How to make a motorcycle grinder from a corner grinder. In the process of manufacturing a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder, the following tool is necessary:

DIY lawn mower (33 photos): Homemade electric mower made of corner grinder. How to make a lawn mower from an engine from a washing machine and a trimmer for grass?

At least some kind of personal plot needs a mowing of grass. An electronic or gasoline trimmer for grass is not cheap, and not every owner can allow himself to purchase it. Therefore, some craftsmen learned to make without the help of others Trimmer for grass

From a drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for grass, then the drill will help in this. To do this, a knife is made from an iron plate and pull it. Then make a hole in the center, insert a bolt and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill cartridge and neatly clamp.

This design is unsafe for the user, therefore a protective casing is strengthened on the drill. It is made from a plastic pipe and put on the tool case.

Lawn mowed from the chainsaw “Friendship

In order to find out how to make a mower with your own hands, sometimes a good ingenuity is required. At the assembly points of scrap metal, you can always find a thrown frame of corners. Less often, but still you can find wheels on a hinge, preferably at an angle of 180 degrees. But even if you could not find such a frame, it can be easily welded from improvised materials.

The working shaft moves due to the craft transmission from the saw itself to the pulleys, to which the fishing line for the trimmer is attached. This design will serve for many years unnecessarily of additional maintenance. This option is more complicated in manufacture, as it has a two.Wheeled frame and two rotary cutters. On the other hand, it has its advantages, since its performance is much higher than that of ordinary self.Propelled devices.

Self.Manufacture of the device and ingenuity, of course, the reason to be proud of your invention. But we must also remember that collective design solutions will always be better displayed on the quality and safety of the structure.

The advantages of homemade devices include:

  • Saving funds on the purchase of the necessary materials at a low price instead of a new tool;
  • The use of a tool that does not have a product, but has not lost its functionality;
  • Independent assembly allows you to always improve the invention, as well as to know its design perfectly.

In such a model, the height is not regulated, and due to this, the lawn does not always manage to cut off exactly. And also a minus is the lack of a container for collecting grass, which automatically increases human labor costs. A heavy assembly tool can sometimes ruin the lawn with its weight. This is an objective factor in favor of choosing a factory model instead of independent assembly.

Corner grinder design

There are quite a lot of ways to create such an apparatus. The easiest is its attachment by bolts to a pre.Prepared platform or basis.

The most common option is the assembly of such a homemade using a baby stroller.

  • Disassemble the stroller, but leave the base with wheels.
  • Prepare a board that will lie on the wheel axis.
  • Fix it.
  • Attach a corner grinder to the board with screeds or clamps.
  • You need to install blades or fishing line for a trimmer on a corner grinder.
  • Attach the switch to the handle.

This design can be equipped with a protective casing so that the grass does not fly apart, or a capacity for collecting waste.

Smo-taught masters in history have already come up with a lot of home-made models. They break over the form of assembly and the complexity of the design. Advanced models have a function of adjusting the height of the mowing and t. P. You need to make a mower with your own hands so that safety is above all. The button to turn on the mechanism must be installed so that the device is turned off immediately after it is released.

We make a motorized car

From a conventional bicycle, home masters managed to make a more practical vehicle. They rearranged the engine from motorcycles on it. At the same time, options are practically implemented both with a gasoline engine and with an electric motor.

Required tools, materials and details

The electric engine for a bicycle is powered by a battery, which, depending on the power of the unit (it is taken 0.35-1.2 kW), is enough from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Two- or four-stroke gasoline engines are used to remake a bicycle. The last option consumes less fuel and is not so noisy during operation. The recommended power is from 1.5 liters.With., And the best option 2 l.With. When using a motor with a smaller parameter, the motorcycle bike will barely go or will not be able to move at all at all.

Rotational movement from an engine operating on gasoline to the bicycle wheel occurs using a belt or chain transmission. Because of this, you will need to make the following details:

  • Metal suspension in the form of a frame with sides to fix the motor on the bicycle frame;
  • The driven and leading pulleys or stars for attaching to the engine and wheel, respectively.

