How to make a front adaptor for a power tiller

Front adaptor for power tiller with steering

Once upon a time all agricultural work was done only by hand. It is extremely inefficient, because human labor productivity is very low, and he needs to rest from time to time. But then special machines came along to help people work the ground much faster. In particular, if we are talking about a small area, nothing better than a power tiller to date has not been invented. This is a simple and versatile machine, which, depending on the attached equipment, can cope with many tasks. Among these “attachments” is the front adapter for the power tiller.

The adapter turns a single-axle tractor into a real mini-tractor. It serves both for the driver’s (operator’s) seat and for attaching implements, and makes the work of a person much easier. Some models allow the machine to transport various loads thanks to its own open body, which is especially convenient during harvesting. Adapters, which do not have bodies, are noticeably inferior to their “truck” counterparts. To buy a front adapter for a power tiller, as a rule, in the same stores that sell power tillers and “mounting parts” for them. These are both specialized retail outlets (including those working online) and huge construction hypermarkets.


Forza front adapter for power tillers is actually a dolly with a seat. It consists of the following structural elements:

  • frame. Made of steel profile, primed and painted;
  • drawbar. It can be short or long, depending on which power tillers the adapter is designed for. There are models with a telescopic (adjustable in length) drawbar.
  • Wheels. There are two. Two more are on the power tiller itself, so in general the design is quite stable at working speeds (up to 10 km/h). Tires, as a rule, are “chiseled” to ensure the cross-country ability, even on soft ground;
  • operator’s seat. On factory models it is as simple as possible. with a minimum of foam inside (or none at all), but still with a backrest. Those who build an adapter for a motorblock with steering with their own hands, usually do otherwise. installs a soft seat (usually from a decommissioned car). The reason is simple. the operator will have to sit in this chair all day (and even in the shaking), so it is necessary to provide this person maximum comfort.
  • Equipment for connecting the adapter with the motoblock and attachments. a hitch;
  • Controls, namely. steering mechanism, brake and clutch;
  • body (if any).

How to make a front adapter with your own hands

With minimal skills in working with simple tools, as well as the ability to use the drawing, you can easily make a homemade adapter, like KTZ for a power tiller.

The device

The main parts of such a machine are:

  • Frame.
  • The operator’s workplace.
  • Suspension, which can be bridge, axle, gantry, as well as rotary.
  • Steering, which has a rigid grip.

Thanks to the front location of the device the place for mounting the blade is equipped (if the rear version is used, the portal for attaching implements is created on it).

The most important element of such design is a coupling device, which is necessary in order to ensure quality attachment of the adapter to the power tiller itself. It also provides the desired level of stability of the future four-wheeled transport. Possibility to carry forward the steering mechanism is provided by a rigid coupling. In the case of changing the section angle for the swivel device requires to ensure the horizontal attachment of the hinge.

fabrication process

The very procedure for the construction of a homemade adapter is as follows:

  • Creates independently or uses a ready-made kinematic scheme, adapted to a particular variant. The most important prerequisite here is to ensure the correct equilibrium in the future construction.
  • Then the main frame is assembled. It is made according to the fork and hub principle to make it swivelable.
  • To the front part the wheels with the steering mechanism are connected, and a mount is created, to which the moldboard will be connected in the future.
  • The frame is fitted with a seat next to it and a mechanism for controlling the tiller by remote control.
  • At the end, the entire structure is checked and tested to detect malfunctions or various shortcomings.

Before using it is recommended to paint all metal parts to protect them from rust.

Using adapters for power tillers makes it possible to turn them into a full-fledged minitractor, thereby greatly expanding their range of use. Increases productivity and makes the machine more convenient to use. Such units can be purchased ready for specific blocks or you can assemble them yourself after preparing a scheme-drawing.

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How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

To construct a trailer for a power tiller yourself, no special knowledge or skills are required. only drawings and welding. The materials are inexpensive and can be purchased at any construction store.

