How to make an additional receiver for the compressor

Determine the parameters

In addition to capacity, the receiver for a compressor can be characterized by the following parameters:

According to the requirements of PB 03-576-03 it is forbidden to use receivers that have surface defects, be it corrosion, dents and cracks, as well as those that have not passed the test of the efficiency of the container walls.

The receiver specifications for a compressor are as follows. The first step is to calculate the maximum and minimum pressures, operating times and required air consumption. The next step is to use the online calculation table, which can be found on the Internet on request. For example, for a maximum/minimum pressure drop of 4/3 atm, a maximum load duration of 5 minutes and an air flow of 0.1 m3 /min, 500 liters would be the optimum tank capacity.

This method is focused on the time during which the receiver will be completely empty. However, there is a simpler tabular method to relate the power consumption of a compressor to the volume of the receiver. Among them, it is worth highlighting the most commonly used ratios:

If necessary, intermediate values can be calculated by interpolation. There are also experimental dependences. According to one of them, the capacity of the tank of the receiver should not be less than the capacity of the compressor for 8 seconds of continuous operation. In this case, the volume of the tank at an air flow rate of 400 l/min can be calculated as follows:

Rounded up we get 54 liters.

A simple version of a fire extinguisher/gas cylinder unit

It is easy enough to make a compressor with your own hands using a fire extinguisher or gas cylinder as an air reservoir. For example, if it is required to make a powerful unit, it is possible to take the compressor unit itself from a Zilov compressor. But first it needs a little work.

  • Drill one hole in the compressor wall that will be used to pour oil into the crankcase. It doesn’t matter which side you do it from. It is important that it be located approximately 10 mm below the crankshaft centerline. M8 threads should be cut in this hole for the plug.
  • Connect a connecting fitting to the cap that covers the rear bearing. On it put on an oil-resistant hose, which will be connected to the lubrication system in the form of an expansion tank (you can take the tank for the brake fluid from the car), set at the level of the cylinders.

Drill two holes in each connecting rod (assembled, with shells) and one hole in each connecting rod cap.

During the operation of the unit, the oil in the crankcase will flow through these holes to the liners and reduce the friction between them and the crankshaft.

Next, the compressor is connected to the receiver and piping with automatics. How to do this was explained in the previous paragraph.

If you take a fire extinguisher for a receiver, you must first remove all unnecessary parts from it, leaving only the container itself and the lid.

A ¼ inch thread should be cut in the cast iron lid. Also under the cast-iron cover should lay a rubber gasket, if it was not there, and screw the cover, using rubber tape to seal the thread.

Next, you should screw in the cover adapter from 1/4NR to 1/2NR and install a cross.

How to connect all the piping elements was described at the beginning of this article. But, since this unit is made from a compressor ZIL 130, and is more powerful than previously considered, it is necessary to install a safety (emergency) valve. He will reset the excess pressure, if for some reason will not work automatics.

You can also make a compressor from a gas cylinder. But first you need to let the gas out of the cylinder, and then twist the valve. Further, it is necessary to fill up the cylinder with water to remove gas residuals. Flush the can several times with water and if possible, dry it. Usually, a gas burner is installed under the cylinder and evaporate all the moisture from the container.

In aperture, where the valve was placed, screw a pipe screw, and in it. a cross, to which the automatic system and all piping are attached. Drill a hole in the bottom of the cylinder and weld a connector to drain condensate. An ordinary water faucet can be installed on the fitting.

To fix the engine and compressor unit on the receiver, a frame is made of metal angle. Fixing bolts are welded to the cylinder beforehand. To these bolts the frame will be attached (see Fig.3). photo. below).

Important! The motor for this unit must have a power of about kW.

Also by yourself to make a compressor for pumping tires can be made from a chainsaw, which is not repairable. The apparatus is made from the engine, that is, from the piston unit: the output hose is connected through a check valve instead of the spark plug, and the exhaust port is blocked. To rotate the crankshaft, you can use either an electric motor or an ordinary electric drill.

