How to make a headlight on a single axle tractor

How to make light on power tiller without generator

While writing this, another thought occurred, voltage stabilizers are widely used now, when tested one sample works from 110 to 280 volts and the output is 230v

You can even directly from the induction motor, all that it will produce through the stabilizer to feed into the socket, from the excess of the same socket to charge the battery and through the inverter back into the socket, I understand it is already a serious investment, but after all the power is serious.

But the question is why do not do so? They sharpen the rotors and glue the magnets.

Igor (Cece) I would have straightened and put switching power supply, they work in the range of 85 to 250 volts, and from the pulser already charged the battery?

Boris (Juwanna) After all, asynchronous motor and generator are arranged a bit differently. Just take an engine and rotate it, it gives very little electricity. And buying a generator is expensive. They sharpen the rotor and glue the magnets in order to turn the engine into an alternator.

Well, the speed. the wind turbines are in a very wide range, unlike a gasoline generator, for example. So there are slightly different requirements. And you can not immediately apply 230 volts to the socket file. it will, depending on the load and the strength of the wind range from 0 to how lucky, and can go over 1000 under certain conditions.

Therefore, it is necessary to use special electronics, which does not let the wind turbine spin up strongly under low load (when all consumers are off and the batteries are charged) and stabilizes the voltage on the consumers.

And axial generators are easier and cheaper to make. you can generally do without a turner and buy fewer magnets, though if there are no special requirements for power.

Igor (Cece) In addition to the voltage is important and the frequency.

How not to work in Scandinavia in winter. All the disadvantages of a Renault truck tractor.

Andrey (Frederik) “And the second is a resharpened rotor and glued magnets, articles met, but it is not as widely used as let’s say axial generators, what is it? “

Exactly this is quite a well-known and often used approach, giving good and predictable results. Significant advantage over axials. prefabricated factory design and housing.

Yura (Berdine) In order to make an asynchronous alternator you just need to dial capacitors! The link at the beginning says it all! Good idea to rectify and feed to a pulse source and then to the ac. It couldn’t be simpler, in my opinion!

Andrey (Frederik) “To make an asynchronous generator, you just need to set the capacitors! “

The only question is at what speed it gives something and whether such speed is suitable for wind turbine If it were that easy, nobody would re-torque rotors or glue neodymiums.

make, headlight, single, axle, tractor

Yura (Berdine) judging by the articles that I read about asynchronous machines, different speeds require different capacitor capacity, the greater the capacitance, the more the generator will spend on itself.

Suppose if industrial generators are equipped with sophisticated systems, which, depending on the speed of rotation, change the capacitance, so that the voltage was appropriate.(even found a patent). Looks like no one has similar experience it is interesting to try, I’ll get to the city, there are a couple of asynchronous.

Power supply from the computer in what ranges works? to try it with and without load, and with a pulsed load and some kind of ballast!

Передняя балка на МИНИТРАКТОР из мотоблока.Front axle for homemade tractor

The work of the light from the ignition system

You can install the light on a mini-tractor without a battery and power generator, using the most accessible way. the connection from the ignition. To run the headlamp, one end of the electrical wire is led to the winding system and the other through a switch goes to the lamp. The disadvantage of motor-block light from the ignition coil is the inability to light when the engine is off.

Each of the above methods of connecting lighting devices are suitable for different models of special equipment, both domestic and foreign-made.

Advantages of battery lighting

Battery illumination has a number of advantages. The light from such source is always even, stable. It does not depend on engine speed, as in the case of generator lighting. And if you use LEDs in your headlamps, that’s enough battery power for a long time. The advantage: you always have light, regardless of whether the engine is running or not. But there are also disadvantages. If there is no generator in the scheme, the battery will have to be charged from time to time. And that means buying a special charger.

How to connect the lighting on your power tiller: step by step instructions

Unfortunately, the design of many models of power tillers does not provide for lighting equipment. And in fact, often the headlight on the power tiller is just necessary, because it is not always possible to finish the work in the field before daylight. And when using a power tiller as a vehicle on the road without a headlamp is absolutely indispensable.