For the implementation of the project, you will need to choose a suitable gearbox. After installing the pulleys, choose a belt of the desired size.

The dimensions of the frame under the engine depend on its dimensions. The suspension itself to the frame of the mototalosyped is fixed:

The last option in strength is the best if the welder is good. If the design of a bicycle frame allows, then the suspension is replaced with a clamp with which the engine is fixed. This fastening option is more practical. The method of fixing the motor should be comfortable, reliable and allowed to quickly remove it if necessary.

The performance of all the work with your own hands in the presence of an old, functioning trimmer for grass, a bicycle and a small set of tools will require the executor of time, as well as patience.

Construction assembly sequence

To independently collect a bicycle with a engine working on gasoline, you will need, in addition to the materials and details considered, also:

  • Controller;
  • Cable for adjusting the operation of the motor;
  • Fuse;
  • Exhaust pipe welded by welding;
  • Sleeve;
  • Washers;
  • Bolts;
  • Chain tensioner.

The assembly of a mototalosip is carried out according to this algorithm:

make, motorcycle, grinder, corner, process, manufacturing
  • Put on the rear bicycle wheel asterisk;
  • The engine is fixed with a clamp (with an asterisk on the shaft) on the frame behind the seat or on the trunk, if the design features of the bicycle allows, otherwise you will need to choose another convenient place for this purpose;
  • Put on the chain on the stars of the wheel and motor;
  • Attach the tensioner;
  • Regulate the stretch of the chain;
  • Fix the handle of gas;
  • Stretch the cable to the engine;
  • Fix the fuel tank;
  • Mount the carburetor.

In order to personal safety during the operation of a motorcycle, a braking system is modernized, the wheel tires are changed to non.Slip products, check the integrity and stability in the movement of the created structure. After the entire structure is assembled, it is tested, having previously examined the shortcomings.

From a chainsaw

For the chainsaws, many different nozzles have already been invented, expanding the capabilities of this unit, for example, a cultivator, a drill, a boat motor, as well as a spit nozzle for grass. How she looks, you can watch in this video. If you want to make a trimmer for the grass from the chainsaw, then the maximum that you can do is the lawn mower on wheels, since the unit engine is quite heavy, and apply the above.Described trimmers manufacturing (with the lower drive).

Therefore, the cart is first made. It can be welded from a 25×25 mm corner. The size of the frame should be 500×600 mm. The wheels are attached in the angle of the frame.

Further, from the unit it is necessary to unscrew the “helm” and the tire. The handle of the cart can be made from water pipes. The “helm” is fastened to her. It is also necessary to lengthen the fuel hose and gas cable.

When installing the cart handle, you should pay attention to ensuring that it does not overlap the tank (starter).

The gasoline engine is installed (screwed through the holes to fix the tire) on the frame so that the gearbox is rotated 90 degrees and the shaft is below.

make, motorcycle, grinder, corner, process, manufacturing

Now it remains only to fix the cutting tool on the unit shaft. This is done as follows.

make, motorcycle, grinder, corner, process, manufacturing
  • To the “star” of the device, it is necessary to weld a small piece of pipe, 80 mm long and 50 mm diameter. It is better to cut the pipe on a lathe so that the ends are perfectly even.
  • Next, find the pipe with a slightly larger diameter. Equal to 58 mm. It must also be cut off 80 mm long. Thus, you will receive a telescopic shaft, which is connected using 2 bolts (M6) located opposite each other. The bolts must have counter. The following shows the scheme according to which the head of the trimmer for the grass is made, which serves to fix the cutting tool.

In telescopic pipes you need to make several holes so that the height of the knives above the ground can be adjusted.

The knife is better to make such a design as in the next figure.

Due to the fact that the disk is fixed with movable knives on rivets, when meeting with a stone or dry branch, they will simply bounce. This will protect the shaft and gearbox from damage that may occur when jaming the tool.

