How to make an ВОМ on a walk -behind tractor. Shortening the part

With a single tractor with your own hands

The list of attachments offered for the sale includes:

  • Plow;
  • Harrow;
  • Perch (a variety of a plow with a V- figurative or plate-to-lanet);
  • Cutter;
  • Potato.Cutter;
  • Potato.Resident;
  • Pitch.


The plow is standard. A wide knife. A plunder of such a device with plowing loosen the ground, cutting the roots of weeds. Bent sheet. Dump over the layer of the earth.

The method of attaching a standard plow to the walk.Behind tractor illustrates the picture of the main parts of this device: a plunder, dump, stand, heel, field board are visible in the figure

Revolutionary (rotary, double.Breasted) plow. Two plows are fixed at a common frame at an angle of 90 or 180 degrees. Their dumps are directed in different directions. In the working position, one of them plows the earth, and the second is on the side. After the passage of the furrow, they are changed in places, pressing (or removing) the latch and turning to the side. Thanks to this, the operator does not have to return to the beginning of the site every time, making idle.

Zykov’s plow. Improved version of the classic plow. Differs from it by the altered geometry of the toleous surface. Thanks to refinement, it turns the soil layer well and crumbles it.

Developed and produced in Ukraine, Zykov’s plow in Russia is still rare. Only individual enthusiasts of home.Made people try to reproduce it at home workshops.


It should be noted that disk structures perform harrowing better and cleaner than gear.


Rotor (propeller) cummers do not need to use the coupling, since they are placed instead. Tough discs of a special configuration loosen the soil well and tear out the weeds in the rows.


High mechanical strength and special shape of the milling cuts allows them to loosen the running areas, tearing out the weeds with roots. In the fall, with their help, insects are destroyed by pests that lay in the ground for wintering.

Potato.Resident and potato.Cap

Anyone who at least once dig potatoes with a shovel will surely appreciate the usefulness of this simple device. The potato.Captator, fixed on the coupling of a walk.Behind tractor, consists of a plow with steel rods welded to it. Raising the land under the bushes, he carefully removes tubers to the surface. Collect them in a bag or box after such processing is not a difficult matter.

In addition to the fan, there are more effective vibration diggers of a roar type. They are designed to process large areas. The connection of such equipment is carried out through the power selection shaft, which transfers torque to the pulley of the potato traitor, forcing the working elements of the mechanism to vibrate vibrate to vibrate.


Two types are produced for motor blocks:

In addition to purely agricultural guns, motoblocks are aggregated with other devices:


A useful option that some types of motoblock trailers equip is a self.Lifting body that facilitates unloading.


Adapter with a steering wheel several times more expensive

Despite this, he fully justifies his value if his working capabilities are taken into account


Where the shovel is helpless, and this often happens with high snow estates, the rotary snowman will cope with the work. It connects to the power of the power of the walk.Behind tractor. The screw design has high performance and confidently cleanses the site of snow cover up to 50 cm high.

The brush canopy is used to clean territories with expensive decorative coating, requiring the most accurate work.For watering plots located far from electric lines and close to reservoirs, motorcies have been created. This type of hinged equipment for motoblocks is connected to the power selection shaft. The average performance of motorcies is 20-40 m3 of fluids per hour. The created pressure reaches 4-5 meters with a suction depth of up to 10 meters.

Rama for a homemade mini.Vector

The movement of the mini.Tractor occurs by off.Road, so power frames are characterized by testing loads for twisting. The channel, corner or pipe of square section is best suited for them. The size of the frame will depend on the dimensions of the units and the load size.

В лес по землю верхом на мотоблоке. Riding a walk-behind tractor into the forest on the ground.

The design of the frame is a rectangle or trapezoid. In order to increase the maneuverability of the tractor, make a turning point. It consists of two rectangular halves. The part on which the engine is installed is made longer.

To increase strength, additional jumpers are welded onto the frame that reduce the load from twisting, and the corner parts are enhanced by scarves.

Walking tractor corn harvester

Production of potatoes

This unit is able to significantly facilitate the cleaning of all tuber.Free agricultural crops, not only potatoes. Among the main structural elements of the unit, it is necessary to highlight:

But at the same time dull all the edges so as not to damage the tubers. The manufacture of a frame should also not cause serious difficulties. To solve the problem, a corner, a channel and a profile pipe will be required. The dimensions of the frame are selected individually, and the required amount of materials is determined on the spot.

