How to make a grain grinder from an angle grinder

Grain crusher and branch grinder from an angle grinder

and more people move to cottage settlements and private homes. Often owners organize micro-farms on their farms, where they raise poultry and animals for their own consumption. Animals need to provide high quality fodder, but buying mixed fodder for a small herd is impractical, so the owner is faced with the question of producing their own fodder. Buying a grain grinder for a few chickens or ducks is economically unprofitable. Such a mechanism can be made with your own hands from an angle grinder, which is available in every private home. The result is a small grain grinder, capable of providing fodder for a small farm.

Grain grinder from an angle grinder with your own hands

You can make a grain grinder out of anything. Especially popular among manufacturers is the variant with an angle grinder. Its conversion into a chopper requires little time and effort. However, in order to achieve the best result, you will still have to learn the right order of action and stock up on the necessary components for work.

Advantages of a homemade grain grinder

The main advantage of the grain grinder from the angle grinder. its extremely low cost. The manufacturer will not need to buy expensive parts or components, since almost every garage has everything you need for assembly.

In addition, a homemade shredder will have a very simple device. In contrast to store analogues, such a unit does not need special maintenance: the introduction of technical lubricants or regular adjustment of working units.

The only disadvantage of the homemade machine is its relatively low productivity. However, the grain grinder is quite enough to provide feed for several heads of cattle grown in the farm.

To make a grain grinder from an angle grinder with your own hands. you need to prepare a set of materials and equipment. The maker will need:

  • angle grinder;
  • steel disc from an angle grinder;
  • a small piece of plywood;
  • metal bracket;
  • Nuts, washers and bolts;
  • A plastic bottle with a capacity of 5 liters.

If necessary, you can use a plastic bottle of a larger volume. It is extremely important that the ready-made grain grinder does not take up much space and is easy to transport.

How to make a garden shredder from the angle grinder with your own hands?

Before starting the assembly, you need to carefully study the drawings. The scheme can be drawn by hand. the main thing is that it is as accurate as possible and can orient the designer in the size of each part.

During the manufacture of a garden shredder for twigs and grain, it is important to follow the correct order of action. It should be as follows:

  • The first step is to make a sturdy base. For this, the designer will need a piece of thick plywood, in which you need to carefully cut out a hole to mount the shaft and the body of the used angle grinder. Next to it, another hole must be made. Through it the whole grain will fall into the hopper;
  • It will then be necessary to place the grinder in the prepared base. You can fasten them with bolts and staples;
  • The next step is to make a cutting knife, which will quickly shred grain, straw or branches. You need an old angle grinder blade. It is necessary to cut a small circle from it and carefully sharpen its edges;
  • Next, it is necessary to make the working chamber for the manufactured grain crusher. You may use an old metal pan or sieve with a depth of 5 cm and a diameter of 20 cm. If there is no sieve, you will need to drill holes in the used pan, each of which should be 3 mm in diameter. The larger the size of the holes, the coarser the grain grind will be;
  • After this, it is necessary to attach the obtained sieve to the base of the grinder, using for this purpose bolts and nuts.

After making it is necessary to check the efficiency of the homemade machine. If the grain grinder does not make a lot of noise or vibrations, then you can start its operation.

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Making the receiving hopper for the homemade chopper

Make a chamber in which there will be a uniform grinding of grain, you can use a thin metal strip. It should be at least 70 cm long and about 6 cm wide. When cutting it, you need to leave an extra strip for the fasteners. The length of this part is about 5-10 mm.

Next, you need to bend the strip into a ring, bending its ribs to the outside. As a result, the width of the resulting flanges should not exceed 1 cm. Flanges are a must, because without them it is not possible to install the sieve and attach it to the existing base.

The sieve mesh can be nearly any size. it all depends on what kind of grind the manufacturer needs. In order to obtain flour, the sieve’s cells must be fine. If a coarser grinding is required for the preparation of feed, you can install a sieve with a larger mesh. For chopping vegetables and root crops, it is better to equip the homemade chopper with peorized discs with pre-drilled holes in them.

make, grain, grinder, angle

When operating the crusher, the grain will fall into the chamber from a small plastic or metal hopper, which should be securely attached to the base. In it you need to make a few holes and install a plate flap inside. it will allow you to regulate the portions of grain for grinding.

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Features of Grinder Operation

In order for the grass and branch grinder from the angle grinder to serve its owner as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to elementary rules:

  • monitor the temperature of the running motor. the motor from the angle grinder is not designed for continuous operation. If it overheats, it will quickly fail;
  • If the machine vibrates a lot during operation, check that the nuts and bolts are properly secured. If necessary, they will need to be tightened all the way;
  • Regularly check the integrity of the receiving hopper. this is especially important if a drinking water bottle has been selected when assembling the machine.