Rivets that hold the knives on the disk must be metallic.

Disk diameter (made of 4 mm sheet steel) should be 180 mm. The knives are made of strips of 30 mm wide and 120 mm long, cut out with a corner grinder from a knife shell on a wooden.

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Corner grinder grain

If you are engaged in households and you have to cook animal feed all the time, then a homemade grain.Bell made of corner grinding grinds, made by your own hands, will be very welcome.

To make a home.Made grain.Circuit, the following materials will be required:

  • Thin tin for the manufacture of a case with a sieve and a grain receiver;
  • Plywood plywood for cutting the base for a grain.Circuit;
  • Steel for making knives or their ready.Made options from vegetable progress.

So, let’s start with the most interesting, with the manufacture of the basis. To do this, you will have to take a rectangular piece of plywood, in size 50 by 40 cm. Closer to the edge, it will be necessary to attach an angular grinder and circle its contours for cutting the holes in the faner. Subsequently, the angular grinder will be fixed directly in the hole through metal bolts and a plate.

Then you can take on the manufacture of the case in which grain grinding will occur. Make it best out of thin tin. After the manufacture of the housing, in the bottom you should be inhabited by many holes, with a diameter of not more than 3 mm. Through the holes, as in a sieve, a grain.Begwood crushed by knives will pass, grain.

Knives, as it was said above, is best made from a strip of thin steel. For the convenience of fastening, the knife can be fixed directly with a nut from the corner grinder, making a hole in it previously suitable under the diameter of the rod. Now it remains to make a receiver for filling grain in a grain.Circuit. You can also make it from tin or from a plastic bottle of 5 liters with a cut bottom.

Other options

There are many other units from which you can make a trimmer for grass for grass. As a basis, a vacuum cleaner, drill or chainsaw is used as the basis.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of a homemade trimmer for grass from the vacuum cleaner engine, the latter is mounted on the bar. The knives are installed on the engine shaft and covered with a protective casing. Instead of knives, you can use a metal disk with a fishing line. The engine is also covered with a casing, it will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mounted under the puck through which a fishing line for a trimmer for grass passes. The air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for grass, then the drill will help in this. To do this, make a knife from a metal plate and pull it. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill cartridge and neatly clamp.

This design is dangerous for the user, so a protective casing is attached to the drill.

It is made of a plastic pipe and put on the tool case.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, it is impossible to make a trimmer for grass with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Production process:

  • First, a cart is made from a 25 × 25 mm corner. Its dimensions are 500 × 600 mm.
  • Wheels are installed in the corners of the structure.
  • The gas cable and the fuel hose are lengthened.
  • The tire and the helm are unscrewed. A handle on which the helm is mounted is made from the water pipe.
  • When installing the engine on the frame, the shaft should be located at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the gearbox is located with a turn of 90 ° C.
  • Then a cutting knot is mounted on the tool shaft.

Converting my KMG 2X72 belt grinder to direct drive. Why didn’t I do this sooner??

The tool is ready. To make it easier to work with it, you can purchase a shoulder or a parameter for a trimmer for grass in a shoulder store.

To make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder, the following material will be required:

