How to make a powerful battery on an angle grinder

At me one of the most often used power tools is an angle grinder. In simple words, “angle grinder”. Theoretically from the battery can be powered and a large “angle grinder”, power over 2000 watts, with 230 mm disc. But one car battery is not enough for this. the tool will not even give signs of life. It would take 18 car batteries connected in series to make the grinder work. Theoretically. I hope that nobody has made such an experience and will not do it.

But a small “angle grinder” with a 115 mm disc can be powered from the car’s onboard power grid. And even a 125mm, if you can find a tool with up to 1000 watts of power. The same goes for an electric drill. Lightweight, with the same power limitation, you can use. An electric jigsaw, a heat gun, an electric paint sprayer, a low-powered garden trimmer for grass The list goes on.

Last reviews

Acquired this angle grinder, all in all excellent. Sits comfortably in the hand, left-handed people will not be convenient to press the safety button. Checked the gearbox, all filled with grease.

This angle grinder came in a set with a network electric screwdriver, my wife bought in L.М. Sits well in my hand, during hard work the gearbox is warm, but that’s how it should be, I will replace the grease when a couple of gears will roll in. Cuts and cleans well, the power of 125 circles is enough, there are vibrations, but much less than the “same-class” and other manufacturers, good to cut and ceramics. Stop to change the wheel is clear, I swapped the staff nut to supelanets. The length of the wire (

(A little less than three meters) good enough, in severe cold probably will stiffen, have not tried. Satisfied, I recommend.

Angle grinder 9558 I use for 3 years, before that used Fiolentom 9-125e, the difference is palpable, but there is also.- 1.quality of parts 5 stars 2.convenience 4 stars (the half-square shape of the body is not quite comfortable for me, but the center of gravity is centered, the angle grinder does not lead on the sides) 3.the stated parameters are consistent (840W cover 900W philenta) 4.the work on concrete and brick is not good (sawed chisels, was enough only for 2 meters of cutting, clogged the switch, to help came the old Philent. 5.the essential minus for me, there is no such a plushie as electronics on philenta (soft start, protection from overload and zklinivaniya drive) Tovar recommend, but to upgrade the angular grinder recommend putting a quick nut, a board with electronics from philenta (a factor for people with brains and hands) and together with electronics go to 150 round (housing at 150 from philenta, landing with 9558 compatible)

Compared to cordless tools, a cordless angle grinder has an important advantage. it can be used anywhere, regardless of the availability of power. Some models have a special tapered body for work in hard-to-reach areas.

Tool functions remain the same. cutting and deburring stone, metal, tile, and other materials.

Today, there are many stores where it is not difficult to buy a battery-powered angle grinder. However, you need to know what to look for when choosing a tool:


Did you know that you can drill with an angle grinder? Many people don’t use ad detailing as often as other uses, but it can be useful for specific tasks. You can buy drill chucks that attach to the spindle of the grinder. Once they are coiled, drills of different sizes can be fastened in the chuck like conventional drill chucks.

The most common form of drilling on angle grinders is achieved with diamond core bits. They are usually attached directly to the spindle of the sharpening machine and are used for cutting ceramics, such as tiles or kitchen and bathroom. They are often easier to use than carbide drills, and they are an effective way to make holes in ceramics, which is usually a difficult task.

Features of the choice of a cordless angle grinder

In order for the tool to be able to solve all the tasks assigned to it, it is necessary to be careful in its selection. Among the most important criteria when buying stand out:

  • Type of battery. the most in demand is a lithium-ion battery angle grinder in Kiev. It is equipped with a lightweight compact battery. Such a battery is quickly charged, which is extremely important when performing large amounts of work;
  • Power. affects the capabilities of the equipment. The more powerful the tool, the more effective its work when cutting rather large parts of thick-walled metal. Therefore, for work in a professional environment, it is best to choose a model with a power of 1 kW or more;
  • The rotation speed of the cutting disc. this parameter can vary. To do this, the modern models have a special switch. The main thing is to remember a simple rule: the smaller the disk, the higher should be the speed of rotation;
  • disk diameter. for work on construction sites, it is important to be able to install large cutting discs, the diameter of which starts from 180 mm and larger.

One of the key roles when selecting a battery-powered angle grinder is its weight. To work with a lightweight tool is much more convenient. It can be held in any position longer than bulky equipment.

How to choose a cordless angle grinder: tips for choosing

Quite a popular type of grinders are cordless angle grinders. And, how to choose a good cordless angle grinder, you will now learn.

There are many advantages to cordless angle grinders, because they have a high-capacity battery that quickly recharges. You are therefore immediately no longer dependent on the plug and you are no longer tied to one place of work.

When you buy a cordless tool for yourself, you acquire together with it mobility.

What to pay attention to when choosing a cordless angle grinder:

  • battery type,
  • charging time,
  • battery capacity,
  • availability of a spare battery,
  • battery voltage,
  • the size and weight of the tool.

No need to think long, angular grinder which company to choose, because a powerful example among cordless grinders can be selected angle grinder battery YATO YT-82828.

This is a powerful and handy angle grinder that cuts about 45 rebar with a diameter of 10 mm on one battery charge.