Advantages of vertical reservoirs

The use of vertical storage tanks allows the unit to be mounted on site more easily and saves floor space. This is especially true if the tanks are connected in series or parallel.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of vertical air storage devices

In order to create an additional storage of a certain amount of compressed air in the system you may need to buy an additional receiver and install it in an existing pneumatic pipeline.

Installation of such equipment will help to solve several problems at once:

The reserve of the air medium, which creates will avoid sudden jumps and drops in the working pressure in the system;. the compressed medium will be distributed more evenly;. the work of the elements of pneumatic consumers will become more stable;. the number of compressor starts will be reduced and it will work in a more sparing mode;. installation of an additional receiver will provide separation of some oil and moisture from the working line, which will reduce the load on the air treatment system.

As a rule, for reciprocating and screw-type units of small and medium capacity, you choose from 500 to. Such models are sufficient in most cases, and in addition, such equipment does not require registration with the inspection authorities. For large capacity units, including blowers, you may need an additional 10, 20, 30, 50 cubic meters or more capacity air receiver, often referred to as.

Additional reservoirs for compressors with different volumes and a wide pressure range can be found in our catalog. When choosing equipment, please bear in mind that the bigger the air reservoir volume, the less often the compressor will start, but it will take longer to reach the upper pressure threshold.

Gas bottle compressor with truck supercharger

An alternative way to make a compressor with their own hands. use a gas cylinder for 50, induction motor and compressor from the braking system in the ZIL-130. All items are installed on the frame, but you can do without it, and make a supporting element of the cylinder, which attaches the pump, filter, electric motor, equipment to control operation.

The simplest compressor unit with your own hands can be made by following the step-by-step guide:

  • Weld a nipple into the air inlet line from the pumping unit to the air receiver.
  • Fix an adapter for the output line from the air reservoir to the pneumatic tool.
  • Weld a socket to mount the pressure gauge.
  • Fit an adapter for the pressure relief valve which can be replaced by a relay. If the pressure rises to critical levels, the pressure will be relieved.
  • Fix a ball valve at the bottom of the cylinder for drainage of condensate.
  • Fasten the pump and motor using a drive belt fitted to the shaft end pulleys.

A compressor from a gas bottle with a supercharger from a truck

  • Create an electrical system installation: a button to turn on, off, connect 2 capacitors with a capacity of 30 uF and a starting element of 60 uF, a temporary relay and a starter magnetic type.
  • An air-flow filtering device can be installed in the inlet pipe.

Production of powerful automobile compressor for painting can be performed according to different schemes. The main advantage of these methods is availability of materials.

Types of receivers and their applications

Air collector is applied as a part of compressor stations (CS: GO), nitrogen, ammonia and refrigerant plants for storage and production of compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.п.

  • linear. They are installed between the regulating valve and the condenser. These receivers are used to compensate for variations in the liquid fill of evaporating equipment during heat load surges. By relieving the condenser of liquid, they create a flow of liquid fluid moving evenly to the control valve. The refrigerant maintained at the same level becomes a hydraulic lock, which prevents steam from flowing into the evaporator.
  • protective. They are installed below a certain level where the evaporator system equipment is located. Designed for draining liquid from liquid separators and evaporators in non-pumped refrigerant supply systems.
  • Draining (DH or RHV). Such receivers are needed for discharge of liquid refrigerant from the pipelines and aggregates of the refrigeration equipment during their repair and operation. circulating pumps (RCZ and RCC). Tanks that are filled with liquid refrigerant are designed to ensure continuous operation of the circulation pump that supplies liquid to the evaporators.
  • Circulating air receivers are used in the pumping and circulating units for liquid refrigerant supply to evaporator systems. DH air drain receivers are used as safety, drainage, linear and circulating receivers; vertical air receivers RDV are used as circulating and protective receivers.

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You can find the for air receivers, sold by “IRTEKHNO” LLC, in the price list.

How to connect an extra receiver to a compressor

For my purposes, a 50 liter receiver was not enough. Decided to make a receiver from a gas cylinder. 2 cylinders were found at relatives and taken out.