  • Unnecessary small corner grinder with an aluminum gearbox;
  • Connecting nut M8. 2 pcs.;
  • Bolt M8 4 cm long;
  • Haye M8. 4 pcs.;
  • Haye M12. 2 pcs.;
  • Electric screwdriver;
  • Cardan adapter ¼ inches under the wardy head;
  • Metal tube with a diameter of 30 mm 130 cm long;
  • A washer with an external diameter of 30 mm inner 10 mm thick at least 2 mm. 6 pcs.;
  • Metal bar with a thread with a diameter of 12 mm 80 cm long;
  • Metal bar with thread with a diameter of 8 mm length 80 cm. 2 pcs.;
  • Bearing 8x22x9 mm. 3 pcs. (one open type, the rest closed);
  • Rubber hose with an inner diameter of 20 mm with a wall thickness of 4 mm 10 cm long;
  • A plug on a sewer pipe with a diameter of 50 mm;
  • Divagent D50x35g;
  • Repair coupling D50;
  • PVC adapter 50×32 mm;
  • PVC pipe 32 mm. 10 cm;
  • PVC pipe 25 mm. 10 cm;
  • Metal clamp with a diameter of 35 mm;
  • Pipe clamp, with a nut 1 ½ inch.
  • Key for corner grinders;
  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • Flat screwdriver;
  • Vise;
  • Kryzuvka for metal;
  • End nippers;
  • Sharpening machine;
  • Set of dies;
  • Set of drills;
  • Roulette;
  • Insulating tape;
  • A hammer;
  • Passatigi;
  • Keys set.

How to make a grass chopper with your own hands: designs and diagrams

So that the soil in the country remains fertile, it is necessary to introduce organics into it yourself. Mulching with grass cut by bone and any plant waste is one of the ways to contain beds in good condition.

The grass can be laid out on the ground immediately after mowing or preliminated. To make greens faster, you need to grind it.

Cut the plants into small pieces will be convenient using a special device. A garden chopper made by yourself.

A small volume of raw materials can be chopped with a manual metal cut, worn on a long stalk. The cuttings are a sharpened triangular plate, the longest side of which is directed down.

Freshly cut grass, weeds, leaves, tops are laid out on the ground with a layer of 10-15 cm and chopped into parts. Lower the tool you need to sharply. After each blow, the plant mass is divided into all smaller parts.

What Will Happens If a Beer Bottle Cut With The Angle Grinder Machine.?

The principle of operation of any electric grass cutting is simple. Freshly chopped or dry plants are placed in a tank equipped with cutting elements. Knives are driven by an electric motor.

After processing, the mass is significantly reduced in volume and becomes suitable for use as a feed mixture, mulch or laying in a compost pile.

Loading and unloading of raw materials from the apparatus occurs manually.

The owner of the old electric drill can assemble an unit in which greens will be crushed, as in a blender. A small portion of green grass is poured to the bottom of a metal bucket or cylindrical tank and a drill with a planted homemade knife is turned on. After one or two minutes it remains only to pour finely chopped mass from the tank.

  • In the center of a knife made of a metal strip, a hole is drilled;
  • The knife is put on a metal rod;
  • The end of the rod is fixed in the drill head;
  • A nut is wound to the free end of the rod so that the knife does not fly;
  • The knife is lowered into a bucket and a drill is included for large revolutions. It will not be crushed on low grass, but wound.

The plastic case of the Typhoon vacuum cleaner is suitable for the manufacture of grass cutting bunker.

A device with a vacuum cleaner case works on the same principle as the previous ones, but has higher performance and presentable appearance. Raw materials to the bunker are served from above.

The finished cutting goes through the side hole. So that the grass does not fly away in different directions, a protective casing is put on the outlet.

The entire structure is placed stationary, fixed on a frame made of a metal corner.

The base of the electric shredder should be as stable as possible. This is a prerequisite for the safety of the engine. The aggregate case is attached to the metal stand with bolts.

For additional protection of the electric motor, you can sheathe the bed with sheet metal, attaching it with self.Tapping screws.

Of the two old hacksaws, a pair of knives are made and they are fixed at the bottom of the hopper on the sleeve, carved on a lathe. Sleeve length 40 mm.

To bring knives into action, an electric motor with a capacity of 180 watts is required, removed from the old washing machine. The electric motor pulley is fixed with hairpins under the hopper. Knives are fixed with a nut m32.

The thread on the sleeve is cut during its manufacture. The electric motor pulley is wiped with a corner grinder, making sites on it to fix the sleeve.

  • One. Two rectangular plates are cut out of the hacksaw blade.
  • 2. A square hole is pierced in the center of each plate.
  • 3. Knives are pulled on the machine.