The YATO YT-82828 grinder is characterized by high speed in the class of cordless grinders. In addition, it is worth highlighting its low vibration and compact size.

Also Yato angle grinder has a 4-step battery charge indicator and battery protection from overheating.

The battery type here is Li-Ion, the battery capacity is 3 Ah and it charges in an hour and a half.

This grinder is also equipped with a convenient side handle.

In addition to all of the above, there are additional useful features that make working with tools much more reliable and convenient.

  • soft start. For angle grinders will be a big plus the presence of this function, which in the future will protect the bearings and gearboxes from damage and premature wear.
  • dust protection. To prevent dust contamination, extra screens are often used, which retain small particles and dirt.
  • accidental start protection. This additional feature will help avoid unplanned activation of the tool.
  • speed adjustment. With this function, selecting the speed depending on the hardness of the surface and the type of work only has a positive effect on the efficiency of the process.

Safety at work

Each tool has its own specifics of work and in order to work with bolt cutters without injury and harm, you need to know the elementary safety rules.

It is important to remember that when working with this power tool there is always a danger of dust or sparks in the eyes, so make sure to use protective glasses.

When working with grinders, not only your eyes are in danger, but also your hands, so do not forget about gloves as well.

How to cut wood, plywood, chipboard

angle grinder can cut wood. But such work is usually carried out with violations of safety rules:

  • the disk often jams and the powerful angle grinder easily slips out of your hands,
  • the disk is strongly heated and destroyed by the slightest misalignment,
  • the tips on the teeth of the bit come off and go flying in all directions.

To work with wood, it is better to use specialized tools: jigsaws and circular saws. They are many times more convenient and efficient.

Rating of cordless bolsters 2019. Top 5 best models

Technology of the future. that’s how the battery-powered tools of today are called, a little loftily, but well-deservedly. These devices are gaining momentum in the number of sales every day, despite the fact that they are not cheap.

Much of this rapid popularization of battery-powered machinery was due to the famous electric car Tesla. However, all of the above applies not only to cars, but also to all garden and construction tools.

In the way of the promotion of cordless devices, not the last place is occupied by angle grinders, which are popularly referred to as bolsters.

And all because such a device, equipped with a high-capacity battery, can be used everywhere without reference to the presence of electricity.

The electrical grid. capricious lady. It may not exist at all (for example, in a new building) or the parameters of voltage and current are far from ideal.

You may encounter a weak planted network, with power surges, with its drop. All this will not give productive work conventional electric angle grinder. But the cordless machine makes it possible not to depend on the quality of stationary power. And besides, the wire doesn’t get tangled, doesn’t restrict movement. You are free from the fear that the cable could get caught in the sharp cutting or sanding disc.

This article picks the best cordless angle grinder from the most popular and best-selling manufacturers. They differ in that they are equipped with a battery that holds a charge for a long time and will allow you to work long hours without a drop in RPM.

In the top 5 best cordless angle grinder included:

18v Powerful Cordless Angle Grinder. Homemade

Homemade battery for the mower

Bought a mower without batteries and made my own battery from 18650 cells I bought on Ali. My battery is three times cheaper than the original and has twice the capacity. Did a field test. mowed six acres of tall grass on one charge.

Last year I bought a Makita DLM380Z cordless mower on sale for 3990. Now this mower costs 6990. The letter “Z” in the model name means that the batteries and charger are not included. DLM380PM2 with 4 Ah batteries and a charger sells for 15900. My review of the mower here.

Two standard 18-volt batteries for Makita BL18 series power tools are installed in the mower. They are available in capacities from 1.5 to 6Ah. A set of two 5 Ah batteries and a charger costs 14300. But I went the other way. 🙂

My battery has 30 18650 2.5 Ah circuit 10S3P. Its total capacity is 277.5 Wh (36V 7.5Ah).

I bought 40 cans of Liitokala INR1865025R on Aliexpress (, but only 30 of them were perfect. I opened a dispute and got a refund for 10 batteries.

30 of the best batteries (voltage after storage not lower than 4.072 V, internal resistance not more than 20 milliohms) I used for the assembly of the three best accumulators. I had to measure each battery, write them down in a table and select for each of the 10 cells the three closest to each other in terms of parameters.

Of course the right thing to do would have been to weld the batteries together, but I soldered them together to speed them up, using soldering acid to tin the contacts (this was not the best solution, then I had to re-solder a dozen of loose contacts). For the connection I used a stranded wire of 1.5 mm².

On one side the batteries are inserted in a plastic holder 6×5 (two 3×5 connected).

I used a 35 amp BMS 10S board for protection and charge control.

For some reason almost all sellers gave a wiring diagram with several mistakes. Hardly found the right diagram.

The original Makita batteries have normally closed thermal protection cells connected between the plus and the third terminal. Of course, this protection could have been neglected, but I still bought a 60 degree thermal switch and installed it between the batteries. No big current going through the thermal protector. it’s connected to the mower electronics.

You could use the charger from my electric scooter to charge the battery, but it only gives 1.7 A and the battery would charge for over 5 hours. I bought a 5 amp charger that charges my battery in less than two hours. The plug is a standard round 5.5×2.1 mm.

