How to make a throttle handle on a single axle tractor

Starting the power tiller after winter

The owners of power tillers often encounter such a problem, when the machine does not want to start after the winter. This is due to the conditions of storage. If the machine has been in a cold room with high humidity, you could end up with a number of serious breakdowns.

You must completely change the oil and fuel before the first spring start. Make sure fluids are at ambient temperature this is extremely important.

You may find that a singleaxle tractor refuses to start immediately. This is quite normal. Allow the machine to warm up a little. It should also warm up after the engine start.

make, throttle, single, axle, tractor

If you still fail to start your power tiller, you need to perform these actions:

make, throttle, single, axle, tractor
  • Blow out the fuel system. There could be petrol or diesel residue in it;
  • Check the spark plug. The contact can even be cleaned with a little sandpaper;
  • Check all the wires, make sure there are no breaks or damage.

A singleaxle MTZ Belarus tractor is a unit best suited for small farms. It has good load capacity and wide range of attachments. Spare parts for power tillers MTZ are in demand, as at one time these units are quite widespread. over, they continue to be sold in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Availability and competitive price of components allow farmers to successfully repair and even re-equip their motor blocks with Chinese engines.

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MTZ Belarus power tillers: spare parts and repair

Among the features of these agricultural machines (in particular, the model 09H) PTO shaft gear design and multi-disk clutch design, which is immersed in an oil bath. The gearbox is multistage (it has a permanent gear mesh). Thanks to all this, the unit is characterized by high reliability and long service life. And quality spare parts for the MTZ motoblock can make it even longer.

Relatively high weight is one of the advantages of these machines. So, usually there is no need to further increase their weight for more convenience in the processing of soil. The components and units of this equipment are durable and reliable. Nevertheless, they periodically need to be replaced with new ones. Therefore, to buy spare parts for MTZ power tillers their owners from time to time.

The mechanical gearbox, which has 4 forward and 2 reverse gears, is also characterized by good durability. But still spare parts to MTZ motoblocks, related to this node, also sometimes need to buy to install instead of the expired. The same can be said about the PTO, which is used to connect a variety of models of attachments. Buy the right parts for a power tiller MTZ you can in the online store UkrMotorService.

Their list is extensive. For example, to install a Chinese engine requires a whole set of parts. Spare individual gears or their blocks may be needed for the gearbox. Other spare parts for MTZ power tillers are:

  • carburetor
  • rods
  • gasoline pump gaskets
  • valve rocker
  • gasoline pump
  • differential housing
  • gearshift block
  • axle shaft
  • intermediate shaft
  • primary and secondary shafts
  • shifter shaft
  • Gasoline pump
  • hose
  • Clutch drum and many others.
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Where to buy spare parts for MTZ Belarus engine block?

It is easy to order the necessary spare parts for your MTZ power tiller. It is enough to call one of the managers of internet-shop UkrMotorService. You can also contact via online chat and e-mail. We have spare parts for single axle tractor MTZ Belarus, model 05, 09H and others. Store advisers will help to choose the necessary parts. Delivery of the purchased goods is carried out without advance payment and in stipulated terms.

It is impossible to give a quick answer to such a seemingly simple question. There are a lot of reasons why a single-axle tractor “behaves capriciously” and stops working. They can be divided into several groups:

  • problems with fuel supply;
  • engine starting system malfunction;
  • control and automation failures;
  • problems with silencer, cooling, etc.п.

If you notice a problem with your power tiller, the main thing you need to understand that there are problems that can be easily fixed with your own hands, even if you are not particularly versed in machinery, and there are situations where you can’t do without a competent specialist and appropriate equipment. The most important task for you, as the owner, is to quickly and correctly determine why your singleaxle tractor is stalling and make the right decision.

How to start a single-axle tractor correctly?

To start the petrol tractor, first of all turn the choke lever to the “Start” position. After that, you need to open the gasoline tap and pull the starter a few times. Then you can turn on the ignition and pump the starter one more time. At this point the machine should start. On models with an electric starter, all you have to do is turn it on and start the engine.

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The diesel engine blocks start in a slightly different way. The first thing to do is to get rid of air in the fuel pipe. To do this open fuel valve and then unscrew fuel line connections all the way to the nozzle. When unscrewing the connection, you need to wait until fuel flows out of it. After this procedure, you need to open all the taps and turn the gas to the middle position. Squeeze and pump the decompressor several times, holding it with your finger. Then return it to its original position. After that, press it once again and pull the starter. single axle tractor should start.

Product name Price
Gas cable L-1645 mm (178/186F) 68 grn.
throttle cable L-1220 mm (168F) 72 grn.
Safety cable L-1655 mm (178/186F) 83 UAH.
Clutch cable L-1210 mm (178/186F) 97 grn.

On sale is the cable throttle, clutch, reverse, protection, unlocking.

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