How to make a machine from a power tiller. A tricycle from a power tiller

Mini tiller by local assemble

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a power tiller: peculiarities of work

The question of how to make a rover from a power tiller with their own hands is very relevant for farmers and even owners of small plots. This technique is an assistant for all occasions, as it is very easy to attach additional equipment, which makes a power tiller maximally functional. This technique is traditionally used in garden plots and vegetable gardens. The motoblock usually has a lot of work, as it can plow the ground, and collect leaves, and gather hay in a pile. But for a certain time the technique stands idle. It can be used for other work during this period. For example, you can make an all-terrain vehicle out of it. It takes just a little effort to turn farm equipment into a universal snow and marsh buggy. At the same time it is very easy to work with some machinery. There are models that are modified due to the attachment. This option is as easy to use as possible.

It is more convenient to make a cross-country vehicle from the power tiller Neva. The peculiarity of this technique is that the manufacturer allows you to install universal attachments on it. This makes it possible to modify the motocultivator as quickly as possible. Thus, it is possible to make a bog rover from a power tiller in a few minutes. However, in order to transform the farm equipment, an all-terrain attachment to the tiller must be on hand.

Manufacturers offer a variety of additional equipment for this type of equipment. But such attachments are not cheap. Those who are not willing to spend thousands to convert your power tiller into an all-terrain vehicle can try to make equipment with their own hands. There are no special difficulties here, but some skills are still needed. First of all the master should understand the technique and be able to work with a welding machine.

How to make a karakat from a power tiller with your own hands

Even the simplest variant of the car can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h and easily pass any off-road conditions and withstand all the loads imposed on it. All these functions it will be able to perform due to the strong suspension, which can easily be made from steel pipes connected by hinges and welding.

No expensive materials are needed to build such a machine. It remains only to slightly adjust to the manner of driving this vehicle.

Let’s consider how to make a caracat from a power tiller with your own hands. In the process of creating a caracat, the following stages can be distinguished:

  • Making a frame. it is desirable to use a single-axle tractor of medium or high gravity (using a Neva motoblock is the best option for making such equipment), using such will turn out a good quality all-terrain vehicle with three or four wheels. Some designers use parts from a Ural or IZh motorcycle as a frame.
  • Creation of the suspension and rear axle. the design of the suspension consists of two parts connected by hinges. According to the designer’s wishes, it is possible to design the front and rear suspension, ensuring their high independence.
  • Production and installation of wheels is the most expensive and longest-assembled part of a karakat.
  • Most craftsmen do not buy ready-made disks, and use homemade, which are tires and low-pressure cells (it is preferable to use these products from trucks: Ural, KamAZ, or from their trailers).
  • Installation of the engine and systems (brake, clutch, exhaust of combustion products).

Before assembling a karakat, it is necessary to make an approximate drawing of the intended construction. Examples of schemes are shown in the photo below. You can construct a three-dimensional model of the karakat in different 3-D packages, for example the program “COMPASS-3D v18”.

Before using it to its full potential on the road less traveled, the manufactured machine should be tested. In the process of testing, some flaws in the design may become apparent, and it will be possible to assess the quality of control and ride comfort.

A mini tractor from a Neva power tiller

In general, the process of converting the Neva motoblock does not differ from the general scheme presented above. It is worth noting that this design solution certainly has its advantages. The Neva with Subaru engine is powerful and heavy enough, and sometimes it is not easy to control it. The mini-tractor is more manageable and more convenient to work with. The weight of the operator when working on a mini-tractor adds stability to the machine.

Detailed schemes on how to convert the power tiller Neva into a mini-tractor:

The video shows the work of self-made mini-tractor on the basis of Neva power tiller:

Let’s get acquainted with the airwalker from a power tiller and a swampwalker from a power tiller

As mentioned earlier, the pneumatic buggy and swamp buggy are slightly modified counterparts of the all-terrain vehicle and caracat. The first version is considered a simple mobile vehicle, which appeared in the 60s and in modern modifications is supplemented by 3-6 wheels for better cross-country capability. The peculiarity, both pneumohod on the basis of the power block, and marshmobile is the exploitation of special low-pressure wheels. The fact that in this case the tires are lightweight, elastic and exert little pressure on the ground. Together with a large rolling radius, the device is distinguished by its cross-country capability and endurance.

