How to make an electric snow blower with your own hands

Step-by-step recommendations

The machine is a body made of metal, equipped with an auger shaft inside. You can buy it in a store or make it yourself. To keep the screw spinning smoothly, it is best to use bearing number 203.

The body is usually made of aluminum and fastened with simple bolts, tightened securely with nuts. The drum with the rotor inside is made from an aluminum boiler with a volume of 20 liters. It must be properly attached to the front wall of the body, using rivets.

If the nozzle is purchased ready-made, then the adapters will already come with the purchase. But if you make it yourself, you will have to buy an adapter additionally.

A belt and pulley should be used as the torque mechanism. This will allow the machine to have a V-belt connection and transfer the rotation from the engine to the motor block shaft, which connects to the shaft of the nozzle. The bearings must be closed, then the snow will not penetrate into them.

Creation Procedure


In addition to the motor and tools, you will need:

  • sheets of metal;
  • Angle of steel (55 cm);
  • plywood 1 cm thick;
  • half-inch pipe.
  • Saw through the pipe. This is necessary to fix a metal blade that has dimensions of 1227 cm.
  • Construct a frame from angles by welding. Bolt two longitudinal 2.52.5 cm angles to the cross brackets.
  • Attach the control arms to the brackets. Use the bolts.
  • Insert the metal blade and 4 rubber rings with a 14 cm radius into the auger tube. Rings can be obtained from a car tire.
  • Put self-aligning bearings on the tube.
  • Use a piece of plastic pipe for throwing snow masses. Fasten it to the tube located on the auger body.
  • Install the motor in the device. Use a belt drive. You can paint the snow blower.


  • Creating the auger element. Each auger consists of a metal shaft with parts that ensure gripping of the snow masses. You can use an ordinary metal pipe with a pair of trunnions at the ends for the shaft. Grip the snow with the steel half-rings. From all of these parts are made auger, which are welded to the shaft.

The rotating parts can be made from a conveyor belt. You will need a couple of meters of ribbon. Cut four rings out of it. To rotate the auger, use closed bearings.

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On the metal sheet draw a circle. Cut it out. Now fit the cut out part into the assembly that attaches the rotor to the hub. Use welding.

Join the snow shoveling blades to the cut out circle. There should be a minimum of 4 pieces.

  • Making the body. The body frame is made from 5050 mm angle. Attach the longitudinal 2525 mm to the transverse angles by welding. Secure it all with bolts.
  • Finish assembling. Mount the auger on the rotor unit. Attach it all to the frame by means of a clamping ring, bolts, brackets.


This snowblower is created similarly to a normal snowblower, only the motor runs on electricity. It is necessary to know the peculiarities of its manufacture:

  • As a motor it is possible to use electric drills, peorators, angle grinders.
  • The minimum power should be 1600 watts.
  • RPM should be no more than 2,000 per minute.
  • Protect the engine from snow clods, water.
  • Choose thick cables with insulation that is resistant to frost.
make, electric, snow, blower

From a chainsaw

  • Construct auger and shovel bucket.
  • Create a frame by welding. Use a steel angle or pipe.
  • Install plastic/wooden skids on the frame.
  • Attach the platform to the frame and mount the motor on it.
  • Mount the auger element and bucket on the frame. Mount control arms on the opposite side.
  • Mount the pipe for throwing snow masses.
  • Attach the motor shaft to the auger shaft with a chain/ belt transmission.
  • Paint the device.

If you want to use the chainsaw in the summer, make the snow blower construction removable.

How to make a home-made snowblower: choose the type of drive

It’s no secret that all modern tools and appliances can be equipped with two types of drives. electric or gasoline engine. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and to know about their existence is necessary at least in order to choose the right tool for you. In our case, to make the optimal snow blower.

  • An electric snow blower. With their own hands to make it the easiest. it’s all about the prevalence and low-cost electric motor. By the way, it can be removed from any more or less powerful old electric tool. For example, quite often the snowthrower with their own hands is made from an old grass trimmer or an electric chainsaw. from these tools use not only the engine, but also almost all of their mechanical part. Electricity. a fairly common type of energy, but not available everywhere. For example, to get to the snow in the most remote areas of the yard, you will need to use a very long carrying. As an option, you can wire the street stationary and install outlets in key areas of the site.
  • Gasoline or even diesel snowplow. There are no restrictions in terms of power supply for this device. fill the tank with fuel and work in any corner of the plot. Snowplow made from a chainsaw with their own hands, is a powerful tool that can cope with the transfer of snow in large quantities. If we talk about the disadvantages, then we can highlight the high cost of fuel, the high cost of components and very difficult maintenance. In principle, for a person versed in this business, it is not a problem.
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Snowplow on a single axle tractor with their own hands photo

make, electric, snow, blower

Another interesting variant of the machine for cleaning snow is the so-called removable attachment. usually it is made for such household equipment as a single-axle tractor (mini-tractor). Such a device can be bought in a store, but you can make their own hands, which is not difficult. at least, not more difficult than making a full snowthrower.

How an auger snow blower works

According to the method of clearing snow, snowplowing machines are divided into Single-stage (auger) and two-stage (auger rotor).

How a single-stage auger machine works

The principle of the single-stage or auger snow blower is that snow is raked, crushed and dumped by the rotation of the auger alone. And there are serrated and smooth working edge of the auger: smooth. for cleaning loose snow; serrated. for hard, icy snow crust.

Auger machines are generally lighter than auger machines and can only be non-self-propelled. These are so-called shovels on wheels that need to be pushed forward, causing them to rake the snow and throw it aside. The auger snow blower is driven by an electric or gasoline engine (two- or four-stroke). These machines are good because they are fairly easy to handle, compact and inexpensive.

The principle of a two-stage machine

The two-stage, or auger rotor, snow blower is built a little differently. The first stage of its design provides snow raking auger; the second stage. ejection through the chute is carried out with a special rotor. impeller discharge.

Auger in these models of rotary snow blowers is arranged according to the standard screw shaft principle, with a smooth or serrated edge. The augers can be metal steel or rubber, rubber-plastic, or steel-reinforced, depending on whether the snow blower is manual or self-propelled.

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Impeller snow blower in two-stage rotary machines has three to six blades, and can also be made of different material, depending on the intensity of work that it will have to perform. It can be either plastic (for simple models) or metal (for a more extensive area of work).

Ways to make a snow blower with their own hands

Snow blowers produced by modern industry are quite good. However, their price does not always suit people. In this case, or if some technical nuances are not suitable, it is advisable to make the mechanism with your own hands.

Necessary materials

Compact self-made auger snowthrower allows you not only to get a unit with improved characteristics, but also significantly save on the purchase of factory special equipment. For the manufacture of the machine is suitable materials that are difficult to find a use.

2 stage snowblower electric

You should start with the choice of power unit. It is bought or replaced by a ready-made device. For example, an old single axle tractor can be a great power unit for a homemade snow thrower. And if in your garage suddenly found an old single-axle tractor Neva, then click here and learn how to turn it into a snow thrower. And about what kind of engine will be. a matter of taste and capabilities.

The electric unit makes less noise and is more economical than the gasoline one. The main thing is that the number of revolutions is about 1500 rpm.

Then you will need a framework and an auger body.

For this purpose, you will need:

  • Several steel pipes or an angle made of the same material.
  • Roofing iron.
  • Plywood with a thickness of at least 10 mm.
  • Half-inch pipe, from which the handle is made.

To make an auger snow blower with your own hands, you should prepare drawings, the materials listed above, and detailed instructions. If the drawings are too complicated for you and you want to assemble a lighter version, then pay attention to manual mechanical snow blowers.

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