How to make a snow shovel for a power tiller

Shovel for power tillers

Residents of many post-Soviet countries know firsthand how severe the winters can be. huge amounts of snow fallen in some regions seriously interfere with people’s lives and mobility. Fortunately, it is possible to solve this problem by constructing a snowblower for a power tiller. This simple design of the device will get rid of piled and fresh snow, saving time and effort of its owner.

Many owners of agricultural machinery buy the moldboard for a single axle tractor in specialized stores, spending a considerable amount of money for the equipment. Nevertheless, this kind of attachment has a very simple design that allows you to easily assemble it with your own hands, almost out of the means at hand. You do not need to have at their disposal specialized equipment or expensive materials. snow removal attachment to the tiller to get enough budget, but at the same time, the most effective.

The first thing to do before making equipment. is to understand its design features. Any snow thrower for your power tiller consists of a fairly robust implement, mounting assembly, a mechanism for adjusting the direction in which the snow masses are thrown, as well as a power unit that holds the shovel to the chassis of the power tiller being used.

When creating a snow shovel for your power tiller it is best to use any of the store models. It is not at all necessary that the homemade snow blower has those additional options that are included in the design of the factory unit. To begin with, it is quite enough that the manufactured shovel for the motoblock successfully coped with its direct task. snow removal. Afterwards, the homemade machine can be equipped with useful additional functions as you go along.

Both factory and homemade shovels, can have 3 positions:

Immediately before operation, the homemade snow shovel mounted on a power tiller should be turned to the left or right, observing the angle of inclination of 30 ⁰. The fixture is then secured in a suitable position by means of steel cotter pins.

A big role when using a homemade shovel is played by its dimensions. The most productive, and therefore the most effective on small and medium-sized plots will be a snow removal nozzle with a width of 1 m and a height of 30-40 cm. But, so that a device with such dimensions will not break under the weight of wet snow, the thickness of the metal should be at least 5 mm. Provided that the nozzle is made with smaller dimensions, the material, respectively, can be thinner.


Shovel blade for power tiller. this is an attachment equipment, which is widely used at any time of the year by owners of homestead plots. Overview, application, use. about all of this we will tell in this article.

With the help of the shovel, it is possible to perform the following works:

  • clear snow patches along roads, sidewalks, in the yard and adjacent areas;
  • level soils, silt, sand;
  • Shovel to rake-rake debris;
  • If the moldboard is made in the form of a bucket. to perform loading work.

Purchased or homemade snow shovel

Snow shovel, designed to be attached to a single-axle tractor, is a hinged iron blade in the form of a bucket or an arc-shovel, and consists of three elements:

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The principle of operation of such a snowplow consists in its attachment to a tractor. mechanical or automated, in the case described in the article. to a single-axle tractor.

The factory set of the snowplow includes such elements:

  • Bucket (shovel, blade), attached to the base of the electric motor;
  • Handle for height adjustment, often telescopic in shape;
  • An electric motor located under the body, with mounts for attachments.

Nozzles, which are equipped with factory models of snow throwers, can be made in the form of corded rubber plates, as well as metal knives. Such devices, mounted on the lower wide edge of the blade, effectively remove snow and level the ground. They can be made and strengthened on a homemade snowthrower by your own efforts.

Conveniently! Wheeled snow removal equipment such as a power tiller is especially preferable for use by the elderly and people with poor physical health.

The design allows for variations in the blade angle:

Changing the angle of rotation provides for fixation of the shovel in this position with an L-shaped attachment, which increases the convenience of clearing snow.

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Makeshift snow shovel

To make your own snow shovel on a single-axle tractor “Neva”, to begin with, you will need to gather the necessary tools and materials. So, we will need:

  • an old steel barrel for 200 liters;
  • A strip of iron with dimensions of about 850x100x3 mm;
  • 1 m square tube with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • bolts M10, M12 and M8, as well as washers and nuts;
  • a set of metal drills;
  • pliers;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • A sheet of thick, durable rubber;
  • a small, but thick, steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal disks;
  • welding machine;
  • hand drill.
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Once all the tools, materials and drawings are collected, you can begin to make a moldboard for a power tiller with your own hands. The easiest solution would be to make a bucket from an old 200 liter barrel, because it has the best initial roundness. In this case, there is no need to heat the metal sheets and bend them to the desired shape. So, you need an old barrel, from which you should cut off the lid and the bottom with an angle grinder. The resulting pipe should be cut lengthwise into three equal segments. Two of these thirds need to be contoured using a welder to connect together, and the remaining third should be cut by an angle grinder into strips that will be used to provide sufficient rigidity. One strip should be attached to the sides of the shovel, and several pieces should be distributed evenly along the entire length of the blade.

The construction of a homemade snowplow

Now, for additional strengthening of the entire structure of the blade, it is necessary to make a knife in the bottom of the bucket. You will need an iron strip with dimensions of 850x100x3 mm. Using an electric drill drill drill three holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm and a distance between them 100-120 mm. This is necessary to strengthen the rubber pad, which will prevent the bucket from damaging the pavement. Bolt the blade to the working edge of the bucket.