Scheme and elements of construction

As mentioned above, the adapter is a trailer, which is located either behind the power tiller or at the front. Schematically, it looks like this:

Drawing of a motoblock MTZ-0,5 with homemade attachments

Adapter for a motor-block provides for the following main elements of design:

  • Frame. can be a ridge or ladder frame. Sometimes you can meet a variant where the frames of the machine and the trailer are combined into a single element. However, in this case it is necessary to create a new pedestal for the transmission and engine.
  • Suspension. axial, bridge, rotary, gantry. Usually made without elastic elements.
  • the portal. is used only in the rear form. In the case of the front one, it is the portal of the machine.
  • Coupling device. the most important element of the adapter, because it makes the single-axle tractor stable and provides reliable connection. If the trailer has steering, the coupling will be rigid, in the case of a movable coupling, a horizontal hinge attachment is created. There is an option of creating with two degrees of freedom: twisting and turning.
  • Seat. is created depending on the owner’s preferences.
  • Steering. used only with a rigid hitch. You can create it yourself, or buy it in a specialized store.

Materials and tools required

To make the trailer yourself, you need the following materials and tools:

  • metal corners;
  • metal sheets for leg support;
  • square metal profile;
  • wheels (2 pcs.);
  • welding machine;
  • Other tools (saw, electric screwdriver, etc.).п.).

Drawings and dimensions

The basis of the adapter will be a square metal profile. Usually it is taken with a length of 160 to 180 cm. A smaller profile is attached directly perpendicular to it. 50-60 cm (depending on the size of the desired track).

To this design are mounted wheel props. As for the racks, their size is 25-40 cm. It is determined depending on the motoblock itself. Then struts are welded, the length of which is determined by the desired size of the entire structure and other parameters.

In a separate article you can find drawings of a cart for a power tiller.

Then the frame is created and the side guides are bolted to the wheel struts. Next, the attachment equipment is fastened to the frame, followed by the control arm. It has 3 bends measuring 20, 35 and 55 cm.

To increase the weight and force, one more big lever is created. 80 cm.

Assembly of the adapter for the power tiller

From the beginning of the design stage it is necessary to create a kinematic scheme that should provide for the balance of the whole system and prevent additional overload. In this case it is appropriate to use ready made versions (as an example below) or create it yourself.

make, front, adaptor, power, tiller

In the construction of the frame, you need to provide fork with a bushing device. It will provide free-form rotation of the trailer. The frame itself is made of metal angles and pipes, the body is made of steel sheet. To create the wheel stands a scheme is drawn or a prefabricated one is taken.

Often a 15-centimeter pin is used to create the hitch. It is inserted into the hole in the drawbar of the U-shaped towbar of the motobloc.

This variant quickly goes out of order, because it wears out too quickly due to the freely rotating trailer, which breaks up the coupling holes. It is recommended to increase the length of the U-bar hitch for long-term use.

The seat is fixed at a distance of 80 cm from the front edge on the frame of the adapter beam and fixed with bolts.

Often additional elements are added to the adapter: seat adjustment, additional levers. everything depends on the imagination of the creator, as well as the purpose and time of use of the power tiller.

The adapter for the power tiller, made by your own hands, will be a great helper for the gardener. It does not only reduce time of work on a power tiller, but also makes it easier and more automated.

The structure of a power tiller

By design, the 4×4 adapter, which is designed for the Neva power tiller, is a rather uncomplicated device. It includes several fundamental parts:

  • A frame structure on which other components can be installed;
  • the driver’s seat;
  • Wheelbase, including the wheel axle;
  • Mechanism for connecting a power tiller and including.

In other words, the adapter is an ordinary cart with a seat, which is connected to the tiller.

Moto-blocks come in different brands and designs. Russian users know, for example, Caiman, Proab, VIKING, Crosser, Texas, Patriot, and others. After coupling a power tiller and adapter, the resulting device in terms of functionality can be compared with a mini-tractor, however, such a comparison is somewhat relative, since the power will remain the same, because the engine is still the same, and it is from a power tiller.

