How to make a snowplow from a grass trimmer to make

Tools and materials

The set of tools needed to make a snowthrower can vary depending on the chosen way to achieve the goal. Some homemade modifications involve not reusable, while others are designed for continuous operation.

Minimum tooling set:

angle grinder is needed for cutting out of metal and its subsequent processing: grinding, cleaning, sharpening. Drill. for drilling holes for fasteners: bolts, rivets, clamps. Inverter will be needed to weld all the elements of the structure to each other.

  • sheet metal (thickness varies depending on the chosen design);
  • pieces of pipe: metal, plastic;
  • bolts, nuts, washers;
  • metal clamps.

Metal sheets are used to form the body of the drum, blades and bucket of the sweeper. The pipe is necessary for the arrangement of directional snow drainage. The jet is discharged through it. Threaded fasteners are needed to fasten the parts of the prefabricated structure. Clamps can serve to attach harvesting heads to the trimmer‘s grass trimmer boom for grass.

How to make a snow blower from a grass trimmer with my own hands?

Immediately before assembling the household machine, the manufacturer must prepare all the materials and equipment required for the work. Of the tools to assemble the unit will need a drill, an electric welder, as well as a set of screwdrivers and wrenches.

To prevent possible mistakes during the direct assembly of the homemade machine from grass trimmer for grass, the maker should study suitable drawings in advance, which will describe in detail the rules of installation of parts and ways of fixing them into the device of the homemade snow blower from grass trimmer for grass.

Afterward, the schematics should always be available at the manufacturer’s fingertips. This will allow him to see in time the peculiarities of the installation of this or that element of the machine.

When making a machine from a grass trimmer for the grass, it is very important to follow a certain order of action.

make, snowplow, grass, trimmer

The correct work algorithm looks like this:

  • First, the operator must assemble a support frame. The frame for the snow thrower is best made of metal pipes, welded together and reinforced with steel angles. Before welding each corner, the inner holes in the tubes will need to be soldered to prevent snow and dirt from getting into the inner cavities. Otherwise, the frame of the snowblower will begin to rust quite quickly. As a result, the finished support frame should represent a rectangle with a niche, taken out to the back of the frame;
  • Next, the manufacturer must make a fence bucket. For this approach an empty beer barrel or cylinder, which previously stored gas. On the sidewall of a horizontally mounted drum or cylinder will need to draw a rectangle, which will be set back from the edges of the vessel about 15 cm. The resulting rectangle must be carefully cut out with an angle grinder. Then the remaining edges need to be cleaned with a file;
  • Next, in the same part of the vessel will need to drill three more holes. As a result, they should coincide in their location with the holes that are made in the gearbox for a reliable fixation of the shield;
  • On the side of the container you need to cut a square hole with the dimensions of 10×10 cm. The hole can be larger, as it will be thrown out of the used snow blower for grass trimmer during the work of the snow blower;
  • After that you need to proceed to the manufacture of the rotor. Its assembly is performed using 4 pre-made rectangular-shaped metal billets with the dimensions of 25×10 cm. For more efficient operation of the mechanism, each of the blanks should get the shape of a peculiar blade. After that, the finished parts need to be welded to the standard metal disc of the grass trimmer for the grass in the shape of a cross;
  • Self-made snowplow from the grass trimmer must be equipped with a shovel. It is easy enough to make from a piece of tin. The edges of the shovel must be bent. As a result, the dimensions of the part should be 30×40 cm;
  • Ready-made blade will need to be fixed in the bottom of the machine from the grass trimmer for grass;
  • After that you will need to install the gearbox in the regular place in the intake bucket. It is not necessary to weld it, as the operator should remain the possibility of its maintenance and repair. It is best to attach the body of the mechanism with bolts;
  • As a result, the finished gearbox should be installed in the form of an ordinary blade for the household grass trimmer for grass.

After the performed actions, the motor unit from the grass trimmer should start and give it 5 minutes to warm up. As soon as the engine is warmed up, you need to walk with the machine several times over the area with freshly fallen snow. If all the nodes of the snowplow work properly, then you can begin a more intensive use of the machine on the site.

Lawn mower for snow

By installing the blade, it is easy to make a snow blower from a lawn mower. But it must be self-propelled. The mechanism moves by the drive of the engine, and the snow is raked by the shovel attached in front. A convenient solution for those who do not want to disfigure their tool. Major changes in the design of the mower will not be made.

