How to make tracks on a single axle tractor

How to make tracks for a power tiller with your own hands

Let’s see how to make a track for a power tiller with your own hands. To assemble the caterpillar with your own hands, you can use different materials, which are not difficult to find. List of materials and tools to make a track:

  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • welding machine;
  • bolts;
  • nuts;
  • keys;
  • knives;
  • screwdrivers;
  • pliers;
  • sanding belts;
  • chains.

The crawler drive for a power tiller must distribute the load evenly on the ground during operation. Therefore, it must be strong and at the same time lightweight.

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Consider how to make tracks on a single axle tractor with your own hands. To assemble homemade tracks, you can choose from several ideas.

The most affordable way is to use a roller chain with a conveyor belt. To obtain a crawler from these materials, the edges of the chain and belt must be stitched.

For this purpose it is possible to use a machine tool, and it is possible to sew by hand. But this method is unreliable. A hinge, similar to a piano band, will also be suitable for joining.

The thickness of the track belt must match the power of the machine. For heavy agricultural machinery it is better to take a thicker belt (7-15 mm). It needs to be placed carefully, as it is quite heavy.

Let’s consider how to make homemade tracks for a power tiller out of tires. There is another method of making homemade tracks for the machine, which uses tractor or car tread tires.

Such tracks are easier to prepare, and they are much more practical. This method has another advantage. you do not have to prepare the tires separately.

First choose a tire and carefully cut out the tread from it. If you do it by hand, you will need a well-sharpened knife. But, as practice has shown, it is better to use an electric jigsaw and a saw with fine teeth.

To reduce friction, while working with an electric jigsaw, from time to time you need to wet it with water or a special soapy solution.

After the cut you need to pay attention to the underside. If excess layers are visible, they must be cut off. As for the ground shoes, you can cut new ones if they are insufficient.

The advantage of a tire track is that it is initially round and has a closed circle. The disadvantage may be the limited width of the tire.

The easiest way to modify your equipment is with a toothed conveyor belt. In this case, no special skills and abilities are needed, the material is easy to use. Note that the thickness should be 7 to 10 millimeters, thinner belts will simply tear during operation. So, using fishing line and an awl or thick needle, sew a strip around the edge to protect it from cracking. Sleeve-roller chain is installed in the inner part of the structure, it provides traction to the driving parts. The stitched tape is sewn into a ring that tightly covers the wheelbase. This crawler module for a power tiller is the most versatile. it can be made in any size. To make a unit, you can use a universal four-wheelbase caterpillar scheme.

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A simple thing to make with your own hands is also a track attachment for a power tiller from a truck or tractor tire. For this you will need two identical tires with a pronounced tread, a sharp knife and an electric jigsaw. When selecting the material for the track, remember that the inside diameter of the tires must clearly match the coverage of the wheelbase. After selecting the materials and preparing the necessary tools, you can begin work:

  • Using an electric jigsaw or a knife soaked in soapy solution, cut off the sides of the tire;
  • then you need to grind the inside of the tire from the hard protrusions;

These tracks can be bolted directly onto the tires

The principle of movement of caterpillar vehicles

The track platform consists of a drive wheel, support and track rollers. It generates traction by converting engine torque through the transmission. It keeps the wheels turning and the caterpillar tracks rewound. The tracks tracks cause the tracks to rotate and then reciprocate on the caster rollers.

The large track surface area increases pressure on the ground support that allows the track to move on top of the ground instead of getting stuck. Profiled ledges create traction with the ground.

The pressure on the pillar is reduced at the point where the machine’s guide wheel is mounted. Low pressure values increase the tracked crawler’s passability, but minimize the unit’s traction force. Increasing or decreasing the size of the footprint in contact with the ground results in the right balance for different applications. The pressure increases in the area of the rotating sprocket and reaches the maximum at the contact point of the track roller.

Features of the machine

Making components of the homemade track for the motoblock with your own hands allows you to save money on the purchase of factory devices and the further operation of the equipment. If done correctly, handmade caterpillars for a power tiller increase the performance of cross-country ability.

Compared with their wheeled counterparts, crawlers are not as widespread. The explanation is simple. Wheeled units from Texas, Patriot, Caiman, VIKING, Forza are most adapted to plowing land areas. This design is best suited for soil work.

Remodeling a wheeled power tiller is a job that consists of attaching one additional wheel on each side. A four-wheeled singleaxle tractor that can be fitted with tracks. They can be, in turn, purchased or homemade. Extra wheels can be made removable. This makes it possible to turn the machine into a standard single-axle tractor, ideal for work in the garden.

