How to make a motorbike from a trimmer for grass. Motobur power

Motorized earthen drill from a chainsaw and gearbox

Regardless of its own design, the ice trammer from a trimmer for grass should own a screw. This is a cutting element in the shape of a screw created to drill a hole in ice or soil. For the production of the screw will be needed:

As a material for the core, it is necessary to use strong material. The iron pipe is most ideal for this, if a motor.Coil from a trimmer for grass is used to drill hard soils, then steel must be hardened so that it does not deform when twisting.

The manufacture of the blade for the screw is made of carbide steel of the 65g brand. This material is quite durable and simply amenable to machining to give a suitable form.

For the production of the tip, it is also necessary to use metal from hard alloys. On the profile, the parts will also need to cut the grooves. Thanks to such a form of the tips from a trimmer for grass, it will simply be screwed in actually in at least what basis.

The 2nd end of the core must be equipped with a shank on which a connecting coupling or a drive gearbox will be installed.

Description and purpose of motorcycles

When planning to make a home.Made motorbike for fishing or land work, it is advisable to first of all study the features of this kind of unit. Homemade motorbike has wide functionality and high efficiency, which made it an indispensable tool. It is used in:

The unit belongs to the category of manual tools and is rightfully considered universal. It is suitable for drilling in the soil of various holes that can be used for planting plants, installing foundation piles, supports and other elements. In addition, the ice.Braid from a trimmer for grass with your own hands seems to be an indispensable device used for fishing in the winter season. It is used to drill holes in ice.

The design of the device is extremely simple and consists of two main elements. An engine and a screw with a knife at the end. In the process of work, the engine transfers rotating movements of the drill, so that the screw successfully enters the ground.

Since the cost of store models is quite large, it is much cheaper to make a home.Made gas tank for winter fishing from improvised materials.

Where to buy a cheap chainsaw

Like benzocouses. The choice of places for buying a chainsaw is quite extensive, it is best to take a chainsaw where it is possible to test or in an online store. In the latter case you have a month to return the law on consumer rights (part about remote trade) simply because. I didn’t like it.

A good selection of 2-clock chainsaws can be found in this online store.

See, compare the terms of purchase and shares for the goods, it may turn out that you will like the chainsaws that you can buy here.

Successful purchase and construction of a motorcycle house or moped from a chainsaw! Or maybe a scooter on the ICE motor from the mototorimmer!

Features of a homemade engine

When converting the motor, it should be borne in mind that they were developed to perform different functions. The trimmer for grass functions at large speeds and a small spinning moment, and the boat motor should do the opposite. Therefore, alteration of the device requires special tools and even a drawing.

The engine from a trimmer for grass is more convenient and easier to build, since it has a number of necessary components of the mechanisms:

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  • Very economical engine;
  • Impressed unpainted fuel tank, which allows you to easily control the amount of fuel;
  • The presence of a starter and gas in the device;
  • A rod equipped with a hard shaft.

It remains only to buy the missing details or make them yourself and you can start making an engine for a boat.

The trimmer for grass functions at large speeds and a small spinning moment, and the boat motor should do the opposite

Gasoline trimmer. Elmos EPT 26 petrol pump. Unpacking, first look

What can be done

There are several possible options for finalizing a trimmer for grass for a swimming engine.

Take it a rule, on every fishing, first start.

make, motorbike, trimmer, grass, motobur, power

A very simple way, but requires additional financial costs.

You will need to purchase the following details:

  • Clamp for fastening the device to the boat transza.
  • Propeller screw. You can purchase a ready.Made set via the Internet, since in stores such a product may not be. The configuration includes a special drive made of stainless steel, as well as universal adapters for a flexible shaft of a trimmer for grass, which allows you not to bother with the right to your lawn mower or not.

Advice! Sometimes there may be a clamp, so before buying it to clarify what is included in the kit.

The attachment drawing to the trimmer is indicated in the instructions. For installation will need about half an hour.

To remake, you will need an angular gearbox from a corner grinder, a screw that can be cut out of a sheet of stainless steel, as well as seals and bearings for fasteners. This method allows you to get maximum speed, despite the small step of the screw. In the field atmosphere, the device requires additional adjustment, which is performed using pliers.

