How to make a counterweight on a single tractor. For wheels

We make hinged equipment for walking around with our own hands, photos and drawings

Special hinged devices in the form of soil.Spaces are used for the possibility of deep entry into the ground. Such devices are metal wheels with special teeth. Neva’s unoic tractor is compatible with the wheels of the COMS, the weight of one of them is 12 kg.

There is also another model of soil.Polls. Metal wheels of kum designed for deep hilling of the Earth. Compared to the CCM, they are thinner. Their thickness is only 10 cm, but their diameter is 70 cm. Wheels Kum weigh 15 kg. Choosing the right device is necessary based on the specifics of the work that you need to perform.

Why this element

The wheel of the walk.Behind tractor, which passes along the outer arc when turning, should go a larger way. And here there is a need for a differential or other mechanism for distribution of power, which will avoid slipping. If this element does not have a given element, this will cause hidden movement. Over, the larger the distance between the wheels, the more difficult it will be rotated.

The main part of the works that are carried out on Earth, for example, cultivation or fertilizer is carried out, is carried out in a straight line. But this one does not mean that the device will never turn. Of course, the standard version of the walk.Behind engineer with a hard drive for 2 wheels allows you to use it quite conveniently to use it in most agricultural work. But if necessary, frequent turning the problem with slipping and management will have to be additionally solved. If you do not use special mechanisms, then the vehicle will slow down with soil. Such work will be difficult even for a person with great physical strength.

Most often, experts choose the use of overall couplings as a solution to such a question.

These are simple and universal installations that allow you to properly distribute the load between the wheels if necessary. The versatility of this method is that overall couplings can be used not only on a stiff axis, but also on the connected. In this case, when turning, the wheel will strive to make rotations faster than the front shaft. This makes it possible to conveniently control the machine and work even in small areas, since the device becomes more maneuverable.

List of tools and equipment

As a rule, each summer cottage has a sufficient amount of metal products and a set of devices for conducting a wide spectra work.

In order to make weights of the wheel for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, such tools and materials will be required:

  • Roulette;
  • Welding machine;
  • Building level;
  • Corner grinder with disks for cutting and grinding metal;
  • Electric drill with a set of drills;
  • A small steel or aluminum barrel with a dropping lid;
  • Pancakes from a bar weighing 5, 10, 20 kg;
  • A steel corner 30-50 mm;
  • Painting brush;
  • Car paint.

Weight one.Axle tractor so that there is always the possibility of quick dismantling of hung devices. They will not be required when conducting mowing grass and performing other works that do not require a strong adhesion to the soil. Excess cargo in such cases will interfere and lead to overspending of fuel.

make, counterweight, tractor, wheels

Choose weightlifters for a walk.Behind tractor

Uniform tractor. Indispensable devices in the household. Thanks to him, you can cultivate the land without spending great efforts or a lot of time. But there is one unpleasant detail. Not all motoblocks are able to perform their direct functions equally well, since many of them often suffer. This did not go unnoticed, and manufacturers specially make weighting in order to solve this difficult problem.

Homemade mounting equipment for walk.Behind engines

For medium and high.Power motor blocks today, suppliers and manufacturers offer a huge number of attachments and devices that provide the mechanization of many operations. However, despite such attractive offers and ready.Made options for the supply of sets, many owners prefer to make attachments for a walk.Behind tractor with their own hands. And the reason is not that homemade products are cheaper. By no means, if you take the cost of materials, then this is absolutely wrong. The problem lies in another. Do.It.Yourself inventory for a walk.Behind tractor, for the most part, the tools are universally selected in terms of their qualitative parameters that meet the needs of a particular person.

This approach to the formation of a park of agricultural equipment makes it possible to take into account in the process of designing and assembling the inventory of all possible features of both the site and the owner himself.

The developed equipment for the unit is conditionally divided into equipment:

  • Universal purpose;
  • Highly specialized orientation;
  • Auxiliary equipment and devices that allow you to simplify the control of the walk.Behind tractor.

Universal means primarily include adapters and various trailers making the universal tractor with a universal transport platform both for cargo transportation and as a convenient vehicle. Separate models of motoblocks are capable of speed up to 25 km per hour. Although the comfort of the mini tractor is still far away, but walking is no longer on foot.