How to Make Mini Power Tiller

Pneumohovers and swampwalkers are created behind a similar scheme as the all-terrain vehicle, so it is not uncommon for many experts to use the three terms in the same context. On our website everyone can find videos with practical use of the devices and assess their similarity with the above variants of alterations.

Engine from power tiller into Zhiguli

Step One. The first thing to do is to make an adapter to the gearbox and install a pulley on it, the torque from the motor-block shaft will be transmitted by the belt connection. To make the adapter the author needed a lathe.

To increase the torque, the author put a larger pulley on the gearbox axle and a smaller one on the motor shaft, but here you need to experiment.

Step two. Installing the motor in the car. To install the motor the author welded a simple motor from the angle. The motor stands up with no problems and nothing in its way. Of course, it’s a good idea to connect the motor to the car’s exhaust system, it will be quieter and there will be no smoke in the cabin.

Step Three. Clutch and throttleNeed to make a clutch between the axle of the motor and the axle of the gearbox. The author just decided to play with the tension of the belts, when the clutch is depressed, the belts slip and you can start the motor. The belts must be strong, because the load here will be considerable.

Also, the author connected the throttle of the motor to the gas pedal. The bottle was used as a gas tank, the author put it in the cabin,

Step Four. Installing and testing the generatorCertainly, in order to light the lights and charge the battery, you need to connect the generator, the author has put in place a native alternator from the car.It was winter and the author had to defrost the car with a thermo-air dryer.

The car drives without any problems, though, does not start very well, the author took out the starter rope from the front and starts the engine manually. As an option, you can put the starter on the motor.

In general, self-made thing turned out to be worthy, after all the modifications you get a great and reliable machine for the countryside.

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This completes the project, I hope you liked the auto-design, and you found useful thoughts. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this. Do not forget to share with us your ideas and self-made!

Self-made caracat on the basis of a power tiller

The karakat performs the same functions as the all-terrain vehicle, but there are distinctive features:

  • Wheelbase with a belted clutch of increased size;
  • The large size of the unit;
  • Wide range of applications. Pneumatic drives can reach speeds of up to 70 km / h.

This modification is most of all concerned with the tires, on the creation of which it is necessary to make a special Accent.

make, machine, power, tiller

We must highlight the key nuances:

  • Lightweight construction. Two metal discs aggregate on the hub. On top of the camera, which is secured by a conveyor belt. The device is stable and enduring;
  • The disk is fastened to the hub. Also, crosspieces with rings are welded;
  • The central disk with an additional spoke, for the manufacture of which a metal billet or tube is suitable;
  • You can use discs from an old scooter, they will be attached to the hub.

A karakat from a motor-block has the following design features:

  • The frame is welded from a metal profile or pipe;
  • Rear and front drives are installed. Differential and one-piece elements will be suitable;
  • The front axle and steering, the parts can be taken from the running gear of the car;
  • “Native” motor and gearbox, which can be replaced by a multistage gearbox for easy speed control;
  • At the final stage the ramps are installed and the caracat is tested.

Caracat is another device that can be made from a power tiller

This machine is of interest to those who have to cross marshy terrain. It can act as a good alternative to the swamp buggy. Nowadays, the karakat can be made without much trouble from a power tiller.

Initially, as in the case of the minitractor and all-terrain vehicle, install a wide second drive axle. After that the future caracat from a power tiller must be equipped with special disks. These are unlikely to be freely available. To make them yourself is not a problem. For this purpose it is required to buy 2 aluminum basins for each disk. Afterwards these basins are welded together with the bottoms. After that, a hole is cut to match the diameter of the hub. Then it will only be necessary to weld on the edges of the fixing contour, which is necessary to hold the voluminous tires for the caracat.

