How to make a differential on a single axle tractor. Types of power distribution mechanisms

How to make a differential for a power tiller with your own hands

Next you will learn which single axle tractor is the best to choose.To be clearer, what is the principle of self-made manufacture of a power tiller and its additional components, it is necessary to consider in detail the very device of the power tiller as a means of small-scale mechanization. So, this unit includes several main working nodes:


As the main driving force in the design of motor blocks uses a standard internal combustion engine. Depending on the type and brand of power tiller, such as Caiman Vario, Patriot Ural, Texas, Pro Arab, Crosser, VIKING, Forza the engine used may be different:

See How A Tractor Differential Works! Classic Tractor Fever

  • Gasoline 4-stroke engine. This engine is used for units belonging to the light and medium class of devices.
  • Diesel 4-stroke engine. Engines of this kind are used on heavier, more powerful power tillers designed for the most difficult terrain.

For more information on how a diesel power tiller works, see

  • System responsible for the fuel supply. Consists of the fuel tank, carburetor, air filter and fuel hose.
  • The lubrication system, which carries out the process of lubricating those parts that rub against each other.
  • Crankshaft cranking system: Crankshaft cranking system: Starter.
  • Cooling system, which removes heat from the engine cylinder block with airflow.
  • The ignition system that produces the spark on the spark plug.
  • Timing system that brings the air-fuel mixture into the engine cylinder and distributes the exhaust gases.


The main function of the transmission is to transmit torque from the motor to the wheelbase and to control the speed and change the movement of the machine. Its design includes several working units: gearbox, clutch, gearbox and differential (not all models have it).

Transmission can be of several types:

Basically, the classic type of gear transmission is used on heavy motor blocks, and it consists of conical and cylindrical gears.

Other types of transmissions are used in light and medium-sized power harvesters. Regardless of the type of transmission, it has a PTO. PTO shaft, which transmits the torque to the working parts of the machine.

As for the clutch, it can be different:

  • As a V-belt transmission. The essence of the process is the clutch lever, which tightens or loosens the belt than transmits, or stops the transmission of torque from the motor to the gearbox.
  • Single-disc or multi-disc clutch of dry or wet type.
  • Conical coupling.

Most quality power tillers Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion, Carver use the second type of clutch, which is the most reliable.

Running gear

The running gear includes not only the wheel base itself, but also the frame structure to which these wheels are attached, and where the main working nodes of the power tiller are located.

To date, there are two types of wheels. pneumatic and metal with grousers.

How a Differential Works | Types of Differentials Explained

Main control elements

The control of the power tiller is on the handle of the unit, responsible for changing the speed and direction of the device. Among the controls are:

In the design of the walking tractor there is no seat for a man (as well as in the Salyut walking tractor), so the steering is done by a man with his own hands.

This is interesting: the most popular models of Salyut power tillers and attachments: let’s have a general idea

Differential for the GBM-107-240 power tiller

This model of differential for power tillers is designed mainly to work with groundnuts, goosenecks and other wheels with a bushing connection, with round shafts of 25 or 30 mm diameter or with a hexagonal socket. Unlocking motoblocks consist of a main sleeve with an outer diameter of 50 mm, with a passage inside diameter of 25 or 30 mm for tight (without clearance) installation on the shaft of the gear reducer motoblock, and the axis with an outer diameter of 25 or 30 mm, two closed bearings 180205 (made in Russia), locking ring, washer, washer and fixing screw M12, due to the bearing unit provides free rotation of the axis relative to the sleeve until the moment of contact of two stoppers, which after this contact begins to rotate together transmitting torque to the wheel. The free turning movement on both sides makes it easier to manoeuvre the power tiller in manual mode. The product is equipped by default with a dust cover that takes into account the specifics of their operation, thereby also protecting the bearings in your gearbox. Completely demountable, with replaceable bearings for future repairs. By prior arrangement it is possible to change the length of the extension under any size of the Customer, the location of holes for the locking studs and as diameters of the outer shaft and the inner hole in different combinations:. Outer D30/Inner D30;. Outer D30/Inner D25;. Outer D30/Inner Hexagon S;. Outer D25/Inner D30;. Outer D25/Inner D25;. Outer D25/Inner Hexagon S;. Outer HexagonS/Inner Hex;. Outer HexagonS/Inner D30;. Outer Hexagon S/Inner D25. (. size of hexagon as agreed)

Length of differential extension. 240 mm (does not require additional extensions, due to its length is installed directly on the gearbox shaft) Hole for the locking stud. 10,2 mm wall thickness of the sleeve when installed on a 30 mm shaft. 10 mm. Sleeve wall thickness when mounted on a 25 mm shaft is 12.5 mm.

