How to make a cultivator from a grass trimmer

How to make a cultivator with their own hands

Cultivator. equipment necessary for any tiller. It allows you to work the soil without turning out large layers of soil, without disturbing its fertile layer.

How to make CULTIVATOR at Home! Cultivator for trimmer# Satisfying Brush Cutter

But it has an important disadvantage. its cost. Therefore, quite often in the expanses of our country can be found manual or electric cultivator, made by their own hands.

Assembling a cultivator

If there is a dacha or just a plot of land, the cultivator will help facilitate the processing of the soil. Traditionally, a hoe is used for this purpose, but working with it takes a lot of time and effort. Using a cultivator will reduce labor costs, and the entire process takes less time. Factory-made equipment is expensive, so if funds are limited, the question arises about the self-assembly of the cultivator. Both gasoline grass trimmers and electric mowers are good for this.

To create the simplest sample of technology, should be stocked with the following tools and materials:

  • Angular grinder with a set of disks (suitable diameter. 125 mm) on metal;
  • drill with drills of different diameters;
  • welding machine;
  • electrodes;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw for metal;
  • an emery machine with two abrasive wheels of different grit
  • functioning gasoline trimmer;
  • forks;
  • using a steel tube of the same diameter as the shaft of the brushcutter;
  • hand tools: wrenches, hammer, pliers, core, tape measure and marker;
  • A sheet of metal with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and dimensions of at least 1010 cm.

The manufacturing process begins with the working part. The curved bars of a garden fork can be used for this purpose. Their recommended length is 10 to 15 cm. this is enough to loosen the soil.


The working nozzle is made in the following sequence:

  • flatten the tines of the forks to a width of 1 cm;
  • on an emery machine, using a fine abrasive wheel, sharpen the cutters;
  • Use an electric jigsaw to cut a circle 10 cm in diameter out of the metal;
  • work it on an emery machine until it is almost perfectly shaped;
  • at regular intervals to the metal circle, weld the prepared cutters (recommended number. 3).

If the number of cutters is greater than 3, the load on the machine increases considerably.

The recommended power of a gasoline engine should be two horsepower (about 1.5 kW) or more.

The next step is to attach the weeding cutter to the grass trimmer. The process is greatly simplified if there is a reverse thread located on the end of the brushcutter shaft, on which the manufactured working part is simply screwed on. For this purpose, a tube with a nut is pre-welded to the cutter.

If you have experience as a mechanic and welder skills to remake the trimmer for grass into a cultivator is simple enough. The financial outlay is negligible. If an electric mower is used in the work, then you will need to think about an extension cord, so that it reaches across the cultivated area.

How to make?

Manual cultivator can be quickly and easily make their own hands. And do not be afraid that you need special skills, materials or tools. in most cases the unit can be assembled from what is already at hand.

If you find detailed instructions, it will take no more than 20-24 hours to assemble the device. Homemade cultivator is also convenient because it is easy to repair or improve.

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The simplest model of a universal helper is a model similar to the “Tornado”. Such cultivators work without fuel or electricity. All the work is done by one’s own efforts and tools. Such a device is made from a fork, with a hammer to bend the teeth so that they resemble a drill. Then the simplest handle from a shovel is attached, a plastic tube is put on top of it, all this is fixed with duct tape.

Depending on what cutters are used, cultivators can differ. For example, there are needle models, which are a kind of rotary star device. They are excellent for loosening and suppressing weeds. Even more functions can be performed by mounted lancet cultivator, its cutter looks like “goose feet”. Such a unit can loosen, prune weeds, comb out the remains of plants, level the surface layer of soil.

Today it is very easy to make a cultivator by yourself. Many devices can be used for this. For example, gardeners make themselves assistants from an angle grinder, a bicycle, an old washing machine, a drill and even from a snowplow.

From an angle grinder

Burnt-out angle grinder can be successfully converted into a cultivator. Of course, such a tool will not be able to handle large areas, but it will help to cope with a garden plot or even a greenhouse. The main advantages are its environmental friendliness, low weight and ease of operation. Such a device works from electricity.