This method is performed as much as possible. Consider it in more detail on the example of a lawn mower with a two.Stroke engine with a volume of 25 cm3. The device weighing 4.5 kg and 700 watts is equipped with a bent leg. Trimmer for grass with such power allows you to move a boat at a speed of about 5-7 km/h.

To remake, you will need an angular gearbox from a corner grinder, a screw that can be cut out of a sheet of stainless steel, as well as seals and bearings for fasteners

What is required

Materials, as well as tools, will be required:

  • Trimmer for grass.
  • Duralumin with a thickness of 2 mm. It is necessary for the screw.
  • Clamp or any other devices for fastening the device to the boat.
  • Welding device.
  • Fasteners.
  • Additional tools for work.

All the necessary elements can be bought or made independently. The drawing may be needed to develop a home.Made screw, but not for the drive. The dimensions of the screw directly depend on the power of the drive, as well as on the weight of the swimming agent. For example, a screw with dimensions of 10×3 cm is able to move transport with a mass of about 120 kg.

Production instructions

To make a boat engine from a regular trimmer for the grass, you will need to perform the following actions:

    In no case do not throw away and do not lose the nuts, since the developers use their own type of thread, which is not a metric or inch

Reduce the bent shaft. To do this, extract the standard nut, which is located in the bobin with a fishing line. It looks like a small tube 2 cm long and has an internal thread. It can be divided into two full.Fledged nuts. Advice! In no case do not throw away and do not lose the nuts, since the developers use their own type of thread, which is not a metric or inch. Next, it is necessary to remove the plastic lining, which is located on the gas button. There are no roller bearings at the end of the curved rod, instead there is an ordinary bronze sleeve, still known as a sliding bearing, it must be extracted. To do this, you will need to carefully cut it, having previously unscrewing the nut and eliminating the metal and diudwood shaft from the tube. Having freed from the bronze sleeve, you can start knocking out a flexible shaft tread, which is made of plastic. Advice! The steel pipe can be thrown away, since it will not work to align it. Instead, we use a duralumin tube with the corresponding diameter. In the duralumin tube we mount a bronze sleeve and gently press it on a canvas using a hammer. Then we take a plastic tread, cut it a little in diameter and tightly mount it in the pipe. Advice! Когда наружный диаметр трубки больше и не пролезает в крепежное отверстие на моторной головке, потребуется его проточить до нужного размера. If necessary, you can build a longer shaft using the tube of the desired length, and installing the required length of steel rods instead of a flexible shaft of the required shaft.

To run up a home.Made engine, you will need a gas tank (0.5 l.) with oil in a ratio of 1:40. One fuel tank allows you to overcome about 10 km of territory. The speed of a swimming agent with such a motor is in the range of 5.6. 7.9 km/h, depending on the load of the boat.

make, motorbike, trimmer, grass, motobur, power


Before starting operation, you need to check the strength of the product. The prefix to the chainsaw should not only be effective, but also safe for the operator. To ensure this condition, you will need:

make, motorbike, trimmer, grass, motobur, power
  • Weld to the finished design above and below, two metal rings of a small diameter.
  • Through them, vertically, a pipe must go through.
  • After a home.Made drill from the chainsaw is dressed on the guide, you can proceed to the work.

Using this simple technique, you will not only provide a clear vertical direction of the motorized car from the chainsaw, but also make drilling as convenient as possible.

How to do it with your own hands?

The device is so simple that a special drawing to any prepared people does not need. The guide elements are pipes with thin walls with a cross section of 5 cm. The length of such pipes is 1.3 m. A steel corner, the length of which is 0.57 m, and the shelf should be 5 cm, is suitable as a base for a home.Made rack. The carriage is prepared on the basis of a two.Inch pipes, their length is 0.25 m.

Important: the carriage should freely slip through the guide elements. The engines for drilling wells are attached to both the upper and lower segment of the carriage. In the first case, a 20/20 profile fragment is used, and in the second. The dimensional pipe ¾ inch cut in the longitudinal plane. Brackets obtained from steel stripes are attached to the square segment of the metal rolling. This allows you to firmly fix the frame: one line is held with a bed from a piece of pipe and bolts, and the defused elements provide capture in two additional places. Also bolts.

We can say that the carriage is put on the chain. However, the chain itself is also fixed firmly. At the installation point of the plate, the M8 bolts are additionally pressed. The first plate is welded on the back of the carriage. The second is used to press the chain there.