Some manufacturers specifically sell ready-made kits of headlamp, tumblers and wires separately, thereby providing a hassle for you and extra profit for yourself. But you do not need to spend extra money to buy a “special” lighting equipment, because to connect the light on a single axle tractor with your own hands is easier than it seems at first glance.

First of all you need to understand the mechanics of your power tool. Usually, to power the headlamp uses battery power, which is charged from a generator and the power is not always enough for quality lighting. In this case, do not rush and install another generator additionally, because it is not always easy, cheap and safe.

The easiest thing to do is to use a sort of generator built into the engine, consisting of a flywheel with magnets and a lighting coil. To connect the light on a singleaxle tractor with a single-cylinder engine needs a lighting coil for at least 3 amps. It will be able to power the headlamp up to 40 W.

Before installing the headlight on a single-axle tractor, it is necessary to assemble a single electrical circuit to connect the lighting system to the generator. The drawing below shows all elements of this circuit in detail.

Headlamp for a power tiller. self-made

Many owners of power tillers use to install on their units headlights from domestic and imported cars. This way is the easiest, but you should remember that the old headlight on a singleaxle tractor will not emit enough bright light and will not last more than a few months.

самий простой вариант передней балки минитрактора ( front axle for homemade tractor )

It’s much better to make lights for agricultural machines with your own hands. You do not need to buy expensive materials and equipment. You still need the same old headlight, the stuffing of which you will later replace with new parts. The procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the existing glass surface and other elements from the old headlight, which are attached to the base with plastic clips;
  • Next, make a plaster cast on the base of the headlight frame. To do so, pour the still liquid material into the base of the headlamp around its entire circumference. After the final drying of the plaster mass, carefully remove it;
  • Apply 3 layers of fiberglass fabric to the mold. Between each of the tiers there must be a layer of epoxy. Put the workpiece in a vacuum and wait at least 24 hours. during this time the casting will completely harden. After that, level the workpiece so that not even the slightest chips are left on it;
  • Start making glass for the homemade headlight. To do this, preheat the oven to 190°C, make a base of 8 glued slats and fix a sheet of fiberglass fabric in it. Before you put the mold in the oven, don’t forget to remove the protective film from the material, otherwise it will be covered with dust particles;
  • As soon as the material sags in the stand, take it out of the oven and apply it to the previously made workpiece. The product should be placed and held in a full vacuum until it is cured.

The manufactured headlight will need to be thoroughly sanded, degreased and dried after curing. Then 1 or 2 halogen bulbs or LED strip are placed inside it. The installation of the headlight on a single-axle tractor is performed after a thorough check of the lighting device. To put a headlight on a single axle tractor, be sure to use a reliable frame and at least 4 fasteners.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Even if a quality generator, including one made by your own hands, is installed in your power tiller, it periodically needs repairing. If you find serious malfunctions, it is recommended to contact specialists, but simple breakdowns are quite possible to fix on your own. Most often observed:

If the product began to heat significantly, most likely the problem lies in the fault of the capacitor, which will need to be replaced by an analogue of higher capacity to restore the working condition of the device.

Short-circuiting due to moisture is a serious problem that will require a thorough defect inspection and replacement of burned out elements after drying. Voltage fluctuations and malfunctions most often require replacement of brushes, after which the alternator begins to function correctly.

Specifics of lighting selection and installation

Before installing a headlight on a single axle tractor, you need to decide on the equipment to use. The choice of lamp for lighting depends on the complexity and nature of the work to be performed, as well as the lighting requirements.

The more light you need at night, the more power the chosen lamp should have.

There are also technical peculiarities when installing lights. If the generator capacity is not enough to provide a constant flow of light, 12 V batteries are used. It is recommended to use light equipment, so as not to increase the load on the single-axle tractor.