Highly specialized types of equipment are most often intended to perform only 1 or maximum 2 operations. However, it is precisely these are the most popular tools from the point of view of consumer qualities for high.Quality soil processing, performing operations for caring for crops, feeding and even used in construction. In part, it should be noted that among the self.Destruction of special purpose, relatively simple types of tools. Plows, mills, cummons prevail. This is what can be done from improvised materials and with the help of the simplest power tool. But more complex elements are made using units from other equipment.

And, of course, what facilitates control is a counterweight to the uniform tractor, wheel weights and anti.Slip chains all this allows you to work with the unit all year round.

About the node

Its main task is to confident contact of the attachment and the walk.Behind tractor itself. Clutch there are several types. However, the most popular species is the P-shaped. Such a universal coupling for a walk.Behind tractor can be made independently or purchased in the finished form. If increased loads are planned, then it is better to do the knot with your own hands. This will provide for this aspect in the design.


As noted above, the manufacturers of motoblocks are enough, but it should be noted that the design of these devices, by and large, is identical: there are only small deviations in one direction or another. Therefore, the manufacture of a universal coupling is required, which can be used on various models, when there is a need.

How to choose soil.Spaceds for a walk.Behind tractor

Before considering how to make soil for the walk.Behind tractor yourself from the car discs, it is necessary to consider the procedure for choosing these devices, and in addition, the main purpose. What are the appropriate soil for the walk.Behind tract? These devices allow you to cultivate the arable land before planting, carry out hilling, and in addition, plowing the soil after harvesting. When choosing these devices, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • First of all, the choice of soil.Spaces for a specific walk.Behind tract should be carried out based on an affordable budget.
  • It is necessary to take into account the sizes of the motor.Cultivator, as well as attaching equipment (length, height and width, and in addition, diameter).
  • The devices should be selected based on the purpose and functions of the use of the corresponding motor block and structural elements.
  • It is also important to take into account the type of soil that is subjected to appropriate processing using the cultivator.
  • Here, the availability of technical equipment is taken into account (hinged, device on a hard coupling or auxiliary device).
  • The area of ​​the land plot should also be taken into account, and in addition, the power of the cultivator used to process.
  • The cost is taken separately, and in addition, the manufacturer and compatibility of technical equipment.

In this video, consider the soil.Spaces for the walk.Behind tractor:

Given all these parameters, you can make a rational choice of a suitable option for buying, or try out independent manufacture of disks devices using certain schemes and drawings that are on the Internet in free access for download. Additionally, if necessary, all the developments of the structure can be done independently if there are certain skills, knowledge and some desire.

Important. When purchasing mounting equipment, it is recommended to take into account that mainly the model range is made for each motorbace in a separate order.

The most effective

When choosing appropriate devices, most often, models are taken into account that have the greatest efficiency. In practice, this is inherent only for specific types of attachments. Let us consider in more detail on which types of appropriate equipment should be chosen for a full.Fledged arable land:

  • Here, most often, multicomponent milling devices are used, which allow you to treat the soil in different directions;
  • You can give preference in favor of the plow with a harrow, as this equipment can simultaneously plow, loosen and fenced the soil;
  • Additionally, homemade devices should be distinguished, as they allow you to apply everything necessary in one mechanism;
  • Collapsible multifunctional component mills and plows with harrows are also in demand.

In each individual case, there are their nuances with appropriate selection of structural elements, however, special weights are an integral part of any type, which serve to weight the structure when immersed in the soil. This equipment allows you to evenly plow the soil to the same depth. This arrangement is especially necessary for high cultivators, where the hitch is significantly higher than the working plane.

The use of weighting agents

Devices are used in the following cases:

make, counterweight, tractor, wheels

How to Build a Cheap Counter Weight for Sub-compact Tractor

  • Most are needed for cercers and plows. With an increase in the mass of the unit, the thrust force increases, contributing to the qualitative plowing of the soil;
  • Work on slopes and hard soils is simplified;
  • The mass of technology and awnings is balanced. At the same time, the control of the motor unit is simplified and the quality of work is increased.
make, counterweight, tractor, wheels

How to install weighting agents

With plowing, the loads are placed on the front breath. When milling. Between the bracket of the steering wheel and the gearbox so that the one.Axic tractor stands evenly, without leaning forward or backward. Before this, the center of gravity should be determined and ensure that it shift as low as possible.

The total weight of goods should not exceed 100 kg, and the time of continuous work is 1 hour. Exceeding the load will lead to premature depreciation of transmission and constant overload of the motor.

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