How to make a drill bed. The main details of the rack for the drill

DIY drill stand

Simple homemade drill stand made with your own hands, a detailed description of manufacturing with step.By.Step photos.

Hi all! I want to show a home.Made drill machine made from a drill. The machine is assembled from a profile pipe, corner and sheet steel, in manufacture everything is quite simple.

The carriage on the rack moves thanks to the cable drive, everything works without problems. If the project interested you, I propose to study it in more detail.

What is a drill stand?

In fact, a persistent can be called any device through which a person can fix the equipment in a motionless state, and the device should withstand the peak vertical/horizontal load, which will be less than the tool that is attached from the side for personal purposes for personal purposes.

1) the design of a variety of racks for a drill

When drilling subtle and soft materials, especially under a perpendicular, there will be no problems even an amateur. Another thing is when a person needs to drill/cut a solid/thick coating at a certain angle. The task is more complicated ten times, and the risk of making an error becomes too great. The counter comes to help in solving the problem.

Please note: a qualitatively executed stand together with a drill or cutter with a grip from a conventional auxiliary tool turns into a full.Fledged machine.

At the present time, you can find a rack on the market for every taste and size of the wallet. Another question is how universal the tool will be in domestic use under the equipment of the buyer. There are situations when the factory stand satisfies the needs of a person by 20%-40%, although at a price of a head above competitors.

The design of the machine based on a drill and racks:

  • Stanin. The basis on which all the components of the future design are placed. The total strength of the device depends on the area and quality of execution.
  • Carriage. Functional node, which is fixed on the rack and plays the role of the holder of the hand drill. Movement occurs through the use of elements guiding from the furniture.
  • Lever. The control component of the assembly. Function. Holder for lowering the drill, drilling and returning the equipment to its original position.
  • Auxiliary nodes. Increase the functionality of the assembly. For example, making holes with a drill at different angles, or milling of particularly small details.

One of the factory examples of assembly of the rack can be considered in the figure above. The starting material for assembly can serve as wood, metal, or their combination. Some craftsmen make racks even fear of photo enhances. The table below will tell about the classification of the racks.

Criterion Types Description
The principle of use Stationary An expensive purchase option that makes a full.Fledged machine from small equipment. Have large dimensions and mass. Due to the rigidity of the design with the agreed parameters, they are considered a reliable latch for large drills and other power tools.
Mobile Or they are also called guides. Combine minimalism in size and mass in conjunction with high quality drilling holes.
Functionality Vertical Racks that have a maximum stability indicator. Have universal holders and in 90% of cases are purchased for small workshops and home use by car owners.
Turning Complicated in the functionality of equipment. In addition to vertical movement, the racks are equipped with functional nodes to change the drilling angle, which expands the functional application of the device for milling and polishing.
Fastening Mechanical A classic version in which self.Tapping screws, bolts with large.Diameter nuts and other elements fixing the bed are used.
Magnetic It is considered the best option for convenience/quality. Stability is provided by an electromagnetic field that can fix the racks in both horizontal and vertical positions.
Vacuum By reliability, the method is not inferior to the magnetic, but such racks on the market will cost 2-4 times more than magnetic.

Regardless of the purpose of the drill, it is necessary to follow one rule. The larger the drill, the more overall and powerful the structural solution should look more powerful to hold it on weight. They don’t joke with such things, because every puncture can cost a person health.

make, drill, main, details

2) purchase or independent manufacture?

Any stand is useful, but the nuances are available in all factory equipment models. It is not surprising that recently the number of orders has increased among the craftsmen of homemade racks. A person can throw the desired parameters of the future device, and will fit it to the existing electrical equipment. The same drill, drill or cutter that bought a couple of months/years ago.

Pros of homemade rack disadvantages
Cheapness in manufacture. The price difference between the factory version and the same handmade can reach 300%-500%. For the manufacture of part of the elements of the racks, additional tools and machines may be required, which a person freely has.
Broken household appliances are suitable for manufacturing, which is idle in the garage a classic set of improvised means, which will be found in the garage of 95% of the owners. Due to the punctures during assembly, ready-made designs often play, which reduces the final quality of work when using the device.
Drawings, text algorithms for assembling a rack for a drill with your own hands with video and photo instructions. All this is freely available on the Internet, and is a person in a couple of minutes. Homemade racks are not applicable for angular drilling. As a rule, designs can only be performed by a vertical stroke with a carriage, which reduces the functionality by 50% compared to factory (expensive) modifications.
The ability to make a full.Fledged machine from a drill based on the parameters of existing equipment in the garage.