How to make a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a power tiller

Under a cross-country vehicle is understood a variety of means of transportation. These are tractors, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and tanks. To date, most roads across the countryside are not paved with asphalt. That’s why those who have faced such a problem are so interested in a homemade all-terrain vehicle from a power tiller. Having a single-axle tractor, you can independently make a wheeled cross-country vehicle, which would have a high cross-country capacity, as on water obstacles, and in snow.

Assemble the all-terrain vehicle, the power unit of which will be a single-axle tractor. Here is the basic idea: we take off a power tiller and wheels and put it into a frame, and the gimbals of the power tiller go to the axles. One of the key requirements is not to allow a radical alteration of the power tiller. In other words, installed a single-axle tractor in the frame. got a floating rover. Removed from the frame and assembled parts. back to a single-axle tractor. Here is the result of this idea.

Dimensions and dimensions of improvised all-terrain vehicle

Overall dimensions of the cross-country vehicle: length 3100 mm, width 1760 mm, height 1820 mm. Carrying capacity 200 kg. The maximum speed of 8 to 12 km / h. Weight of the machine is 530 kg. Single-level frame is made of profile pipe (60x40x2). As the power unit used single-axle tractor MB-3 “Neva”, with an engine capacity of 7 liters.с.

Also allows you to switch three forward gears, one reverse. M-412 axles installed. Closed discs are used, with bolt locks. Tires from KAMAZ-transporter, chamber version, are installed. A knuckle from UAZ with M-2141 universal joint shaft. Steering from the column. VAZ-1111 “Oka” is used. The transmission, mechanical brake system is installed.

To make the cross-country vehicle a single-axis tractor MB-3 “Neva” was purchased. It was selected due to the three-speed gearbox, which has a very quiet first gear. Also there is a not very powerful engine.

Another reason for choosing a power tiller is the ability to disengage one of the wheels from the transmission. As a result, it is possible to switch off one of the axles on the homemade all-terrain vehicle.

The design of the cross-country vehicle is very simple. All parts of the control of the tractor are on the rear half-frame. It allows using a single-axle tractor without remodeling. As a consequence of it the power block control parts were used which altogether were installed on the all-terrain vehicle frame. The exceptions are the cable and the clutch control pedal. The cable with the lever is removed from the tiller and the clutch cable from the rover is attached and connected to the pedal.

The principle of clutch operation is the same as on a power tiller: the vehicle rides after the pedal is depressed, and stops when the pedal is released. Enough engine power to drive in third gear to climb steep hills.

Maximum traction is achieved in first gear, with minimum speed, owing to which the rover goes at idling speed, overcomes difficult obstacles without straining the engine much. To increase the maximum speed of the rover, you need to increase the diameter of the drive pulley by 50%, which does not hurt the traction capabilities of the motoblock.

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Excavator with his own hands from a power tiller

A small excavator is a must for many farms. Can be used to dig foundation pits, trenches, use for loading earth, manure, etc.д.

Making an excavator by your own hands is not only more profitable financially, but also more convenient, because it will be very miniature, which increases its functionality. Such a self-made device is convenient to use in hard-to-reach places, where a large vehicle can not pass.

You can find many variations of excavators from the tiller, but in general, they all have about the same design:

Boom and bucket can be bought ready-made, which will significantly reduce the time for making the entire device. The frame is made of a channel, sections or pipes. depends on the availability of materials.

Hydraulics on a homemade excavator can be reduced to the following parts: bucket, boom, handle. A rotating platform will greatly complicate the design, and for most small jobs it is not needed. Hydraulic cylinders are borrowed from MAZ, KAMAZ. The pump can be any. gear or axial-piston.

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There are plenty of freely available drawings of the entire design and its individual parts, such as the bucket. It is also easy to find step-by-step instructions with photos or videos with the process of creating an excavator from a power tiller.

You prefer to buy ready-made equipment or make it yourself?

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