For power tillers with belt drive

The peculiarity of machinery with belt transmission is the absence of an alternator. Therefore, the owner of the special equipment must install the electrical equipment by himself with the help of plumbing tools and additional spare parts. They can be removed from the car or other machinery.

The main thing is to replace the alternator pulley with one that corresponds to the belt transmission of the power tiller. For more convenience, electrical equipment is attached to the back, then check its functionality and connect the light.

make, headlight, single, axle, tractor

The absence of an alternator is a characteristic of belt-driven machines

For heavy power tillers

Heavy power tillers do not use alternators and belt transmission, so for the source of light use rechargeable batteries.

It is recommended to install batteries from motorcycles, as they have sufficient power, small size and weight.

The only disadvantage. you need to make and fix the battery mount yourself. For this purpose, an iron profile or angles welded into a single structure is suitable. And for greater reliability, the product is treated with a soft material, and then attached the battery.

How to make a light for a power tiller. the modernization of the headlight

The lighting system for your power tiller can be purchased at a gardening equipment store or made by yourself. Homemade headlights can be adjusted to the intensity of light and power of operation.

Some power tillers, not equipped with headlights, have suitable sets of lights that can be purchased separately. Such kits are produced by the same manufacturer, so they are ready for connection to a specific system. It is necessary to think over all the steps of installation.

The electric circuit of the lighting device consists of an electric power supply, a switch (a button that breaks and turns on the circuit) and an electric lamp socket, to which the wiring is connected. An electric generator, battery or ignition system is used to power the lighting equipment.

Use an old car headlight as a masterpiece. The elements left from cars from Soviet times are suitable.

  • Remove the glass cover and protective elements from the lights, which are held on plastic fasteners.
  • Create a gypsum model of the body of the future headlamp. To do this, we take liquid plaster and pour it into the old part with removed outer glass, distributing it evenly over the base. Wait for the material to dry naturally. After that, take out the cured cast, taking care not to damage it.
  • Apply glass fiber to the plaster headlight. The coating is applied in three layers. Put epoxy resin between them.
  • Leave the workpiece in a tightly closed container at room temperature. After drying, grind the workpiece until the irregularities disappear.
  • Make 10 slats and make a platform for the material.
  • We place the fiberglass on the slats, cover it with a protective layer against dust and put the platform in the oven, heated to 200°C. Periodically check the material for readiness, occasionally opening the oven.
  • If you can see that it is deformed, you can take it out and apply it to the plaster headlight. Place the headlight coated with fiberglass in a vacuum tank and wait for the surface to dry completely.
  • After curing, sand the product with sandpaper and treat it with solvent. Finally place a halogen bulb or LED strip inside.

How to make a light on a power tiller without an alternator?

There is another way to connect the light on the power tiller without a generator. For it will need a 12-volt battery and LED strip. You do not need to buy a new battery. for the work is quite suitable old gel cell from an electric scooter.

In addition to materials, you will be required to determine in advance where to mount the battery. Since it has small dimensions, it is best to place it between the motor and the motorblock gearbox. The further plan of work is as follows:

  • From a steel angle make a mount that fits the size of the battery you are using;
  • Position and fix the mount on the frame of the machine;
  • Inside the mount, install the battery and secure it with a steel plate and two bolts;
  • From the battery to the switch and headlamp, lay the wiring. Fix the connection points by soldering and insulate with tape. For a more detailed acquaintance with connection of a headlight on a power tiller without an alternator, please refer to the following video.

The light of a battery-operated headlamp is intense and bright enough. However, this method has one significant disadvantage. battery capacity is sufficient for no more than a few hours of continuous operation, after which the power source must be charged. In this case, you can make a light on the power tiller from the ignition. To do this, connect one end of the wiring to the unit’s ignition system, run the other end to the switch, and from that to the headlight. The light connected in this way will only work when the ignition of the power tiller is on.

All of the above methods of making and connecting the headlight are suitable for power tillers Neva, MTZ and agricultural machines produced by other domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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