For 50% of users, the most important factor is the price, the remaining 50% give preference to a reasonable ratio of cost/quality, but even so, make a choice of factory rack from the entire wide range in the market for a beginner is difficult.

The bed of the device

The bed for a drilling device from the drill is made of metal (thickness 10 mm) or wooden (thickness of more than 20 mm) sheet. The massiveness of the bed, which you will use as a base, directly depends on the power of the drill used. The dimensions of the bed for the machine from the drill depend on the specifics of the work performed on such equipment. You can use the following recommendations for choosing dimensions Stanin:

A metal bed is a thick plate with welded corners

A bed made of a metal or wooden sheet is a very simple design. It is vertically placed on it, the stable position of which is provided by a special support. You can fix such structural elements with each other using screw connections.

Homemade machines for drilling printed circuit boards

Mini-shutters for drilling boards by radio amateurs also borrow a drive from various low-power devices. At the same time, they use cutters for trimming photos as levers, solderingrs, cang pencils instead of a cartridge. The drilling place is highlighted by LED flashlights. There are enough opportunities for technical creativity.

Simple electrical control circuit of an electric motor

DIY drill drill

Homemade drilling machine made of a drill made with your own hands: Photo of step.By.Step manufacture of a machine with a description.

For a long time there was such a drill, quite powerful and low, it was decided to make a drilling machine from this drill.

For the manufacture of homemade, the materials have needed:

  • Profile pipe 50 x 50 mm.
  • Corner corner 63 mm.
  • A corner from the old bed.
  • Metal sheet 3 mm thick.
  • Lamp from the old workbench.
  • Chain, a star from the gazelle engine.

Next I make a carriage, used a corner of 63 with a cut shelf, cooked the corners with each other.

make, drill, main, details

The plug made the cap was removable so that you can remove the carriage if necessary.

The cable drive was originally planned, but then I decided to make a chain.

A removable mount for a drill has been made, if necessary, you can put a smaller drill with your mount.

After the fitting, it turned out that under the weight of the drill when lowering and lifting, the carriage began to bite about the rack. Installed adjustable bearings above and below, it became much better.

The chain and the star are taken from the ICE Gazelle, the chain below is attached to the stretch bolt.

I removed the button on the drill, instead installed a switch. Fixed the return spring to facilitate the rise of the drill.

A homemade drilling machine from a drill is installed at its workplace.

The tests were successful, such a simple drilling machine can be done with your own hands.

DIY DRASE DRASE: drawings, video, how to make?

A drill stand is a special supporting design that allows you to “unload” hands during drilling work.

To make a rack for a drill with your own hands, you should take into account a number of important nuances that will be described in the article.

Read more about drill racks

Is it possible to make a rack for a drill yourself, without involving expensive and rare mechanisms and materials? Of course, yes.

  • To make a supporting structure for a drill, the use of the simplest materials that can be found in the garage or buy at an inexpensive cost in any construction store is required.
  • Drill drilling rack has certain constructive features.
  • It consists of:
  • Stands (or beds), which is a reliable support for other details of the structure;
  • A tripod (or racks) capable of withstanding the weight of a drill;
  • Guides that allow you to move the drill horizontally (and sometimes vertically).

As a bed, you can use any quality material with high density.

It is best to use either a natural tree or several furniture boards fastened with each other through high.Quality glue.

  • The larger the thickness of the bed, the less vibrations will be carried out by the machine during the work.
  • A tripod on which the guides and drill will be attached is better to make from a wooden or metal ozpeli bar.
  • Before making a machine, you need to carefully study the drawings of such designs and watch a video that describes the phased process of assembling the rack.
  • The diagram of a drilling machine intended for use in domestic conditions is not difficult. Even one who does not own special specific skills can understand its nuances.
  • If a made.Up set for a drill with your own hands will be successful, then you will get:
  • Simple but functional frame;
  • Compact dimensions that allow you to place the mechanism both on the table and on any other working surface;
  • Relatively small vibration level;
  • Improving the quality of the result of work (in comparison with manual drilling of holes);
  • Low cost of details.
  • When making a rack for a drill, it is important to remember that all static structures should be reliably fastened with each other in order to prevent the possible damage to the processed material.
  • Unreliable fastening of parts can cause strong vibration, which will make adjustments to the accuracy of the work.

