How to make an impact screwdriver with your own hands

A screwdriver from an old starter. A convenient and practical impact screwdriver from a car starter

Experiencing difficulty unscrewing rusted bolts? I suggest you try to make a screwdriver, which allows you to unscrew almost anything!

Sometimes it is needed to unscrew bolt that is badly rusted or for example screws with ripped edges. You can’t do it with ordinary screwdriver. And here to help you is a simple tool, which you can easily make yourself. I will tell you how to do it, using the rotor from a defective electric starter “Zaporozhets.

First of all we cut off a part of the rotor shaft, on which the winding is located. photo 1), and then, with the remaining one we remove all unnecessary things.

You will end up with only shaft and bush (see chart). photo 2). On the sleeve we put a piece of pipe that will serve as a handle. At the other end of the tube, insert a plug made from a scrap of a large bolt that will prevent the handle from deforming due to hammering and will limit the shaft travel inside this sleeve in parallel (see: “The chain saw drive sprocket or clutch plate”). photo 3). Then, using electric welding, we weld all the parts (see photo 3). photo 4). We sharpen the end of the shaft in a square shape to be able to put on different heads (for bolts). if a screw is to be unscrewed, the corresponding bit has to be inserted in the head. The principle of operation of the screwdriver is simple: when you strike the handle end with a hammer, the shaft begins to rotate slightly on the oblique spline, inside the handle. It’s enough to pop off the dried bolt from its place.

Due to the fact that all parts of the electric starter are made of high quality steel (it is necessary to cut the angle grinder), the screwdriver turns out quite powerful and durable. Do not hit the handle with a hammer too hard because the screws or bolts will have their heads torn off. And in order to make the splines serve you well and for a long time, they must be constantly lubricated.

Note! To make this screwdriver will fit an old starter from almost any car. And the larger the tool, the more powerful you will have.

The impact screwdriver is a rather popular tool, which is used not only by professional builders, but also by amateur craftsmen for home affairs. It is indispensable for removing screws that are welded on tightly.

While ordinary screwdrivers are useless in such cases, impact screwdrivers combine hammer force and torque in one tool. So, how to make an impact screwdriver by yourself, using a car starter?

The impact screwdriver from an old drill with his own hands

Impact screwdriver is used for removing screws and bolts that are “welded” tight. You can buy this useful hand tool at any construction store. But if you like to do everything with your own hands, then this impact screwdriver can be made by yourself from improvised materials.

The principle of the impact screwdriver is very simple: impact force is converted into torque, so you can easily unscrew even the most “stubborn” screws and bolts that are resistant to a regular screwdriver.

In this case, the master uses for the basis of an old drill diameter of 16 mm, which is ideal for this homemade. Also for this craftsmanship will need a piece of pipe ½ inch in diameter, two balls from the bearing, a spring and a bolt M16.

The main steps of the work

First you will need to cut a piece of half-inch tube length of 170 mm. Then, departing from the edge of the pipe 15 mm you need to drill a through hole with a drill bit diameter of 10 mm. In the drilled holes the master inserts two balls from the bearing.

To prevent the balls from falling out of the “landing slot”, you need to put a ¾ length piece of pipe 20 mm on the half-inch tube (that is, you get a kind of retaining ring).

To put a ring on the pipe, you will first need to make a cut in it with an angle grinder on the weld. Also need to drill two holes on the sides.

In the last step, a square is cut in the shank of the drill for the socket heads, after which you can proceed to the final assembly of the device.

For details on how to make an impact screwdriver from an old drill bit with your own hands, see the video on the website.

Technical characteristics

If you are going to buy a screwdriver in the store, be prepared to understand the key technical characteristics and equipment of a particular model.

When reviewing these characteristics, it is not necessary to talk about the quality of assembly and reliability of the material from which the tool is made. Proven companies never use low-quality steel for production of such products.

You should pay attention to the presence of reverser, which significantly expands the basic capabilities of the device, allowing not only to unscrew rusted connections, but also strongly tighten the screw in the place where it is needed.

