How to make an impact screwdriver from a starter

Why do you need an impact screwdriver??

The screwdriver is a very necessary and useful tool in the arsenal of every mechanic. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine how our grandfathers in the old days got along without this wonderful tool in all respects. We will not go far for examples of effectiveness of this tool let’s take the most widespread in practice.

So, we have the following task: to unscrew steel bolt from aluminum crankcase (a very complicated case, since a pair of steel-aluminum are sticking to each other like a rock). How to do it better? If you know in advance that the bolt is heavily corroded and unscrew it with an ordinary wrench will be oh, how not easy

That’s right. Such a bolt can be unscrewed only by a blow applied to the bolt in a radial direction or by good heating. We don’t warm up the bolt at once because the area of the bolt head is small and it would be unrealistic to warm up all the body of the bolt.

First let’s see what this tool is, so to speak with the eyes. the package of this tool includes: metal case, six bits for different spline, square to hexagonal socket adapter. The price of this model of impact screwdriver is very democratic, about: 400. Quality is quite consistent with the price and equipment level.

Opening frozen and rusty screws easily without damage. Impact screwdriver. Attack screw driver.

A big advantage of this model is that its shank has a standard square shank for socket head, so you can install a variety of screwdriver bits, extensions, bits, etc.т.д. Such functionality undoubtedly makes this tool really indispensable.

You can install a standard socket head on the shank.

Smaller square drive for smaller screwdrivers or bits can be used with the adapter.

adapter for the smallest square of an impact screwdriver shank

With two adapters, you can use sockets with the smallest square or bit.

impact screwdriver

impact screwdriver

to work in hard-to-reach places an extension cord can be installed on the shank.

Screwdriver shank extension

This model of the impact screwdriver has two modes of operation: right-hand rotation (letter on the housing R) and left-hand rotation (letter on the housing L), before starting work, take the screwdriver with both hands, press in the shank and switch it to the desired mode of operation.

Switching of impact screwdriver operating modes

Switching impact screwdriver operation modes

after selecting the desired mode, put on the shank of the nozzle we need, put or insert the nozzle on the fastener that needs to be unscrewed, a good hand clamp the screwdriver body and the second hand apply a not strong but very sharp blow on the top of the screwdriver body with a hammer.

how to use an impact screwdriver Disassemble QJ 1E40QMB Engine of Stels ATV 50183

This one, stuck firmly to the bolt and was unable to resist an impact screwdriver.

make, impact, screwdriver, starter

Disassembling QJ 1E40QMB Engine of Stels ATV 50184

how to make a screwdriver with their own hands

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Impact screwdriver from the starter with their own hands

To create this unpretentious tool at home will suit a faulty electric starter from a car, which today it is not difficult to find.

The first thing we need to do is to cut off the part of the rotor shaft where the winding mount is located.

From the remaining part remove unnecessary elements, so that there are only shaft and hub, which we will use as the main mechanism.

We can use a small piece of pipe as a handle, into which we have to put a sleeve on one side. And with the other we need to insert the plug, which will also be a shock heel. As it we use a large bolt, it will prevent deformation of the tube on impact and will limit the displacement of the shaft inside our sleeve.

The next step is to weld all the parts.

At the end of the shaft it is necessary to perform a square sharpening for a possible change of different nozzles. So to unscrew a screw or nut, it will be enough to insert the right bit and make the removal of fasteners. In case it is necessary to unscrew a screw, a respective bit should be inserted into the screwdriver head.

It is worth noting that the electric starter is made of high quality steel, so to cut it you will need to use an angle grinder. But thanks to the strength and hardness of the tool will be quite powerful and durable, and in some respects it will surpass even the factory products. Periodic lubrication of the slits will help to extend the service life of such a tool. However, you should use it carefully, not applying strong blows so as not to tear the heads on the screws or bolts.

Of course, the resulting product will be less presentable than a factory screwdriver, but its cost will be minimal, and its reliability will not be inferior to the factory analog.