It is worth taking care of adjusting the tilt of the tool. Two profiles are taken for this purpose and form a ugsin. The angle of deviation of the rack is determined by the length. As a result, you can drill even an inclined well. Over, to facilitate the transportation, carrying of the tool.

The movement of the stars, and then the drive shaft, provides a special handle. How to make it, any master will easily figure it out. The drive shaft can be taken from the engines of domestic motorcycles (along with the slots). The motorcycle chain can also be used, but usually it has to be lengthened to 2.5 m. The racks put a driven star complemented by a bracket and a bolt of adjustment. A pair of removable paws will exclude turning over.

Motobur from a trimmer for grass

Another promising option seems to create a motorbike from a trimmer for grass with your own hands, which will significantly save. Such mowers for lawns are universally common. This allows you to find all the components you need for the future device without any problems.

Among them should be mentioned:

It is important to take into account that the operation of all types of drills will be much more convenient if the stand for a motorcycle is involved in the process. With your own hands, it can be made only if the welding machine is available.

Working process

Since the technical parameters of the engine of the trimmer for grass are weaker than that of a chainsaw, a motor.Coil from a trimmer for grass can be used exclusively for soft soil. Nevertheless, its rotation speed is also excessively high, in view of which you need to use a reducing transmitting mechanism.

Creating a similar device is quite simple using drawings:

Homemade TRIMMER BIKE !?

  • Make a screw, fixing the drill, the pipe used to connect.
  • Equip the engine to reduce the gear with the device.
  • Combine the screw and engine.

In the process of selecting materials for the manufacture of a screw, it is strongly recommended to use strong types of steel, since in the process of soil processing there are often stones and other objects that can damage the working element. If you provide for the possibility of dismantling the drill from the device engine, you get a nozzle for a trimmer for grass.

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Types of a motorcycle

The former are more compact and cheap. One operator is enough to manage them. They are equipped with an engine with a capacity of up to 3 liters. With. The most common engines with a capacity of 1.5.2 l. With. And a working volume of 33-40 cubic meters. Cm.

Their work is limited by loose sandy soils, a loam and a chernozem. The maximum depth of the hole is 1.5–2 m.

When working with heavy soils, clay, rocky soils, heavy motorized boots are used. They are equipped with engines with a capacity of 3.5 liters. With. And they need two operators to manage. Some heavy motorized boots are mounted not on the frame, but on the cart. Then one manager is enough.

Heavy motorburses can be equipped with a hydraulic drive, which is equipped from:

  • A hydraulic pump that provides the pressure of the hydraulic fluid;
  • A hydraulic resort providing a low.Speed rotation of a shaft and a drill with a screw;
  • A distribution system that provides a reverse due to switching valves for the supply of hydraulic fluid.

The hydraulic drive is an extremely reliable system, since it does not contain a large number of rubbing mobile parts and provides sufficient power and torque to work on large diameter screws on heavy soils. However, such systems are very expensive for non.Thought use without a permanent front of work. Heavy motorized boots with a hydraulic drive cope with drilling to a depth of 5 m.

The presence of reverse and several transmissions is extremely useful properties for motorcycles, as they avoid jamming the drill with a screw and choose the optimal mode of operation.

How good is the machine for sharpening ice shows

I want or do not want the fisherman, but the blades begin to dull over time. There are several factors for this: ice density, sand, small pebbles and other abrasive particles. During fishing, the edges can be corrected with ordinary bar and even a suprafil, but it is more necessary to sharpen more thoroughly under other conditions.

For this purpose, you can construct a machine for sharpening the ice discovery with your own hands, or you can make an ordinary corner stand that will allow you to put knives at a certain angle. Its advantage is to avoid the bevel of the edge of the edge.

  • Small chips are removed by a file or abrasive stone, which are formed during the drilling of the hole.
  • The knife is attached with a long end in a stand at an angle of 30 degrees. Rules to the required state.
  • The knife is turned over on the contrary. The angle between both edges should be almost straight, which will reduce the risk of jamming during drilling.
  • When sharpening, the blade must be constantly cooled, dipping it into a container with water.
  • After sharpening, you need to thoroughly polish the surface, not forgetting about the cutting edge.

When transporting knives, it is necessary to hide in a special case to avoid defects and not injure others. It does not hurt the cover for ice discovery with your own hands. Experienced fishermen use old jeans as a material, since this fabric is durable.

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