The next important factor is represented by the device of the handle, which is designed to hold the device and the body. With a polyurethane, rubber, or polyethylene cover on the housing, holding a screwdriver is much easier. If the plate has a “flush” in the heel, this has a positive effect on operational safety. In most cases, the screwdriver manufacturers are guided by two ways:

  • the screwdriver does not change the housing dimensions, and the screwdriver retains its high reliability, but cannot be used in extreme and cramped conditions.
  • In order to expand the scope of application and to improve usability, the dimensions of the metal body are reduced, but because of this the reliability of the tool suffers. When choosing the ideal solution, you should carefully weigh all the features and only then make the purchase.

It is no secret that popular brands produce screwdrivers together with an additional set of tips, i.e. к. without these elements, the tool is simply ineffective. The screwdriver comes with a bit holder for standard bits and a set of universal bits.

The market is full of screwdriver bits for different slots and hexagons. When buying these parts, be careful and consider the quality of the workmanship. This is a very important parameter that determines the reliability of operation and life of the screwdriver.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the tool is simple enough and there are no difficulties in its use. After hitting the surface of the end face with the hammer, the element is rotated on the bottom of the screwdriver. Such rotating force is quite enough to dismantle strong fasteners.

To simplify the working process, you can pre-lubricate the fasteners with brake fluid. After that, you need to set the tool at right angles to the head of the hardware and use the hammer to strike the screwdriver end. After the fastener has been visibly turned, the screwdriver can be used to continue the unscrewing process.

Even inexperienced users can work with this type of tool. However, to make an impact screwdriver requires an idea of how it works and the availability of appropriate parts from which it will be made.

Advantages of a homemade tool

Here are the advantages of an impact screwdriver, handmade:

  • One-piece design precisely measures the force of the fixture on the bolt.
  • Controls the correctness of the process.
  • Durability is ensured by a high-tensile steel housing.
  • Nozzles can be changed. It increases the functionality.
  • To make a homemade device, it is enough to find a starter. Saves money on purchasing an expensive professional tool.

Making an impact screwdriver with your own hands

Many people try to make such a tool with their own hands, claiming that the upcoming action does not require any special efforts or skills. It is enough to take into account all the subtleties of the instructions and avoid mistakes at the assembly stage.

When making a homemade screwdriver, you need to take the rotor from an electric motor and cut everything off of it, leaving only the bushings and the shaft. On the hub should be placed a piece of steel pipe, which will be used as a handle. At the back end, a nut is inserted into the cutoff, which will prevent damage to the handle. The next step is to weld all the parts together.

Basically, making a high-performance impact screwdriver at home is not as difficult as it may initially seem. If you doubt that you can carry out such an assembly on your own, just study the existing instructions and watch the video tips.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

As with any tool,such a screwdriver has its own advantages and disadvantages. Working with it, craftsmen note a number of key advantages:

  • Effective distribution of the impact energy.
  • Much less physical effort required. The classic version requires a harder and more intense impact.
  • Can be operated without the help of a partner.

As for the disadvantages, they are practically absent, however, if the basic rules are not respected during operation, such disadvantages are often manifested:

  • Probability of damage to the rotary-impact unit. The variant of the simplest impact screwdriver is made of monolithic construction, so the terms of its operation are superior to the upgraded solution. To avoid unforeseen breakage, it is sufficient to avoid excessive impact on the rotary/tilting head.
  • Tendency to wear out quickly. The gears and pinion teeth are very friction-prone and subject to shock loads. Their service life deteriorates significantly with prolonged use.

Advantages of the homemade tool

Quite often there is a need to unscrew heavily rusted fasteners. What to do in such situations, when a standard household tool can not cope with the task? What to do in this situation, because household tools do not cope well with this task. For this the impact screwdriver is the right solution. It makes it easy to unscrew rusted parts. It is enough to moisten the fastener with brake fluid so that it can be unscrewed as easily as possible during disassembly.

However, in some situations it does not help. There is no need to panic. Try to lubricate the bolt again with brake fluid and leave it for a while. The liquid will eat away the stale texture and you can do it with an impact screwdriver without much effort.