Reliable homemade impact screwdriver

The impact screwdriver with my own hands from the starter motor. Every now and then you need to unscrew a screw with ripped edges or just a bolt that is badly corroded. A simple tool in these cases, little effective, but very helpful impact screwdriver, which I made from the rotor of a broken electric starter car “3aporozhets.

Impact screwdriver, making. Cut off the winding part of the rotor shaft, with the rest removed. In the end all that was left was the shaft and the sleeve. I put a piece of pipe on the latter to serve as a handle. At the opposite end of the tube inserted a plug from the trimming of a large bolt, which does not allow the handle to deform under the blows of the hammer and simultaneously limits the stroke of the shaft inside the sleeve. I welded all parts of the handle with each other by electric welding.

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I sharpened the end of the shaft in a square shape to put a screwdriver head on it (for bolts). And if a screw has to be unscrewed, a suitable bit can be inserted in the head. When you hit the end of the handle with a hammer, the slotted shaft turns inside the handle a few degrees, which is quite enough to tear a dried bolt from its place.

Since the initial parts of the electric starter are made of quality hardened steel (you need to cut it with an angle grinder), the screwdriver came out powerful and durable. For effective work strongly hammering on the handle is not necessary, otherwise the bolts and screws will tear the heads. It is also important to keep the splines well oiled at all times.

Starting material for the impact screwdriver is a starter motor from almost any car. The more, the more powerful your machine will be.

What is an impact screwdriver?

The impact screwdriver bears practically no visual resemblance to a standard screwdriver. This tool is an impact screwdriver that converts the force of the impact into torque. With its help one can assemble and dismantle threaded connections, for which one has to apply additional force. Using an ordinary screwdriver for this purpose will break the tool or damage the item being disassembled.

By its principle of operation, the impact screwdriver is similar to a flatbore. During work, the locksmith has to hold a screwdriver handle with one hand, while the other hand strikes the screwdriver end with a hammer.

Impact screwdriver. what is it, the device and principle of operation, what is needed, how to choose?

An impact screwdriver is a common tool. It is important to understand what the advantage of the product and the difference from the conventional design, why professionals choose an impact screwdriver and how to correctly select a quality model to use it for many years.

Impact screwdriver with your own hands

Hello to all fans of self-made. In this article I will describe how to make an impact screwdriver, which will help you unscrew rusted or hardened fasteners, such as bolt in the aluminum housing. All of the parts you need to assemble this DIY are readily available, especially if you own a car.

Before you start reading the article, I suggest watching the video, which shows the entire assembly process, followed by testing the finished impact screwdriver.

In order to make an impact screwdriver from a starter motor with your own hands, you will need: Angle grinder, cutting wheel, protective goggles, gloves Locksmith vise Faulty car starter Old screwdriver with a square metal tube with a diameter equal to the diameter of the bendix Metal lathe, Metal plane cutter Pair of small springs Metal washers Machine welder, welding mask, dust masks Drilling machine, 5 mm metal drill taps M6 threaded rod M6 bolt Boring cutter Small hammer Metal tape Gunmetal tape Spray gun

Step One.The first thing you need to disassemble the faulty starter from the car, it needs only two parts, this armature motor and bendix, which will be based on the principle of unscrewing. Obtain non-working starter can be at a metal reception, for which will ask pennies in comparison with the purchase of the factory version of the screwdriver.

Step two.Now from the bendix you need a part with slits, it can be sawed off with an angle grinder with a mounted cutting disc, and then fine-tuned on a lathe to the desired size. When working with the angle grinder be careful, the power tool must be held firmly in the hands, as well as do not forget about protective goggles and gloves. The slotted part will be dressed on the shaft in the future and from the impact to transfer its rotation.

Step three.In order to fit various heads on this screwdriver, you need to cut off the square part of the screwdriver with an angle grinder.

The impact screwdriver is used to unscrew hard-welded bolts and screws. You can buy this useful hand tool at any construction store. But if you like to do everything with your own hands, you can make such a punch screwdriver yourself from improvised materials.

The principle of the impact screwdriver is very simple: the force of the blow is converted into torque, so you can easily unscrew even the most stubborn bolts and screws that are not amenable to the usual screwdriver.

