How to make an angle grinder with a broach

How to make an angle grinder with a broach

How to make a cut-off machine from an angle grinder with your own hands

Cut-off machines are versatile equipment used in industry in metalworking and by homeowners in their work with lumber. Make a cut-off machine from the angle grinder with your own hands is not difficult, which will save on the purchase of expensive equipment. Such work is not very difficult, so anyone can make a universal machine to work with wood and metal.

Description of equipment

Cutting machines are the simplest design with a rigid and rigidly fixed frame, which is made of lumber or welded angle and a movable head with the working body of the circular saw. With equal success such a machine can cope with the trimming of battens, block house, planed boards and thin logs, which allows using it for firewood.

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Today on sale you can pick up different types of cutting machines and stationary grinders for metal cutting, which will differ in power of the electric drive, its design, purpose and a number of other characteristics. The simplest models, which are made on the principle of lifting and lowering the wheel, can be easily assembled on their own.

Such units, made by their own hands, are not inferior in terms of functionality to industrial models, while they have compact dimensions, perfectly cope with all the functions entrusted to them, and the manufacture of such equipment is not particularly difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade units

Planning to make with your own hands a cutting machine from an angle grinder, you should try to assess all the advantages and disadvantages of such equipment. The advantages of homemade units can include the following:

  • Affordable price.
  • Simplicity of used components.
  • Mobility of equipment.
  • Possibility to manufacture the machine with different design.

Of the disadvantages of handmade metal cutting saw noted only certain difficulties with fixing the workpieces during cutting, which can lead to a deterioration in the quality of processing wood and metal products.

Materials and tools

The easiest way to make a homemade cutting machine from the angle grinder and grinders, which can use circles of various diameters. Choosing the used angle grinder, it is necessary to remember that models that can work with discs with a diameter greater than 150 millimeters, are versatile in use, and such a machine will cope with the processing of different sized lumber. Optimal power values of the angle grinder are 800 watts or more.

Stand and bracket is easiest to perform from a metal angle, which is welded or fastened on rivets. The quality of fixation of the angle grinder should be given due attention, because later during the processing of materials it is on the available mount has an increased load, which can lead to breakdowns of the pendulum mechanism.

Making a machine by your own hands

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the machine, you should pick up the components used and drawings of the cutting machine with their own hands from the angle grinder. The simplest options imply that they have the following design elements:

The bed is made in the form of a steel frame welded from profiled pipes. The working platform-table can be made of sheet metal, which is not less than 3 millimeters thick.

To the made plate mount a bracket, on which the pendulum plate is mounted by hinges.

You can easily find the necessary drawings for the base for the angle grinder with their own hands, which will greatly simplify the manufacture of such equipment.

To fix the workpiece to be processed, one or two stops are mounted on the platform of the pipe cutter, which will ensure the immobility of lumber and metal products when they are cut with the cutting wheel. Some models of facing machines involve a rotary device with a protractor, by means of which the cutting disc can be rotated to any angle, which allows the complex processing of parts.

Стойка для болгарки с протяжкой. Stand for angle grinder with broach.

In the metal platform, at the point where its saw touches the cutting wheel, you need to make a small cut, the width of which should be equal to twice the thickness of the cutting wheel of the angle grinder

Стойка для УШМ с протяжкой! Подробный обзор, испытание! Stand for angle grinder with broach

The presence of such a kerf will greatly simplify the work with the tool, eliminating damage to the unit in case of careless handling of the angle grinder pendulum attachment.

It is not difficult to make an angle cutter and a cutting machine from an angle grinder. It is only necessary to pick up a quality scheme of execution of such equipment, according to which later the desired machine will be assembled

The easiest way to perform such a unit is from the angle grinder, which is attached to the pendulum and the base from a metal angle. With such simple equipment you can process wood, cut lumber or work with various metal workpieces.

Cutting, sharpening and circular machine from the angle grinder with their own hands

In this narrative I showed some of the accessories and attachments for the angle grinder and how much they cost. For a little money you can expand the functionality of your angle grinder to a set of several tools.

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But some devices can be quite easy to make yourself, turning the angle grinder in a number of unpretentious but handy machines, which are always useful in the workshop or on a construction site.

We have a thick plywood sheet. It is equipped with fasteners: posts, which fasten the back of the angle grinder through the bearing unit on clamps. The front part of the angle grinder rests on the angle and is also fixed to the plywood. This is an easy way to make a grinding or sharpening machine.