The most unfortunate mechanism for remaking into a snowplow. a gasoline lawnmower. Its motor shaft is directed downwards, which greatly reduces the construction options of the future machine. You can’t put such an engine on the side, it will leak oil, and the engine will jam.

The shaft is equipped with a special detail that breaks when overloaded, protecting the engine. Another thing is a snowplow from the cultivator Mole, which can be assembled with your own hands only after reading the instructions on this site.

Necessary materials and tools to make a snowplow with their own hands

Let’s make the moldboard from the metal profile of 20×20 mm and the sheet of smooth roofing iron. The tools you will need include: an angle grinder, a welder, a drill, a rivet gun, and other hand tools.

Step by step making parts and assembling the homemade snowplow

Start cutting the profile. We make 2 pieces of 100 cm long and 4 of 50 cm. Parts of the shorter length should be bent, giving shape to the future moldboard. We weld these parts. Place the long pieces vertically at the top and bottom. A couple of short parts are on the edges, the rest are equidistant from the middle.

We take a sheet of metal and cut the workpiece with a width of 100 cm and a height of 50 cm.

Along the contour, 1 cm from the edge, we drill holes. We attach the workpiece to the frame, drill a profile through the already obtained holes. Now let’s glue the parts together.

We make fastening elements from a profile. We cut two blanks 20 cm long and a couple more, 30 cm. The different size is needed for the raked snow to go to the side. We fasten them in the form of an angle, using spot welding. At a distance of 3 cm from the seam, we drill each piece.

  • Weld the fasteners to the shovel frame.
  • Putting the dozer blade on the mower. In its body, we make holes for fixing bolts.
  • Binding the construction.

Remove the blade before starting the mower.

How to make a snow blower with your own hands from a grass trimmer

The expression snowplow from a grass trimmer with their own hands means making a snowplow nozzle. It is fixed to the brushcutter bar instead of the working head. The torque is transmitted through the native gearbox. The nozzle is a small round body with wheels, inside of which the blade rotates on bearings. The working element can be assembled with your own hands in the form of an auger or impeller with blades. The second option is simpler, and the first is more productive. For the body will suit a piece of pipe with a diameter of 300 mm, an old gas cylinder or a beer barrel.

Step by step collect the snowplow from the grass trimmer with their own hands in the following order:

  • Determined with the type of snowplow (rotary or auger), draw with their own hands or find a drawing on the Internet. According to the scheme of steel tubes, corners and plates welded frame, on which all elements of the snowplow will be mounted.
  • If you decide to take the easiest way, remaking brush on rotary snowthrower, proceed to the manufacture of the body of a barrel or gas cylinder. The pipe for such a design is unprofitable because of the lack of the bottom. You will have to additionally weld in a plug. It is better to give preference to a beer barrel, as it will not rust from contact with moisture. From the container with an angle grinder from the bottom cut a piece of 150 mm long.
  • On the bottom of the resulting billet accurately determine the center. Drill a hole at the marking. Its size is 2-3 mm larger than the diameter of the gear shaft of the grass trimmer. Small holes are drilled around the main one. Their diameter, number and location depend on the brushcutter reducer model. There are usually 3 holes on the housing. In order to get an exact match, the gearbox is put on the bottom and the marks are made.
  • To throw the snow out of the snowblower body a deflector is needed. It is located on the side of the workpiece. After considering where the top of the body will be, in the side shelf cut a hole with a diameter of 100 mm. You can cut a window with his own hands with a square chisel, but will complicate the process of making a socket. It is easier to cut a round hole by welding. Weld the deflector spigot from a piece of pipe 100 mm long.
  • From sheet steel with their own hands cut out a semicircle. The size of the piece should cover 1/3 of the end of the housing. The element is welded at the top of the deflector side.

All parts of the snowthrower are ready. It remains to assemble them into a single design, install them on the grass trimmer for grass. The first thing to do is bolt the gearbox of the brushcutter to the end of the body. Shaft must rotate freely without gearing. Bolt the body to the frame. Depending on the chosen mechanism of movement of the snowthrower, set the wheels or skis. On the shaft of the gearbox put the impeller. Try and turn the machine by hand to check that it moves freely. Start the engine of the brushcutter. Try to drive the brushcutter through the snow. The control handle is the grass trimmer arm for the grass. If everything is assembled correctly, during the movement of the snow blower, snow will fly from the diverter elbow.

How to make a snowthrower from a grass trimmer with his own hands

The following tools will be needed for the work:

  • Angle grinder and drill;
  • metal sheets;
  • A steel barrel or tube;
  • welding machine;
  • self-tapping screws, bolts.

