, guided by the drawing, you should prepare the necessary materials and tools. This will allow, first of all, to navigate whether there is everything you need for work (you need to buy the missing), and also not be distracted during the process along the trifles of trifles.

make, chainsaw, made, wood

Necessary materials and tools

To make a strip saw, the following materials and details will be required:

  • Boards or a sheet of plywood (or woody stove) from which the frame, table, pulleys will be made;
  • Sheet steel (for saw);
  • A channel used to create a support frame, or metal corners, or wooden bars and rails;
  • Bearings;
  • Steel rod. For the manufacture of pulleys of pulleys;
  • Electric motor;
  • Screws, bolts with nuts and washers;
  • Polyurethane glue;
  • Rubber from a bicycle chamber;
  • Textile;
  • Bushings;
  • Briver belt;
  • Varnish or paint.

Recommended thickness of the boards. 20 mm. It is better to give preference to lumber from durable and solid wood.

The work will require the following tools:

  • Electric screwdriver (with drills);
  • A hammer;
  • Wrench (size for bolts);
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Pliers;
  • Sander;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Grinder;
  • Electric.

Power tools can be replaced by their manual analogues. But in this case, the assembly will require more time and labor costs. When using metal corners or a channel, instead of wooden bars, you will also need a welding machine and electrodes. The use of bolt compounds creates additional problems with a tight fit of details.

Recommendations for choosing a tape canvas

It is quite difficult to make a cutting canvas with your own hands. For these purposes, you need instrumental steel of brands U8 or U10. The saw should be flexible. Its thickness for relatively soft wood is from 0.2 to 0.4 mm, and for solid. From 0.4 to 0.8 mm. The length of the canvas in the assembled version of the machine will be about 1.7 m. You need to independently cut the teeth, correctly dilute and sharpen them. To solder the tape in a continuous ring (at the same time), you will need to use a gas burner and solder. The connecting seam must be polished after.

It is much easier and more convenient to purchase a ready.Made cutting canvas of good quality in the store so as not to waste time making it. The width of the products is from 18 to 88 mm. At the same time, you need to focus on the material that has to be sprinkled. Manufacturers offer such types of saws according to this criterion:

  • Bimetallic, designed to perform metal work (stainless steel and relatively strong alloys);
  • Diamond, with which you can saw marble, quartz, granite and other solid materials;
  • Carbide, allowing to process high.Strength alloys;
  • From strips of instrumental steel used for sawing wood.

The last variety is often equipped with machines collected in household conditions. This is due to its price availability and practicality. But if you have to work with solid materials, then it is better to purchase a more solid, wear.Resistant and expensive saw to reduce the probability of a rupture of the tape to a minimum.

If it is planned to make a curly cutter using a ribbon saw, then you need to select the width of the canvas taking into account the radius of rounding. Some ratios between these values ​​are shown in the following photography.

Advice! For even longitudinal sawing of lumber, wide cutting canvases should be used. They allow you to perform a more even cut.

When choosing a wood saw, you also need to take into account the step of its teeth (the distance between their centers). The hardness of the wood depends on this, which can be sawed. The following are the most common teeth profiles, their marking and scope.

You need to pay attention to the quality of sharpening of teeth. The cutting edge should be acute and even. You should also ask the sales assistant about the opportunity to hide it again and how many times it can be done. For your own safety, it is recommended to give preference to better canvases.

Important! For installation on the machine, it is better to choose universal saws suitable for processing wood of different hardness. This will allow you to change such canvases much less when replacing the processed material.

Features of the circular saw

Understanding such nuances is of great importance, it is necessary to pay attention to the modes of the functioning of the structure, master the varieties of loads and do everything possible to strengthen the most significant nodes.

Only with such a strategy it is realistic to achieve the prolonged and well.Coordinated operation of the constructed unit.

Installation of the structure of the unit

In the collection, the height of the structure will hardly be 10 cm (taking into account the case, the protective screen, including the distance to the support plate). The distance between the axes of the studs in this case will be 32 millimeters at a height of 24.5, the center distance from the shaft to the first hairpin will be 54 millimeters. Considering that the weight of the entire structure (though without taking into account the tire) runs quite suitable, a little more than 4.5 kg, for fastening you can choose a hairpin with a metric thread with a diameter of 8 mm and a 1 mm thread step with a step with a pitch.

To fix the engine and shaft, you will need a channel. Armed with a corner grinder, cut out the fastening of the desired configuration from the workpiece, and then drill holes for fasteners connecting this design and the chainsaw itself is actually.

When assembly, you need to take into account a sufficient distance between the front bowl of the coupling and the support frame. On the second side of the shaft, a gearbox borrowed from the corner grinder will be attached.

The next step in the work will be the construction of a rotary unit. To do this, you need a piece of the tube with a diameter of a slightly larger than the shaft with a welded corner for mounting the guide, hollow hexagonal guide, a metal rod suitable in diameter and a rectangular metal harvesting with holes in the ends to fix the rod, as well as a slot in the upper part for ease of work for ease of work for ease of work.

The edges of the cut “handle” in the workpiece must be thoroughly cleaned. The guide is connected to the corner by welding, and then using the rod the resulting structure is connected to the rectangular “handle”. At the ends of the rod, you can cut the thread for the reliability of the mounting, you can simply install with a slight interference. Then the entire node is planted on the shaft and fixed in a place convenient to control.

Well, of course, before assembling the details, you need to give a aesthetic look if possible, for which each of them is subjected to cleaning and painting.

At the next step, you will have to take up the adaptation of the gear shaft for the available screw. This important detail is desirable, of course, to use the finished one, you can remove from the old motor. For those who are not looking for easy ways, the option of making homemade. In the image and likeness of the screw of factory origin, a form is made, into which the future screw is filled through epoxy glue and fiberglass and fiberglass. After simple manipulations (grinding, painting), the screw is ready. However, it must be borne in mind that the rowing screw will take on a significant load, and in manufacture it is very important to correctly maintain all sizes. Therefore, it is better to use a ready-made detail after all.

After connecting the screw and shaft of the gearbox, the final stage occurs using the hairpin. Transmission oil is poured into the gearbox, the lid along with the installed shaft is attached using sealant. And then. The final assembly of the entire structure. For the purpose of ease of use, you can also additionally mount the gas handle.

Owners of boats often use motors to make the boat as fast and maneuverable as possible. The cost of factory units is not affordable for everyone, so most users prefer to create an engine from a chainsaw on the boat on their own. It is worth noting that the upcoming intervention in the basic structure is minimal, so the equipment will remain suitable for further operation, as intended.

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