How to make an air filter for a compressor

The air compressor with their own hands: an idea video

Air compressors can be found at any gas station or service station. They serve not only to pump up the wheels of vehicles, they are also connected to a variety of pneumatic tools, jacks, spray guns. To have such a tool in a workshop or a garage probably everyone dreams. In our article we will tell you how to make an air compressor with your own hands from improvised means.


Since I switched to compressed air painting, instead of a turbine I got a compressor. The workshop is small, there is not much space, and, so that the machine does not interfere with walk and work, had to put it next to the planer. Planer. the machine though not the most dusty, but still, the proximity to him will not add health to the compressor clearly. Air filters at the compressor. The usual foam rubber, which is also not good. It was decided to make him air intake from a cleaner room, which turned out to be the attic.

To make the system to clean the air inlet to the compressor required: 2 PVC sewer pipe diameter 50mm, 2 of the simplest corrugated syphon, tee, corner, coupling, brackets, 2 furniture legs (they are screwed through the gaskets in place of the filters, and they put the traps that go into the main pipe) and an air filter from VAZ 2110.

There is nothing much to tell about the process, you just connect all the elements from compressor to filter, one by one.

Actually, furniture legs, acting as connectors on cylinders and siphons, bolted to them with clamps.

Ten-piece filter in the attic. Filters better than foam, much larger filtration area, much less resistance. Filter elements are easy to change and are available at every auto parts store. Overall. The system is airtight and there is no air bleed.

From the side effects. The compressor became a little quieter, because part of the noise from the valves moved into the attic. Theoretically, such a system should prolong the life of the compressor, practically. see.

Atlas Copco oil filter element 1614727399 for air compressor

Важное значение для воздушного компрессора воздушного фильтра , Масляный фильтр воздушный сепаратор масла Для очистки воздуха оборудование имеет жизненно важное значение для устранения загрязнения системы.очистки воздуха оборудование для удаления воздуха приборная панель для сохранения компрессора воздушного зазора. Масляный фильтр предназначен для удаления загрязняющих веществ из моторного масла, трансмиссионного масла,смазочного масла, гидравлическое масло в масляный бак. Масляный сепаратор воздуха является разделение масло из компрессора воздушного фильтра детали , чтобы сжатый воздух поверхностей и сохранить чистоту масла для возврата масла в баке

Основной номер детали воздушного фильтра: 2906020000 1030097900 1092037370 1503018800 1611238900 1613739800 1613740000 1613740700 1613740800 1613800200 1613800400 1613872000 1613900080 1613900100 1613900100 1613910680 1613919300 1613950000 1613950300 1613950300 1613978500 1612723100 1615695901 1615938801 1615946402 1619270200 1619548900 1621005600 1621054799 1621510700 1621737699 1622065700 1622133180 1622185400 1622507380 1622788700 1626094500 1901000229 2200641128 2205106802 2205106802 2205116480 2250131200 2205267675 2205490493 2236002500 2255300114 2255300115 2255300119 2255300135 2900058200 2906903000 2914501700 2914501800 2914502100 2914502900 2914866300 2914930000 2914930200 2914930400

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Основной номер детали масляного фильтра: 1092000641 1092001621 1092001621 1092002335 1092101790 1092200288 1092200288 1092322000 1092471700 1202849590 12028449600 1420091672 1613610591 1614644000 1614710900 1614806599 1614874799 1614900600 1614900601 1614900602 1614935200 1619622799 1621737890 1621874900 1621884700 1622312580 1622365080 1622569900 1623682600 1626088290 1626291680 1901049680 1903060111 2202929550 2205150900 2206500006 2205406516 2255300206 2255300209 2255300214 2902030000 2903101100 2906017000 2906017010 2906019900 2906019910 2906058600 2906095200 2913307200 2913308700 2914800800 2914806700 2914809800 2914825700 2912910000 3001501001 3003143615 3003153580 3003171680 3003176980 3003306557 3003400268 30034000368 3003400668 3003400768 3003460968 30024611268 3003461668 3003960568 3003980980 6211441250 6211472250 6211472450 6211472650 6211472950 6211473550

Ingersoll Rand складской номер: 39123237 93618767 39123299 93618858 39125547 93618866 39125828 93619898 39138433 93620037 39144696 93620045 39144704 93621514 39144712 93621522 39144720 93621753 39189048 93622322 39259866 93623759 39311279 93627941 39322201 93677219 39329602 93677763 39334784 93682516 39446489 93682599 39504147 93682771

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Фильтр компрессора:

Компания сертификат:

На заводе фото:

Construction and operation of compressed air filters

Solid particles can be removed from compressed air in two basic ways, ─ by putting it through a porous baffle (filtration) or by relying on the forces of inertia and gravity. If for large particles the second variant is effective enough, then for small particles the use of filters is beyond competition.

The basic design of the compressed air line filter for compressed air purification is quite simple. Its essential components ─ housing, cover, filter element (filter cartridge, filter cartridge). Additionally filters can be equipped with a manometer of differential pressure (differential pressure gauge-indicator), a reducer, a condensate drain and a variety of additional devices and accessories to ensure the most efficient operation of filters and convenient installation. But more about this below.

