How to make a mower from a drill. Electric mower from a drill

How to make a lawn mower with your own hands, device, drawings

The lawn at the house creates a comfortable atmosphere on the site. This can be done if there is a lawn mower with your own hands. the device made by your own hand (image). To maintain beauty, you need to mow grass in time. The optimal haymaking can be bought at the store. But you can collect it from various improvised means.

Image 1. Scheme of gasoline lawn mower.

What is a mower for

The lawn mower replaced the traditional braid for grass. Today, everywhere you can see the work of mowers everywhere and everywhere. They are mechanical, with an electric motor and gasoline. All well.groomed lawns in parks, in stadiums, and residential buildings are processed with such tools.

Using the lawn mower has several advantages:

  • She cuts the grass at the same height over the entire area of ​​the site;
  • The lawn cuts down quickly and easily;
  • When using a grass collector, rakes are not needed for the selection of mowed grass;
  • The lawn on the site can be used as a background for some landscape elements;
  • Cowled lawn. a great place to relax the whole family with guests.

Such devices with a lithium-ion or lead battery are very convenient in areas with obstacles: flower beds, various buildings, with installed furniture, with bushes. A battery mower is the best option when you need to mow grass on a area devoid of electric supply. Battery charge is enough for work for 30 minutes. During this time, you can mow about 300 square meters of grass.

Basils with gasoline engines are quite powerful apparatus with high performance. They are used in large areas. Differ in complete autonomy and convenient handling. Along with these qualities, they have negative features:

Hand machines work without engines. Knives begin to rotate themselves when moving a mower. But it requires a lot of human efforts to work. The mechanical mower has some advantages:

Electric mowers are very popular among consumers. They have quite high performance and low cost. Their disadvantage is the length of the cable. Its standard length is 60 m. They are usually used in areas of 10-12 acres. The optimal size of the processed site is 8 acres. If the device is equipped with a drive on wheels, then front.wheel drive copies are much more maneuverable than rear.wheel drive.

How is a trimmer for grass

To make a trimmer for grass at home, you should first understand the principle of its operation and the design. In general, all manual mowers are classified into gasoline and electric. The first option is more convenient, because the user is not attached to the outlet, but electric engines from household appliances or tools are more often taken to manufacture a home.made device.

The design of both types of manual travo.shirts includes:

  • engine (electric or gasoline). is suitable from household instruments (electric screwdriver, drill, corner grinder), from the washing machine, as well as the chainsaw;
  • tank. for a gasoline engine;
  • Starter. it is best used to use a simple button with a repayable mechanism;
  • The bar is whole of wood or a metal pipe (an aluminum pipe is perfect, since it is easier), you can also make a sectional structure that will allow the holder to be adjusted to the growth of different people;
  • The handle for the convenience of work, on which the button is placed. it must have a convenient grip and is made of nonsense;
  • A knife or fishing line for a trimmer. it is better to use knives, since a fishing line for a trimmer is torn faster;
  • Protective casing. powerfully boiled from thin metal, cut out of a plastic bottle of large volume or use an old pan.

Advice! It is better to make a knife from instrumental steel, an old disk from a circular saw or a hacksaw. It can be whole or with a replaceable blade. The second option is more convenient, since with damage it will be enough just to change the edge.

However, it should be understood that factory structures are more difficult than homemade devices. And getting a complete analogue of a store trimmer for grass will not work. Below are recommendations for the assembly of a functional hand mowing from different equipment.

What main characteristics should be borne in mind when buying a trimmer for grass?

The main difference is the work of a trimmer for grass with water or dry.

Working with a water, or “wet” trimmer requires, in addition to an electric outlet, connection to a water line and, as a result, the presence of a drain line.

To understand which trimmer to choose for the grass, you need to determine which gypsum you usually work and what disks you use for this.

Carborundum discs are good when processing ordinary soft gypsum. If gypsum of high hardness, then it is worth choosing discs with a point application of the diamond on the surface or a continuous diamond coating.

Carborundum and completely diamond discs require working with water, due to the possibility of clogging the cover of a disk with gypsum. Disks with a partial or point coating of a diamond crumb of water do not require work.