Then we had to weld in herringbones to fix the hose. There was a variant simply to cut a thread there and return there bought quick couplers, but it is not that. In the market, where a lot of scrap metal is sold, we found the necessary spruces. Found, again, a relative who could weld them, but he asked one reasonable question, and not fuck, not bang that is.

You have to pour water into it, it sounds simple, but in reality.

In principle, you can pour water into the faucet, which is installed in it, but it’s very long.

You can unscrew the faucet and then more safely pour water into it.

But it is unlikely to turn back, as our cylinders are soviet, so they were made for ages. There’s some kind of thread sealant or some kind of super glue.

Pour the water to the brim, we’re stunned by the smell of gas, leave it overnight, just like that. For one day the adventure is more than enough. We actually at first sawed off the crane, and drowned them in a barrel, with an open faucet, the empty then dumped, but the full 50 kg of water at least khe khe, almost belly button did not tear while getting it.

make, additional, receiver, compressor

Then we sawed off the faucet and once again poured water to the brim, just for insurance.

Poured out where there are fewer people so they did not yell, as gas water will smell, but only water, we have the earth did not stink.

After that, one of them lights a match and brings it to the cylinder. Everyone is alive and well. We start drilling out the rest of the faucet, it’s very painful. We cleaned the surface for welding with an angle grinder and no one exploded.

We go to a relative, there he believes us on the word that, all normal and begins to cook, we on the sin moved away. You never know, a match and an angle grinder is one thing, but welding

Welded, went home in the garage. We have not reached the garage, went to the store, bought paint, in order to ennoble this miracle.

In the garage we assemble receiver, see if there are any leaks.

Now the total volume of about 100 liters, pumping started not even 2 times slower, but 2.5 times, or even 3 times.

Working principle

Solder off tubes from compressor and condenser, solder off filter-drier.

make, additional, receiver, compressor

Since the air pressure regulator is connected to the receiver, the compressed air from it flows to the relay membrane unit.

Solder a new filter-drier. Picture. When the compression level in the receiver decreases, the diaphragm installed in the pressure regulator bends down. Even with a lot of experience, such a mechanism is difficult to make. Adjust the highest and lowest pressure settings in the system with the adjusting screws. According to the factory standardized settings, the elasticity coefficient is set to the pressure in the pneumochain at at, which is reported in the manual of the device. specifically. one phase will be permanently connected to the load After connecting to the power supply it is necessary to deal with the additional features presented in the air units for ejectors.

Be sure to disconnect the unit from the power supply and remove the cover from the pressostat. It must not point inwards from the nozzles since the plastic parts of the components could become deformed or even melt due to heating. The large screw clamp and spring are designed to control the compression parameters. Identified by a characteristic whistle and the sensation of a sharp cold draft near the casing.

What the receiver in the compressor is for

Receiver is a vessel used to store liquids or gases during compressor operation. The device performs the following tasks:

Compressor device. schematic diagram

  • It stores the process fluid when the compressor is running.
  • It gives the compressed air to one or several consumers.
  • Controls air pressure as it exits the compressor.
  • Stores and removes formed condensate.
  • Helps reduce vibration, noise, and compressor loading.

Compressor reservoir made of highly durable material. High-strength plastic and rubber tanks are used to store liquids and gases at up to 2.0 atmospheres.

Metal containers are used to store substances subjected to loads in excess of 2.0 atmospheres. As the material for them steel with the addition of special additives is used. These additives make the steel stronger, more resistant to corrosion and heat.

Gas cylinder reservoir: assembly challenges and optimum performance

Strange as it may seem, but the receiver from a gas cylinder. a thing demanded and important for many people. Directly receiver should serve as a certain tank, which was originally created to store gases or liquids under pressure in it. The receiver cannot be made from plastic containers! An excellent and the only correct option, as well as completely safe is a receiver from a gas cylinder 50 liters, because the vessel itself is able to withstand heavy loads.

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