How to make a segment mower with your own hands

Segment mower for tractors

The segment mower for your power tiller or tractor works on the principle of a pair of scissors. The cutting blades (“fingers”) are reciprocating and travel parallel to the ground. The blades of grass caught between the moving and stationary segment are cut like scissors. The cuttings are distributed into two swaths by the fairing. The mechanism is simple to operate, reliable and affordable for thrifty farmers.

The machine is used on cultivated land that has been cleared of stones and debris. It’s important that there are no thick branches or large debris in the way of the mower, because it can cause a breakdown of the mechanism.

A variety of sizes of mowers allows their use both on private plots and in the fields. In the first case, the unit is attached to a power tiller, in the second case, a segment mower for tractor is used, which is suitable for mowing the fields. The finger mechanism successfully copes with seeded and wild grass. Segmental mower is well suited for areas with uneven terrain, as the knife blade can deflect. The only disadvantage can be considered a low processing speed, but it is compensated by the simplicity and reliability of design.

Homemade mower for power tiller (rotary, segmental)

To facilitate the physical work of a person on the homestead plot, more than a hundred different canopies to the power tiller are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because the cost is not cheap. The article describes a homemade mower for a power tiller, the pros and cons of popular designs.

When assembling such a mower, it is most important to get a safe and high-quality model. For making a mower for a power tiller with your own hands you usually use improvised parts from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of homemade mower. saving money and achieving maximum results. Some models that come up with ordinary gardeners often surprise professionals with their idea and simplicity of construction.

Homemade mower for power tiller, characteristics and description

Usually, homemade mowers for power tillers, construct front type: rotary mower, segment mower and wagon mower.

When making the base for the mower themselves, they often use the construction of factory models. Most parts are purchased in stores and then used in their designs.

Welded frame is the base for segment mower and rotary mower. It is made of metal corners, size 4x4cm. For the wheel axle install the bearing housings on the frame. Then the working part of the mower of the selected type is made.

An improvised single-axle rotary mower for cutting grass into hay and mowing lawns. If the grass is shallow, the mower will simply chop it, and tall grass will mow.

Consider the model made for the motor-block “Neva” and similar models. From a grain planter we use two discs, and from a chainsaw we use a chain and gears. Four blades are needed per disc. They are made of hardened metal. To install them, a six millimeter diameter hole is drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Using the guide bar, we mount the blades on the discs. Also keep the gap between the blade and the bar, which is greater than the thickness of the blade itself by 1-2 mm.

Thanks to this, the centrifugal force, when rotating, will spread the knives from the disc, and they will mow the grass. It must be possible to rotate the blades 360 degrees, so that they are more resistant when they come into contact with something hard. For the manufacture of the axle, on which the knives will be mounted, strong carbon steel is used. The diameter of the shaft must be at least eight millimeters. In order for the knives to move freely, the disc must be tightened to the stop on the axis.

Such a segment mower on a single-axle tractor is made of metal bars 15h50h120. In them you need to drill 12 holes, so that their dimensions fit the bolts M8. Later, to these bolts will be attached guide rail (89 cm) with teeth and blades. Knives are installed on both sides of the bar.

Using a chainsaw

Gasoline haymower will be a great help in the economy. But first we need to prepare the tools and spare parts. Domestic models “Druzhba” and “Ural” are suitable for the task. In addition, you will have to buy:

  • Metal angle;
  • 2 wheels;
  • a scrap of pipe;
  • metal blades;
  • metal plate;
  • rotor discs;
  • bearing;
  • hardware.

As for the angle, it will be used to make a rigid frame. And the metal plate is needed for the platform. The wheels can also be borrowed from a wheelchair or cart without purchasing them. A piece of pipe should have a diameter within 5 cm. To mate with the pipe, you will need a gear. Homemade haymower will be made with the use of fittings, namely:

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What you need to know about mowers for power tillers?

Buying a single-axle tractor in the farm, you need to understand that without attachments this unit is useless. Of course, the basic equipment includes the necessary tools (usually a tiller), but to solve all agricultural tasks with such a small set is simply unrealistic.

Therefore, in the process of operation, farmers will buy various fittings or make them themselves. Given that additional tools are quite expensive, people try to buy only the most necessary.

Unfortunately, this list rarely includes a mower for a power tiller. Without these implements, however, it would be hard to maintain the garden or prepare the forage for the pets. Let’s consider this type of equipment in more detail.

General information

Mounted mowers, designed for power tillers, are divided into two modifications: rotary and segment mowers. If a person has not used such units before, he may have difficulty in choosing.

Therefore, we decided to make a brief review of each type, and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages.

Rotary mower

It is a simple design, which is two rotating discs. Is in high demand among farmers because of its relatively low cost.

Please note that because of its design, the rotary model is suitable for relatively flat surfaces. The maximum allowable deviation is up to 20 degrees.

Among the advantages of these models are good productivity, ease of maintenance and repair. In addition, rotary mowers lay the mow in swaths, which greatly simplifies further cleaning and drying.