An important parameter of the discs, especially carburonus, is balancing, which affects the beating of the disk, the noise characteristics of the trimmer for the grass and the durability of the bearings of its electric motor.

Some manufacturers use quick.detachable carborundum disks type “Klettfix” (Renfert). A replaced disk is similar to a disk carved from waterproof sandpaper. On the one hand, a carbourundum layer is applied, and on the other. ordinary Velcro. Disk change takes seconds. Such discs are produced by different roughnesses, and fast replacement is convenient when processing gypsum of various classes.

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer for grass from a corner grinder. In general, the assembly scheme is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to fix the power tool for the holder. If you remove the protective casing available in the configuration from the corner grinder, then in this thread you can fasten the P-shaped fastener, welded independently. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or welding, if in the future it is not planned to disassemble a home.made trimmer for grass. Some craftsmen immediately weld the protective casing to the fasteners.

On a note! The convenience of using a corner grinder as a basis for a trimmer for grass is that the knife to it is attached very easily on an existing mechanism. The cutting element itself can be made of an old disk knife from a circular saw. In the absence of one, you can use fishing line or wire.

Production of a hand mowing from a vacuum cleaner

It is quite possible to make a trimmer for grass from an old vacuum cleaner. In this case, the engine will have to be removed from the case and in this form to be attached to the holder in one of two possible ways. The first option is described in the previous paragraph. fasteners are welded from the metal by the size of the motor. The protective casing can again be made from a plastic bottle.

But there is a second method of mounting the motor. Due to the fact that the engine is larger and harder, it is convenient to place it on a design with wheels, for example, from an old stroller. As practice shows, to keep a trimmer for grass, made of a vacuum cleaner, is extremely tiring and uncomfortable. Homemade head for attaching a knife in this case will not be needed. The motor in the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fan, removing which a place for installing a cutting element is released. The latter is made by analogy with a description for a trimmer for grass from a drill.

Attention! When making a grass grip from a vacuum cleaner, you should not use the wire as a knife. In reviews, many craftsmen write that high speeds developed by the engine lead to rapid wear (torn) and, accordingly, frequent replacements of fishing line. Easier to immediately make a knife from a rectangular piece of metal.

How to make a knife for a trimmer for grass: Materials

A homemade trimmer knife for grass is attached to the drill with a nut and a bolt, which is clamped in the cartridge. Be sure to not forget before this and install a protective casing on a trimmer for grass to ensure your own safety while mowing grass.

A trimmer knife for grass can be made of instrumental steel or other very durable material. You should know that the smaller the thickness of the trimmer for the grass is the thickness, the better it will cope with the harsh grass. The length of the trimmer knife for the grass depends primarily on the protective casing and the width of the capture of mowing grass. Most often the length of the trimmer knife for grass does not exceed 30 centimeters.

Trimmer for grass from corner grinder with your own hands

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder with your own hands is solved in approximately the same way as the above manufacturing a trimmer for grass from a drill. There is only a small difference in the mounting of the corner grinder to the holder. A metal pipe can be selected as a handle for a trimmer for grass, to which you need to weld a plate with a hole for fixing the corner grinder with a bolt at the end.

Small changes touched a makeshift trimmer knife for grass. In the case of a corner grinder, here a knife is not in the form of a long rectangle. A homemade trimmer knife for grass from a corner grinder is made of concrete disk, with pre.cut sharp faces, which are just designed for mowing grass.

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a drill or corner grinder is completely solved and the main thing is not to forget about safety precautions and carefully study this issue.

Only after that, you can safely take up the manufacture of a trimmer for the grass with your own hands.

From the vacuum cleaner

Its manufacture is easy, so any gardener can do it.

The main thing is to have patience and the necessary details

So that the lawn mower collected with your own hands moves easily, it is recommended to use large.diameter wheels, for which irregularities on the site are not terrible.

Steel is suitable for its manufacture. The motor is placed on the support so that the shaft is in the lower area.

It remains to protect it with a casing, the thickness of which is 1.2 mm. The diameter of the “Protection” holes is required by 4 mm larger than the diameter of the shaft. If the size of your site is significant, you need to think about the extension cord, which is wound on the reel. You still need to not forget that the motor installation should be at a distance of 3-4 cm from the Earth so that, working, the device is not damaged.