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What’s more, you can attach auxiliary attachments to the adapter, which will expand the potential list of jobs even more noticeably. Some varieties of adapters are equipped with special compartments, where you can place any loads. There are also models that are equipped with a lifting arm, which greatly simplifies the work with the additional device.

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make, front, adaptor, power, tiller

Adapter trailer to the motor-block is a design of a two-wheeled transport trailer. If more than two wheels are installed, the payload increases, but the power remains the same. You can adjust the seat for the operator. The design of the resulting attachment consists of:

  • Frame. there is a ladder or ridge type.
  • Suspension. does not contain elastic parts. Can be a swivel-type, axle-type, axle-type.
  • Portal for additional accessories. available as part of the rear varieties. The front types do not have one. the gantry of the power tiller is used.
  • Coupling. connects single axle tractor and adapter. Characterized by reliability and stability.
  • Workplace. designed for the safe location of the driver. In some cases, it is possible to install a redundant control system.
  • Steering control. possible when developing an adapter for a power tiller with a steering wheel. Different variants of execution are possible: take a ready-made steering wheel or make their own

Dimensions of the adapter for the power tiller with their own hands varies based on the structural type.

How to make it with your own hands

Of course, the purchase of an adapter to the power tiller, ready to work. is the best and easiest way out of the situation. With all that they cost really quite a lot, so not every farmer or just a dachnik is ready to afford their purchase. No wonder why many people wonder how to make an adapter with their own hands.

It is certainly possible, and you can find quite a few recommendations on the web, which relate to self-made adapters. over, there are many drawings, giving the opportunity to consider this device more clearly and in detail.

Having used them, it is quite possible to create such a unit in domestic conditions, using a minimum of tools and materials. To make a homemade adapter will require:

  • welding machine;
  • wheel set;
  • steel corners and sheets;
  • driver’s seat;
  • fasteners; iron pipes.

Before you begin work on the manufacture of the device, it is necessary at least in general consider the finished scheme. It should take into account and indicate the degree of load for the various parts of the frame and the overall dimensions of the device. Now you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the construction.

The entire job will consist of several steps:

  • We take a square metal profile, approximately 1800 mm long. The same iron flap is welded across it, only smaller. about 600 mm. To this flap will be fixed later on wheel studs, which height should be about 300 mm.
  • After that, the struts must be attached. They are attached to the center frame and to the wheels. The angle of wheel bushings in relation to the frame is whatever you want it to be. A beam is additionally welded to the metal profile. This is to strengthen the frame.
  • The frame for the extra equipment is welded from channel 0.
  • To the wheel axle it is aligned by means of a piece of square tube, and seams are welded by means of a welding machine.
  • Now we weld to the frame the control arm with three bends (200, 350 550 and millimeters).
  • Fix another knee to the lever (size 800 mm), it will regulate the force.
  • The arms are connected to each other with ordinary bolts.

The first stage is passed. Let’s move on to the next step.

Working with the construction of the adapter

Now begins the work with the adapter. To do this, we do the following steps:

  • To the central frame you must weld a piece of 300 mm tube as a support for the driver’s seat.
  • From above perpendicularly to this support we similarly weld 2 pieces of pipe. This is required so that the seat does not come off during work and is more stable in the process of shaking when working. The seat can be ready-made, and you can make it yourself from a piece of plywood and foam rubber, it is at the discretion of the master.
  • Fix the seat to the cross pieces of pipe, which are welded to the stand itself, as well as to the stand under the seat. Use bolts as a mounting element.
  • In front the coupling mechanism with the tiller is welded, and then the work can be considered as finished.

As you can see, this case is quite simple. The main difficulty lies only in the need to have at least initial skills with a welding machine, because there is simply no other method of connecting each component.

Adapter with steering control

If you have the skills, then if you want the design can be somewhat complicated, making another self-made adapter to the tiller, which can be attached and a steering control.