How to choose the sizes of the parts for the rack?

  • If you want to create a rack for a drill, then decide exactly how the assembled device will be used.
  • To carry out work aimed exclusively at drilling holes, you can use wooden racks or racks made of high-quality wood-bearing plate or wood-fiber stove-material.

The minimum dimensions for the metal bed should be 50050015 millimeters.

For a wooden bed, the dimensions should be slightly different. 60060030 millimeters.

  • In the manufacture of a multifunctional device suitable for drilling, turning and milling work, the size of the bed should be increased (100060030 millimeters).
  • The length of the rack, which will hold the weight of the drill, should fluctuate within six hundred and eight hundred millimeters, width. Within two hundred. Two hundred and fifty millimeters.

On it you need to fix the steel ring, which will serve as a drill holder. It is important that the diameter of the detachable ring in an open state is higher than the diameter of the drill used.

In order not to damage the body of the unit used during the work, and reduce the possible vibration, when attaching the drill to the ring, a special rubber gasket should be used.

The assembly of the structure occurs according to the following scheme. First you should fasten the bed and rack at right angles, fixing the connection area using screws and glue.

  • In some cases, the stability can be given by stability using an additional support located outside the work area.
  • After the stand is attached, it should be fixed on it the base of the guides for the drill that ensure its free movement within the working area.
  • It is better to take specialized, sold in a furniture store.
  • The moving part of the attached guides will serve as a base for a carriage with a drill, the role of which is played by a metal clamp.
  • It is not recommended to use wooden pads for fastening drills, since they will not be able to guarantee the complete fixation of the device.

Useful tips

To carry out work aimed at the formation of a rack for a drill, the following carpentry tools and consumables may be required:

  • Saw or electrician;
  • Electric screwdriver or screwdrivers with various profiles (mainly cross);
  • A hammer;
  • Vise;
  • Nails, screws, glue, rubber gaskets.
  • To exclude the possible release of the body of the drill from the fixing clamp, only high.Quality and reliable metal rings should be used, additionally equipped with dense elastic bands.
  • Otherwise, not only damage to the drilled material may occur, but also the destruction of the apparatus.
  • So that the carriage placed on the guide racks can move, it should be connected to a pre.Prepared spring mechanism.
  • The springs should be made of hardened steel and have the necessary diameter.
  • A return mechanism that makes the spring move, and the carriage can move, can be installed next to the launch handle.
  • To fasten this type, place the handle in the space between the two plates firmly screwed to the rack.

How to make a drilling machine

Drill stand for vertical drilling is not difficult to do. Efforts will be needed when building a machine for drilling. This device has large dimensions. But when following the recommendations, you can make an advanced compact device.

To independently make a drilling machine, it is necessary to use a stand, the creation of which was described in the last paragraph. Next, you need to perform the following points:

  • Disassemble the drilling tool and remove the engine and starting device from it.
  • Fix the engine on the stand using clamps.
  • Prepare a separate box in which it is necessary to install the starting device.
  • Increase the length of the wires from the starting device and install the box on the basis of the stand.
  • Firmly fix the cartridge, after placing it on the shaft.

Small drilling machine is ready. You can not disassemble the tool, but then the machine will turn out to be bulky. Or it is possible to use engines from any household appliances. In this case, you will need to additionally purchase a cartridge.

Production of a wooden machine: instructions with step.By.Step photos

The easiest to manufacture is a wood machine. The disadvantage of the structure is the weak strength of the material. Wood is deformed from the moisture difference. Over time, play appears on the rack. It is advisable to use a wooden machine only for vertical drilling holes.