A metal disk is installed on the engine shaft, which can be made from sheet metal. then welding it by the end of the engine shaft. The dimensional disk coefficient is 38-40 mm.

For the manufacture of knives, we need sheet steel with a thickness of approximately 4 mm. From it we cut a circle with a radius of 19-20 cm. It can be both large and smaller. It all depends on how powerful the engine. But most often a disc is enough for a home.made lawn mower to work well. Now you need to make a small hole in the middle of the circle to pass the edge of the shaft into it. Keep in mind that it should be at the same level with the disk. It will be best to weld the shaft to the circle, as can be seen in the photo. Despite the fact that it will be impossible to remove this design, this will not cause much inconvenience. If there are problems with the engine, the device is best disassembled from the side of the casing.

Process of creation

The initial stage of the independent creation of a lawn mower is to select details

The most important thing is the presence of an engine. It can be taken from already unexplained household appliances, you can remove from some power tool:

make, mower, drill, electric

The minimum required engine parameter is 500 V. Better 1000 centuries. So it will be possible to work at minor speeds. And the sharpening of the knives will be the responsibility of the more rare. The diameter of the knife and the total dimensions of this technique affect the selection of the engine. The larger the working area for it, the higher the power of the engine should be.

make, mower, drill, electric

For the frame you need a piece of metal, or plywood with a thickness of 8 mm. It will need to create a protective metal casing here. So the likelihood of a breakdown of the lawn mower will be reduced.

  • welding equipment;
  • hacksaw (type of metal).

How to turn your drill into a lawn mower? Grass cutter

  • First prepared a frame for a motor. Although plywood is suitable, it is better to take a sheet of metal with a thickness of at least 3 mm. It is more resistant to deformation. The size of the frame is determined by the length of the knife and the width of the lawn mower (this parameter is usually not more than 60 cm). A square with a side similar to the width of this unit is cut out of this sheet. Holes for the motor are created in the center of the square. The flange engine mount to the frame should be carried out by shaft down. If the engine has ears, another mount is welded to the frame.
  • For the manufacture of the simplest casing, a metal canbank is involved. The casing is better to make it high, so it will become a defender and for an electrician of the lawn mower. It needs to be put on the engine shaft. Then put on a knife (carefully sharpened). The entire mechanism is connected by a bolt. Windows are attached to the frame. For them, it is necessary to weld the corners with holes to him. The diameter of the wheels should allow the knife to pass freely 5-7 cm above the soil. If it goes below, it will remain in the ground. If above, he will crush grass, not cut.

Advice! You can make protection from cut grass by attaching a net over the lawnical mower.

make, mower, drill, electric

The most primitive home.made lawn mower

First of all, it is necessary to determine which tool will effectively replace a regular manual braid when caring for a site. Perhaps dense ambushes, frequent bushes and flower beds will not provide access to the rounded area, and then the “whirlwinds” of grass will need to be removed manually. DIY lawn mowing need to be assembled for mowing the area, more than 4 acres.

Choose a way of putting into the cuts of cutters. the basis for the collection of the necessary nodes. Knives can be set in motion:

  • due to manual exposure, pushing forward of the mechanism, which requires great physical strength;
  • using the electrical energy of single.phase or three.phase current;
  • motor from the battery;
  • using an internal combustion engine, two or four.stroke.

Having decided on the energy component, you will need to choose wheels, handle, platform for collecting a lawn mower with your own hands. Collect the necessary fasteners and components of the connection, protection and connection schemes.

The electric lawn mower consists of:

  • The frame on which all functional elements are installed;
  • Engine providing rotation of the working part of the mowing;
  • Knives carrying out herbs;
  • A casing that protects the operator’s legs;
  • Wheels that allow you to move the lawn mower around the site during operation;
  • Control handles that give control over the device;
  • Fragments of the power system, which include an RCD (a protective shutdown device) and a cord with a fork.

The device of an electric lawn mower includes unnecessary details that are stored in the garage or shed

  • Insert a special crown into the drill and drill the desired opening. But such a nozzle is not cheap, and buying it specifically for solving the only described problem is irrational;
  • Inhale the circumference of the holes with an ordinary drill for metal, and then knock out the circle formed inside.

