How to make an adapter on a single axle centaur tractor

What kinds of adapters for power tillers are available??

Externally, the design is a small frame with two wheels, foot platform, drawbar and seat for the operator. Equipping a single-axle tractor with such “updating”, you actually turn it into a mini-tractor. to work becomes times more convenient, faster and easier, and the ability to adjust the seat will make the work more comfortable.

There are several varieties of adapters for single-axle tractors. In order to buy or make the most suitable for you, you should familiarize yourself with all kinds of this equipment.

According to the type of coupling adapters are divided into adapters with steering and movable joint. Depending on the location. in front adapters and rear adapters.

You can also classify adapters by the purpose of use: with a long drawbar for powerful large power tillers, with a shortened drawbar for small lightweight machines.

Adapter with steering

This kind of adapter will turn your power tiller into a practical and comfortable carrying vehicle. The adapter is in close contact with the power tiller itself, securely connected to it. Wheels can be in the back or front of the design.

Adapter with movable joint

This type of adapters has its own undeniable advantages. it is easier to make, you can easily adjust the angle of inclination relative to your power tiller. From the minuses. it is a little harder to control, when maneuvering increases the turning radius, you need to apply more force.

Front and rear adapter

Classification accordingly depends on a place of attachment. The choice of this type of adapters depends purely on the owner’s individual preferences and the work to be performed. For example, for plowing and cultivating, the front attachment is more suitable, because during these operations you don’t have to constantly watch the attachment. But when dipping seedbeds, the rear adapter will be more appropriate, which allows to comfortably follow the work process.

What adapter designs are available?

With the help of this attachment it is possible to simplify considerably the use of a walking tractor. After all, it serves as a transitional link that connects the unit itself with other functional elements: nozzles for planting and plowing potatoes, ploughs, plow Installing the equipment can automate the maximum vegetable gardening work. For example, when using special equipment with attachments you can increase the working speed from 5 to 10 km/h.

There are several kinds of adapters. In general, the construction is a cart attached to the back of the power tiller, equipped with a comfortable seat

Передняя балка на МИНИТРАКТОР из мотоблока.Front axle for homemade tractor

Some models are equipped with a lever for lifting, which greatly simplifies the mechanism control and movement of the unit on the site. Other adapters are available for transporting loads in addition to agricultural work. They are equipped with a special body. Depending on their function, adapters may have short or long drawbars. Models with short drawbars are designed to work with light power tillers, and with long drawbars. with heavier machines.

There are on sale and models with a telescopic drawbar, as well as those in which you can adjust the track width.

Adapters are fixed to the motoblock with a single extended hitch, which consists of two parts: the first part is necessary for attaching the equipment to the machine. The second serves as an adjustable adapter between the equipment and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of implements used at the same time, adapters are equipped with a double universal hitch.

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Adapter for power tiller. what is it?

The adapter is a special module for riding on a power tiller. It allows you to control the tiller while sitting and work the ground at the same time. The adapter for a power tiller such as the Neva has steering control. It can be made by your own hands, but more on that later. Now we’ll show you what you can do with an attachment.

You can greatly simplify the use of your power tiller with the aid of an adapter. You can change nozzles for planting and hoeing potatoes, plows, plowshares and other attachments. And the adapter will speed up your garden work. That is, if you use such a device, then the working speed increases from 5 to 10 km / h.

An adapter for the tiller allows to make the work more comfortable and significantly reduce the work effort.

Adapters for power tillers differ in the length of the drawbar, depending on what type of power tillers they are designed for. Adapters with a short drawbar are designed for power tillers with air-cooled engine, adapters with a long drawbar. for heavy power tillers with water-cooled engine. Adapter for Centaur, Zubr, Neva, Vityaz. We have it all. The adapter is attached through a special attachment to the power tiller, and then it is connected to it through a standard single hitch for mounting of passive attachments. Poltava adapter has no special attachment for connection to the tiller, in this case a single reinforced hitch is purchased, which consists of two parts: one part attaches the adapter to the tiller, and the second one serves as a regulated adapter between the lifting mechanism of the adapter and the attachment itself.

The design of the adapter consists of a drawbar, a seat, two wheels and controls. Controls are used to lift and lower implements (plow, hoe, ploughshare, etc.).д.). Can be operated by both foot and hand.

We should separately note adapters for heavy power tillers, which are aggregated to tiller, and adapters with steering column that allow to re-equip single axle tractor into a mini tractor.

The adapters have adjustable ground clearance height and track width, which allows you to optimally adjust the adapter for various agricultural work.

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Single Axle Tractor Adapter Kentavr do it with their own hands

Nowadays power tillers are not so rare. With their help you can perform many tasks, but the factory version does not allow to do all the work for which they are designed. In order to expand the capabilities of a power tiller, you need a special adapter for Kentavr engine blocks, which, fortunately, can be made with your own hands. Thanks to this, your helper can turn into a miniature tractor, whose capabilities will be limitless.