In this case, the master uses an old drill bit with a diameter of 16 mm as a base, which is ideal for this DIY. Also for this homemade tool you will need a piece of pipe with a diameter of ½ inch, two balls from a bearing, a spring and a bolt M16.

How the impact screwdriver works

The simplest version of such a screwdriver is made in the form of a special tool with a monolithic core, which begins with a sting and ends with a solid heel in the handle area. Such a product was in demand back in the days of the Soviet Union.

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Modern models have a hexagonal socket near the tip or on the handle, so they can transmit the rotational force from the wrench. In order to successfully accomplish the task at hand, it is advisable to use the screwdriver in pairs, t. к. One worker can hold a stinger in the screw slot and create torque with a wrench, while the other strikes with a hammer on the back of the handle.

However, such a solution is characterized by some disadvantages. Among them:

  • The need for two partners to work together.
  • No conversion of energy received into torque. The hammer blows only unscrew a screw or screwdriver, t. к. they are capable of destroying the rust and create a certain amount of vibration. The version of the percussion-swivel screwdriver is more advanced, so it can transform the force of the blow into a rotary movement of the tip, which is very convenient.

In most cases, the term “impact screwdriver” refers exactly to an upgraded solution, since. к. The classic, simple version long ago fell out of use and ceased to be popular in the past.

The improved version has the rotary-impact unit in the handle and the stinger is mounted on a pinion with distinctive diagonal teeth. It has a collar with reciprocating teeth as a handle. As the hammer blows on the heel of the handle, the collar moves along the axis, rotating the tip through the gear train.

This allows for several degrees of rotation, which is sufficient to loosen the protective connection and successfully unscrew the fastener with an ordinary tool. As a result, the collar is retracted by a spring.

The screwdriver is very easy to operate. The swivel mechanism is capable of producing a combined progressive and rotary force acting on the slot of the screw, which is very effective in successfully unscrewing screws that fail to loosen.

Features and principle of operation

The impact screwdriver has been popular since the times of the Soviet Union. At that time, it was made in the simplest form with a monolithic core. After a while, this device has passed a small modification, and screwdrivers of this type are equipped with a hexagon near the tip, and in some models it was installed on the handle. This is why power screwdrivers have gained the ability to transfer rotational force from a wrench. To conduct a successful work with the described device it was necessary to use a double work force. In simple terms, one craftsman would support the stinger and at the same moment create rotation by means of pliers, while the other would make surface blows with a heavy object.

In today’s world, such a name as an impact screwdriver refers to a modified device capable of unscrewing any bolt. The classic models from the past had lost public interest and were no longer in demand. In modern modifications shock-rotary knot is placed in the handle, and the stinger is installed in the gear. The movement of the device is initiated by a heavy object. The sleeve moves along the specified axis, due to which the fixing elements are displaced by a couple of degrees. This distance is enough to loosen the connection, after which the bolts are unscrewed. The impact unit is returned to its initial position by a special spring located in the construction. Only one working force is needed to operate this model of power screwdriver.

Read the technical specifications of impact screwdrivers. There is no point in talking about the quality of the device and the reliability of the metal used in the manufacture. Popular brands will never use low-quality materials for their products.

An important factor in the design of the impact screwdriver is the presence of reverse. It is the one that expands the capabilities of the impact tool. It is important to pay attention to the handle design. The presence of rubber or polyethylene interlayers in the body allows you to hold the unit in your hand. In addition, it is a special safety condition.

When designing each model of impact screwdriver, manufacturers use several factors.

  • The dimensions of the housing does not change, but its use in heavy and crumpled conditions is strictly prohibited.
  • Allows you to increase the area of use and increase the level of comfort during operation. But then the reliability of the tool itself may suffer.

Making a choice between this or that unit, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the forthcoming works, with all possible difficulties and nuances, and only after that to purchase a power screwdriver. It is worth noting that the purchase of a single screwdriver is extremely illogical. Tool makers have found solutions for this and began to produce sets with several tips and sizes for the world market.

make, impact, screwdriver, starter

If you don’t have time to buy a tool, but your work is burning, you can make a homemade screwdriver. When done properly, a homemade tool works on par with brand-name machines.

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