How to mix oil and gasoline for grass trimmer

Gasoline for lawn mowers. which one to choose and how to dilute?

For mowing the grass in the cottage or in the field, you will need gasoline grass trimmers for grass. They run on gasoline, unlike their electric counterparts. How to dilute gasoline with oil for trimmers, gasoline and brush cutters, not many masters know. Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a fuel mixture in a grass trimmer for grass will be useful not only for beginners, but also for specialists, who probably fill up gasoline saws incorrectly.

Gasoline for the mixture

The requirements to petrol for the mixture are very high, because it wears much faster and has a much higher service life than fresh petrol.к. that’s the basis of the mixture. The first thing you should not do is to look for places where you can buy cheaper fuel (filling station with no name, etc.).д.), as in the end all seeming economy in some tens may be eaten up by expensive engine repair, put out of operation by low-quality fuel.

Using cheap gasoline with a lower octane rating, thereby the user increases the load on the engine. Its wear and tear is much faster, the service life is reduced, and, not in a one-to-one ratio, but much more

The second thing to remember is that it is important to use only fresh gasoline for the base of the mixture. Many people have fuel stocks at the cottage or in the garage, and they stand there up to half a year, waiting in the wings. Fuel, when evaporating, reacts chemically with the surface of a canister (especially plastic), thus getting new, not at all useful for an internal combustion engine. If gasoline has stood in a canister for a month and a half, it is better to pour it into the fuel tank, where, mixed with the total volume of fresher gasoline, it will not cause any damage to the car engine. Two strokes internal combustion engines are more sensitive in this respect. That is why manufacturers recommend using only the highest quality fuel.

As for the octane number, there are still debates among experts about what kind of gasoline to pour into the grass trimmer for grass. Most manufacturers recommend filling the fuel system only high-octane gasoline 92-th brand. There is one little caveat though, quite often in the instructions is the wording “not lower than 92”, which leaves room for speculation, what kind of gasoline to use.

Certainly, the efficiency (efficiency factor) of the 95-th gasoline is a bit higher than that of the 92-th. The latter is in turn the successor to the Soviet 80, which was used by many machines. But having a higher energy efficiency, the 95th also carries some peculiarities. For example, it is more suitable for modern car models, while the internal combustion engines installed in garden equipment are far from any design innovations, their structure remains virtually unchanged for decades. For the two-stroke gasoline engine installed in most modern trimmers, it will be quite sufficient to fill up with 92-grade gasoline purchased from a trusted gasoline chain.

It is best to look for options without additives labeled “eco”, “ecto”, t.к. You need a pure gasoline base to work accurately. The additives in the mixture will provide the oil.

gasoline, grass, trimmer

Do you need for optimum performance 95 gasoline, rather a philosophical question, and there is no specific answer for it. It’s enough to remember that in the tolerance and recommendations, it occurs quite rarely, and that already says a lot. It is usually filled in at your own risk, wishing to improve the performance. If you want to change the benzene 92 for the 95th for the sake of experiment it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and failure of its individual components. Of course, none of the above may not happen, but the likelihood, in the case of going beyond the tolerances, is extremely increasing.

Criteria for independent choice

A wide range allows you to choose an oil that fully corresponds to the class and characteristics of the chainsaw, the conditions of its subsequent operation.

gasoline, grass, trimmer
  • Standard oils can be used for budget models, Super and Ultra category lubricants are recommended for professional chainsaws.
  • To prepare a complete fuel mixture for a chainsaw, it is desirable to use branded oils or their brand analogues recommended in the instruction manual. In particular, STIHL and Husqvarna motor oils of the same composition and use are fully interchangeable.

Experts recommend the owners of chain saws to exclude from the attention of motor oil, designed for two-stroke engines for mopeds, boat motors and other mechanized equipment of household group.

The power units of this equipment operate in a more comfortable environment, making their performance requirements less stringent.

The quality of the fuel increases when the components of the mixture are mixed properly. The question arises how to dilute, in what sequence. When starting to mix the components, pay attention to whether the containers are clean. A tiny amount of sludge can stall the fuel supply to the carburetor. Fill the fuel tank should be from a special container that has a filter device.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater String trimmer. Easy 2 Cycle Oil Gas Mix!

The order is as follows. Half of the available gasoline is mixed with the volume of the specified amount of lubricating fluid. This is followed by the mixing process.

When the components reach a homogeneous consistency, 50% of the remaining fuel is poured into the partially diluted gasoline. this is how you should fuel a grass trimmer.

What kind of gasoline to fill up

It is necessary to choose unleaded gasoline for grass trimmer with tact number 92 or 95. Practice shows that gasoline AI-80 can cause damage to the device, which is a questionable economy.

The fuel must be fresh, i.e. it must not be stored for more than 60 days after purchase.

Other factors also affect the quality of fuel, such as using a special lubricant for lawnmowers and diluting it in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canisters designed for storing gasoline.

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