To do this, the wheels are attached to the axle, which is already provided in the design, through a rigid or flexible gear. This solution is considered appropriate, because it eliminates the need to mount additional mounts. As for the device of these motoblocks, they fully correspond to the parameters of the wheeled modifications:

  • Engine. It’s powerful, four-stroke. It has an axle locking function. Allows the singleaxle crawler tractor to turn on the spot without making a complete circle.
  • Transmission. Standard kit includes gearbox, clutch system, and gearbox.
  • Undercarriage. Here the tracks are used. They replace the wheelbase. If a modification is made, one coil on each side is added to the existing pair of wheels. They put a homemade caterpillar on them.
  • Controls. Located on the handlebars. Includes emergency stop mechanisms and various clutch levers.
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Tractor tracked systems | Conversion track systems | Soucy Track | Zuidberg | Camso | NH SmartTrax

Before starting to do it yourself, it is necessary to evaluate offers in stores that specialize in the sale of such equipment. Particular attention should be paid to the price of certain types of caterpillars for well-known manufacturers of power tillers. Let’s say the track on the single-axle tractor Neva costs about 28000 This is a full-featured snowmobile attachment. You can buy a driver’s seat separately, so that a singleaxle tractor acquires the features of a caterpillar minitractor, albeit with not as impressive performance. The technical parameters here are as follows:

  • Develops a speed of about. 18 km per hour;
  • Weight of the attachment in total. 37 kg;
  • width. 60 cm;
  • length. 100 cm;
  • height. 34 cm.

Accommodates on board one driver and one passenger. In addition, you can find on sale an attachment to the caterpillar tractor, which is designed for the models Salyut and Agat. Its cost varies from 25 to 27 thousand euros, and it has a speed of about. 18 km. This design doesn’t provide for attachment of driver’s seat. This imposes some restrictions on the function of this machine. But for riding on the road and snow such a vehicle is quite suitable.

Their peculiarity is that it is possible to control not only with two hands, walking behind the power tiller, but also sitting in a folding sledge. The latter will have to purchase separately. If we consider that the average cost of a set-top box is about 30 thousand not counting the price of folding sleds, we can say that self-made tracks can save a lot of money.

Crawler modules to power tillers

At the moment on the market there is a large number of different tracks to power tillers. They are all similar in their design, but may differ in the size of the track belt, the number of rollers, the quality of materials and the principle of actuation.

Of the domestic snowmobile modules can be noted:

From foreign models in demand are products of Talon and its models: Talon 380, Talon WT and others.

All of these models are easy and reliable to use. But for long and proper use, a few simple rules should be followed:

  • Periodically check the tensioning of the crawler belt. If it is loosened, it must be immediately retightened.
  • Lubricate all gears and rollers at regular intervals to ensure smooth operation.
  • Visually inspect the condition of the crawler module before each trip.

The tracked module is excellent for use on any surface, including asphalt:

Made of toothed conveyor belt

This method is the simplest and therefore the most common. It does not require special knowledge and skills, as well as many tools and materials.

  • First determine the correct length of the belt. (It is defined as the length of the circumference of one wheel the distance between the axles of each pair of wheels multiplied by 2).
  • Next you need to make the future track sturdy and reliable. To do this, the belt should be swept around the edges with a fishing line, ties, at about 10 mm intervals.
  • To form a ring, it is better to use a swivel joint (t.к. it’s more durable and long-lasting) or simply stitch the band around the ends.
  • To install the obtained caterpillar straps on the wheels of the cultivator.
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List of necessary materials

To turn a wheeled motorblock into a tracked one, you will need a powerful motor. It must have an axle lock. Power is important because you plan to use the machine on difficult terrain. Without additional technical parameters to achieve a good cross-country capability is not possible. The basic materials that will be required for such work:

Homemade tracks for the 42hp garden tractor, Part 2

  • A single-axle tractor with a gearbox, equipped with a four-stroke engine and the function of locking the axles;
  • several additional wheels, allowing you to pull the track on them;
  • The track itself, made from improvised materials.

Depending on the material used in production, you may need two oversized car tires and a conveyor belt. This all adds up to a workable machine.

Adding the loading platform makes it possible to equip a full-fledged mini-tractor. The added platform on the skids provides the possibility of using the device as a cross-country vehicle in the snow.

Differential Steering Unit. Tracked Amphibious Vehicle Build Ep. 3

Advantages and disadvantages.

Like any other technique, caterpillar motoblocks have their pros and cons:

  • Reduced ground pressure by load redistribution.
  • Great maneuverability and high cross-country ability.
  • Rather economical option is considered a constructed caterpillar module for power tillers with their own hands.
  • Maintenance and operation do not require certain technical knowledge from the owner.

Please be aware that used chains need to be adjusted for proper tensioning and monolithic checks and rubbing parts need to be lubricated with machine oil from time to time.

Track for power tillers. Drawing 1

The easiest way to create a caterpillar

The easiest way to make a crawler for a power tiller is to use a conveyor belt and chains from bushings and rollers. Ease and simplicity of installation is primarily due to the fact that it does not require any sophisticated equipment, all is done by hand. In this case, the design is practical and durable, and in case of damage it can be easily repaired.

Depending on the engine power of your power tiller, choose the most appropriate belt thickness. Trim its edges to prevent them from unravelling. Then bind the ends of the belt with a special joint.

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