(The bushing is made of a single piece of round billet, 50 mm in diameter after machining on the outside, material St. 45, hole drilled and chiseled to dimensions of 300,1 mm for tight mounting on gearbox shaft with minimum clearance)

Note. Due to the long service life and high quality of the production we give full 12 month warranty on this assembly.

Is used on Neva MB, Celina MB, Salut, Kaskad, Kadvi, Ugra, ELITECH KB-60, Oka, Luch, as well as all power tillers with gearshaft diameter. 25, 30 mm.

Wheel differential for heavy motor blocks

Wheel differential for single axle tractor Brait

Wheel differential for Moto-block

single axle tractor Neva differential

Differential for your power tiller with your own hands

Brait single axle tractor with differential

Differential for power tillers

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Cascade power tiller extensions thickened

Thickened wall of a power tiller hub

Buy wheel hubs for heavy single axle tractor

Delivery set: Differential for GBM-107-240 power tiller. 1 pair.

Similar names for this product:. Heavy motoblock differential;. Ugra motoblock differential;. Wheel differential for a motoblock;. Neva single axle tractor differential;. Differential for a motoblock with its own hands;. Brait single axle tractor with a differential;. Differential for a motoblock;. Differential of a motoblock oka;. single axle tractor farmer differential;. differential for a motoblock Salyut;. differential for a motoblock universal buy.

The need for a differential

Many of the jobs performed with a power tiller (e.g., cultivation) involve its straight-line movement. In this case, a rigid drive on both wheels works perfectly, making the single-axle tractor much cheaper and simpler.

If it is necessary to make frequent sharp turns, a single-axle tractor of this type will require significant physical efforts. one of the wheels will be braked by the gears, and the single-axle tractor will have to tilt, hanging out the outer wheel in the air.

This is especially difficult when a single-axle tractor has a wide track and a sufficiently large weight.

GBM-042-50-140 wheel release differential

Swing differentials or differential locks for single-axle tractors reduce the turning radius and turning of the tractor, thereby facilitating the operator’s work, because as a result of independent and free turning of the wheels, it allows to turn and turn the tractor without physical effort to an angle of up to 300 degrees, both with the attached equipment and without it (for example, when working with cleats). This model is mounted between the standard hub of the power tiller and the wheel. The width of one unlock is 50 mm, that is in sum. it increases the wheel base (track) of the tractor by 100 mm, thereby making the single-axle tractor more stable and reducing the probability of rollover on turns. The differential locks are designed as two rotating flanges with stoppers that can be rotated freely relative to each other until the stoppers touch a certain point. Consists of two closed bearings 60205. Flanges are 5 mm thick, turned over in one clamp together with bearing seating dimensions in order to maintain parallelism and coaxiality of the flanges. On the two flanges welded bars stoppers due to what occurs fixing. If necessary, completely demountable and simple design with the possibility of replacing all elements. This product can be used on all models and brands of motor blocks which do not have factory unlocks. Production of all types of wheel bolting is possible e.g: 5h120, 4×100, 4×110 and as on auto wheels 4×100 (a VAZ car) 4×108 (Moskvich car) and t.д. Flange diameter. 140 mm, Thickness of flanges. 5 mm, Location of fixing holes. for any axle size as agreed. Width between flanges. 50 mm. We also produce unblocker for power tillers of other designs and according to your sketches.

heavy-duty motobloc differential

Universal differential on your power tiller

Single axle tractor wheel differential

Unlocks on a single axle tractor

differential for Moto-block

tiller hub for wheel of pineapple

Unlockers for power tillers

Supply includes: Wheel unblock differential for power tiller GBM-042-50-140. 2 pcs. (price per pair)

Similar names to this product:. Wheel unlocks on a single axle tractor;. Single axle tractor wheel unlocks;. Axle unlocks on a motor-block;. Wheel unlocks on a single axle tractor oka;. Wheel unlocks for a motor-block;. Drawing of a motor-block wheel unlock.

What to choose

For the extreme, forced full locks are more suitable. For urban conditions, we can recommend a disc clutch or a viscous clutch. Differential locking with the use of worm gears is considered the most optimal for full off-road use due to its reliability, ease of installation, automatic operation and comparative cheapness.

Locking the differential with your own hands. an action that is within the power of car owners who have the skills of an auto mechanic. To do this you will need a measuring tool and adjusting rings.

  • set the car on a pit;
  • secure it with jacks;
  • remove the wheels;
  • remove drums;
  • unscrew and remove the half axles;
  • cardan to unscrew and take out;
  • gearboxes unscrew and pull out;
  • set the interlocks;
  • Reassemble.