Disadvantages include high risk of injury. Rotating blades are not protected from the sides, so if they are not used safely, serious injury can occur. In addition, the rotating elements are mechanically damaged if they collide with rocks or tree roots.

Thanks to their universal mounting, the rotary models can be attached on the front or rear hitch of the walking tractor.

The segment mower

In appearance, it resembles a fat saw. During operation the elements make reciprocating movements providing maximum vegetation removal.

The force required is transmitted from the engine shaft of the power tiller. Compared to the previous model, the high-lift segment mowers have a greater working width of up to 1 m.1 meter.

over, the equipment is suitable for working areas of different size and terrain. The benefits include an emergency stop mechanism, tilt adjustment and no vibration during operation.

The product has a lot of disadvantages, too. These include the high price of the mower, difficulty in repair, large size and structural weight.

Knowing these features, you can choose a suitable model of attachment. If there is no desire to spend money on the purchase of factory models, we will tell you how to make a mower for a motor-block with your own hands.

Homemade constructions

Given that there are several varieties of mowers, here are a few options for homemade designs. Let’s start with the simpler rotary version.

Rotary haymower is used for mowing tall grass. The fine growth of such a model does not mow, but chops. To make such a model you will need two disks. These will be rotors, on which the cutting elements are fixed.

Homemade mowing equipment for a power tiller

For the rotors it is better to use discs of hardened metal. There are four blades per rotor. Note that the blades must rotate about their axis through 360 degrees. So calculate the ratio of fixing holes in the rotor and the length of the cutting elements.

The blades are mounted to the discs with a guide bar. The distance from the blade plane to the guide bar must be slightly greater than the thickness of the cutting element. This arrangement allows the knives to rotate freely due to the centrifugal force and prevents mechanical damage to the elements if they collide with a solid object.

The rotors are fitted on a high-carbon steel shaft. The shafts are mounted on a welded frame and connected to the tiller by a PTO shaft. Keep in mind that the rotors must rotate towards each other, this will allow you to form a bevel in the rolls.

Making a home-made segment mower is a bit more complicated. You need a metal bar, about 120 cm long. Here at regular intervals you must drill holes for the mounting bolts.

For a reliable connection, you will need about 12 bolts, respectively, drill holes every ten centimeters.

The guide rail (90 cm long) and the blades are mounted by means of screwed connections. Cutting elements are installed double-sided, on both sides of the bar. The skids and clips are mounted on the base. The mower is powered by the engine of the power tiller, the force is transmitted through the PTO.

Please note that home-made or factory-made mowers need to be connected to your power tiller. This is how it is done:

  • The single-axle tractor is reversed.
  • Before connecting the PTO shaft, a coupling unit is installed in the coupling socket.
  • After installing the PTO the clutch is locked with a pin that has a spring. Please note that the spring is compulsory or the coupling may not be able to carry the weight.
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Note, the wheel pairs of power tillers have weighting elements, which provide a reliable grip when working the ground.

make, segment, mower, your

Manufacturing with their own hands

Self-assembly of this kind of equipment is a fairly simple task, which requires certain knowledge, experience, materials and tools. It is necessary to determine the model and drawing of the device, after which you can proceed directly to the assembly.

Necessary tools and materials

Since the homemade rotary mower appears to be a technically complex device, the master will need to have quite a wide list of manufacturing materials available:

  • wheels with a diameter of up to 45 cm. can be taken from children’s bicycles or old strollers;
  • axle, which will be used for mounting the wheels;
  • Tubes and corners, of which the frame of the device will be assembled;
  • Sheet metal with a thickness of at least 0.4 cm
  • pulleys, bearings, fasteners;
  • blades;
  • belts.

The machine is assembled using a standard tool kit, an electric drill and a welder.

To ensure maximum structural strength, it is strongly recommended that you use materials that are free of heavy wear and corrosion to build the appliance.

Assembly procedure

Before you get down to making the device yourself, you should familiarize yourself with its construction. It is a frame on which is placed 2 discs with knives attached to them, as well as a protective cover. The tractor PTO is used as the main propulsion force, thus avoiding the need for a separate engine.

The assembly algorithm involves the following steps:

  • Weld the frame of the device using metal angles and pipes.
  • Make cutting elements. For this purpose, it is possible to use similar components from older equipment.
  • Using sheet metal, it will be necessary to cut 2 round blanks, which will have a diameter of 39 cm, and then install the cutting elements on them.
  • Assemble the axial shafts, using metal pipes with a diameter of 3 cm, as well as bearings for them and a metal pulley.
  • Assemble the discs with the working knives to the shaft and then weld the pulleys to the tube.
  • Fit a protective cover for safe operation.

A mower assembled according to a similar algorithm is capable of mowing areas up to 115 cm at a time, making it a simple and effective device for vegetation control in plots. If you want, you can simplify the design considerably by mounting the lower discs directly on the frame. A welding machine should be used for this, to ensure that the structure is reliable. This allows you to mow low grass up to 7 cm in height at 10 km/h, which makes the product the best solution for haymaking, as well as for removing plant residue after the main mowing.