This charger has a small and noisy fan but it gives me an “audible indication”. when the battery is fully charged the fan turns off and you can hear it right away.

There are five wires coming out of my battery:. Protection, two charging leads with socket 5.5×2.1 mm.

I removed the panel from the mower with the connectors for the regular batteries (they are connected by flat “car” terminals), connected the minus of the first connector to the plus of the second and to this point connected the protection contact of the second battery. Plus of the first, minus of the second and protection of the first extended through the same contacts, so as not to lose the warranty on the mower.

Instead of the panel installed a plastic insert, on which will be placed a home-made battery. From Velcro strips I made a fixing, screwing them with self-tapping screws, holding the panel with connectors of regular batteries.

The top and bottom of the battery are gaskets made of porous packaging material (to make sure nothing short-circuits), the battery is wrapped in food film (so it can be quickly unpacked and packed back up).

To connect the three wires are used 32-amp connectors Wago 221. It is possible to charge the battery without removing it from the mower.

The battery compartment is sealed with a lid, so no grass gets in.

Voltage on fully charged battery was 41.06 В. It was enough for 49 minutes of continuous mowing in tough conditions (high grass, stopping every 1.5-2 minutes for emptying the container) and for 54 minutes of work when mowing again a week later (dandelions, stopping every 3-3.5 minutes). It may seem like 49-54 minutes is not long enough. That’s actually a lot. in fact, it’s more than 2.5 hours and about 6 acres of mowing in uneven terrain with many obstacles.

About ten minutes before the end of work, the right low battery light on the mower started flashing. At the end the mower stopped and never started again (internal protection prevents the motor from starting). The battery voltage was exactly 35 volts.

While working, the battery heats up very little. up to forty degrees.

I measured the voltage of each cell of the three batteries immediately after use and then after charging.

Not sure if the BMS is working correctly :4.238V on the first cell is a bit much. But how to check its work I do not know.

Batteries are designed to discharge up to 2.5V, so if it discharges to 3.5V they give less power than they could (under load, though, the voltage is probably significantly lower).

Nevertheless, the battery works and the area is successfully mowed.

The battery and charger cost me, including discounts and coupons, 75 (about 5000 when I paid). That’s three times cheaper than the original set of two Makita batteries and charger, and the capacity of my battery is almost double the. Now all the parts cost about 93 (as of today

6800), which is still half the price of the original battery and charger.

The most useful and unusual battery adapters and adapters for power tools. you will be able to apply to any DeWALT/Bosch/Makita/Ryobi model

It’s no secret that power tool manufacturers purposely produce incompatible battery standards and tool lines that don’t fit together. In fact, the secret is simple. just a simple adapter to ensure compatibility from one battery to another. In this article there will be examples of batteries from DeWALT, Bosch, Makita, Ryobi, Milwaukee and other models.

Adapters for connecting all types, including already obsolete models of power tools based on NiCd, NiMH within the line of tools. Choose, add to cart, choose the right one for yourself by type.

Battery pack adapters

Battery adapters. a great idea to use any available tool without falling for the bait of marketers. You have a DeWALT, but need to use a carcass from Ryobi? Or you have a Makita kit and need to power a DeWALT or Bosch tool? No problem! A simple adapter to connect one type of battery to another type of tool will ensure compatibility between different brands of models. A great idea for the job! Few people talk about the near-total compatibility of the 18V/20V tool lines.

Housings and boards for do-it-yourself battery assembly

Do-it-yourself battery packs and boards are a good way to build yourself the right amount of battery packs for a comfortable job. You need a powerful, high-capacity battery (e.g. 9.0Ah). no problem. Buy an empty case on Aliexpress, protection-balancing board, ready-made nickel plates for welding, quality high-current 18650 cells. A couple of minutes to assemble and you have a new and quality battery! Housings cost from 10 and can be found for any tool and any capacity.

Non-original batteries and chargers

Non-original batteries and chargers. an easy way to buy an inexpensive working battery. Budget models are usually built with low-current batteries, so they are suitable for undemanding work. A good option as a donor for modifying expensive brand batteries and a working way to cheat marketers. No need to pay dearly for a tool battery. Just find the right type of battery for you.

And for a way not to be left without pants from the politics of first-tier brands and not to buy three expensive batteries, then check out a separate selection of top tools from Ali.

Powercon tool connectors

Powercon tool connectors are 20A power connectors for power tools. Good way to lengthen the cord for the carcass, replace a tired native cord, make it easier to carry the tool. We glue the plug into the tool body (instead of the original cable), and the cable part on a cut wire or on a replacement extension wire. The reviews are good. it’s really a quality improvement.

As for chargers, there are original and compatible chargers for all major tool brands: Bosch, DeWALT, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi and so on. It often happens that the original charger gets tired: breaks, burns out, or you need a spare one in the car/on site. Imported tools from the USA or Japan require expensive adapters from 120V to 220V. A number of chargers are quite difficult to convert to 220V, so a good working method is to buy a duplicate of the charger from Aliexpress.

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