Adjusting the locking actuator

In order to install the cable actuator, it is necessary to adjust the working stroke. The differential lock is the only way to remove the disadvantage of this mechanism when it sends torque to the “wrong” wheels. The lock is able to disable the ability to differentiate it equally, allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds. Disconnecting the differential makes steering quite difficult and the wheels get the most torque. Thanks to this, in any difficult road situation, the driver will be able to move the machine on a level surface.

The need for this constructive mechanism

Before considering the process of how to make a differential on a single-axle tractor with your own hands, you need to understand the need for this device. Let’s consider the main points that are entrusted to these parts of the power unit:

  • First of all, it should be noted that this particular device is designed to receive the torque that is transmitted from another power unit present on the special equipment;
  • it should also be understood that the differential on a single-axle tractor, made with their own hands or at the manufacturer’s factory, is designed to transmit torque to the rotating axles;
  • additionally, this mechanism is a structural mechanism for the distribution of power, which is issued by the power plant of special equipment, and subsequently transmitted to the main axle of the vehicle;
  • it is important to consider the fact that, thanks to the differential mechanism, the effect is realized, which enables the tillage machine to freely enter corners and turn around;
  • the use of overrunning mechanical components helps to prevent slipping of one wheel, which can manifest itself due to the uniform transfer of torque to one side.

Based on this, we can conclude that this design mechanism on special equipment is extremely important, which greatly facilitates the procedure of working the land, because without these mechanisms you have to manually turn the heavy power unit, which is not everyone can do.

Important! Another characteristic feature of this mechanical component is the ability to create a reverse proportional thrust, which allows for sharp turns to strongly slow down one of the sides or at all to complement the wheel reverse rotation, as a result of which the maneuver is performed much easier and faster.

Self-made hitches

For “Neva”

a single-axle tractor of each brand has the attachment options most suitable to its design. It is better, of course, to buy a universal single-axle tractor, for which almost all hitches are suitable. For “Neva”, wheels with hooks Ø 340×110 are produced.

By design, these gruntzatsepes are slightly larger than the homemade ones we described. You need to follow the instructions above, but choose rims of other sizes. The height of the wheel for the hook “Neva” should be 340 mm, the width of the homemade device. 110 mm.

For “Centaur”

Soil hooks for this brand of motorblock differ only in size. Above were described the dimensions, which should be guided by, converting the old wheels into the grousers for “Neva”. The same scheme is used for making wheels with larger hitches. The wheel height should be 450 mm. The wheel width should be equal to 110 mm, as for “Neva”. These hooks fit Kentavr 2060 and 2090 crawler tractors and machines with similar parameters. The factory version will cost about 30.

For Zubr

A single-axle tractor of this brand is heavy-duty professional equipment, and it can be fitted with the best available attachments. The Zubr needs a tines to go in the ground perfectly. Standard implements that fit it have a 200 mm bar and 700 mm high. Such wheels are available only for heavy power tillers and fit other models besides Zubr JRQ78 and 79. 1070D, Aurora 101 and Aurora 81, Zirka LX1080D and 1090. The factory default hitch spacing is 14.5 cm. Wheel hub has a diameter of 60 mm. They are fitted on a single-axle tractor with an additional hub.

make, differential, single, axle, tractor, types

single-axle tractor with reduced gear, with PTO. All-wheel drive.

Not all buyers of motor-blocks, areas of flat forage and comfortable ground. For some people a single-axle tractor is not only a technique for cultivating the land, but also a means of transportation. Not every single-axle tractor can work on hard terrain and on virgin land. Tired of changing belts all the time? They tear, twist, fall off, slip. All these and other questions can be solved with the help of a unique machine of Russian production. whose name is UGRA.

The single-axle tractor with no belts even for attaching implements is Ugra NMB single-axle tractor. In fact, this is the only one-of-a-kind single-axle tractor having a disk clutch and a gear reducer.

Of course, you can object that it’s not the only one single-axle tractor with similar design, because the “Motor Sich” and “Belarus” power tillers with the same features come to mind at once. Or someone would give the example of Chinese cultivators (shtenli, fermer), which also have the following characteristics: disc clutch and gear reducer. But here I argue. Belarus and Motor Sich belong to the category of professional heavy power tillers, designed to work on hectares. They are superior to the Ugra in weight and power, and such parameters as 200 kg. weights are not always needed for private use on plots of 10-50 acres, and the price of MTZ is 2, or even 3 times higher than the NMB. As for the “Chinese”, or rather about the miracle-technology, which are sold in network, construction and grocery stores under the Korean, German and Japanese brands with a bunch of so-called innovative and technological solutions. In their ads, we often hear about the new air filtration system, that they are adapted to domestic attachments with engine power of 18 liters and engine displacement of 370 cm3.с. and 370 cm3 engine displacement. In general I don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s not logical to buy a raw Chinese guy in a beautiful package without paying attention to the fact that he has a forged one-time gearboxes of unknown material. Yes, even then search and remake domestic attachments, which he adapted only in words, so they are also otmet because of the lack of quality.