To assemble the unit, you will need a welding machine, as well as at least minimal skills in working with it. Materials for the manufacture will serve:

Motor from a washing machine or a drill;

chain and “sprockets” from a small bicycle;

Cultivator cutters, which are made from car springs;

Tin to protect the motor from the earth getting into it.

The design will be a frame made of metal with two wheels. In its center there will be a motor, which should be connected to the cutters. The rotation will be provided with the help of bicycle “sprockets” and a chain. As for the starter cable, it is attached to the handles.

From a grass trimmer

An ordinary gasoline grass trimmer for the garden, thanks to the dexterity of the hands, can easily turn into a small cultivator. To make it, you will need the following materials:

Metal will be best handled with an angle grinder, welding and hand tools. The working part will be a rod from a fork, only bent and flattened. Sharpen them with a disk of light abrasiveness before working. The cutters must necessarily be spaced at an equal distance from each other with a circular element with a diameter of 10 cm. Ideally, if the cultivator will be equipped with three cutters.

From a chainsaw

A chainsaw is also suitable for making a cultivator yourself. The best solution is an engine from a Druzhba chainsaw. Creating a device based on a chainsaw will require, in addition to the engine, a number of other materials:

chain (can be bicycle or from a light motorcycle);

Of the tools it is desirable to have on hand a grinder, a welder, horn wrenches (set), pliers. First you need to assemble the frame. It is best to do it with the use of contact welding or bolts. Then it is necessary to weld the cross beams that fasten the frames. It is on them that the engine from the chainsaw is installed. The lower part of the frame is equipped with a shaft with wheels, sprocket and chain. As a working part, a shaft with cutters is made, which is fastened with square sheets of metal.


The discs are a good basis for the cultivator. However, it is very difficult to make a rotary device, especially if you do not have special skills for this. Of the parts will be needed:

To the sleeves, which are fixed on the axis, you need to weld discs. Use cotter pins to fix the axis in the brackets. A tube with handles and a crossbar must pass through the large bracket. In a small bracket to screw the rod, which protrudes over the bar. Such a cultivator is characterized by reliability and practicality.

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From the drill

From a drill you can make an excellent cultivator, which can easily cope with many garden works. Such a device can be made of:

steel rod (for clamping the drill chuck);

From the tools you will need a welding machine, an emery and an angle grinder. The shaft in such a device will be a rod with a diameter of 10 mm. It will transmit the rotation from the motor to the cutters. The process is carried out through a chuck.

Cutters can be made from sheets of metal, which is suitable for problematic lands. Metal corners 10-15 cm long and 1 cm wide will also do. Using an angle grinder, they are turned into rectangles, which are then bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Next, you need to sharpen the cutters on both sides and weld them to the rod.

From a bicycle

often than not, gardeners make a cultivator out of a bicycle. Such a construction is characterized by easy installation and the absence of welding. From the tools you will need only an angle grinder and a set of wrenches. This machine can be assembled from:

It is necessary to attach the cutting part of the saw to a piece of the frame. It can be replaced with a plow or other surface that has sharp spikes. The handles of the cultivator are made longer than a bicycle handlebar and are bolted permanently to the frame. The wheel is also attached to the frame. The result is a perfect tool for loosening the ground and can always be equipped with a motor.

Cultivator from a brushcutter

Cultivator from brushcuts with their own hands

Why buy a cultivator, and, moreover, to weed seedbeds with a hoe, if you can use a gasoline brush for this purpose. In this case, you will not have to hump with a hoe all day, remembering everything, on what the light holds.

There is nothing complicated about making a weeder-cultivator. True, you will need a welding machine and the ability to weld metal. If you have no skills in welding, then, welcome to the site It’s all laid out in detail, in order.

Is it possible to make such a nozzle with your own hands

Making a nozzle for weeding by hand is not recommended, as it is difficult to pick up its width and diameter of the cutters so as not to damage the grass trimmer motor. But the price factor has a big impact on the dacha.