Adapters for scooters

Before we buy a power tiller adapter let’s understand what it is!

Even if you have a small patch of land and doing all the work by hand is very time consuming, it is much easier and faster to do it with a power tiller.

Thanks to its mobility, versatility and relatively low cost, the single-axle tractor became very popular and now it can be found in many private estates. The use of a power tiller with various attachments allows to process the land quickly, efficiently and with minimum effort and perform many other household works, for example: garbage removal, snow removal, etc.д.

If you walk behind a power tiller, the speed of such work will be low and it will be physically difficult for you. And to make land cultivation even easier, the adapters for power tillers were invented. Linking the adapter to a power tiller helps work speed up, boosting work speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour.

With its help it is much easier and faster to perform such operations as planting and plowing. To do this, attach a plow or oggiator, other necessary equipment. By attaching the adapter to a power tiller, you can significantly speed up such works, as they can be carried out at a speed of up to 10 km/h. The adapter itself is a cart on wheels, which is attached to the tiller. If you make a mechanism for lifting attachments, it will be even easier to control the process. The length of the drawbar will depend on the type of work to be done. To date, the adapters for power tillers can be divided into two groups:

body (multi-purpose); bodyless. The body can perform agricultural work and transportation of heavy objects. Body-less adapters are designed for tillage only. Adapters for power tillers are equipped with a lever for lifting that simplifies control of the machine and its movement on a site. Other adapters can be used for transporting loads in addition to agricultural work. They are equipped with a special body. Depending on their function, adapters may have short or long drawbars. Short drawbar models are for light tillers and long drawbar models are for heavier machines.

There are some commercially available models of adapters with telescopic drawbar and those that can adjust the track width. Adapters are fixed to the tiller with the help of single extended coupling, which consists of two parts: the first part is needed to attach the equipment to the machine. The second serves as an adjustable adapter between the equipment itself and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of implements used at the same time adapters are equipped with a double universal hitch.

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How to make an adapter on a single axle tractor centaur

Universal adapter is suitable for any Chinese motor tractors like Weima, Fermer, Catmann, etc.

This adapter model allows you to convert your single axle tractor into a fully-fledged mini tractor, equipped with adjustable steering wheel, gas pedal, brake and clutch pedal, seat. The adapter has a convenient mechanism for lifting and lowering attachments, which allows the use of any attachments and trailers for power tillers.

It is not difficult to attach a kit for converting the tiller into a mini-tractor! All units are made specially for all types of power tillers.

If you want to buy a kit for transforming a single-axle tractor into a mini tractor together with a power tiller, you will get an additional discount!

The mini-tractor adapter fits almost all makes of power tillers. If you need a minitractor adapter for a Farmer or Catman, Weima tillers. You can not doubt that this is the right choice. Call us and we will help you choose an adapter for your power tiller

In Minsk, the adapter with a steering column for a motor tractor to buy people who own a private farm or have a summer cottage, requiring constant treatment. With the help of this device almost any standard single-axle tractor can be transformed into a full-fledged mini-tractor. The technical device will be equipped:

The adapter integrates into power tillers of Chinese manufacturers. often than others, it is purchased for model brands:

convenient mechanism for the use of attachments;

Questions with possible breakdowns are solved through the service center. It is located in the capital of the republic on Kholmogorskaya Street.

You can order an adapter in our online store from any place in the country. Delivery is free of charge to the nearest transportation company terminal. The customer picks up the purchase himself. Delivery is discussed with the manager when filling out the order.

A single axle tractor into a mini tractor in a few minutes? Expanded possibilities for fast and easy land cultivation? All this becomes possible with the universal adapter.

Preparing to make your own adapter

Despite the simplicity of design an adapter to a power tiller is not so easy to make. The first thing you need to pay attention to the drawing, diagrams and dimensions, because they can help you to create a self-made machine without mistakes the first time!

The following tools and materials will come in handy when assembling a homemade adapter:

  • Steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 cm;
  • Several 1-inch square tubes;
  • File;
  • Welding;
  • Coupling device;
  • Electric drill;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • Angle;
  • Attachment kit.

If you plan to make an adapter with steering controls, all the parts described above will be useful, but you must add the following to them:

The most key elements of the construction are:

  • Coupling. These are two pieces of welded square tubing and a piece of plumbing pipe. It is mounted on the frame and secured with bolts.
  • Assembly for securing wheels. 2 pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. You need to insert a horizontal section into the fixing tube, then fix it firmly and securely with a bolt. Axle and bearings with wheels are attached to the vertical piece.

When all the necessary tools are collected and the necessary parts are made, you can begin to assemble the adapter with your own hands.

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