How to make a trimmer for grass for grass at home from a drill

The simplest homemade trimmer for grass in a matter of minutes is made from a drill or an electric screwdriver. But first you must make a knife from a sharpened metal plate with a hole drilled in the center. A bolt is inserted into this hole and clamped by a nut. Next, the bolt is clamped in the drill cartridge, and the trimmer for the grass is ready.

Since a drill with this nozzle does not have a protective casing, such a trimmer for grass for grass is quite dangerous for the user. To protect yourself, you can place the drill on the cuttail cuttings or on an aluminum pipe.

How to make a homemade trimmer for grass from a vacuum cleaner

To make a trimmer for grass for grass from the engine from the vacuum cleaner, the engine must be fixed on the rod, and either knives or a plastic or metal disk in which the fishing line for the trimmer is fixed onto the engine shaft. On top of the cutting tool is closed with a protective casing.

So that the dust and small particles of mowed grass do not fall into the engine removed from the vacuum cleaner, it can also be hidden in a plastic casing made of a sewer pipe, as shown in the next photo.

Since the engine in the vacuum cleaner is high.cost, it needs to provide cooling. Therefore, it is recommended to insert a homemade disk with cut and curved blades under the washer, into which the fishing line is inserted, so that it plays the role of a fan that creates a vacuum. It is required so that the air is sucked through the hose from above and cool the motor until the time of operation of this homemade trimmer for the grass.

Homemade garden bush from an electric drill

With the help of a homemade garden bush cutter, which is very easy to make with your own hands from an electric network drill, you can take care of stunted shrubs and flower beds, as well as cut grass and weeds in places inaccessible for lawn mower.

For this homemade, you will need a conventional everyday.power electric drill. First you need to cut a handle for a bush cutter from a piece of board or plywood. She will put on a drill on the “neck”. To do this, in the workpiece you will need to pre.make a round hole of a suitable diameter.

After they made a “window”, we give the workpiece the necessary shape. After that, we cut out three more pieces of board (or plywood). We connect all the details together using self.tapping screws. Before tightening the screw, it is advisable to drill a hole.

The main stages of work

This will require a piece of sheet metal. First of all, we cut out a rectangular plate, on which, on one side, using a corner grinder, we make cutting teeth. The resulting nozzle is attached to the wooden frame.

From the same sheet metal (meaning the same thickness) we cut out a disk on which it is necessary to make rectangular cutting teeth. Both on the plate and on the disk of the teeth must be sharpened with a corner grinder or on the sandpaper. Then we collect all the structural elements.

The process of manufacturing and assembling a home.made garden bush from an electric drill can be viewed in the video on the site. Be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what you think about this trimmer for the grass.

Made a powerful lawn mower from a drill and a profile pipe, gardeners in shock!


The mowing of grass on the site allows you to give the territory a well.groomed and pleasant appearance. But to constantly do this with a manual scythe is certainly terribly inconvenient, not to mention a serious loss of time and the cost of effort. But there is no way to purchase a lawn mower, since they are not cheap. Then you can make it with your own hands from improvised materials. I want to share the processing process of a home.made lawn mowed with you.

For homemade, we need a 20th profile pipe.

make, mower, drill, electric

Using a corner grinder, we cut the workpiece of the size we need.

Two blanks for 400 mm and two by 300 mm.

We cook the workpieces with each other in the way, as shown in the photo.

We will cut two more blanks from a profile pipe 300 mm long.

Weld the workpieces to the previously made frame in such a way, as shown in the photo.

Weld the bolts on both sides to the frame in such a way, as shown in the photo.

Electric drill start your Lawn Mower

Previously prepared a detail that needs to be welded to the frame with a displacement from the center.

Put the washers and tighten the nuts. So that the nuts do not unscrewed, we fix them to the end of the bolt with a welding point.

Take the 25th profile pipe. with a previously welded handle, a length of 1200 mm and weld it to the resulting structure.

Now we need to make protection. We will use a steel plate as a protection.

Weld the plate to the frame as shown in the photo.

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