Why the bearing assembly? And in order to turn a machine into a cutoff machine with a quick motion. Just remove the angle grinder from the front. And in the plywood we make a cut with a wood disk. The workpiece stop can be seen on the right.

If the same design to fix (the front of the angle grinder) in a certain position, which would leave the disk in the slot, and the sheet itself to turn and set on the legs, then you get a miniature circular. Only work on it with workpieces that will not lead to jamming of the disk. I would exclude metal (aluminum) for work. And obey the safety regulations!

How to assemble such a machine 3 in 1, see in this short video:

How to make the simplest stand for the angle grinder with your own hands

With the most common tools and using improvised materials can be made a simple rack for the angle grinder with their own hands. To fix the angle grinder on the base, you will need angle bars, metal or textolite plates. If you use two metal plates, you can replace the screws with a welded joint. The plate that serves as a mobile platform is made of sheet steel or duralumin up to five millimeters thick.

Homemade stand for the angle grinder

If you use textolite instead of metal sheet, the billet must be up to ten millimeters thick. The second plate must be made of metal, as it acts as a stop. For the manufacture of steel five millimeters thick is used, as the main load is applied to it. Thinner metal can not be used because of vibrations and possible deformation, which makes working with the device unsafe.

For a reliable fixation on the platform, several through holes with a diameter of five millimeters are drilled on one half of the plate. The second half of the plate is marked out so that a hole with a diameter of eight millimeters can be drilled in its center. All holes drilled in the platform are drilled from the back for the heads of the countersunk screws. It is allowed to put a corner instead of the second plate by drilling it accordingly.

If you can not use welding, an angle or plate firmly fixed with screws to the platform so that the distance from the edge of the device to the cutting disc was at least five millimeters. Angle in this case should be bent in relation to the rack at 60 °. To prevent the bolt from turning and vibration, the angle bar is secured at the top with a bolt with a Grover washer or a lock nut.

Cutting machine from the angle grinder: drawings, step by step instructions for manufacturing, photos

Cutting a large number of small billets with the angle grinder is difficult. The cutting wheel moves to the side, making the cut uneven. The machine will help simplify the task. Its design is so simple that craftsmen are not willing to pay a lot of money for a factory-made product. Having the drawings at hand, the cutting machine from the angle grinder with your own hands can be assembled without much difficulty.

Cutting machine: review and implementation of homemade solutions for metal and wood, designs, drawings, nuances

At the home handyman’s or sole proprietorship of a technical or construction repair trade, a cut-off saw is second only to a drill. Or after the welder, if the master specializes in wood and / or metal structures.

make, angle, grinder, broach

Just on the farm, a pendulum crosscut saw will make cutting firewood a lot easier and less expensive. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to make a cutting machine with your own hands, making do with a minimum of precise and complicated work. Or even without, if you already have an angle grinder. angle grinder.

Working on homemade cutting machines

Unsafe construction of the home-made cut-off machine

Seems to be all right, even a face shield instead of goggles. Which, of course, is more reliable. What’s wrong with it?? Take a closer look. In fact, not paragraphs from the thick volumes of regulatory documents. Well, if you didn’t see it, here it is: a machine from an angle grinder. The rocker is not balanced. But instead of a rebound spring, which is a must in this design (see the “rebound spring”), it can be tightened to prevent slack in the carriage. further). elastic link (bicycle/motorcycle luggage tie like). Unreliable, the probability of tearing is higher in the emergency situation, and it’s hard to make a deep cut, the stubborn rubber band tears the handle out of your hand.

Simple and reliable support with a broach for angle grinder

Greetings to all fans of the workshop, I offer for consideration the instructions for making a simple and reliable stand for the angle grinder with a broach with their own hands. For the broach is responsible carriage, which the author has assembled from profile pipes and bearings. The carriage can be tightened, thus eliminating backlash. As for the axis, its author made from threaded rod and nuts, there is practically no backlash, the unit is cheap and durable. With such a stand, you can cut not only steel, but also wood, installing a disk for circulars or even bricks with a diamond disk. Of course, you will be able to accurately set the angle of cut you need. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail! The materials and tools that the author used:

Cut blanks for the carriage, we will make it from a not too thick square tube. We need 4 pieces of equal length. Drill holes in the sections to assemble the carriage with the bolts. Of course, the holes should be drilled at equal distances. Well, as rollers the author uses radial bearings.

Step two. Bracket for angle grinder Make a mounting bracket for the angle grinder, as the material we use steel plates. angle grinder should clamp to the bracket with two bolts at the front, and in the back of the mount will be a stop in the form of a bolt, by which we can adjust the angle of the blade.