In addition, it is necessary to timely sharpen the edges of the cutting blades. If they are not sharp enough, they will not be able to grind grain or branches.

Figuring out how a grain grinder can be made with their own hands from an angle grinder, it is necessary to become more familiar with the principle of operation of such equipment. It is characterized by simplicity and assumes that after loading the grain in a special compartment, it enters the working chamber, where it is ground to the desired size.

A sieve of the desired diameter is used to sort the finished product, allowing the distribution of the finished product according to the particle size. As the main working element, through which the grinding is carried out, hammers or knives are used. Rotating at high speed, they quickly crush the raw material.

Such devices are indispensable for farms, where there is a need to prepare feed for various birds and other pets.

Homemade units are suitable for a small amount of preparation, and for a large number of animals it is better to use factory-made models.

Chopper Mechanism

The modern market of agricultural machinery offers experts and amateurs a wide range of devices to automate a huge number of processes, and grass choppers take a special place here.

This type of equipment is represented by a huge number of varieties for any budget. Among them there are professional machines for processing of most raw materials for production or agricultural enterprises, and small-sized household settings.

The more necessary models in the latter category include cheap electronic grass slicers “Umnitsa”. ordinary and reliable in operation, quite productive for personal use and notable for versatile design.

Most of the devices for shredding grass to also be used as grass choppers. the applicable rate of processing grassy consistency also allows with a pronounced efficiency to prepare a sufficient amount of feed for members of the household, such as bunnies or piglets.

The mechanism of operation of the grass cutter is more than simple and somewhat reminiscent of the kitchen combine in practice. freshly cut material is placed in a tank equipped with cutting elements.

electronically powered blades drive the material is cut to size so that it can be used as a component of feed mix, as a mulch or as a component of future compost. The form of loading-unloading of the raw material is mainly manual, but in case of low volumes of processing it does not cause much inconvenience to the plot owner.

How to make a grain grinder from an angle grinder with your own hands

To make a chipper from an angle grinder, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Drill or electric screwdriver with a set of drill bits;
  • Jigsaw or saw;
  • open-end wrenches;
  • hammer and chisel.
  • 10 mm thick plywood;
  • Corner or brackets;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • A pot of suitable diameter;
  • blades;
  • angle grinder.
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Manufacturing begins with fixing the angle grinder with a staple or angles to the plywood. For this purpose, a rectangular hole is made in it for the body of the angle grinder and a circular hole for feeding the grain. Fix the bracket with long bolts. The base can be made of different material:

In the picture the base is made of 8mm laminate. The bracket can be made of any thin metal that can hold the machine. M10 bolts were used for mounting. The blades are made of ordinary steel 3mm thick.

the sieve can be ready-made, for example, an old pot with a drilled bottom or any suitable container. The photo shows the adapted pan with a drilled bottom (5 mm diameter holes).

Then mount the angle grinder and screw in the knives. They can be with two or four blades.

It remains to fix the pan to the base, and the device from the angle grinder is ready. Receiving hopper of grain mixture, which is made from a five-liter bottle, is installed. We have a continuous grain crusher.

Put the whole structure on a suitable container, plug it in and put the corn into the hopper. Grain mixture is fed to the working area, where the grinding takes place.

The main drawback of this design is that the grain particle size cannot be adjusted. Uneven grain size. If the grain inlet hopper is equipped with a slide valve, the grain flow can be regulated. For not overloading the motor of the machine.

  • Slide valve for regulating the flow of grain into the working chamber.
  • Grain hopper.
  • Electric motor on/off button.
  • Electric motor.
  • Sleeve.
  • Axis.
  • Washer.
  • Nut.
  • Screw.
  • Base.
  • The body of the working chamber.
  • Crushed grain hopper.
  • Bolt.
  • Nut.
  • Metal sieve.

Shredder of branches from the angle grinder with his own hands

HAND HANDS A GARDEN CHOPper from an angle grinder

Hello to all gardeners, vegetable growers and just readers of this article.

Today I will show my version of the shredder of branches and large leaves.

A LITTLE TIP is not a master class on the assembly of shredders, but just a demonstration of the idea.

DIY is complex and very dangerous remember your safety in your hands.

For a long time hatched the idea, but never got around to it. Here after another pruning of the garden realized I need.)

As the base I decided to take the old angle grinder 1kV

I cut off the protective cover so that it could be attached to the base of the whole shredder.

Attached to the casing of the circle of stainless steel on which I will hang the rest.

How to Make a corn Grinder. Flour Mill Machine from Angle Grinder. Mini Corn Mill at Home

Screwed to the circle of the half-rim from the chipboard, but you can material and on the stronger-later will replace it)

INSTALLED a knife from a gasoline cutter.Pick up the weight is not much heavier than the drive on the concrete for this angle grinder.