Procedure for making a homemade snow blower

  • Start the work from the creation of the body. It is best made from a metal beer keg, but if you don’t have one, you can use a large-diameter pipe. Cut off a piece, 15 cm long, leave the bottom. The gearbox will be attached to it.
  • In the very center of the bottom of the pipe or barrel, you need to make a hole so that the working shaft of the grass trimmer will pass there. Mark three points for fixing the gearbox and drill holes in their place for the bolts.
  • Make an exit (deflector). It is needed to throw the snow out of the snow thrower. In the body of the self-made machine cut a hole, 10 cm in diameter. Later on you want to weld a branch pipe. But before that, cut a half-circle-shaped piece of metal sheet and weld one part of the front side of the body with it. Thus, the plug will not allow snow to scatter, but will direct it to the deflector. The same should be located in the central front of the plug.
  • Make a rotor (impeller) that will collect the snow. To do this, take the disc blade of the grass trimmer for grass, and from metal cut four blades, each measuring 25×10 cm. These pieces are welded to the disk blade crosswise.
  • Proceed to complete the work on the deflector. Attach the branch pipe to the hole in the housing, which can be made of steel. The size of the tool should be 10 cm. Attach an elbow of the same length, so that the snow is thrown to the side. If the deflector is round, you can take an elbow from a plastic sewer pipe.
  • Next, make a shovel out of a steel sheet measuring 30×40 cm. On its sides bend the sides, the height of which is 2 cm. The structure should be welded to the bottom of the tool body.
  • Assembly of parts begins with the grass trimmer for grass. The gearbox is bolted to the bottom of the homemade machine, and then the wings are put on the shaft. The handle of the snowthrower can be the very handle of the grass trimmer, you can also make a more convenient design.

Snowplow from the grass trimmer with their own hands should be placed on the frame, for which a special rectangle is made. From below, skis or ordinary wooden skids are attached to it, which will allow you to push the machine in the snow.


To make a snowplow from a grass trimmer with your own hands will not fit any device. It must meet the following conditions:

  • If a device with a weak motor will be chosen, it will heat up a lot. It makes sense to engage in remodeling, if the grass trimmer’s capacity for grass will not be less than 1.6 kW.
  • It is important what is the design of the boom. It must be straight. If the boom is curved, it will not fit.

If a suitable grass trimmer for grass is available, you can proceed to its redesign. In order to make such a mechanism, you create a special attachment on the snow blower for grass trimmer. It is used as a working head. The nozzle is a round piece with rotating blades or vanes inside.

For the body, you can use a 300 mm section of pipe, part of a metal barrel or part of an old gas cylinder. It is necessary to stock up on sheet steel 1.5 mm thick. For the work of the nozzle it is necessary to equip it with wheels or skis, so that it is convenient to move when working.

To make a homemade snowplow from a grass trimmer for grass will be required: welder, angle grinder, drill with drills, hammer, wrenches, pliers, self-tapping screws and bolts. You may also need spare parts for the snowthrower.

How to Make a Rotor for a Lawn Mower?

From a suitable material, for example, from the same sheet steel, you need to make four blanks 250 by 100 millimeters. Each bolt should look like a paddle. To do this, one of the corners is cut on the long side. The next step you take a welder and weld the blades to the disc of the grass trimmer in a symmetrical cross. Your rotor is ready. But you need to create another deflector, which will direct the snow flying out to the side. It can be made from the remains of the same long-suffering barrel. You will need to get a metal strip 150 by 300 millimeters. Slightly bend it and weld the sides, each 100 millimeters high. This will help keep the snow from splashing in the outlet.

make, snowplow, grass, trimmer

Now all you have to do is make shovels. For it, use a metal plate 300 by 400 millimeters. Bend the edges to get 20 millimeters of edges. Weld the deflector to the housing exactly where the snow slot is located. At the bottom you need to fix a paddle. Insert the reducer into the hole and fix it with bolts. Now you need to install the rotor on the device exactly as if it were a knife from a brushcutter. To use the resulting machine, you have to squeeze out the maximum power of the motor, especially if you intend to shovel a high snowdrift.

Making a snow blower from a grass trimmer for grass with your own hands involves using a grass trimmer for grass with a long boom and gearbox. You will also need a disc with teeth, which is also used to cut the grass.

For making the metal elements, you need a large tin barrel, in which beer is sold. Be sure to buy several sheets of steel, not more than 1.5 mm thick. From the tools for work you will need:

Having prepared everything you need, you can proceed to the direct assembly.

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