The diameter of the hole is selected so that the knife sits tightly on the shaft of the electric motor. The width of the knife depends on the stiffness and thickness of the canvas.

This device is the device “three in one”. It allows you to grind any plant waste (except thick branches), crush the grain, cut root crops. Fresh grass missed through the device can be used for mulching or laid in a compost pile. Crushed root vegetables, cabbage heads and grain are fed agricultural animals.

A shallow welded casing is fixed on the corner of the corner grinder, in the side of which there is an output. A strong polypropylene bucket is put on the casing (you can use a container from water.Based paint).

To get a crushed plant mass, a polypropylene bucket is filled up to the top with raw materials and covered with a lid. A bag is put on the output, in which the silo or crushed grain will be poured. Then turn on the corner grinder.

If you make a hole in the lid of the bucket, the process can be made continuous. Serve portions of raw materials on top, which, after grinding, will be spilled into the substituted bag.

The whole process is similar to chopping meat in a meat grinder, only the knives rotate not in the vertical, but in the horizontal plane.

  • Several sharp knives are fixed at the bottom of the metal container;
  • Rotating, knives grind any vegetable garbage;
  • The spent material goes through the side hole.

To rotate the knives, a drive is used from an activator washing machine such as a “baby”, fixed under the tank. The drive rotates two cruciate knives made of disk saws for sawmills. For a more detailed consideration, you can contact the drawing.

The aggregate case is a cylindrical metal tank (for example, from the Soviet washing machine), it closes with a lid on top.

Feeding using a tank from a washing machine.

First of all, strawing will be useful to the one who is engaged in growing mushrooms of oyster mushrooms. A crushed straw will be required to mulch earth under strawberries, manufacture fuel briquettes, preparation of animal and bird feeds.

How to make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder with your own hands

The first thing to do is the bracket for girth of the corner grinder. To do this, take a steel plate and bend on both sides on the body. I took the plate already bent on one side initially. Now I can only bent the second edge.

I put an angular grinder to the body. Marker I notice the place of bending.

Next, clamp in a vice and bend the hammer blows. I saw off the excess with the same corner grinder.

In the case of the tool on both sides there are holes with thread. A handle is screwed into these holes to cut both on the left side and on the right, the handle is made of a transit. That’s just for these holes and the trimmer bracket will be fixed for the grass.On the sides of the bracket, it is necessary to drill holes so that they coincide with holes on the sides of the tool. We notice a marker.

Next, in the bracket, you need to attach the corner grinder guide along the length of the case or shorter.

We weld welding. Knock down the scale and clean the metal brush.

Now the barbell. It will be made from a steel pipe. At the end of the pipe we will make a beard so that the handle is attached at an angle. Mark the fishing line for the trimmer cut.

We weld welding. Also knock down the ward with a hammer, clean the metal brush.

Now it’s time to install the corner grinder itself in the seat. To do this, we unscrew the protective circle.

So that the trimmer for the grass does not touch the ground and be at a certain distance, the wheels will be attached to it. They can be taken from an old and unnecessary baby stroller or any other cart. In extreme cases, make it yourself from wooden round.I had the wheels with the brackets.

We attach a wheel with a bracket and fix it all with a bolt. We tighten well with the key. We do the same procedure from the opposite side.

The finished trimmer for the grass for the mowing of the grass is almost ready.

It remains to make a cutting. To do this, take segments of a steel cable or a specialized nylon wire for trimmers. We stretch the cross on the clip through the clamping nut, through the key holes.

Score a nut with cutting cables on a corner grinder.

You need to get a long extension cord and you can mow.

Before finishing, I would like to say that the corner grinder is not intended for such work. And if you want to repeat this homemade, then take the fully responsibility and use everything at your own peril and risk.With mowing grass, be very careful, steel cable rotating at high speeds is very dangerous. All manipulations for the installation or dismantling of the cutting part do only when the fork is pulled out of the outlet.And so the device is necessary and it may well get used to cut the lawn in front of the house.

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