How to make a hydraulic press from syringes

An indispensable tool

In its development, medicine is striving to become not only more effective, but also more comfortable for patients. After all, adherence to treatment depends to a large extent on the degree of emotional stress that a particular procedure brings. The more painful it is, the greater the risk that a person will “abandon” therapy halfway through or ignore the need to see a doctor altogether.

This is why the creation of new therapeutic regimens in pharmacology has always gone side by side with the improvement of drug delivery systems. As a result, today many painful procedures are either a thing of the past or, thanks to new technology, have become significantly more comfortable.

So, even a couple of decades ago, people were panicked about dentists. Fear of treatment forced patients to put off going to the doctor as long as they had the strength to endure the pain. Today the picture is the opposite. People know: Just one shot and you won’t feel a thing. That’s why people treated their teeth at the first signs of illness and made mass appointments for diagnosis and prophylaxis.

A similar situation with vaccinations. “I’m not afraid of vaccination: If I have to, I’ll give it a shot!”It’s no accident that the hero of the famous poem encouraged himself. Before the advent of disposable syringes, the procedure was much less pleasant.

Today, due to the use of multicomponent (containing more than one type of antigen to protect against several infections) and multivalent (protecting against different strains of the same infection) vaccines packed in prefilled syringes, vaccination has become an almost instant and painless procedure. However, it needs to be done less often, and the range of infections, against which a single injection protects, is getting wider and wider.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine any medical field without syringes. According to some estimates, more than 16 billion injections are given annually all over the world, and that requires a corresponding number of syringes. But that wasn’t always the case. Two hundred years ago, doctors could not give a single shot, because sometimes it cost the patient his life.

A hydraulic press is equipment designed specifically for processing parts and workpieces by applying high pressure to them. This press works by applying fluid pressure to the elements of its design.

Most hydraulic presses are designed with a vertical operating cylinder, but there are also models with a horizontal operating cylinder. Different models of presses can produce operating forces ranging from a few tens to several thousand tons.

Version of a factory-made hydraulic press

The operating principle of the hydraulic press is based on the Pascal’s law, which we know from school physics. The press is constructed of two working chambers of different sizes or, as they are also called, cylinders. The principle of a hydraulic press, in a few words, is as follows.

The working fluid is pressurized in the smaller of the two cylinders. The fluid flows via a connection channel into a chamber with a larger diameter and exerts pressure on the piston connected to the working tool. The latter puts pressure on the workpiece, which is placed on a rigid support to prevent it from moving under its action. All hydraulic presses use special oils as an operating fluid.

Hydraulic presses are most widely used in such operations on metal parts as stamping, forging, straightening, bending, extruding pipes and other profiles. In addition, with the help of such presses is carried out briquetting, baling and pressing of various materials (as a rule, a mini-press is used for these purposes).

The design of the hydraulic press allows its active use as in the manufacture of rubber, plastic and wood products, as well as in other areas. The variety of functions and applications of this equipment determine the existence of its various modifications. For example, you can find hydraulic table press, mini-press, hydraulic floor press, hydraulic hand press, presses with and without pressure gauge.

How to choose the right syringe for stuffing sausage cakes

There are several types of fillers for sausages: rotary, screw and hydraulic.

As you know, all kinds of sausage presses are installed at meat processing plants

Any technologist at the meat factory will tell you that there is no universal syringe, which is suitable for stuffing all kinds of sausages, there are subtleties.

Before choosing a syringe technologist should decide on the main range of products and then come to the choice of syringe for making cured meat.

According to the words of Head of Sales Mikhail Monakhov: if you plan to produce sausages with large chunks of ground meat measuring 10-15 mm, I advise to choose the hydraulic syringe. If the main range of products is semi-smoked sausages and frankfurters, I recommend choosing a screw syringe

The most common model of screw syringe “IDEAL” 159 is designed for stuffing in the sausage casing, used for stuffing all types of sausages (except dumplings), wieners and frankfurters. A special device makes it possible to dose the filling and twist the casing. Semi-automatic linker allows you to dose minced meat in the production of sausages from 35 to 125 gr., on the artificial corrugated casing. Can be equipped with automatic sausage linking device. The delivery set includes 9 interchangeable chains. The universal vacuum filler U-159 “Ideal” is equipped with a compressor that creates a vacuum so that the final product has as few air bubbles as possible.