As I said earlier motor blocks have Ugra disc clutch, gear reducer and a hard splined PTO shaft. precisely, the UGRA power tiller has 2 rigid PTO. The weight of the power tiller without hitch and weights is 98 kg. The kit includes power tillers, pneumatic wheels, axle extensions and coulter. Handle position can be adjusted in 2 planes, which adds to the convenience of operation. Gear axles are round with a diameter of 30 mm. Why not hexagonal like the Chinese? Everything is very simple: disc clutch is very rigid, when the drive is engaged discs are in the clutch and a critical load on the cutters or wheels can cause it to fail. For example, a wire got wound or a stone got between the cutters and the gearbox. these and other situations do not allow the axes of the gearbox to continue to rotate. However, the round shafts will be protected by cotter pins, which in this case will simply cut off, and the hexagonal shafts will inevitably lead to a broken gearbox or clutch.

As for the engines, the choice of power tillers Ugra is quite large. The cheapest lineup is equipped with Chinese Lifan, and there are variants of different capacities and even with electric start. The Subaru engine models, unfortunately, are no longer available, but Honda and Briggs can always be found on sale. Under no circumstances should not be afraid of motors Lifan, although they are made in China, but it is not a makeshift basement production, it is the whole industrial enterprise with quality control and warranty. Of course Honda has a longer service life than Lifan, but when you buy it, the price will be much higher. But in terms of service, over several years, you can invest in a Honda engine comparable to the cost of a new Lifan motor. That is why, more often than not, after 10-15 years of operation, the buyers who have chosen the motor Honda or other premium engine, put a new Lifan.

Very interesting attachment on a single-axle tractor Ugra. it is a symbiosis of a kind of professional and domestic equipment. For example, the mower Zarya for power tillers Ugra, it would seem, looks the same as the mower for the motoblock type MB, but is not driven by a belt, but a full PTO. That increases efficiency and reduces vibrations. The same is the case with the nozzle-snowblower and other active attachments.

Remember at the beginning, I told you about the presence of 2 PTO. So, they are divided into master and slave. Placed vertically, the upper and lower ones. The first PTO is responsible for connected attachments, the rotation frequency, directly depends on engine speed. And that’s what the second PTO is for, the rotation frequency of which, depends entirely on the rotation of the wheels of the power tiller. Another undeniable advantage of Ugra power tiller is the ability to transform it into a full-fledged mini-tractor. Nowadays all kinds of adapters and modules are gaining popularity among power harvester owners. As a rule, they are connected to the frame of the power tiller and are in fact a passive hitch, limiting the passability of the construction. But the engineers of the plant Kadvi created an adapter, which, on the contrary, makes a single-axle tractor more passable, while allowing the use of a full range of attachments. This adapter AMPK-1. it has its own gearbox and is connected to the PTO shaft at the expense of which the drive is carried out on the wheels of the adapter. Thereby a single-axle tractor becomes a four-wheel drive vehicle, for which there are virtually no obstacles. This is yet another reason to opt for a power tiller Ugra.

How much oil to fill the gearbox of a power tiller

Keep a constant oil level in the gearbox when the tractor is in operation. If this simple rule is not followed, residual lubricant can boil and jam the parts. Only good quality oil should be poured. Even with constant level maintenance, breakdowns occur. The chain is torn or the chain is pulled out in the chain drive. If there are traces of oil on the outside, it is a sign of leaking glands. Worn parts need to be replaced with similar parts. It is best to buy it from a reputable manufacturer.

The gearbox ensures the smooth operation of your power tiller, extending its service life and increasing the unit’s efficiency. In this case, a good helper is to lubricate its parts. Pour transmission oil for lubrication. Its possible brand is ZIC 10W40, Super T-3. The oil level is determined in this way:

  • need to take a wire length of about 70 cm instead of the dipstick and bend it into an arc;
  • insert it into the filler hole as far as it will go;
  • Pull the homemade dipstick back out;
  • The wire should be oiled to a length of about 30 cm.

This level is considered the norm. If there is not enough oil, you need to fill it up to the norm. In the purchased gearbox the level must be specified in the manual. Chinese single axle tractor can be sold without oil.

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