The procedure for assembling a wooden structure is as follows:

  • For the bed you will need a slab. It is made from a trim with a thickness of 20 mm. You can sew a plywood on top to get a perfectly flat site. The size of the slab is selected individually. If the machine is intended only for vertical drilling, then the bed with dimensions 50×50 cm will be enough. To perform milling work and drill at an angle, the sizes of the plate are increased to 100×50 cm.
  • On the bed vertically installed a rack 20 cm wide. Its height depends on the dimensions of the drill. Typically, there is enough board 50–70 cm long for the rack. Fix the part to the side of the bed or on the plate itself. In the second case, the rack is amplified by support.
  • The carriage is made from the board. The length of the workpiece varies from 50 to 70 cm, but usually the dimensions are selected under the drill model. On the back of the carriage and the front side of the rack fix telescopic furniture guides that serve as the mechanism of movement.
  • For strong fixation of the drill, it is better to make a block. The node consists of a piece of a slab perpendicular to the carriage with steel corners. For the pads take a square piece of board. The center is drawn in the center. Its diameter should be 0.5 mm less than the thickness of the front of the drill.
  • The circle is cut a jigsaw. The ideal smoothness of the nest is given by a round file. The finished block is fixed to the carriage. In front, do a cut and put a screw clip.

The carriage with the block is installed on the rack, connecting the elements of furniture guides. It remains to make a control handle, but more on that later.

Drill stand: buy or do it with your own hands?

Drilling with drilling machines made woodworking comfortable and simple. Drills pass through a mechanism that uses a rotating spindle fixed on a vice lying on the desktop. The drilling press is often clamped in a cartridge and three conical jaws, which are easily placed in a narrow hole.

make, drill, main, details

There are many drilling presses on the market, and if you already have such, you may have felt the need for good quality rack for a drilling machine. The drilling stand is important for fixing the position of the drilling press. This will work with additional safety.

If you want to build a stand for a drilling machine, read the subsequent manufacturing process.

The stand allows you to easily perform various tasks, such as angular or perpendicular drilling using a hand drill. There is also the possibility of adjustment so that you can drill holes at the exact points with a gradual step.

They can keep the tools horizontally so that you can polish the blanks of various shapes, polish metal pieces of different sizes or polish metal objects with various shapes and aspects.

They offer telescopic adjustment to ensure various drilling heights and allow you to work with various power tools. You can change the clamping angle for the tool holder, easily turning it, while fixing hard when it is necessary to ensure accuracy.

It should be with you if you want the workstation to have a good maximum height to accommodate various tools.

Pros and cons of purchased racks

The main goal of all the racks is to simplify drilling work, which is why their main advantages are specific parameters:

  • Increasing the capabilities of the working tool;
  • Increasing the accuracy of the work by installing the drill and cutters perpendicular or at a certain angle with respect to the processed material.
  • Lack of sliding of the drill on a solid surface at the beginning of work;
  • The ability to work both perpendicular and at different angles.

But it often happens that expensive racks do not correspond to all the necessary parameters. For example, you can often find a lack of universal devices for fixing.

Miraculous all in 1 drill press. Make everything With this DIY project

In fact, making a rack for a drill yourself is not very difficult. Below is a leadership that describes the general scheme for creating a rack.

Fix the support on the bed. Based on the screws, install the machine stand, which will later become connected to the support. Fix the guides and fix the carriage on their mobile part, where the tool mount is installed.

How the drill bits produced in factory? Amazing production and processing methods

To fix the drill, a block is used, which looks like a bracket on which a drill is fixed.

This is a wood plate connecting with a carriage at an angle of 90 degrees using metal corners.

To fix the drill in the block, you need to drill a connector with a diameter of 0.5 mm less than the diameter of the tool, and make a slot, which gives the drill in the landing hole.

The hole in the block can be made as follows:

  • Draw a circle with a diameter equal to the installed drill;
  • Along the line, from the inside, to drill small holes;
  • Make partitions between the holes using a hacksaw;
  • Sile the edges with a file.

Next, you need to make a mechanism that moves the drill in the vertical direction. You can make it by connecting a spring to the machine handle:

  • On the rack, install 2 metal plates so that the installation handle can be placed between them;
  • On the opposite side of the rack, re.Attach the plates and the axis on which to place 1 part of the spring, and connect the second part to the handle;
  • The pin connecting the handle with the installation carriage is inserted in the longitudinal groove made in it.

The necessary materials and only a few hours of work are all that is needed to create a good device for drilling work. A drill stand, made by personally, can make the tool more functional and useful.

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