The most advanced technology for the production of uncooked, semi-smoked and cooked sausages is used in the RVF 327 sausage fillers.

This model is characterized by reliability, quick and easy cleaning, minimal residues and low energy costs.

The wear-resistant Vane rotor made of stainless steel guarantees a long life time as well as the highest product quality. Gentle conveying of all minced meat and minimization of the residual air in the minced meat is assured thanks to it.

At the end of the mincing machine a quick test can be made to see if there are any large pores in the filling by taking a wet scraper and sliding the filling in several places in the cutter bowl. If larger pores are detected, it is necessary to vacuum agitate.

The problem of voids in sausage products might not seem to be the most difficult to solve at a production site, but for some reason it remains an issue for many. In practice, this phenomenon is common, an example of this can be any sausage counter, where you are sure to find sausages from many manufacturers with pores of different sizes.

The RVF 327 vacuum filler avoids the most common pore problems in your production process.

The RVF 327 Sausage vacuum filler with touch screen, designed according to the highest level of industry standards, has an extremely simple operation. The standard clipper connection socket allows you to control not only the clippers of different types, but also the clipper attachments. There is a choice of 90 or 150 liter hinged funnels. Sausage vacuum filler RVF 327 can also be equipped with a standard 120 l capacity mast loading device. Sausage vacuum filler RVF 327 is reliable in operation thanks to its high quality construction, unlike other manufacturers where it is often the case that the hopper of the filler is not working, which can lead to the formation of flat voids and separated layers of up to 1-2 cm. The vacuum system of the syringe is designed to ensure the entry of minced meat into the stuffing zone and does not imply the collapse of pores in the volume of minced meat. Voids under the shell can also occur as a result of insufficient filling. A leaky fit of the casing to the skewer under the brake ring causes the formation of flat voids under the casing that are stretched along the loaf. In this case it is necessary to pick up a chain, corresponding to the diameter of the casing, according to the recommendations given in the certificate of the syringe or clipper, as well as in the recommendations for casing application, these recommendations we will consider in the following articles. Various types of labyrinths and diaphragms are designed to break up large air inclusions. The appearance of air inclusions can be checked by running a certain amount of stuffing (1-2 kg) through the chain to completely fill the injection system and start shaping. Next, it is recommended to cut the second loaf with a wet, sharp knife and carefully divide the stuffing. This will allow you to visually see the pores and take the necessary action.

If you want to make quality sausage without pores, we advise you to pay attention to the Austrian REX rotary syringe line for medium production

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Presentation of the research project “Hydraulic powered robotic arm from medical syringes

We pay your attention that according to the Federal law N 273-FZ “About education in the Russian Federation” in the organizations which are carrying out educational activity, training and education of students with HIA is organized as jointly with other students, and in separate classes or groups.

Description of the presentation on individual slides:

Research project “Hydraulic press from medical syringes” Authors: Vershkova Daria Zolotareva pupils of 9 “A” grade of Secondary School 2 Supervisor: Ionova M.В. Shikhany 2019

Project Objectives Tasks Relevance Concept of a hydraulic press Creation of a hydraulic press Operating principle of a hydraulic press Conclusion References

Project goal To enrich and systematize knowledge about the hydraulic press To identify the degree of effectiveness of the hydraulic press

Project objectives To get acquainted with the concept of “Hydraulic press” To consider what is the role of the hydraulic press in the modern world To study the structure of the hydraulic press To form a sustained interest in the study of physics To create their own hydraulic press

Relevance of the project The hydraulic press is very simple and has no electronics, but it is very effective. With its small size, it can be used at home for your needs. This press can easily crack walnuts.

“Hydraulic press” The simplest hydraulic machine designed to produce large compressive forces. Formerly called “Brama press” because it was invented and patented by Joseph Brama in 1795.