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To implement this idea, you will need to prepare the following materials and tools:

This design requires the adapter frame to be firmly connected to the tiller, otherwise the machine will be “dragged”, as they say. For the design, you can take any ready-made steering wheel, even from old “soviet” cars (from the same VAZ, for example).

make, front, adaptor, power, tiller

Adapters for any power tiller, including the Neva, enable the operator to considerably increase comfort while controlling the mini-tractor. In fact, the driver does not have to drag the machine all the time. Now he can just sit in the comfortable seat and do the same thing, but in more comfort and warmth.

The design of such units is quite simple, and independent production of them at home is quite possible. Here it is necessary to take into account that home assembly presupposes at least basic skills in welding work, as well as the accompanying tools. You will also need to stock up on a large number of corners and metal pipes, so as not to stop work due to lack of material. In general, the expediency of the own assembly of the adapter is, especially considering that it significantly saves money.

The adapter for the power tiller

Visually, the device is similar to the cart attached to the tiller. Some people call such a machine a “tractor-trailer”. The mechanism includes:

  • frame;
  • seat;
  • Wheels, thanks to which it moves around the garden. The wheels can be rubber (with tread, allow driving on a rammed road) and iron (used to work with large amounts of arable land). In most cases, the wheels are sold as a set, but if there is a desire to change them, remember that there are options to choose from;
  • cast-iron or steel device for fixing with a working unit. This element is the most important component, it allows the vehicle to be stable.

Adapter for power tiller preparation and making the basic elements

Despite the simplicity of design, making an adapter is quite a complicated procedure. To make a device, you must first study the drawings. The more accurate diagrams will be at your disposal. the better the result of the work. For the production you will need certain tools and materials.

  • electric drill
  • hammer;
  • file;
  • welder
  • A sheet of steel, 5 mm thick;
  • Several square pipes, 1 inch in diameter;
  • electric hacksaw;
  • angle piece;
  • a set of bolts and nuts.

Next, we proceed to the manufacture of the basic elements of construction. You will need:

  • Make a coupling. it is a welded mechanism which will be installed in the base of the adapter frame and fastened to it by means of bolts. The hitch mechanism consists of two pieces of square tube welded together and one piece of water pipe, no more than 1 inch in diameter and 20 cm long each. Insert a bolted, incomplet-down stem with a welded tee into the water pipe. Be sure to lubricate the stem with solidol or tavot. this will ensure that the tee can turn freely along its horizontal axis when the motoblock with the adapter moves over bumpy terrain;
  • Make a knot that fixes the wheels. to do this, take 2 pieces of pipe, 1 inch in diameter and 10 cm long, and weld them perpendicular to each other. Then insert the horizontal part into the mounting tube and screw it on firmly. The vertical piece of pipe will serve as a mounting location for the axle and bearing with the wheel.

After preparing the equipment, materials and making the basic elements of the adapter for the power tiller, you can proceed to assembling the equipment. Be sure to follow the blueprints, because the slightest mistake will cause the entire structure to malfunction.

Algorithm of action

To begin assembling additional equipment for the motocultivator, you will need a drawing, according to which the elements of attachment and the construction of fragments will be made. If you have special skills and experience self-made adapter to a single-axle tractor and the drawing can be made by yourself. In case you fear making a mistake, you should take ready-made drawings. Before constructing it is recommended to check and reconcile dimensions and figures.

Tools and consumables:

  • Metal corners, square profile;
  • bearings for the steering wheel and column;
  • metal sheets;
  • a pair of wheels, preferably on an axle;
  • drills, electrodes, discs for angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • wrenches of various sizes;
  • electric welding machine;
  • lubricating compositions. solidol;
  • angle grinder;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • drill.

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to make a selection of kinematic scheme, which provides indicators of equilibrium of the entire structure. There should also be an overload warning. We recommend the use of ready-made drawings of the steering box adapter to the tiller.

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