The carriage is assembled with bolts, nuts and washers. As rollers we put radial bearings. Select washers so that the rail moves in the carriage with minimal backlash. To adjust everything accurately, you can use nuts with a plastic lock.

To the rail bolt the bracket for the angle grinder, and already on the bracket put the angle grinder itself. On the angle grinder author installed a clamp for attaching sewage pipes, in this clamp rests an adjusting bolt.

At this project is complete, I hope you liked the home-made device, and you have found useful thoughts. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat such a thing. Do not forget to share with us your ideas and self-made!

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Making a drawing

Before you make a stand for the angle grinder with your own hands it is necessary to determine what operations will be performed. The size and power of the tool used depends on it.

When making a drawing of the future product, some factors should be taken into account:

This will allow you to create a machine with the desired functionality, avoid unnecessary rework and financial costs.

Advantages of using

The tripod for the angle grinder is a practical and convenient tool. If it is necessary to cut with an angle grinder metal products in large volumes, the tripod becomes indispensable. It makes an ordinary angle grinder become a real machine tool in the form of an assembly saw. The resulting design allows you to reliably fix the angle grinder. This gives a higher precision in machining parts and speeds up the manufacturing process of the product.

Among the advantages that allow you to attribute the purchase of a tripod for angle grinder to a profitable purchase, are:

  • The workpiece is positioned as precisely as possible on the stand. This is very important, especially for cutting parts of a certain size.
  • The overall level of safety when working with tools is increased. Precise movements of the disc are ensured thanks to that.
  • Faster working speed thanks to the device. pressure is put on the workpiece and higher quality can be achieved.

The result is a very interesting and handy multipurpose machine with which you can machine and cut parts in sufficient quantities for mass production. The angle grinder machine is an indispensable tool in the work of various construction companies, including large-scale construction sites.

Materials and tools

The first difficulty faced by the home handyman at the stage of preparation is to find the right material.

Here I want to reassure you. The stand for the angle grinder with their own hands can be made of improvised means.

Water pipes are good for making hinges and guides, metal angle for the bed.

The main and most difficult part of the stand for the angle grinder is the hinge assembly. It is subject to the highest loads and the swing arm should not swing to the left or right at will.

Stand For Angle Grinder With Broach

Give the knot your utmost attention. The ideal would be to use roller bearings for best cutting accuracy and rigidity. You’ll want to save some money here.

Therefore pick up a pair of bearings of suitable size. and already “around them” build the rest of the design.

But if you can’t make it with bearings you can look for makeshift designs for this unit.

If the stand for the angle grinder with their own hands will be done without bearings, then you should pick up a pair of metal tubes or steel pins of suitable diameters. Let’s make it out of these.

Quality of such a stand for the angle grinder with their own hands will be inferior to the bearing, but not critically.

For the “plywood” machine as a hinge unit strong hinges-hangers, used for fixing doors and gates, will be quite suitable.

In any case, it’s better to make the pendulum arm itself from metal angle or metal profile. But the holder, in which the angle grinder will be fixed, is made of a wooden bar.

For reliable and tight fixation of the angle grinder in the holder, it is better to glue the bed with soft and durable material. For example, leatherette. And it is more convenient to clamp the angle grinder to the holder with flexible metal ties with a screw knot. These are widely used in plumbing and auto service.

Stand, on which will be mounted rack for angle grinder with his hands, it is best to make a thick sheet of metal. Other options are also possible, up to thick plywood mounted on a wooden bar frame.

Don’t forget that you can’t turn the angle grinder on and off on the stand in the usual way.

If you have metal billets at your disposal, it is best to weld them together. If this is not possible. you will have to seek help from welders, t.к. bolted connections will come loose over time and undermine the full rigidity of the metal frame.


Before you start the work, you need to decide what kind of self-made construction is suitable for certain operating conditions. Most often, to assemble a quality bed you need to prepare the following parts:

  • Screws for a secure fit.
  • Hardwood, which will be able to withstand any incoming loads on it without deformation during operation.
  • Wrenches.
  • Metal angles.
  • Fixing materials.
  • In some cases, you may need a board Particle board.
  • Profiled metal tube is suitable for the robust and reliable attachment of angle grinders.
  • 12V relay.
  • Tools for securing bolt connections.
  • Drill.

Separately, it is worth considering that only the bracket, which was assembled with a welding machine, will have the highest strength characteristics. But it is the bolts that can be used to create a collapsible structure that can be relocated elsewhere.

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