How to make a mower for a power tiller with your own hands. options for making

Almost each of these types of mowers for the farm’s motor-block is fairly easy to make yourself. The only thing. problems may arise when assembling the front equipment, as it is quite bulky, and requires the purchase of many articulated mechanisms.

The most popular among farmers-enthusiasts are rotary and segmental devices on motor blocks. They have a simple design, and for their manufacture do not need to have at hand specialized equipment.

Working principle

First of all, it should be noted that this kind of mechanism is designed for works that are carried out in meadows and fields, namely concerning mowing. over it can be not only crops that grow in the agricultural area, but also the device is easy enough to cope with weeds, which in fact also overflow our fields.

With the detailed repair manual for the Husqvarna 137, you can easily troubleshoot your mower.

There are a huge number of chainsaw attachments, here // will find the one that is suitable for your work.

On this website you will find an instructional video about the STIHL chainsaw 180 which teaches you how to operate the machine correctly.

This is exactly the kind of activity that is the main functionality of rotary mowers, which are a kind of trailers to the tractor that moves them.

It is worth noting that this mower has three types of peculiar attachment to transport, namely: mounted, trailed and semi-mounted.

over, this cutting device has the possibility of a kind of separation, which is that the tool can be installed as from the side of the mower, in the front, as well as in the rear area of the device.

As for the very start of the mower operation of this kind of direction, in fact, it can be carried out as from the transmission of the tractor, and by the movement of the wheels of this vehicle. On the frame, made of metal, is attached a supporting wheel, which has the element of cutting.

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Actually making its own movement, it provokes, so to speak, the movement of the system cutting nature, it is thanks to this kind of process is made by the mowing itself.

over, this kind of mower can be equipped with three unique blades. In fact their number depends on the model of the machine.

It is worth noting that such a number of these elements is the most optimal and effective, as the productivity level of the tool increases. And in general, rotary mowers are quite safe and of good quality.

Platform mower

This drawing shows a variant of a platform mower, effectively used in summer for mowing grass and weeds, and as a snowblower in winter. For removing snow masses, special star-shaped nozzles are mounted on the equipment, and in the summer. knives. This modification is similar to the rotary mower, however, it is difficult to perform. This equipment allows you to cut hard grass and clear snow and ice.

The design of this equipment, created your own hands, is a pair of cylinders connected by hooks to the frame and conveyor belt. Chassis is made of angle bar or any other metal found in the workshop. On the chassis set the wheels, which can be taken from an unnecessary wheelchair, and a thick plywood sheet, although ideally it is better to use metal. The dimensions of the frame can be different, but the optimal size is 800×400 mm.

The main unit consists of two cylinders (5), belt (3), frame (10, 16, 17, 18, 20), brackets (19), corner hooks (4).

The working cylinders can be made from large cans, in which you must cut out the bottom and lid, and in their place to install two rounds of wood. Instead of cans you can use a thin sheet of metal and make from it 4 disks with an outer diameter of 200 mm and 4 with an inner diameter of 170 mm. Use bolts to connect the small discs in pairs to the large discs. Attach four knives to these disc structures.

The frame to be assembled with your own hands. The equipment consists of an upper cross bar (10) and a metal strip with angle bars and cinch bushings (16). For the crossbar you can use a 35×35 mm metal angle. To install the cylinders, drill a 13 mm wide groove in the corner brackets, and then connect the cylinders with each other using the strap. For the same purpose, the lower hub of the driving drum is movably mounted on the bar (15), and tensioning angles (20) are mounted on the upper axes of the cylinders. To the ends of the crossbar pulling angles (20) is carried out with screws M5h65 mm. The belt for the drums is easier to make from a rubber strip, the ends of which are connected by means of a dural plate 2 mm thick.

Then connect the mower to the PTO of the power tiller. You can see how this mower wagon works in the following video.

Segmental mower. sequence of operations in making

This type of attachment for the used power tiller is also the easiest to make by yourself.

To assemble the design you will need:

Before making the device, you need to study the detailed diagrams, which should indicate the dimensions of the parts and the place of their installation in the construction.

The further order of assembly is as follows:

  • In each of the bars used it is necessary to drill 12 identical holes. in them should fit bolts M8;
  • Then you need to bolt on a guide rail, 89 cm long, with blades and tines. All blades should be placed on either side of the bars;
  • Next, from the two ends of the bars you need to make clamps and skids;
  • At the bottom of the frame is installed a wheel. it can be taken from an old baby carriage;
  • After that, the construction is connected to the power take-off shaft of the power tiller.

After assembly, the finished design should be checked, as there are often situations in which a homemade segment mower for a power tiller is skidded to the side. The reason is the incorrectly chosen center of gravity. To solve the problem you need to shift the center of gravity of the mower to the opposite side, using any improvised weighting element.

Made in this way rotary and segment mowers are suitable for power harvesters brands Neva MB-1 and MB-2, MTZ, Zarya, Salut, Oka, Agat, Zubr, Agro, Patriot, Ural, Kentavr and other units, equipped with a power takeoff shaft.

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