The main element of the entire structure of the unit is the editorial unit. To make it, two metal cylinders will be required, in which the connecting bushings are then installed. After that, hubs from a metal pipe are to be made, the diameter of which is 25 mm. They are used to attach stars pre.Fixed on the bushings by means of dumps.

The most difficult thing to manufacture is the dustering drum consisting of two roller circuits of 94 links in each. The chains, in turn, are installed on special rods, and then the finished element is attached on two axes. As a result, maximum mobility is achieved.

Twisting from the engine of the walk.Behind tractor is transmitted to the plunder connected to the casing. During movement, the angle of inclination changes, and digging movements are made. To regulate the angle of inclination of the working element of the structure, and, consequently, the depths of the cop, you can make a slider. Excellent material for the manufacture of this part will be fluoroplast.

For a walk.Behind engineer device: a driver, a mulch and a do.It.Yourself counterweight, wheels for a cultivator. Dimensions and drawings

If earlier it was necessary to harmonize and plow almost manually, using the minimum number of auxiliary tools, now this could be done using special equipment. In this case, we are talking about motoblocks. Units who are full.Fledged assistants in the conditions of the garden and garden. However, the cost of all these equipment is quite high, given the cost of the walk.Behind tractor itself, so many masters have adapted to produce new homemade techniques of a particular technical means.

It is not surprising that the growth of such an interest in this technique was associated with the use of various additional equipment of the trailed and hinged type (kun), which significantly expand the functionality of the walk.Behind tractor.

About the device of the walk.Behind tractor

Next, you will find out which one.Based tractor is better to choose.To make it clearer what the principle of home.Made manufacturing of the walk.Behind tract and its additional components consists in, it is necessary to examine in detail the device of the walk.Behind tractor as a means of small mechanization. So, this unit includes several main working nodes:

Huter GMC-9.0

This is another representative of heavy garden motor vehicles equipped with a capacity selection shaft. The model is equipped with a four.Stroke engine with a capacity of 9 liters.With., A 5-liter fuel tank and has a three-speed gearbox with the reverse function. For one pass, it provides a strip of 115 cm wide strip.

Another representative of diesel mechanisms. Users speak of him as one of the most reliable models produced in China.

  • Heavy.Class one.Axine tractor;
  • Diesel 4-stroke Kama KM186FS, 296 cm³, 8.6 liters.With.;
  • Processing width. 90 cm;
  • The gearbox is mechanical, 3 speeds forward and 1 back;
  • Weight. 135 kg;
  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • Clutch. Stretch video;
  • Gear-chain gearbox.

Weima WM1100BE

The same.Based tractor, executed according to Western samples, belongs to heavy class units. A powerful engine is able to fully ensure high.Quality functionality and fulfill all the tasks set. The presence of a power selection shaft allows the unit with tools of various destinations throughout the year. This modification is installed by an electric starter, which allows you to facilitate the launch of strong cold.

  • The power of the unit is 9 liters. With.;
  • Mass. 140 kg;
  • The processed depth is 30 cm;
  • Capture width-80-130 cm;
  • Lifting capacity. 300 kg;
  • Developed speed. 11 km/h.

Due to the fact that all of the listed machines are equipped with a shaft of power selection, the list of their functions is quite extensive. Therefore, such units are considered indispensable assistants in the country or personal plot.

You will learn about how to make a power shaft in the next video.


The main difference between Chinese motoblocks and competitors from other countries is the low cost. If such a level of price is provided due to the mass of production. This is one. But sometimes the Chinese, achieving a reduction in cost, component their products with low.Quality details. Therefore, when buying products from the Middle Kingdom, you need to carefully look at the history of the manufacturer and study the reviews of consumers of such products.

The main technical characteristics and working capabilities of the motor blocks produced in different countries differ slightly. Nevertheless, you should get acquainted with the most popular and powerful diesel models of Chinese manufacturers in more detail.

Forte HSD1G-80

This budget model is considered the best cultivator among motoblocks, since it was originally created for this purpose, only later it was given additional functionality.

  • A single.Class single tractor;
  • 4-stroke engine H168FB, 198 cm³, 6 liters.With.;
  • Processing width. 80 cm;
  • The number of transmissions: 2 speeds forward and 1 back;
  • Weight. 85 kg;
  • Pneumatic wheels.

Weima WM1100B (10012)

This mechanism belongs to the class of heavy. A powerful diesel engine provides it with a high indicator of torque, and a gear reducer made according to the samples of the best Western models ensures reliable operation of the chassis.