Folk craftsmen offer options for making nozzles with their own hands.

The steps of making a three-bladed nozzle:

  • Take a sheet of metal.
  • Draw circles with a diameter of 32, 22 and 11 cm.
  • Cut them along the contour and in the center of each circle make holes for the working shaft.
  • Take a rebar and weld discs at a distance of 1-2 cm.
  • Take nails and weld them to the discs.
  • This makes a great homemade head.

When working with homemade tools be sure to use the protective cover on the trimmer.

Universal cultivator from a brushcutter with his own hands

The attachment-cultivator on the gasoline grass trimmer is used for loosening the soil in small areas, such as a flowerbed, a greenhouse or around bushes and trees. The tool can be:

The difference in these two units only in their design and names, the essence of the work they perform is the same. to loosen the ground.

Important! Toothed models have less weight, therefore, it is better to process light soils with them, unlike disc ones.

Works such a tool from the engine with a special bar (sold separately). There are slots on the boom, there can be from 7 to 9 of them. That is, you must know exactly which nozzle to buy, because from one model it may not fit on the other.

When the blades and discs are fixed with slits, the cutting bodies will be free to move, you can loosen the soil to a width of 20-25 cm.

make, cultivator, grass, trimmer

Please note! It is more convenient to work long beds than short ones. In the first case, you need to make fewer turns.

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When choosing a nozzle, it is necessary to take into account the power of grass trimmer. If the power of the device does not exceed 1500 watts, you can work only loosened soil. For example, you can only mow potatoes.

The disadvantage of this design is that it is not possible to dig deep into the soil. Only the top layer can be loosened, if it has been ploughed recently. Such a trimmer will simply “jump” on hard ground, it will not loosen the soil. And you can’t press it against the ground, because the bar will bend and twist, which will lead to the grass trimmer‘s breakage.

But still, sometimes it makes sense to buy such a head. Given its sometimes not a small price, many craftsmen decide to make a cultivator for a brushcutter on their own.

How to choose?

Buying a nozzle-cultivator for the lawnmower, in addition to the power of the engine of the gasoline trimmer are based on several factors. These are the working width, weight, cutter diameter and number of revolutions per minute. On average, the diameter of the cutters can be 20 cm, the number of revolutions. 180.

Homemade Rotary CULTIVATOR For TRIMMER !?

Given that the cultivation nozzles to the gasoline trimmer do not get along with caked soil, you need to choose a variant with a disk-type shield. It is important to take into account the factor of care, because it is better to loosen the soil after weeding. It is important that the handle was T-shaped, in this case the direction will be the most reliable and correct.

As for the design of the boom, it is useless to buy a cultivator nozzle for a flexible shaft, it will put the unit out of operation quickly enough. The ideal choice would be to buy a product with a multi-slotted boom paired with a cardan gear. Such a machine will perform more efficiently and be more reliable. It is important that the power is at least 1000 W so the engine does not overheat, otherwise the output will be reduced.

Features of work with a nozzle

Any attachment-cultivator for grass trimmer significantly increases the weight of the entire device (not less than 5 6 kg). This is why not everyone is able to work with these tools for a long period of time. Mechanical drive power limits of grass trimmer must also be taken into account. If the engine is designed for power not more than 1500 W, then the cultivator can handle only regularly loosened soil, or be limited to dipping pears, potato bushes, etc. п.

Since the drive of gasoline trimmers is located behind the worker, and the drive rod. quite long, then in the process of cultivation there are constantly vibrations. Their size is determined by both the length of the boom and the varying load on the discs or cutters. These vibrations are transmitted to the user’s hands through the shoulder strap, so it is not always convenient to operate the grass trimmer switch and hold a rather capacious unit. That is why long-term cultivation with a cultivator attachment is not safe for health.

Special cultivator nozzles are the solution to all problems on the homestead plot

Thanks to today’s modern electric and gasoline garden tools, it is now possible to perform many routine tasks throughout the calendar year. Each such tool can be supplemented with special attachments. It is the nozzles that will be able to help both in the garden and in the homestead.

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