After assembling the snow shovel and blade, you must make and mount the blade mount. Weld a piece of pipe to the homemade engine blade in the center of the design. In the middle of the pipe with a welding fix a semicircle of thick sheet metal and make a few holes in it for setting the desired angles of rotation and fixing the blade of the tiller.

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Next, you need to take another piece of square tube and make it into an L-shaped holder. The short side of this holder is installed in a pivoting semicircle, and the other end of the pipe is bolted to the frame of the power unit. To adjust the height of the blade, use two bolts screwed into the recess of a square tube, which is welded to the hitch and put on the L-shaped holder. The video shows a snow shovel for power tiller and work with it.

Blade from a gas cylinder. how to make their own hands?

One of the most common options is to make the moldboard from a 200 liter barrel or from a gas cylinder. Such a snow removal nozzle will successfully cope with the clearing of the lawn from the frozen snow masses, and save your time and effort. As in the first case, you will need a detailed diagram, which will describe in detail all the dimensions and location of the main elements of the snowplow.

Next, to make auger or rotary snow thrower will need to prepare the same materials and tools as in the first case. Steel plates and stiffening ribs can not be bought. instead of them a cylinder or barrel will be used.

The snowplow for the power tiller is made as follows:

  • Cut the empty barrel or cylinder into 3 parts. you should end up with 3 curved segments to make a shovel;
  • Weld two of the received three segments to each other along the contour. As a result, you will get a product with a thickness of 3 mm. this is quite enough for quality snow removal;
  • To reinforce the bottom of the blade, install a sturdy steel blade. In the knife make a drill 3 holes with a pitch of 10 and a diameter of 6 mm. When installing the blade on the bucket put a rubber gasket between the elements;
  • In the middle part of the installed tube, weld a semicircle in which make 3 holes in advance. they will be used for reliable fixation of the bucket’s swivel corners;
  • Use another piece of pipe to make an L-shaped holder. Insert one end of the part into one of the openings in the semi-circle and secure the other end to the power tiller frame. You can see the result of the work done in the photo.

A ready-made snow shovel helps you remove large amounts of fresh and frozen snow. Thanks to the large width of the bucket, you can clear a large swath, saving you time and effort. For better cleaning of the outdoor area on the manufactured mouldboard can be installed sweeping brush. It must be bolted directly behind the bucket. If you want to use this element, then in the manufacture of the moldboard you need to weld two pipes to its side parts, a minimum length of 1 m. A third pipe is welded perpendicular to the pipes, and the brush itself is attached to it.

Homemade plow

For power tillers among the attachments there are plows: horse plow for plowing, reverse plow for loosening, dipping and others. Recently, the Zykov plough, the drawings, the dimensions of which can be found only on specialized resources, has become increasingly popular.

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Its main distinguishing feature from the mass-produced ones are the carefully calculated angles of the mouldboard for intensive mixing of the soil. When comparing it to standard models, you can see that the skimmer on the Zykov is positioned farther forward, so the lifting angle is on an arc.

The plough is mounted vertically on the tiller. There is an adjustable blade outreach. It is bolted in place. Blueprints for a plow for a mini-tractor with their own hands are different from those designed for a power tiller.

Shovel for a power tiller

Dumping shovels for power tillers can be completed with a knife nozzle, which is convenient for leveling the ground, as well as rubber nozzles, designed to eliminate the effects of snowfall. Choice of models snowplow is extensive, in the selection of such a mechanism attached to the selection must be sure that the possibility of mounting structures on the existing motocultivator.

The manufacturers do not equip these devices for power tillers with a device for damping (dampening) or prevention of vibration (spring dampers), because due to the low speed of movement does not need special protection from contact with uneven ground topography. Equipping your power tiller with additional equipment for snow removal, buy specialized steel grousers.

Replacement of pneumatic wheels with similar devices seriously increases the quality of snow clearing.

Sledgehammer for power tillers with his hands

Makeshift moldboard for motor-block: step-by-step photos of making.

Made a self-made mouldboard for my power tiller with my own hands to clear snow in the yard. The whole process is shown in these pictures.

I had a 78-liter tank from the electric locomotive, so I sawed it to fit the blade.

Making a swivel mechanism for the blade.

Strengthened the shovel with a bent square tube.

The adapter for the motor cultivator “Neva” is ready and has been tested in action, now the only thing left is to clean the welding seams and paint.

make, snow, shovel, power, tiller

How to Service a Homemade Snowblower?

For the snowplow to last a long time, and to break down as rarely as possible, its owner should adhere to a number of important rules:

  • Store the unit only in a damp-proof utility room;
  • It is necessary to change the engine oil regularly, drain it before storing it in the summer period;
  • For lubrication, it is best to choose seasonal oils that have good characteristics;
  • It is necessary to regularly check the metal elements of the snowthrower’s construction for the presence of rust. In order to protect the machine, it is better to treat its metal surfaces with an anti-corrosion agent, which you can buy at any auto parts store;
  • After each use of the machine, remove any snow debris from the auger;
  • Regularly check the integrity of the snowblower’s major components. motor, transmission, and check tire pressure;
  • After each use of the machine check the integrity of the steel plates of the auger. Bend them in the right direction if necessary.

By adhering to all these rules, you will minimize the possibility of damage to your homemade snowblower.

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