  • Heavy.Class one.Axine tractor;
  • Diesel 4-stroke WM186FB, 406 cm³, 9 liters.With.;
  • Processing width. 110 cm;
  • Mechanical gearbox, 2/1;
  • Weight. 128 kg;
  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • Disk clutch;
  • Gear gearbox.

Kipor KDT 910C

Another representative of diesel mechanisms. Users speak of him as one of the most reliable models produced in China.

  • Heavy.Class one.Axine tractor;
  • Diesel 4-stroke Kama KM186FS, 296 cm³, 8.6 liters.With.;
  • Processing width. 90 cm;
  • The gearbox is mechanical, 3 speeds forward and 1 back;
  • Weight. 135 kg;
  • Pneumatic wheels;
  • Clutch. Stretch video;
  • Gear-chain gearbox.

About the one.Based tractor motor Sich

WOM Unoic tractor motor Sich device photo.

Power selection shaft unoic tractor motor Sich device photo.

All heavy motoblocks of the Sich motor are equipped with VOM, which increases the energy saturation of the walk.Behind tractor.

The power shaft of power selection on the motor unit of the Sich motor is carried out by a lever located on the transmission housing on the right side along the walk.Behind tractor. On the inclusion and improvement of the mechanism for turning the IBO on the walk.Behind tractor, you can find in the article on this site “Power selection Val inclusion”

In the same article, I only want to show how the VOM drive is arranged, its case, the so.Called one is a coupling.

Characteristics of VOM, he is also a power shaft uno.Based tractor motor Sich

  • Elivenate slotted compound, with centering on the lateral surfaces of the teeth. 22×1.5x9h/9h
  • Rotation frequency, rpm. N = 1000
  • Number of slots. Z = 13

D = 22 mm, m = 1.5 mm Eliventic slotting compound with centering on the sides of the teeth, with planting on the lateral surfaces of the teeth 9h/9g:

Connections. 22×1.5 9n/9G GOST 6033. 80

Bushings. 22×1.5 9n GOST 6033. 80

Shaft. 22×1.5 9G GOST 6033. 80

I also want to add that all the active attachments from the MTZ and Agro motoblocks are suitable for the same.Based tractor of the Sich motor, the only thing that the adapter is needed, since the motor block has an external slot for the SICH, and the MTZ and Agro. Internal motor units have an internal.

This does not create many problems, a good example of using such an adapter on the power block of a walk.Behind engineer is a roof potato.Cutter aggregated from MB motor Sich.

If there are any questions or additions, please do not be shy and write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

About the one.Based tractor motor Sich

Repair shaft repair with your own hands Unoic tractor motor Sich photo.

Heavy Unoic Tractor with VOM Repair Service Photos.

I repeat once again that all the heavy motor blocks of the Sich motor are equipped with a power shaft, which increases the energy saturation of the walk.Behind tract.

Tactico technical specifications installed on the uniform tractor.

Remote inclusion of VOM, you can see on this site in the article “Power selection Val inclusion”

In the same article, I want to show how to remove and change the power shaft on the motor block motor sic.

In itself, the Sich motor itself does not break and serves for many years, but when using active mounting equipment to the motorized car and provided that this attachment equipment for the walk.Behind tractor is not fixed hard in the coupling, it over time breaks the slots into VOM.

For everyone, this happens in different ways and in a different time period, but as they say. What is there.

The process of replacing the power shaft of power on the walk.Behind engineer Sich is quite simple and does not require special technical knowledge, but as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

That is why I decided to write this article, tell and show in the photo the process of replacing WOM Unoa tractor motor Sich.

So, in order to replace the power shaft of power on the walk.Behind tractor Sich you need:

  • Disconnect the clutch cable
  • Drain the oil from the transmission
  • Unscrew the bolts of fixing the coupling from the transmission housing
  • Gently disconnect the coupling from the transmission housing
  • Pull out with round.Liners pull the locking ring through two holes in the six
  • Knock out from the hitch hitch
  • Remove the locking ring on the shaft, fixing the bearings and the spacer sleeve on the shaft
  • Remove bearings and spacer sleeve from the shaft
  • Install bearings and spacer sleeve for a new shaft
  • Assemble in the reverse order

The process of replacing the repair shaft repair of power unoic tractor motor Sich photo.

As can be seen in the photo, there is nothing terrible and super.Complex in this work and it is quite possible to do this work yourself in garage conditions.

If there are any questions and additions, please do not be shy and write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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