Half rim is mounted with notch in the way of shredding, I put pins for future fixings in it.

INSTALLED THE FANER COVER AND THE FANER WALL, all on the quick-release thumbscrews.

Plan to use two types of gutters. a small one and a big one. Noticed that the work seems to be so convenient.

In work it turned out that the plastic guides are not suitable, they break by vibration and shock during work.

That’s why in time I replaced them with metal pipes of the same diameter.

Installed everything on the site angle grinder set level and secured to the frame. Now it can be easily removed and be self-contained when it needs to be used for its intended purpose.

Everything screwed and tightened. The final step was to paint. Just a few cans left from previous ideas.

The platform with all the goodies is mounted on a metal base.

I additionally installed the socket-switch which will be ON/OFF switch of the shredder.

Plus for convenience made a couple of fasteners for additional tools.♪ in my work, it’s a help ♪.

Here’s such a busy little twig shredder turned out.

This is what he turns those same branches, twigs, bushes.

Now this stuff can be put in the compost or something.

Friends of course the large branches and other things he can not digest, but that’s all the little things he crushes no problem. Like this.

Happy to share my idea, tell me your opinion and share your experience. In more detail some moments can be seen in the video.

I’m with you, Mr. Handsome DIYer. Bye-bye.

I forbid any copying and re-posting of this article in any form. this also applies to video. Placing my articles on other sites is not possible.

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How it works

  • Cereals are loaded into a special hopper for receiving raw materials.
  • Grain is delivered to the sieve for calibration.
  • The calibrated grain is sent to the additional cleaning section.
  • The cleaned grain is sorted by size into four different fractions. This is necessary to improve the quality of processing: only one grain fraction can be processed at a time. Thus, the grinding process is cyclic.
  • Grain is fed to the working elements, where it is crushed.
  • After the processing is completed, the finished grain is sorted into fractions.

It is worth noting that the result differs significantly depending on the material from which the work items are made. The choice of material should be guided by the raw material to be processed.

By installing the different elements, it is possible to process different types of raw materials and to produce a wide range of groats and feed products.

The capacity of the machine depends on:

  • type of grain (the harder it is, the longer the processing);
  • The design of the grinder (including the material of the working elements)
  • the drive (electric works faster than manual);

The performance of modern automatic circular saws ranges from 150 to 300 kg / hour. In a manual self-made machine, these figures, of course, will be lower.

The machine can handle large quantities of forage

  • type of grain (the harder it is, the longer it takes to process);
  • Grinder design (including the material of the working elements);
  • drive (electric works faster than manual);

Shredder body

First you need to clean the square plates of old paint and rust. On the first of them you need to determine the center, outline a circle in this place and cut a hole by arc welding, suitable for the diameter of the selected pipe. Through it the branches will be fed in the future. After the hole is ready, it is necessary to deburr the edges after welding and go over them with an angle grinder with a petal disc with sandpaper. For the walls of the body you need to cut metal plates with a height of about 6 cm. It is important not to forget that there will be only 3 of them and together with the fourth one there will be a hole for throwing out chips.

Topic Forums

To make a properly working garden shredder of any type, it is necessary not only to understand the general principles of its operation and the requirements for it, but also to familiarize yourself with the experience of those who have already encountered such work.

There are many thematic forums on the Internet where users discuss their own home-made products and share their experiences, so you can get a lot of important information there.

Here are links to the most popular forums:

How an electric screwdriver battery is built

A battery is a device arranged as source of direct current, which is transmitted from the batteries. When charging a battery device, energy is stored in the system on the contrary.

The structure of the acb in electric devices has the same elements:

Energy is stored and transmitted by connecting the batteries in series with each other. A characteristic feature of “cans”: the same size and voltage of individual elements.

When the battery of an electric screwdriver breaks down, as a rule, only one or more batteries fail.

In addition to batteries, battery performance is affected by contact damage. Power batteries allow the device to receive a charge and release power. The temperature sensor protects the electric screwdriver against overheating. And the service wire equalizes the charges in all cells.

Batteries are also affected by the type of battery.

In addition to the battery, the battery is affected by contact damage. Power-coupled motors allow the electric screwdriver to deliver both charge and power. The temperature sensor protects the electric screwdriver against overheating. A service wire equalizes the charges in all cells.

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Crushers for home use

“Vihr ZD-350K “Among the factory grain crushers for private farms, the most suitable models are such as:


Important! Medium Assembling homemade device in the presence of unnecessary working washing machine, old vacuum cleaner, angle grinder will cost only 500-1000

“Niva IZ-250

Making knife

The author decided to make a knife for the grain crusher from a saw blade. Cut a billet with a length of 11.8 cm. In the central part bore a hole for gearbox shaft.

Sharpen the cutter blade on a sharpening machine or grinder. Grinding is performed in one plane, but on two different sides.

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