Compressed air filters are available in one, two, and three stage versions. Example of a three-stage ─ three filters combined in series: the first captures particles of 5 μm, the second ─ 0.3 μm, the third ─ 0.01 μm.

The casing of the compressed air line filter can be made of impact-resistant plastic or GRP. Low weight and insensitivity to corrosion ─ Advantages, disadvantage ─ Low mechanical resistance. That is why compressed air filter housings are predominantly made of metal ─ aluminium, incl. ч. Anodised and steel, in t. ч. alloyed. The robustness of the housing is essential for high pressure filters, which are not designed for the standard 16 or 20 bar, but for 50, 100, 250, 400 bar.

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Stainless steel housings are required for filters subjected to high corrosive stress. In addition to the filter element made of stainless steel ─ the stainless steel screen and the filter on the basis of sintered stainless steel can be made of stainless steel.

The protection of the body against corrosion is a guarantee of filter reliability. Control of the air flow at the inlet and outlet of the filter is essential, as is the flow rate at the outlet. ч., Chromium plating on the inside (0.2 grams or more of chromium per m)² The filter is equipped with an epoxy resin coating on the outer surface of the filter head. This makes it possible to use such a filter for ten, fifteen or more years if the operating parameters established by the manufacturer are observed.

Manufacturers of filters for compressed air purification develop and introduce design solutions designed to make the operation of their equipment as efficient as possible. The most important aspect ─ controlling the airflow at the inlet and outlet of the filter. It must be constant, so that all areas of the filter area are equally loaded, to prevent uneven distribution of air in the filter medium. Highly undesirable phenomena are turbulence (and the direct effects ─ depressions) and dead spots. Sharp changes in flow direction (e.g. 90 O) and sharp edges contribute to the appearance of turbulence. And it is prevented by air flow guide plates with rounded, smooth shapes and smoothed corners. Efficient solutions ─ Cone-shaped inlet and filter outlet stabilizers on the top cover.

Scope of application

The above pros and cons do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of which compressor is better, oil or oil-free. To choose the right compressor (with or without oil). two main things must be determined:

There are areas of pneumatic applications where strict requirements are set. Regulations prohibit the appearance of oil particles in the discharged air. Therefore, oil-free compressors are the only solution. These areas include:

  • Medicine. Clean air is needed, for example, in the dental unit.
  • Food Processing Industry. Compressed air is used to make food, packaging. Pharmaceuticals. Only clean air is needed for the manufacture of medicines. It must not contain even an amount of impurities.
  • Production of upholstered furniture.
  • Painting various elements, including automobiles. With pneumatic spray guns oil can not get into the paint in any way.

In addition to these important industries, oil-free compressors are often purchased for small jobs. It is cheaper and quite suitable for simple pneumatic tools. For inflating tires, blowing air. Oil-free compressors can’t withstand long cycles. But an electric screwdriver, for example, doesn’t work for very long. A few seconds. There will be no overheating during this time.

If there are no specific clean air tasks, an oil compressor is always the choice. Its high performance and the ability to apply the right pressure is used in many industries. Oil-lubricated units are suitable for several hours daily operation. Can work for long periods. Oil-powered models are also sold for domestic use. In the cottage, at home, in the garage.

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Purpose of air treatment devices

Air treatment system provides protection of the equipment from premature wear. It is needed to clean the air masses, which will be free of moisture particles, oil particles, dust. The purpose of the installations is to increase the service life of pneumatic equipment, reducing oil consumption.

The service life of a compressed air driven device depends on the amount of dust in the room and the purity of the air. Otherwise the service life of pneumatic line is markedly reduced. Our company sells equipment for air treatment, made of reliable materials.

Harmonized Commodity Description TN VED Customs Tariff Import Customs Duty Export
842139200 VAT: 20 % No Duty: none Duty: none
8421290009 VAT: 20% Duty: no Duty: no Duty: no
842139 Duty: no Duty: no Duty: no
8421392009 VAT: 20% VAT no Duty: no Duty: no
8479899708 VAT: 20% Duty: no Duty: no
8414802200 VAT: 20% VAT no Duty: no Duty: no
8418690008 VAT: 20% Duty: 5%10% Duty: 5%10% Duty: no
8421310009 VAT: 20% Duty: no Duty: no Duty: no
8414807300 VAT: 20% Duty: no Duty: no
8428202000 VAT: 20% Duty: no Duty: no

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Compressed air filters

By removing impurities from the air flow, a suitable filter can significantly reduce operating costs, meet even the most stringent standards for air purity and extend the life of air supply systems and pneumatic equipment.

Atlas Copco makes the best filters in the world. Our dedicated team of experts is responsible for developing state of the art filtration systems. Over the years, they’ve developed innovative filter types and designs, processes and filter elements that deliver best-in-class filtration fineness, reliability and service life.

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Air filters

In the vast majority of cases, the air in a production facility or car repair shop contains too much moisture, impurities and dust and this is the condition in which it enters the air compressor. And, accordingly, the same air will go to pneumatic actuators of devices connected to the compressor, clogging and damaging them. That’s why you must use the special filter driers in addition to any air tool.

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