Creation of the hydraulic press To build our hydraulic press we needed: wooden boards 2-3 cm thick, a drip, 3 drip branches, 2 small tubes, 6 syringes, a double for the drip, ice cream sticks, screws, hot melt glue, a jigsaw, a paper knife, tape, an electric drill.

First of all, we made all the blanks: 3 squares of 15 cm on each side; 2 rectangles with sides of 38 cm and 15 cm.

Using an electric drill and a drill bit, we drilled 18 bolt holes and 8 through holes. assembled the construction with self-tapping screws, fastening two long boards and one square board.

We took two syringes: using a utility knife, we cut off the front end of one and the back end of the other. Attach the two syringes together with tape. Similarly, we made a piston, strengthening the joints with pieces of popsicle sticks, using hot melt glue. We took a piece of tubing from a dropper, cut it into 10 centimeters long and put it on the syringe spout. Made 4 such blanks. We inserted them into the square board with the biggest holes.

We put hot melt glue on the pistons, and glued a small block on them. We got a single large piston that will act as a pressure piston. We put the piston with thin tubes into another square board. This billet was placed into the previous billet and secured with self-tapping screws.

Made two valves from the remaining front parts of the syringes and beads. We connected a dropper with valves and a syringe through a splitter. Glued two small bars together and glued syringes with the piston up.

How the hydraulic press works We take a beaker of plain water and dye it green. We dip one end of the hydraulic press into the beaker of painted water, and the other end into the empty beaker. We fill all this design with water using a syringe, the beaker, which in the beginning was empty, after filling it poured the liquid back into the first beaker. Next, we connect the two structures with drip tubes with splitters. We put a nut under the piston and begin to pump water using a small syringe into the mega piston, while it begins to move and squeeze the nut. Then we push the piston back and take out a nut.

The expected result Product (hydraulic press with their own hands)

Conclusion Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion: with the help of a hydraulic press created by our own hands revealed the degree of efficiency of the hydraulic press (the ability to crush a nut).

The unique hydraulic press for auto service center is created for making the necessary shape of blanks, as well as pressing out / pressing of bearings, bushings and washers. Today you can buy a hydraulic press (hydro-press) for auto service station (HUNDRED) or garage to easily carry out the dismantling of various parts of the car, while quickly make adjustments to the shape of the workpiece. If you go to the car service, the price of pressing out the bearings will be relatively small, such equipment for the garage is essential. The price of a garage press may seem high, but the device quickly pays for itself. To service the workshop was qualitative and fast, you must buy an auto press in Ukraine.

Professionals can buy a hydraulic press for the service station of manual or automatic type. Handheld models are compact and convenient, they are easy to use, there is no need to use regular fixtures, and it is not at all difficult to carry and store such equipment. Many people buy these devices, since the price of a hydraulic press for auto service manual type is much lower than for automatic models. Automatic devices are characterized by high pressure: adjustment is made with a special lever or button. They make pressed-out bearings an easy, no-nonsense task that can be done in the shortest time possible.

Of course, the price of a hydraulic automatic car press at the service station is twice as high as manual models. Many auto mechanics beginners say: “I buy a hydraulic press in my garage to press the bearings out”. And indeed, such equipment is an indispensable part of any service station, which is different:

  • maximum safety;
  • Long term operation;
  • relatively low cost;
  • The ability to make repairs in a variety of conditions;
  • Lack of difficulty in self application.

Using such equipment is easy, because it is enough for one person who will press the hydraulic pump to create the desired pressure. Hydraulic presses, of good quality, make many tasks very easy for the employees of car repair shops. They help quickly make car repairs. If it has been decided to buy a hydraulic press for pressing out bearings, then it is worth choosing a model that has a force of 15 tons or more. Service cars should be done with hydraulic presses up to 30 tons.

Syringes, nozzles and hoses

Lubrication tools for automobiles include two types of special devices. They are most often called syringes. A distinction is made between syringes:

  • For filling and pumping motor and transmission oil
  • For the lubrication of assemblies that require regular renewal of lubricants

Each type of spotter can only be used for the operation for which it is designed. For example, you can’t grease a rubbing couple with an oil syringe, you’ll need a grease gun!

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