The tools are

Very often we need to remove the rusty bolts or screws. An ordinary screwdriver is almost useless in such cases. Even if you try to unscrew with a simple screwdriver, you are guaranteed to knock the sting, and lead to its deterioration. In this case, an “unusual” screwdriver rushes to our aid, namely, an impact. That’s what we are going to talk about.

You can immediately tell the difference between the impact screwdriver and the regular screwdriver. The impact screwdriver has a reinforced steel body, and is several times larger than its “counterpart. The set usually includes 2 or 4 bits (Phillips and flat). The bits are inserted in the same way as a normal screwdriver.

The impact screwdriver has a twist switch (reversible), usually all unscrew it, but if you need to screw in firmly any part, the reverse will be just right.

How it works

The principle of the impact screwdriver is very simple. during the impact the bit turns in the desired direction, and not by much (1-3mm), but these millimeters are quite enough to knock out a stuck bolt. You can use a regular screwdriver next. Its main usage is the initial phase of unscrewing, when it is not possible to do it manually.

How to use an impact screwdriver? Having set the reverse on the screwdriver, carefully put the bit on the stuck bolt, and start beating with the hammer until the bolt will not move from the dead point. If you have an electric screwdriver, it can easily replace an impact screwdriver. As you can see, the impact screwdriver works simply and efficiently.

Every tool usually comes with a manual, and the impact screwdriver is no exception. But often such instructions are written in someone else’s language. In that case, you can download the instruction manual for the impact screwdriver on the network, there are plenty of them.

FORCE impact screwdriver

FORCE impact screwdrivers are widely used not only by ordinary users, but also by professionals who need an effective impact screwdriver for every day. One of the well-known models on the Russian market is FORCE 5064. Let’s take a look at it.

High quality impact screwdriver is known for its ability to withstand very heavy loads. Such loads can include work with the tool at heavy industrial enterprises, plants, tech., screwdriver for servicing cars, etc. д. But it is not irreplaceable in everyday use.

FORCE 5064 is the right tool for you if you want a tool that lasts a lifetime and is easy and efficient to use.

Taking a look at the photo of the impact screwdriver, you can visually appreciate its power.

Stayer impact screwdriver

German products have long been known among our citizens as high-quality and safe, with all the attendant consequences. Despite the somewhat higher price, they are in high demand among all segments of the population. The German company KRAFTOOL is no exception. This company is a leader in the world of building materials.

The impact screwdriver for installing and removing screw connections perfectly copes with its tasks and surpasses many analogues. Hardened chrome vanadium steel impact bits are able to remove stuck bolts very well over the long term.

Screwdriver set includes 4 bits 36mm and 2 bits 75mm. The price is higher compared to its Chinese counterpart, but the quality is worth it.

TOPEX impact screwdriver

TOPEX is a Polish company that produces tools for construction. This is one of the few companies which produces more than a thousand and a half products in the category of “hand tools. The majority of the products (and the screwdriver is no exception) are designed for hobbyists and are highly discouraged for professional use.

The availability of the products of this brand makes the products even more popular. TOPEX tools are available in small construction tool stores and large supermarkets.

TOPEX impact screwdrivers x6

TOPEX set of six different impact screwdrivers makes it easy to unscrew any screw you need. High-quality CrV steel protects your screwdriver from breakage, thereby preserving and prolonging its life. Hardened magnetic tip greatly simplifies the work of the tool. This type of screwdriver is designed for domestic use, but has also proven itself in heavy industry.

Jonnesway SL 9.11mm Screwdriver

The Jonnesway SL 9.11mm impact screwdriver is a versatile tool that is designed for both domestic and heavy industrial use. The tool has a good price/quality ratio. Screwdriver has a long service life and excellent performance. Professionals often resort exactly to the Jonnesway model, because it meets all their expectations.

The choice of impact screwdrivers on the market is endless, so everyone will find the right tool for them. Here is a list of the most popular and in-demand screwdrivers, but in fact it is much more. When choosing an impact screwdriver, pay attention to the brands, let them be a little more expensive, but they will exceed all your expectations. Even among the cheap versions, there are decent ones, but they are very few. So do not spare money on construction tools, because the miser pays twice.

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